idk why but ayy

(I’m 1 day early but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh….)

Happy Birthday precious Holy Angel Akoya! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Thanks to @silvormoon for the inspiration! 


cr: cola

cr: crave for attention

cr: dazed

cr: twinned poison

cr beyami

cr: h20

cr: fruitxfruit

cr: love crazy

cr: mama dafu


Nextale Asriel

I mean he looks so cool-

I just want to draw him- 

So cool socool- too cool

This Asriel belongs to @nextale

anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite alpha troll and why?

still Meenah ayy >:^) idk I just like her in general and also she got more screen time than most of the others which is usually relevant for me bc I like seeing characters acting in canon! so the others kinda got auto-excluded for me, I mean I still like some of them but yeaH

(this also goes for the beta trolls actually bc my fav ones are the ones who are/were still around to the latest updates or were in more updates in general like Vriska)