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How about, League of Super Evil?



Like, The shortie red one was my favorite, he is the leader and he is sooooo shamelessly dorky, he tries to be the baddest alive but he just… fails…

And you may think ‘But Kat thats such a cliche’ and… yeah it is! but idk why it was so lame i actually laughed super hard, didn’t saw much of it and the humor itself is bad but… omg the designs mixed with how LAME they where, it was just a big guilty pleasure! 


Say ello to the new design of Deimos. 
He’s a cruel and tricksy scumbag, but is also very classy and might have a bigger soft spot than he thinks. He likes drinking wine and champagne and even my tea, and likes listening to classical/orchestrated music and old-timey tunes. Also likes pocket watches.

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What look are you referencing?

i dont know how to describe it!! but hes got this Look. I DONT KNOW i feel like his proportions are really specific and i cant get it righttttttttttttt look at him

when i try to draw him i struggle with drawing his clothes the most, idk how to make them look right on him even having pics as reference. IDK WHY IM GETTING ALL PERFECTIONIST WITH HIS DESIGN ITS SUPER LAME AND HES HARD TO DRAW

“Baby Pandas” - Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Word Count: 612 (sorry it’s so short)

Warnings: Mentions that the reader is on her period; Fluff

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is on her period and she skipped school and just slept the whole day and Peter texted asking why she didn’t come to school and she was asleep so didn’t reply and he thought she was ignoring her lol. And then he like finds out and comforts her or something idk i feel like that was too specific but

Author’s Note: What’s up brochachos! (I’m sorry that was lame) In this imagine, it’s basically from Peter’s POV and the reader is his girlfriend so he is very worried about her (or should I say you? Lol I really gotta stop tryna be funny) Whale, I hope yall enjoy!

(Y/n) = Your name

(Y/l/n) = Your last name

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*Peter’s POV*

Peter was worried. At first, he thought he was overreacting. “Maybe (Y/n) is just sick at home,” He thought to himself. But after several missed calls and 14 unread messages, Peter started to think you were in danger. You two always talked to each other and never spent a moment apart. He loved you more than anything, and when you didn’t show up to school that day, Peter’s suspicions had been confirmed: something was wrong.

As soon as school ended, Peter bolted out of the classroom and headed straight for your home. He entered your apartment complex, ran up the steps and knocked on your door. He texted May and said he was going to be home late as your mom opened the door to your apartment.

“Hey, Peter!” Your mom greeted him as she welcomed him inside.

“Hi, Mrs. (Y/l/n). Is (Y/n) here?” He asked as he stepped into your flat. She nodded and Peter walked briskly into your room. He took a deep breath and opened your bedroom door, only to see you curled up in a ball, hugging your legs as tears were streaming down your face. Peter rushed to you and pulled you into a tight embrace.

“Oh my gosh, (Y/n). Are you okay?” He asked as you buried your head into his neck. He pulled away and placed his hands on the side of your face. “What happened?”

*Your POV*

You took a few deep breaths as he wiped the tears from your cheek.

“I just… I have the worst cramps like ever and I was watching these youtube videos,” you started to ramble as you gestured towards your phone. “I came across this cute little video of a baby panda and it sneezed and I realized that I wanted a baby panda… but I-I just need one and I can’t have one!”

Peter stared at you with a blank expression. “Wait, so that’s why you were upset?”

“Yes, Peter! I need that baby panda!!”

Peter chuckled and kissed your soft lips. “God, I love you so much. You are insane,” he whispered and pressed his forehead against yours.

“Yeah, it’s that time of the month if you can’t tell. Which means extra crazy and emotional girlfriend for 4 to 7 more days,” You said in a sarcastic tone and winked. Peter laughed and got up off your bed.

“Wait, where ya going?” You asked as he reached for the door knob.

“I’ll be right back, I just have to grab a few things,” Peter said as he flung the door open and sprinted out of the room. You sat on your bed, not knowing what your dorky ass boyfriend was up to.

Twenty minutes later, Peter stormed into your room. “Surprise!” He rejoiced, tossing fuzzy blankets and a pack of Mega Stuf Oreos onto your bed. You smiled as he walked over to your TV and inserted a DVD into the DVD player. He then proceeded to plop onto your bed and spread a blanket across the both of you.

“What are we watching?” You asked with a giant grin on your face.

Empire Strikes Back!” Peter cocked an eyebrow as the movie started to play.

You laughed and rested your head on his chest.

“I love you, dork,” Peter said as he kissed the top of your head, running his fingers up and down your arms.

“I love you too, Bug Boy.”

Peter’s head shot up and he looked down at you. “Wait, what did you just call me?”

“Look it’s R2D2!!” You interjected, pointing at the TV screen. Peter brushed it off and continued to watch the movie.

Quick note: It is actually called Mega Stuf Oreos, trust me I googled it and found out my entire life has been a lie



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sgfg omegle
  • Stranger: F?
  • Me: yah
  • Stranger: so
  • Stranger: do you want the d? ;)
  • Me: —eluxe version of Sounds Good Feels Good?
  • Me: why'd you ask ofcourse i do!!!
  • Me: are you gonna buy it for me??¿¿!!¡¡
  • Stranger: *disconnects*
  • Me: we get so d i s c o n n e c t e d

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I just heard Luke Spiller was screen tested for the role of Freddie in the biopic and dropped for Rami Malek. IDK why but this make me angry, like he literally was prepared to drop The Struts to become Freddie. He said he was trying to lose weight to play Fred. I dunno how others feel about this but it just shows he wants to be Fred so bad its lame

I have heard this yeah! Someone told me the other day.

That would go down a fucking storm! More like shitstorm haha. I saw someone on Queenzone say he was going to email Brian May and beg that Mr. Identity Issues gets the role, and I just shook my head. Also imagine the backlash on Tumblr. “But he’s not brown! #whitewashed #triggered #killallwhites“

I always joked he was using his bandmates as some vessel to get fame and that he just wanted to be Freddie Mercury…seems like I wasn’t talking out of my arse after all…

Not that I care about the biopic, because I don’t think Rami is suitable either but Luke just looks gormless. His facial expressions on stage are more like Gary Glitter, so maybe he can come back for Paul Gadd: The Fall of a Disgraced 70s Pop Predator.

Ha I am such a bitch.

I just relate to lars so much. Like, he’s portrayed as so much more than like a teen who’s trying to be cool. He doesn’t just want to be cool, he needs to fit in. He needs to do everything right so that the Cool Kids won’t think he’s lame. Most significantly in Lars and the Cool Kids, he just seems to be in this position where everything he does and says is potentially embarrassing and he feels like he’s being judged. And that just really resonated with me. Plus there’s Horror Club and the whole thing with the picture, showing that even when he was younger he was terrified of people’s opinions of him, so it’s not just the ‘teenager trying to be cool’ cliche. And he crys. Like he gets really upset at the potential of being what people might think of as just being mildly embarrassed, but in his case he’d be mortified. And idk I deal with that kind of thing pretty regularly and it’s really important to me.

Amy and Isahog have a weird relationship. They are attracted to each other but golly isahog finds her to be reallyyyyy rude which turns her off. Amy finds isahog’s lack of confidence and low self esteem to be really lame sooo :/ They are OK with kissing sometimes and going on dates??? but they both refuse to call it anything. No one really knows why. Amy is still hung up on Sonic and Isahog never really dated or committed to anyone before, so she would rather not talk about it. I guess you can call it friends with benefits lol. Idk it’s fun to have someone to smooch once in a while I guess. I suppose they don’t feel an emotional connection which is why they are OK with it because they aren’t hurting each other really.

“I kinda have a bunch of pictures saved of Josh Dun hugging cats for when I get really anxious. I don’t know why but it really helps calm me down? I feel kind of weird and lame admitting that. But idk he’s just such a big sweet cutie and my heart warms whenever I look at him. Since I also love cats, pictures where he’s holding cats is just double the cute.”

i never got to show u guys my rwby ocs, i have 2 tho ive only ever drawn one, theyre siblins

this is xiulan, her nickname is Lan

i never finished her design so shes kinda lame right now, the other is her lil bro whos name i forgot but i remember his nickname is song, i have his name listed somewhere tho just gotta find it

they dont belong to any team cause im lame lel

Shout out to the girl who swallowed a bottle of pills today. Her daddy hadn’t quite stopped thinking of her as his little baby. She woke up in the E.R, but she woke up.

Let’s hear it for the baby girl born today, wrapped in a blue blanket and placed on the wrong side of the room because she came ‘some assembly required.’

I hope she realizes why she feels how she does. I hope she’ll be allowed to fix what life did, and supported while she does so.

Let’s hear it for the girls who flinch at loud noises or sudden moves. Who can stare in the mirror and not see even one place that’s never been bruised…

Be gentle with them. Be loving. And be So. Fucking. Proud. Because they escaped. They made it. R.i.p to the fallen sisters who weren’t so lucky.

I nod a thought of solidarity to the girls who trusted the wrong person. To the girls who woke up somewhere they shouldn’t. Who woke up with someone they didn’t want to.

Congratulations to the women who have had the courage to say no and to defend yourselves when no wasn’t heard.
Congratulations to the women who have answered their problems. Who have made their tough decisions.
Congratulations to the women who have made it through hell and back.

Congratulations to Us.


We’re Still Here

We’re Still Fighting (x)

It’s odd, but for some strange reason I’m not mad at Robert?
I really thought I would feel worse after this ep, but I don’t. I didn’t even take some chill pills to get here either.

Ok granted, I haven’t seen tomorrow yet so maybe he’ll get my blood boiling then, but for now, I feel pretty chill…and I guess the biggest reason why I can’t be mad is because he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.
Ok, that sounds like a lame excuse to defend him, which I’m not haha, he’s an idiot.
But idk, it’s sorta like seeing a kid do something bad because they don’t really know it’s something bad? Until you tell them.

And boy did Aaron tell Robert today.

Right, gonna try and make sense of my thoughts here.
There are two sides to Robert right…actually three. 1. Aaron’s Robert. 2. Everyone else’s Robert. and 3. Psychopath Robert.
Now, he gravitates a lot between 1 and 2. But to get him to nr 3. something/someone needs to push that button, flip the switch.

Because that’s what it felt like for me. A switch being flipped inside him and when he gets to nr 3, that’s what I mean by saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He loses all rhyme and reason to his actions, he even loses a sense of reality. He gets a tunnel vision. He sees someone that is out to hurt him and that’s all he can see, not the consequences and repercussions - just how to get rid of what’s hurting him.

And he was so happy today too :/ Right, let’s fastforward that bit before I start thinking about seeing some of those things in a different context.

Let’s go to the bit where it all kicks off, when Aaron pushed him away and he said: Whaaaat?
And then Aaron says it, and his face drops. And he’s back to nr 2. The Robert facade, where everything is perfect and he can do no wrong. Where he’s the invincible guy that noone can touch.  

“I’d never hurt you or anyone close to you” - WE know it’s not true, but I really believe HE believes that’s true. The nr 1 guy doesn’t want to see what nr 3 is capable of. Nr 3 doesn’t exist in nr 1’s world.

Then Aaron starts pointing the finger at him (literally) and he moves even deeper into denial, because he doesn’t want to hear it. Until he can’t take it anymore and he admits what it was like. That he just wanted to scare Paddy.
When he says “I’m sorry, it was a mistake” it’s like he’s repeating something he knows people want to hear when he know he’s done something wrong. There’s no emotion behind those words. (nr 2 is speaking)

Then Aaron brings up Katie and panic starts to rise within and he’s back to deny deny deny. “You already know what happened”
But Aaron doesn’t back down, he paints scenarios in Robert’s head and once again he doesn’t want to hear it so he ends up shouting the truth. “I pushed her” he says twice and the second time he actually looks a little scared, because the real truth is finally out. The one he’s been pushing away for so long.
“It was still an accident” He knows it’s not true but he’s clinging to that last little hope.

“That’s murder” -  "Don’t call it that" No it can’t be. He’s better than that. He’s not a murderer. Again, he doesn’t allow the actions of nr 3 to exist in nr 1 and 2’s worlds. And this is something he can’t bear to hear.

Then the face he pulls when Aaron says “You let me live with that guilt”. There’s so much hurt in that face. And almost something childlike about it. And shameful.

And it’s Aaron who means the world to him that calls him out of all his lies and horrible actions and that’s why he can’t deny it it anymore either. That’s why he looks so hurt at the end because he knows he’s hurt him. For the first time the world of nr 3 comes crashing into nr 1.

Then the fight and the bottle and he looks truly surprised afterwards. Nr 1 has done something bad.

Then nr1 touches Aaron ever so gently to see if he’s alive, he checks his pulse and when he finds it he puts a hand on his back out of relief and at this point he’s still feeling ‘what the hell did I do’ 'what is going on’, but THEN he sees the phone and at that point you can see on his face how he changes… Nr 2 picks the phone up and listens, not really believing what’s happening but then he realizes and that switch flips and the walls close in on him and he becomes desperate, stomps on the phone and even struggles with the robe because he’s in a state and he gets that tunnel vision again. He’s in pain and he’s trying to brush it away.

Then Aaron wakes up and he accuses Aaron of it all being his fault. (classic deny issues really.) None of it can be his fault because that would be admitting he’s anything but perfect and without fault. In his world he’s hardly done anything wrong…which he has and nr 1 and 2 knows it, but it’s too late for them to tell him, the button is pushed and he’s in that other world again, he’s nr 3.

The boy needs help.