idk why but this just looks like hes gonna dance or something xd

Bendy and the Ink Machine - Fan Songs Masterpost

I’ve been inspired to do this for a while by @the-crab-who-became-a-legend ‘s “Shiny” masterpost, but only am just now getting around to it because @swordpillow made some recent post about Bendy songs that reminded me ha ha *dies* Mostly I just want to keep track of all these fucking songs and I also want to share them with people because they are great??? Will also be rating them out of 10 and adding stupid commentary because why the fuck not idk i just wanna scream about music (most of these are gonna be 10/10 because i am a terrible critic)

Build Our Machine 

((10/10, catchy af. Can’t be a BatIM song compilation without this classic amirite)) 

Bonus: Impossible Remix, Caleb Hyles Cover, Build Our Dreams mashup, Music Box

Can’t Be Erased 


The Machine

((9/10 Kinda reminds me of Shinyzango’s 2D Bendy AU in the most depressing way possible ha ha *dies*))

Bonus: Mashup with Shade Me Pt.2

Can I Get An Amen 

((10/10 This one really catches the old-timey eerie feel and I just??? Love it??? So does my mother and she doesn’t even have a clue what it’s about lmfao))

Bonus: Female cover

Who’s Laughing Now?

((10/10 Not only is the animation fun to watch, but I love how Sammy’s just chillin’ mid-song about how demon worship is fine and not scary at all XD))

Bad Wolf


Bonus: Guitar version

Boris The Big Bad Wolf

((10/10 Unique in a way I can’t quite put into words, but either way, very very good!!!))

Boris’ Revenge

((9/10 A N G E R Y W O L F ))

Horror Show

((10/10 IT WAS STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL DAY (also catches old-timey cartoon feel very well)))

Cartoon Swing (The original video is unavailable at the moment for some reason so here you go)

((10/10 y’know what very many bendy songs get that classic old cartoon feel very well asdffgdhjk i am such a sucker for it))

Sammy Lawrence

((8/10 I am 100% down for getting straight-up murdered by Sammy Lawrence lmao))

The Devil’s Swing


Bonus: SFM Caleb Hyles Cover, Super Elon Remix, Acapella, Music Box 

Draw Me Closer

((9/10 Sammy Lawrence is one obseeeeessed motherfucker))

Dance Like The Devil

((10/10 Kinda feels like Bendy’s flirting here, perfect for all the fangirls out there lmao))

Sheep Sheep


Bonus: Female Cover, mashup with their Little Nightmares song, mashup with Dance Like The Devil

Shade Me

((9/10 Nothing really to say about this one, I just like it~))

Shade Me Pt.2 - The Old Song


Ink It Up

((9/10 Not my usual kinda music, but there’s just something strangely catchy about this one???))

Bend You Till You Break


The Dancing Demon

((8/10 Not as big a fan of the upbeat cheery tune in this one, but it’s still a good song!!!))

Bonus: Female Cover (The cute little animation in the beginning just makes it that much better hee hee)

Blood And Ink

((10/10 I have always loved Natewantstobattle so I wAS SO PSYCHED WHEN I SAW THIS IN MY FEED AND MMM BOY HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT))

Bendy and the Ink Machine Song

((9/10, same kinda deal as The Dancing Demon, but I like this one better lol. Feel like they could’ve come up with a better title, though))

Bonus: Super Elon SFM Remix

Enjoy Your Stay

((10/10 CATCHYYYY))

Ink Devil Anthem


Angel Of The Stage

((10/10, nice to hear something Alice-themed!))

Bonus: SquigglyDigg cover

Flowing Free (again, the original is unavailable rn, so meh, here ya go)


Recording Town

((8/10 i long to be as fucking cheery as this singer lmfao))

Brought To Life

((10/10 meets all my song aesthetics yup yup))

Our Dreams Come True

((10/10 help it’s making me sad somehow))

I Lied To You

((9/10 The singer’s voice is a little hard to hear, but otherwise, gOOD SHIT YUSSSS))

Set Me Free

((8/10 lol sammy you crazy old chap you ded as fuuuuck))

Even if you aren’t a BatIM fan I would still recommend these songs, because they are wonderful. My damn mother loves them and she doesn’t have a clue about the games. XD (I know there are probably some I’m missing, and that more will probably be made in the future, so I’ll do what I can to keep this updated!)

@spirits-and-scales LOOK I DID IT

anonymous asked:

Gah! So I've been wanting to ask a scene or whatever to call it and today I actually had a scene (if that's what you call it) and so here it is! XD A masquerade party with Kidoh and you and and you both end up falling for each other. Idk if that is good... Kya~~! Btw, I really like this blog!!! My feels go everywhere!!! XD

Well you’ve been waiting a really long time for this and I’m so sorry for that. Enjoy, and thank you!! ^^

-admin p

“What do you mean you don’t want to go?” Your best friend stared at you in disbelief. “It’s gonna be the biggest party of the year, you can’t miss this.” She continued her hands moving in time with her words. 

“Yeah, but..I don’t know, masquerade parties just seem really cheesy to me, you know I don’t like parties.” You told her shoving your cold hands into your jacket pockets. “Besides, I have nothing to wear.” You defended, nose scrunching at the thought of having to wear some mini dress you had stored at the back of your closet.

“Oh c’mon, Jin and Hyosang will be there and you just, pleaseeee, we have to go.” She said resorting to begging, eyes wide and innocent; mouth formed in a small pout. Her hands clasped together childishly and you sighed, sometimes you had to question why you were even friends.

“Fine.” You resigned. She jumped happily arms wrapping around your shoulders as she pulled you into a tight hug. 

“Yay, thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

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How drunk exo behaves

Ohhhhhhh that’s a good question! Thanks ~

I’mma try my best, here comes!


The reckless drunk

After some time he will start to think that he’s either batman or in his supernatural form. Trying to shoot light out of his hands and keeps talking about how he has to save the day and that the night is calling him. He probably will end up breaking things and singing the batman melody all night long.

‘’Pew pew pew, look at my light gun! I will save the day!’’

Batmanbyun at your service  nenenenennene batmaaaannn


Angry drunk

Yeollie is going to be the opposite of his actual self. He’ll pick fights with whoever he can and if you say something and he takes it the wrong way he might end up shouting/glaring or just ignoring you for the end of the night. He’s turning into the bad boy of the party.

‘’What did you just say to me you little f09(!”§()/$/%&/(!”ß ?!’’


The flirt

Chensing machine is going to flirt with everyone and everything that has 2 legs and can breath, may it be men or women or aliens idk lol. Before he’s wasted he’s going to have everyone’s number, danced with most of them and played the cool barista just to catch the hearts of the others. He’ll use his killer wink and smile and you’ll be all pudding in his hand.

‘’ ‘Sup ~ ‘’


The ‘ I think everything is funny’ drunk

Kyungsoo is going to be the guy you will take videos and photos of, because his laugh is contagious and it’s just hilarious to film him (look at the gif lol, how can you not film that.) . It doesn’t even matter what you’re talking about it’ll still be funny to him. Broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Funny. Need to go to the toilet? Still funny. 24. Funny. Just. EVERYTHING. FUNNY. Just don’t bring up Jongin, his mood might change.


The Happy Drunk

You might enjoy your time with him for quite some time but after a while he’s going to be the most annoying guy at the party, because he won’t ever shut up talking about D.O. And whatever he sees, it’s going to be fascinating. The picture on the wall, the little ladybug, the stairs, just about everything. 

‘’Oh my god look at that stuffed llama it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!’’


The ‘ I ain’t even drunk’ drunk

Keeps denying that he’s drunk and will have a glass after another until he’s wasted and you have to get him home somehow at 5.30 am and then explain to his members what exactly happened. If you’re unlucky he somehow will get you talked into getting another drink at the 24/7 store.

‘’Aiii aein’t druank yaeet, I cnn stuilll keep goinnn’’ *Chokes because he drinks too fast.*


The Philosophical Drunk

If you meet him and you’re unlucky you’ll get into a conversation about life, death and how unicorns can poop and be majestic at the same time. You should think up a plan how to excape, because if you don’t you end up listening to his rants all night, without.a.break.


The ‘I Want To Kick Everyone’s Ass’ Drunk

Almost the same to Chanyeol, he’ll start picking fights everywhere. Someone brushed his shoulder?? Woops. Sorry to tell you buddy, but your night’s about to end in a fight. World War III is about to break loose, just because you ‘provoked’ him with your little action. Try to avoid him at all costs.

‘’You better apologize, while I’m still being nice.’’


The ‘ I’m sexy and I know it’ drunk

Sehun’s self-consciousness is going to rise when he’s drunk. He probably starts stripping in the middle of the dancefloor showing off his muscular body. Eventhough it seems like he’s flirting with everyone, he’s going to turn down any numbers and offers he gets, because apparently he thinks he’s better than everyone and doesn’t want to party with peasants.


The drunk that can’t stop dancing

He’s going to dance the night away, he may not be Jongin, Sehun or Lay, but he’s pretty darn good with what he’s doing. The bad thing though is, that the more alcohol he drinks the worse his dancing gets. He’ll start off with sexy dance moves but after some time, it gets embarrassing to watch him.

At the end of the night

‘’Look at me I’m a dancing flower!!~’’


The sad drunk/ The emotional drunk

He’ll be all happy and sunshine for the first half hour and after that and a few cups/bottles/shots/idk of alcohol he’ll start crying, sobbing, the full package. Remember that day 3 years 21 days 4 hrs 5 minutes ago? No? Well too bad, he does. He’s going to keep apologizing about how he broke that cup you loved so much gross sobbing added you don’t know how but the story will unfold into so much more and too bad for you but your night’s prolly going to be horrible if you stay with him.

‘’I’m so sorry I broke your rilakkuma cup, please don’t hate me.’’


The super sexual drunk

He’s going to brag about everything that he has on his body and most likely ends up in someone’s bed, waking up to a big headache and not knowing what has happened. 

‘’Why hello there~’’

Lmao idk it’s 3 in the morning and that’s what I came up with XD I hope you like it!


Seventeen asking you out on a date

I’m not gonna add gifs cause this isn’t really a reaction, it’s just a question xD I’ll be listing this under a new section on the masterlist “How would [group name] do [blah blah blah]” So yeah, send in some questions like this if you guys want. Also, I’m assuming that you’re not their girlfriend yet, otherwise why would they ask you out? Lmao Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and thank you for requesting.

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you can never give ashton too much love brahs


buckle up buddies this is gonna be a wild ride

let’s start with fetus bc FRINGE BEYOND COMPARE

 i mean look at that he could be a scene queen

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[SPOILER/recaps] Chii's favourite corner in Hakumyu LIVE

Read at your own risk okay? Or read after you’ve watched it or while you are watching the said segment [1:03:56 - 1:13:26]

So this the the… ‘variety corner’ in Hakumyu LIVE? And on of my favourites I’d say! HAHAHAHAHA. /deadeded/

Because I cannot contain everything inside. I’m gonna do a recap on this part :p (I am translating quickly by ears so, there are parts I didnt get so I use my instinct, too lazy to rerepat 9238742x :p)

- Hijikata: Now, each of you guys will make a 'kakizome’ (first calligraphy of the year)
- Everyone: Kakizome?!
- Hijikata: Hurry up get ready!
- Hai!
- *heisuke ranting something at the background*
- Hiji: ??
- Heisuke: baka! (lol how dare you)
- Sano: Heisuke!
- Okita: Hijikata-san, what’s with the kakizome?
- Hijikata: We cant help it but to do swordpractice all the time. But to be accomplished in both literary and military arts is the way of true samurai too.
- Okita: Then, will you show your kakizome too Hijikata-san?
- Hijikata: I am not doing it!
- Audience: EEEEEEEEEEHHHH (LOL I love the audiences! I GO EHHHH TOO ON BED :p)
- Hijikata: I said I’m not doing it, didn’t I?
- Okita: (to fuel it up) EHHHHHHHHHH! *smirking at audiences*
- Okita & Audiences: EHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
- Hijikata: SHUT UPP!!! You too, you’d better hurry up and get ready!
- Okita: Haii~
- Hijikata :Yosh! Everyone is ready?
- *kazama enters*
- Saitou: Kazama Chikage, why are you here?
- Hijikata: What business do you have here?
- Kazama: I think I’m going to following along with your worthless game.
- Okita: But nobody invites you
- Hijikata: Its okay though
- Heisuke: Its okay?
- Hijikata: Yosh! I’ll announce the theme for today. Today’s theme is 'This year’s Aim/Target’.
- Everyone: This year’s target?
- Hijikata: Okay then write your kakizome

- Heisuke: *complaining again at the back i cant catch it ; A ;* No, nothing. (lol :p)
- Hijikata: …..? This year’s target, write it properly okay! If anyone’s done, raise your hand

*everyone is concentrating on kakizome*

- Hijikata: Why are you guys so slow, things like this, you gotta write quick and with power (lol this is my own line but +- along that line). Usually you guys are not thinking of anything, that’s why it is taking time isnt it?

- Kazama: *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Alright, Kazama Chikage (eee Piroshi why do you have to say that line so coool-ly akshdahsd)
- Kazama wrote: 'Chizuru’ (thus the KYAA from audiences)
- What do you mean by that?
- Kazama: (I am not sure of this line but I think I’ve heard this line in anime? 'This year, I’ll make sure to ___ that women’) Marry? Kidnap? idk but the audiences went WOOOO~~~ XD
- Heisuke: What’s he saying XD
- Kazama: Perhaps, sometimes playing with you guys like this, isn’t that bad huh
- Hijikata: Oo, so sometimes you can say something nice too huh?
- Kazama: Enjoy yourself!
- Hijikata: I wonder what happened to him. Is he in festive mood since its new year? Whatever.


- Hijikata: Okay who’s next? Yosha! Souji!
- Okita wrote: 'Makoto’
- Hijikata: Oh, what does it means?
- Okita: This year too, I think I want to support Kondou-san to carry on the 'Makoto’ flag.
- Kondou-san: Souji, yoroshiku, I’ll be counting on you.
- Hijikata: Quite a nice resolution isnt it.

[1:07: 29]
- Hijikata: Yosh, next?
- Sanbaka: Hai!

(Lol look at themmm, they are lined up like that, like stairs lol. So cute, tooo cute XDDD)
- Hijikata: Oh, you guys are doing all at once? Okay, sanbaka.

- Sanbaka: Sano: O | Heisuke: Do | Shinpachi: Ri!. Odori taishi (dancing souldiers?)!
- Shinpachi: Ha!
- Heisuke: What do you think?! (lol im thinking of smacking all 3 of you. bet hijikata-san is thinking of the same thing too :p)
- Hijikata: I said THIS YEAR’S RESOLUTION YOU IDIOTS! *kicks*

(oh instead of smacking, hijikata-san went for a kick lol)
- Hijikata: Why are you guys playing around?!
- Sano: Well its okay isnt it?

- Hijikata: Okay, next?
- Sannan *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Okay, sannan-san. Sigh, please.
- Sannan wrote: 'De-rasetsu’ (www XD)
- Hijikata: haha, what do you mean by that?
- Sannan: De-rasetsu!
- Hijikata: Yeah, that’s right. We need to quickly make a cure right?

(One of my fav lol XD)
- Hijikata: Alright, anyone else?
- Yamazaki: hai! *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Oh! okay yazamaki
- Yamazaki wrote: 'My own colour’ (LOL KAWAISOU www)

Okay because I am lazy and sleepy (4.13am). Basically Hijikata-san asked why. And he said, well he doesn’t have his own colour. Notice how Shinpachi is checking out his own clothes? Because green = Shinpachi. And Yamazaki mentioned:

- Yamazaki: Firstly, well green is Shinpachi and black is too dark to be seen (aww kawaiisouuu XD)
- Hijikata: That’s true *symphatizing*
- Yamazaki: That’s why, this year, I want 'my own colour’.
- Hijikata: Btw, what colour would you like?
- Yamazaki: …… uh, its a trouble for me to answer that
- Hijikata: oi… well try your best to find your own colour

(wwww. lolol piroshi!hijikata is having a hard time to control his laugh here XD)


- Hijikata: Okay next. Yosha, Saitou!
- Saitou wrote: 'Usagi’ (bunny)
- Hijikata: A bunny? Why?
- Saitou: Last year, I wasnt able to be honest with someone about my own feelings. So this year, I thought of making a 'yuki usagi’ with her. (snow bunny SAITOU’S TRADEMARK ASKJAHSKH!!!)
- Audiences & Me: KYAAAAAAAAAAAA (ofcourse! XD)

(And too much KYAAASS from the audiences. I dont know how Saitou!Ryou-kun can actually handle those KYAAAS with a straight face. And because of the intense KYAAA)

(LOOK, omg baby zachou how did you managed to maintain that straight face. Look at Okita & Kondou-san they are totally laughing and smiling. Okita!dainyan had to face back to cover up his smiles, and our dear fukuchou too is like :/ :) :? :p)

- Heisuke: Ugh, somehow that’s making me angry. (heisuke dont be jelly :p) 
- Saitou: That’s it.
- Hijikata: But I thought Saitou is a serious one. But that’s just my own assumption.

- Hijikata: Yosha, Kondou-san
- Kondou-san wrote: 'Toshi and Souji will stop fighting/quarrelling/misunderstanding each other’ (not accurate but +-, my kanji reading ability is ||orz)

- (And, Kondou-san actually write something wrongly and he crossed out the kanji)
- Hijikata: What happened, why those mistakes?
- Kondou-san: Because I.. was thinking about souji? (Kondou-san please XD). I got confused.
- Hijikata: My feelings didnt get through, it seems.
- Kondou-san: Toshi! please take care of me again from now on
- Hijikata: Ou!

- Hijikata: Yosh! Everyone of you.. well cant do anything with the 'Odori (dance)’. But the rest, try your best to achieve your resolutions! Okay, quick everyone, clear up everything.

(And I totallly saw this coming wwww XD)

- Saitou: Fukuchou.
- Hijikata: What?
- Saitou: Speaking of which, I think I haven’t seen you writing your kakizome.
- Hijikata: It’s okay, forget mine.
- Saitou: But..
- Okita: Hajime-kun. I found this in Hijikata-san’s room
- Hijikata: O-oi Souji wait! Souji Souji!

(LOLOLOL LOOK AT THAT FACE & SPEED. Ebil Okinyan is ebil, me loves :p)

- Okita: One two.. *tada*

(AI AI GASA?! (please google that XD) Symbol of love kind of thing with Hijikata + Chizuru. HAHAHAHA.OH MY GOD I DIDNT EXPECT THAT. HAHAHA. /deadededed whale noizez here/. And poor hiji, look at that face? :p)

(Awww, fukuchou what have you done. Saitou is upset nyao! XD)

- Hijikata: No.. this
- Saitou: Fukuchou, by all means, explain what is this?
- Okita: Can you please explain to us?
- And here hijikata-san is sweating and going um uh explaining nervously. Like he though of writing kakizome and then he thought of writing 'Toshizou’ but then, it ended up being that shape and well basically he end up saying 'and there’s no other woman other than Chizuru you see and uh.. it somehow.. ended up like that? :p’

(LOL nervous fukuchou with a cute smile. awnn piroshiii *mofus* XD)

(And after he nervously explained, next thing he found is Souji trying hard to tear apart the Hijikata X Chizuru on the paper :p LOL RIP hijixchizu.)

- Okita: *walks away* It’s not nice to dominate Chizuru just for yourself you know.
- Hijikata: But Saitou..
- Saitou: Fukuchou, I dont talk about other people. *walks away*
- Saitou: But.. I really admire you.
- Hijikata: I really have good followers.


(LOOK Shinpachi!Shuuto’s face. OMG Alien Neko you soo adorableee *mofus*. He made so many expressions in this LIVE, and so so so cuteeee. www I want to *PINCH*)

Okay, im sorry im sorry. I wrote too much. But this segment is tooooo FLUFFEELS!! XD

Anyways, the arrangements this time are A.W.E.S.O.M.E A.W.E.S.O.M.E. They rearranged, mix and match the songs, and idk whatever it is, SO AWESOME. I cant find words :p I didn’t really concentrate so I’ll have to re-watched for 92834928734x. *sigh* I wanna goo to LIVE. Please have another LIVE I NEED TO GO! akjsdasd.

Okay, jya ne! :p The files are at 95% as of now *wiggle imaginary kitsune ears and tails*

kay lets try to do this...

Ok here we go!

Aight so we first get there and see the longest line ever wrapping around the whole damn building… then we realize vip has their own entrance :P so we go the that door and the first thing i see is nicoles mom dealing with some random woman with no ticket trying to get into the vip area…and she seemes kinda irritated with her but i dont blame her.. 

Anyway! we get in and get our vip bracelets and the first person i see when i get in there is zendayas dad and it was surreal :P he was super smiley and so nice and then i met vals dad and he was super busy trying to organize everything so he left after a while.

after walking around for a bit, nervous as fuck, not knowing what to do with myself we finally went to sit down.

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5/23 Boueibu LOVE! LIVE Report


Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love

MC Talk -introduction-

123 de Love & Joy!!
Baby Baby Sweet Baby!!
Why So Cool?
Ore wa Kyuukyoku Taiman Shugisha
Naruko Ryuu Kabu de Moukeru Houteishiki

MC Talk -kurotama yuu- (ft. Box from the niconama)

Just going now!!

-VCR with Sugit
Oh My Anchan
Sync A Think
Naida Kaze no Kousaten

MC Talk Zettai Muteki Fallin’ Love

Just going now!!

*and starts my uncontrollable waterworks*

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