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“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it

hmkay so are there other buildings near fox tower that are also tall? and if so are its inhabitants able to see andrew and neil hanging out on the roof all the time? also what exactly do they witness…..? and like andrew used to be up there alone,,, imagine the first time they saw him people would be like oml is he gonna jump?? but nah he’s just chilling smoking and freaking himself out with the heights bc why not

  • Me: *on September 30th 11:59PM, patiently and eagerly staring at the clock*
  • Me: come on, do it for Ryan Ross
  • Clock: *turns to midnight, october 1th*
  • Family: *looks at me like I'm crazy*
  • Me: *still not giving a fuck* EVERYBODY SCREAM
  • Grandma: *whispers to my mum* are you 100% sure she doesn't need a psychiatrist...?
  • Mum: *whispers back* y-yeah... it's just a phase.
  • *and still, 30 years later, in my late fourties, I'm still singing It's Almost Halloween*
  • Grandma, deceased: *whispers to my mum* I told you, you could've gotten help at the right time.
  • Mum: oh fuck off, you're dead.
  • Grandma: like mcr?
  • Mum: gtfo, right now.
  • Grandma: sorry.

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just a random thought i had while reading ur percy jackson au. like it takes a completely different turn but what if lance deals with the reaction of being hades son from other campers differently. for example, idk a child of zeus is talking crap about lance n he walks by like 'omg why is this moody cloud so obsessed w me'. n if its poseidon's child he calls them sea cucumbers n if its aphrodite's he calls them sephora . lmao just, just a real random thought i felt like sharing

Sassy, take no shit Lance ftw

If he’d been claimed later in life or if he gained more confidenc in himself (hard to do as a full time camper in a camp everyone hates you) he’d probably act like that all the time.  As it is he’s only really like that on a great day

Although he defs calls Keith a moody cloud and other cloud and storm nicknames


This was technically supposed to be Hinata’s birthday present but my schedule got messed up and i just didn’t finish it in time. But whatever I mean its just a day off. 

Also… Curse Tumblr for only letting me upload 10 picturreesssssss.

So that’s why 11 and 12 are now together (foreverrrrr~) 

I’m actually really regretting making this. That’s what I get for drawing it at 4 in the morning tho. 

why am i so weak for canonxoc pairings??? like not just my own, ill search through random blogs who draw it or write it and just get lost because idk its just goOOD??????????? probably stems from my naruto fanfiction oc reading from when I was 12…. it just…makes me happy. keep shipping ur oc’s with canon so i can scroll through ur content pls and ty 

dude why are psychiatrists so confusing? idk maybe my expectations are off, but the ones ive seen dont really clarify things like they just bring up random illnesses and say things like “yes thats just this illness that you have” but then its just?? and i took this test thing for did and all she told me was “yes you scored very high for that” no clarification? im thankful psychiatrists and im very grateful that i can even see one at all!! but im so confused what do i doo nooow

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anyway i dont get it why people in the LGBTQ+ act like asking someone when they started realizing they were gay was a "straight thing" like? I dont see the problem with it and since we live in a heteronormative society I just immediately thought i was straight but then I realized I was ace and bi.

this is so?? random idk why you sent me that, but… cishets asking this is imo not okay, like if its someone close to me i might just tell them myself, but in general it’s freaking annoying and cishets shouldn’t ask that in most cases

writing snowbaz (fluff)

So, I normally never post anything I write about snowbaz. I have this document on my laptop ‘carry on with carry on’ where I write the most random scenes about Simon and Baz. I don’t post any of them because most of them are crap and I just mainly write in it because I like spending time with Simon and Baz (idk if that’s weird)

But I randomly wrote this really small blurb, and I’m kinda nervous about posting it because I’m not an experienced writer, but I thought it was cute so now I’m posting it. 

Cuddles, giggles and sneezes 
Simon laughs with his mouth against my neck.
He is curled up against me on the sofa, his arms around my middle and mine around him. 
“It’s really not that funny, Snow.”
He giggles again, “Well, it kind off is, you have the highest and absolute cutest sneeze.”
I sigh.
“How is it that I have never heard you sneeze before? If you sneezed when we were still in school, I wouldn’t have been that intimidated by you for all those years.”
I grin, but only for a second. “That’s exactly why. Can we please stop talking about my sneeze?”
Simon tightens himself around me and pushes his face in back in my neck. I feel Simon shake a bit and I know he’s giggling again. 
I roll my eyes but I tighten my arms around him and give him a kiss on the top of his head. He’s lucky I love him as much as I do. 

  • person: Wow you are so confident to go out in public looking like that.
  • me: Haha no. I just don't give a fuck about what people think because I like to be comfy and rather be comfy than doll myself up to run to the grocery store or out to buy tampons.
Just a Random Thought

So today my friend was showing me her sister’s youtube channel and she said “That’s my sister and that’s her girlfriend” and I said “Cool” and then she said “Don’t judge” and I told her “Of course I’m not judging.”
This is another reason why the lgbt+ community needs more representation. It’s still not normal enough to casually mention a non-heterosexual relationship in a conversation without the person having to say something like “don’t judge” or a straight person saying, “Wait, they’re gay/bi/pan/ace/poly, etc.?” 

Just playin’ some nostalgic games all happy and dandy until I notice it



kidding me




The more I learn about sonic adventure the more I realize that Sega was just high the whole entire time they made this game. There’s just so much random crap happening it’s insane.


endless list of favorite episodes of random tv shows:
Gilmore Girls 4x02 The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale

i hate tumblr posts that go like “germany is ashamed of its history, that’s why there’s no injustice anymore!!”, “germany is ashamed of its genocide, america is not” or “stastics show that germany is the least homophobic country in the world!! :)” and have tens of thousands of notes as if racism isn’t alive and well here, as if angela merkel and her party aren’t homophobic trashbags, as if my r.e. teacher didn’t purposely give me bad grades for being gay, as if anitisemitism isn’t growing stronger and stronger here (has always been present here, but it’s become more visible over the last few years), as if antisemitic hate crimes haven’t gone up by 25% 2013, as if refugee homes aren’t burned down and vandalized every other week, as if there aren’t any racist far right protests here, as if our police isn’t corrupt as well. just because you don’t care enough to inform yourself about my country doesn’t make it this great, injustice free place you can dream about.