idk why but this made me laugh so much

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This happens, multiple times a day. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it irks me to no end. *customer walks in, already looking at an article of clothing (or the floor or their phone)* Me: "Hello ! :)" Customer : *startled looking up, down, behind them, outside, then finally at me* "OH! Ha hahahahahha I didn't see you there!!" Because you made no effort to look???? Which is fine, but don't act like you tried. If they didn't laugh and pretend they tried I wouldn't care. Idk

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Ok. So. I literally have no excuse for this other than the original post made me laugh so hard and my dear friend @thehexperiment is an enabler and wonderful beta. This is like, the shhitpost-iest thing I’ve ever written, and lordy, was it fun but difficult. It was inspired by a zodiac post about which line from 50 Shades you are, and I thought one sounded very nalu-esq, and then another, and another, and it turned into a challenge, I guess? So all of the following phrases can be found in this… whatever it is lol. 

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Lucy gets handcuffed to a street meter and let’s be real, it’s only an average day when you’re dating Natsu Dragneel in NYC. Did she mention he was a cop?

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 4148

Rating: T

Part: One Shot

Natsu was so dead.

Like, ‘Lucy would have to call Juvia and Levy to help her bury the remains of his stupidly perfect body’ dead.

“Natsu Dragneel!” Lucy screamed, metallic clacks urging on her rage as the handcuff banged around the metal of the street meter. “You get your stupid ass back here or so help me God!” She continued to screech at his retreating back. She watched as he ran faster, and blew her an apologetic kiss as he rounded a corner.

Lucy released a loud noise of anger directed at the sky. A small child looked at her with worried eyes before their mother tugged them along sharply, tapping away on her phone urgently with one hand. Lucy’s love-hate relationship with New York was leaning more into the hate aspect right now.

“Bye.” She muttered to herself, mocking Natsu’s departing squeak. “What the hell do I say to my boss. ‘Hi, sorry my piece is late, my boyfriend gently handcuffed me to a street meter and then said ‘bye’.’” Lucy hissed to herself, tugging futilely on the metal encircling her one wrist. “He’s so not getting laid for a fucking week.”

Lucy toed her bag closer, the large tote tipping on it’s side and spilling her phone onto the sidewalk, along with a tube of lip gloss, several pens, and a dog eared paperback. She bent down with a sigh, trying to kick her contents back into the canvas bag after she had retrieved her phone. She glared dangerously as she noticed a young man with blonde hair eyeing her purse, nodding to herself as she watched him shrug deeper into his grey hoodie and scurry away.

“Levy, I need you to come to the corner of twelfth and twentieth. And bring Gajeel’s spare handcuff key.” Lucy sighed heavier as she heard her friend’s baffled voice turn amused.

“Why? What did Natsu do now?”


“Your boyfriend’s an idiot.” Levy chirped, background noise alerting Lucy to Levy leaving her apartment.

“You don’t know the half of it Lev,” Lucy whined, frowning as she shuffled her bag securely between her ankles, and safely protected from more threatening and broke twenty somethings. “When I woke up from a nap two days ago Natsu had managed to somehow get an orange in my mouth. A whole orange! I still don’t know how.” Lucy groaned under her breath and let her head fall forward to rest on the top of the parking meter she was now leaning on.

“… Was it a small orange?”

“Levy Ashley Mae McGarden you swore to me you would never bring that up!” Lucy banged her forehead on the unyielding metal. Her handcuffed clanked in sympathy.

“I don’t know what you mean, Lucy.” Levy hummed innocently.

“I was drunk off of that contraband vodka Cana brought us.” Lucy defended weakly. “I don’t even remember it.”

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Ok so about a year ago i saw 5sos in soundcheck and i think they were introducing themselves you know being dorks and what not and Luke goes “if you switch the first letters of Ashton’s first and last name around it sounds like how kiwis say Ashton Irwin” and he kept saying it and it was just such a Luke thing to say and still to this day i think about what he said and laugh bc it’s very true, if you ever want to sound like a kiwi just say Ishton Arwin according to Luke Hemmings 

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hey friendo i hope you have a good day and a better day. today i watched a video of death of a bachelor but everytime brendon says bachelor it gets faster and it made me laugh so much idk why it's so stupid?? maybe things like that make u laugh too?

thank you so much for this i’ll might check that vid out later:’)

New Fairy Tail Meme! (#2)

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1. The moment I started shipping Stingue and slowly became Stingue trash

2. THIS look how fucking cute these dorks are


4. Natsu glomping Gray in OVA 3 like isn’t that the cutest thing ever????


6. haha imma rebel i’m adding more than 5 basically I love ANY moment that Gray and Natsu are touching each other so here’s one of my favs: (I’d add more but I’m trying to limit myself since I’m already over 5 xD)

7. Look how cute they are omf

8. IDK WHY but I loved this scene so much like it made me laugh xD Makarov doing it just for the money and Macao’s expression lmao

9. sMoL eRzA iS sO cUtE

10. i ship them so hard i can’t even-

11. This episode had so much Gratsu i died

12. fav dragon slayers <3

13. Gray protecting Natsu and Natsu going into dragon force because his bae has been hurt 

14. Stingue bbys <3 and that line from Rogue just yesss



17. Tsundere Gray secretly caring about his boyfriend 


19.  the beauty of light and shadow


ahaha 5? more like 5 x 4 xD i would’ve added every stingue moment and all the gratsu ones but that probably would’ve taken ages and i had to stop myself

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ok idk why but i didn’t expect it to get much attention at all except maybe like 2 or 3 stans telling me why im evil for criticising a show and,, wow that’s like half my follower count


so this was a post by @incorrectjrandsih and i wanted to draw it so badly, im not sure why, but i did

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Andrew was put on the meds after beating on these guys and saving Nicky (mandatory treatment by court can actually happen) I don't know what the objetive was but Nora made it seems like he was misdiagnosed. He played better without the meds because it made him unfocused and too energetic, that's why he talked so much and kept laughing all the time. The original intention of it mist be to make him less aggressive but it just made him stay high all the time e no less dangerous...

ohh ya alright the last thing thats confusing me is why he kept taking them? like did the meds help him protect kevin somehow? bc we know he didnt really have a problem with going off them and detoxing afaik? and i think i read somewhere he didnt particularly like taking them idk im really confused but this cleared some stuff up thank you anon