idk why but i love bandages

consider this

dipper is not out to anybody. mabel’s started to kinda hit puberty. she’s gettin the bobbers. dipper isn’t. she doesn’t ever mention it (bc why would she lmao)

but like. one day she is doin laundry bc idk dip’s got a lot of stuff to do. and she finds ace bandages hidden in his drawers. and honestly mabel is the type to be v educated. so she knows whats up. and takes them

and then. replaces them with a handmade binder with a sticky note on it thats just

“love u”

EDIT- THIS POST IS OLD! recently i learned that homemade binders actually aren’t that safe, so i do Not suggest them!!!

anonymous asked:

Ok so i am convinced for some unknown reason that azazel is an alchemy nerd who matches rita. Idk why just that. Can you write how the other characters discovere that? If ya want that is I love your writings

nerdy azazel coming right up!

Rita suddenly stops, feeling a strange presence behind her as she pored over her alchemy book in her lab. 

“What are you doing?” she asks the demon standing over her. 

With a slight flinch, Azazel clears his throat and turns away. He had just woken up, covered in bandages as per the usual. Snoring peacefully on the couch was Mugaro, who had been waiting for Azazel to recover from last night’s raid. 

Rita narrows her eyes in a suspicious glance at Azazel, who refuses to meet the zombie’s eyes. “Did you want to read this too?” Rita finally asks. 

Azazel flinches again before clicking his tongue and carrying the sleeping Mugaro off with him. As they leave, Rita couldn’t help but smile a little at her latest discovery.

As their little group of fugitives planned their infiltration on the royal ball tonight, Rita had asked everyone one by one whether they had any other contingencies that could work with their current plan, shoddy as it was. Unsurprisingly, most of them couldn’t think of anything. 

“Well, maybe we could use a different diversion, in case Nina can’t turn into a dragon,” Favaro says out of nowhere. 

With a pondering hum, Rita replies, “Now that you mention it, that is a good alternative…”

“But what else can we possibly use that’s discreet enough so we won’t be discovered beforehand?” Kaisar asks. 

the answer to this question comes from the most unexpected of persons. 

“if I recall correctly, there’s this alchemy spell that–”

Azazel stops when all eyes shoot to his direction. Everyone falls silent with their mouths agape. Even Mugaro was wearing a look of surprise. 

Realization dawns upon Azazel, and he mumbles a quick “Nevermind,” before making his escape.

“Hehhh~ I didn’t know you were interested in this topic, Azazel.” 

There he is. The one person Azazel didn’t want to find out about his recent… hobby.

“L-Lucifer-sama… Uh, I found your book lying around somewhere. I was about to return it–”

Lucifer smirks, waving around the book in question. They both knew Azazel had no way out of this one. “My, my, if you were that interested, I could lend you some other books about it,” Lucifer teases, enjoying the look of embarrassment on his right-hand man’s face. 

“How stupid,” Azazel says, fed up with all the nonsense he’s faced from people finding out about his interest. He stalks off to find a good resting place, though not before grabbing the book from Lucifer’s hand. 

How cute, Lucifer thinks to himself.