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i dated a guy for a while and we fell absolutely mad in love with eachother. but i think we kinda rushed things too fast and one day we had a fight and we just dumped me. for a while i thought he still might have feelings for me because he wanted to still be my best friend and would still try to help me with everything that bothers me. but i found out he just flat out stopped being attracted to me when we fought. now idk what to do or how to feel.. idk why i'm telling you. maybe you can help

tbh if he stopped liking u after one fight then his attraction towards u was conditional and you deserve better lol. i don’t think he played you by being nice after the break up (unless he made any kind of moves or manipulated you into staying dependent on him) but you should definitely cut him loose if he’s preventing you from dating other people. like willingness to work through your problems is a huge requirement for a relationship and he was obv too weak to deal past the honeymoon phase so on to the next one!

Title: run boy run

Pairing: CainxDean

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 2,794

Notes: for MSR Halloween, prompt ‘Full Moon’, A/B/O au


Dean leaned against the hood of the Impala and sniffed the chill night air. Hands in his pockets, one ankle crossed over the other, he relaxed and let the tension unwind from his shoulders as he breathed in pine and churned mud. The patchy snow cover muted a lot of the smells, winter coming on in fits and starts as it snowed, and thawed, and snowed. A light breeze rustled the tall pine trees across the open field by the parking lot, pricking his face with cold burn and making him shiver despite the heat in his gut.

He probably could have made it to Sam’s new pack lands by now, if he’d wanted to. Dean still wasn’t too keen on his brother’s new mate. Ruby had cruel eyes and a sweet smile. But Sam was Sam and when Sam wanted something Sam made it happen. Dean was the only nomad left in the Winchester pack. He was zig zagging closer to Sam, meandering, putting it off. He probably could have made it to the pack lands by now, but Dean didn’t want to spend his heat there surrounded by strangers. He’d met Ruby, but he hadn’t met the others in her pack.

So it was just him and the pine trees and the moon tonight, on a back trail in the Colorado mountains sniffing out the territory. There wasn’t supposed to be a pack here, didn’t smell like it either. Just smelled liked earth and, round the parking lot, humans. It’d be better deeper in to the woods. The moon was round and bright in the cloudless sky, all the black spaces between stars a void but the pinprick smatterings of them shone silver around the brilliant light of the moon.

It made Dean itch to shed his human skin and run. It made the heat that had been blooming in his gut the past few days burst hot and sharp. It made his teeth ache to snap and his fingers twitch to tear into something.

Here was a good spot. Shedding his jacket, Dean opened the trunk to toss his boots and clothes inside. The ground was cold and hard, the gravel of the parking lot rough to human skin. He couldn’t hear or smell anyone else around except for a few small animals in the brush, prey. No other predators. Shutting the trunk and tossing the keys into the glove box of his unlocked car, Dean took his time moseying over the muddy field to the forest line. The snow had mostly melted and the ground was churned rough, wet, a beautiful scent right on the cusp of a shift into winter.

Dean liked riding the edges. He liked that trembling fine imminence when he knew he was coming up right on a heat. He liked feeling the shift and stretch of bones and skin right before a shift. He liked the unsteady edge between his humanity and his animal nature.

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You know I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible that Furuta is actually a human but like a flat out cannibal. I mean thinking back to the Penisman how his prototype had the whole sex=cannibalism thing. I wonder if his character still retains that? And if he’s human, man he knows too much about turning people into dishes. Regarding the whole “I want to dominate you” thing, then feeding Eto her manager; I wonder if there was more twisted pleasure to that than just spite. Furuta for confirmed vore? :,D