idk why but i loved this coloring so much

So I discovered this meme on instagram and IT LOOKS SO COOL that I did it too. The game consist in making a drawing and then repeat the drawing trying to mimic the art style of some of the artists you admire! (I HAD SO MUCH FUN DOING THIS THING)

 So here it is, hope you all like it, I made it with all my heart :3 Im sorry for ruining your styles guys hahaha 

 1- that’s my lil Nico di Angelo. 

 2- @indigonite‘s Nico, I tried my best here, but BRO so hard to color like Bruna. Maybe I made him a lil too red ;u;

3- @saberghatz‘s Nico. Idk why but it looks more like saber’s last year’s art, cause her Nico changed a little, but I love both her Nicos, so :v 

4- @tamaytka‘s Nico. Im sorry that I ruined the way you draw eyes, I really LOVE your eyes, but I COULD NOT make justice to them. 

5- @leegarbettart  Lee Garbett never drew Nico but he is my favorite artist in comic books, he draws Loki in Agent of Asgard, and I love his art so much!

6- @onihimeart also never drew Nico, but her art style is so complicated that I could not even make it look alike ;u; Sorry friend! 

missbelover  asked:

FIRST of all I love your art and your blog you're so talented! Secondly, if you're still doing the expression thing, can you please draw some marichat with Chat as 1A and Mari as 2C? If you don't want to draw both that's okay too! Thank you for your kindness and continuing to create such wonderful art! Oh! And Happy Holidays 😘

One sided reveal! :P

I’m not taking more requests, just finishing the one’s left C:

See what happens when I forget to sleep… :/
I guess it’s princess Winter Hayle, little ray of sunshine and queen of my heart !

(Idk how to draw and color (is color a real verb ?) so… sorry ?)
(Her eyes, her arms ughhh…)
(It’s so sloppy :/ why am i like this)

Happy Hobi Day!!!

so im starting a mini?? idk project for myself throughout the year where everytime their birthdays are coming up i draw something for them with my chibi style and the chibi styles can vary since im always trying out new styles

and once im done with every single one of them, i’ll combine them all for new years and see how much i have improved! also you’ll see sooner or later why i colored hobi red instead of green~


trc probably has the Worst poc representation ever i hate it so much. i love henry cheng but like why did she have to make him hate himself and literally be racist to himself that’s so fucking shitty of her. like yeah there def r poc who hate themselves for being not white but like ,,,, if we actually had poc rep w characters who love themselves and their culture & ethnicity then maybe we wouldn’t hate ourselves so much ?????? bc we’d see that we shouldn’t hate ourselves for being ppl of color like idk ????

Street Racer!Hoseok

So it is finally time to resume the street racer series (I had to pause it for the Christmas series) I’m so excited for it to be coming back, next up is our amazing angel, our hope himself, the cutie with the kissable cheeks like seriously how are someone’s cheeks so damn kissable idek, Jung Hoseok aka J Hope

  • Visuals are up first bc I need this so much I’m so ready for this post
  • Okay so hobi has the Run hair bc oh my god that was such a good look like it was so chill it wasn’t a neon color but it was actually really nice and fit his face so well
  • I also love love love messy haired hobi so much like I love messy hair in general but for some reason the BTS boys make it look 100% better sign me the fuck uP I want all of the bed head
  • Also idk why this sounds so amazing to me but hobi with the tips of his hair dyed a different color sounds so nice to me?? like he can have the brown color and then blue tips or green or something like that bc he can pull it off
  • He’s got an eyebrow piercing bc I saw an edit of it and it looks so good and I just need it in my life
  • All of the boys have tattoos dedicated to Bangtan right, Yoongi and Jin both have a lil “B” tattoo, Jin’s is on his pinky, Yoongi’s is on his elbow
  • Hobi has the same lil “B” on his collarbone and it’s actually a pretty ideal spot
  • Like he can cover it up v v easily if he’s in the professional racing world but he can easily show it off when he’s in the street racing world it’s the perfect spot
  • Plus have you ever seen hobi’s collarbones, show that shit ofF HOBI
  • Okay but I love this AU bc we’ve lowkey already got our street racer!hobi as like a canon thing, in Dope, he’s literally a racer even bighit thinks he’d look good as a racer (which he does)
  • I just had to point that out, of course street racer!hobi is a lil bit different from racer!hobi but they’re pretty similar if you ask me
  • So I have this midkey head canon that during some days, hobi does actual racing and is actually a professional racer and then at night, he does the street racing
  • Another head canon that Yoongi sees the talent hobi has with actual racing and recruits him for his team of street racers bc yoonseok is so pure it’s too pure for this world we have to protect them
  • So Yoongi shows him the ropes but he doesn’t really have to teach hobi much bc hobi already knows how to race, he just has to learn how to race with a car designed for street racing which takes two seconds
  • Then Yoongi gets the other boys to race against him to make sure he can handle it and everyone’s impressed so they welcome him onto the team with open arms
  • Hobi’s really good at racing in tight spaces
  • He does some drifting here and there (Jungkook taught him how to) but he’s mainly really good at racing in areas that aren’t exactly huge
  • Like some place with sharp turns or a single lane or even sometimes an alley
  • Another one of his fortes is stopping a few inches away from a wall like with the alleys you have to make an abrupt spot and he’s really really good at that
  • Side note, he’s really great at parking as well so if you ever need someone to parallel park your car, just call hobi
  • He’s good at getting the car to speed up super quick and knowing the exact moments to accelerate and he’s really smart about it like he’s got some strategies that the boys taught him but he also has his own twists to them
  • He’s better at short distance races, he can do long distance races but he prefers to keep that for the actual track
  • Literally everyone loves him though bc it’s hobi how does someone not love hobi he’s literally just a puppy in human form he’s sunshine
  • He makes new friends every time he goes and he even gets some people that look up to him and tell him the whole reason they got into street racing is bc they saw him race on TV or online and they fell in love and it just really warms his heart bc he gets to do what he loves AND inspire other people to do what they love too it’s a win win
  • You and hobi have been dating for four years and you already knew about the professional racing bit bc that’s his entire career and he love love loves having you there to support him
  • He has this tradition of every time he’s about to race, he blows a kiss to you in the crowd and it makes everyone’s heart melt every single time bc
  • But then one night, he tells you about street races and he introduces you to all of the boys and answers all of your questions
  • He takes you to one of his races and your heart’s racing the entire time bc that’s such a lil alley what are they even gonna do
  • Yoongi’s kinda just laughing at your expressions the entire time bc he’s so used to this shit it doesn’t even get his heart racing (hA) anymore he forgot what it’s like to be a newbie but it’s amusing as fuck
  • Hobi wins that race and he gets his normal victory kiss from you and he’s just so happy bc now he gets your support on both versions of his racing
  • “Maybe next time, I’ll let you drive my car” 

Day 19 @bazwillendinflames *whispers* I love Penny so much

I also like drawing silly hairdos and giving Penny amazing hair colors
This is actually my fourth time drawing Penny D: I need to draw her more and Agatha too ;-;

Also I’m having trouble with tumblr, I’m definitely not receiving notifications idk why :/ AND THANK YOUU AND WELLCOME NEW FOLLOWERS I’M HANNA AND I’M REALLY TRYING TO CURE MY CRONIC PROCRASTINATION HI!


another side

a small little gift for @mayor-mami!!

thanks for doing that eye tutorial for me (though I’m still kind of lost but I’m going to practice!!), I very much appreciate it!!! idk why I felt bad I got worried you’d be offended or maybe wouldn’t want to share so I was like AHH noooo and completely forgot you’re one of the sweetest frickin people on the planet.

I adore benji with all my heart he’s so super duper cute so I drew him for you!! also he has so many warm colors I lOVE BENJI I CANNOT EVEN I WANT TO HUG HIM

anonymous asked:

love your art and your replies. One question tho, why do you colour Jimin so dark ( skin tone ) i mean

Thank you so much. Well idk the thing is that there are photos where they White wash the members ( literally all of them) and I took a picture of jimin and sampled the skin tone ( midtone). Also, if I were to draw him whiter, it wouldn’t be that milky color that some people do ( in my opinion I wouldn’t use it cuz ya know, jimin’s actual skin tone is golden ish and I love it) and it’s their art and I respect it and I still love it. :^)

i have been tagged by @pastelcruz , thank you!!!
rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better
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family name: nah
gender: honestly at this point?? Non binary?? Idk.
star sign: libra bitches
height: 5’7’’ and a half
age: um I’d rather not, thanks
favorite color: ever since I got into watercoloring, I’ve learned how much I love mixing browns to get the perfect skin color, and I love love love the color green.
time rn: 20:43
hours of sleep: well if we’re talking average, 4-6 hours, but last night I got 9 :)
lucky number: 7
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blankets you sleep with: usually a big huge comforter I’ve had forever (seriously, it’s older than me) and sometimes I’ll puke on two more small blankets, because I love the feeling of being really warm, without it being uncomfortable
favorite artists: I’m gonna answer musically, and artistically, um artistically Vincent Van Gogh is a major, and I love @batcii ’s art so so much it’s unreal, I love the 1975, Dodie Clark, does the Hamilton soundtrack count?? And I love the Neighborhood, AWOLnation, along with Troye Sivan and Panic! At the Disco.
dream trip: Venice, Italy or Greece, all over Germany, and Oregon.
dream job: ooh, well. I want to be so many things, I want to be a clothes designer, a history teacher, a photographer, an artist, and author. Idk really, but I want to be paid enough to take care of my mom, and I haven’t found my absolute passion yet I guess.
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why did you choose your url: I remember thinking ‘don’t make a url you’ll regret in a year or so’ and at first I liked it, but now not as much?? And I don’t think I’m able to change it on mobile so I’m stuck.
countries you’ve lived in: America ew.
favorite fandom: um. Definitely not supernatural, sorry. Um the les mis fandom, mainly because they’re really accepting of different aspects of everyone’s thoughts, at least the blogs I’ve been following are. (Although Harry Potter is a close second, love them)
languages you speak: English, learning Spanish, and I’d like to learn German (I know how to count to 10 in German, that’s about it)
favorite film: a film I can watch over and over again is Corpse Bride, and I love the Third and Fifth Harry Potters, but I love Deathly Hallows pt.2
last article you read: I just finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
last thing you bought online: I just bought a really cute black turtleneck, and I might be buying a les mis mug soon!!!
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a recurring dream: I don’t have any.
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how would your friends describe you: idk, I don’t have any really good friends except for @thattransguysam , so…how would you describe me?
if you had $$$ to spend what would you buy first: are we talking a lot of money? A house for my mom, pay off her retirement, get my sister a house, pay her taxes, and get myself some clothes.
shuffle your song library and list the first three songs that play: Pull out the Pin, by Kate Bush, That Would be Enough, the Hamilton Soundtrack, Suck of Losing Soulmates, Dodie Clark
i tag: @thatnbkid @notwithk @thelittlestmeme @hpbrat2 @sam-may-have-mayham @thattransguysam

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I miss you. Get the fuck on Skype sometime. </3

I miss you more! I’m free tomorrow and Sunday :D I’m not ghosting you, I swear I’m not garbage. I hope in the meantime you enjoy my glorious tags. I know how annoying it is when you see me online blogging but not replying to your messages, but I’m not ignoring you. I hate that shit so much, so I hope tagging you in the meantime is okay because I know you’d appreciate the cute animals and morbid things and such. 🙊


I will always declare my love for you with tags of trash and angst in the absence of my face. And yes, we WILL skype. I’m home tomorrow and I’ll message you when I wake up. ❤

jem: also I just noticed in official Halo art Cortana’s marking are always slightly different
Her markings are so fucking complicated not even the professional artists paid to draw them give  a shit
I no longeR FEEL BAD
decade-dance: your sins are purged XD
also her hair keeps changing and her color, even
jem: OK THAT’S ALSO Fine like
As someone who’s drawn her a million times
the shade of blue is different in every single picture. And I’m not talking about my drawings, I mean the official pictures
concept art, screencaps, official art, posters.
EVery time
decade-dance: I meant that too
jem: it’s different
I hate
Cortana is a fucking nightmare to draw idk why I love it so much
decade-dance: In the first Halo she was almost purple
jem: She was pretty much pink yeah
But I’m just talking H4 Cortana tho
All the pics for H4 Cortana are different even the fucking models change
decade-dance: rIP
jem: It’s like you just gotta Wing the fanart
No wonder the official artists change everything
First OFFICIAL references we get
Are for fucking H5 Cortana
decade-dance: SHAME
jem: Everything else, all the references are fan-made and of course, changing
I hate it
No wonder Swans just fucking came up with her own design this is a real-life nightmare
decade-dance: -sticks Freddy’s fedora and claw on deviltana-


I finally understand why Cortana is so hard to draw. Not even her designers give a Fuck. 


“You know, I’d like to say you’re insane for doing this, but I see what you mean about that girl.”