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  why’s it making that noise?   ”   susan   does   not   look   up   for   a   moment,   instead   working   to   correct   whatever   it   is   that   has   caused   the   console   to   begin   beeping   in   a   very   odd   and   very   annoying   way.   susan   has   always   had   trouble   when   attempting   to   fly   the   tardis   (   of   course,   neither   she   nor   the   doctor   expected   it   to   be   easy   without   a   full   crew   ),   though   she’s   never   encountered   this   specific   problem   before.      do you think it’s some sort of warning, grandfather?   ”   she   asks   once   eyes   are   lifted   from   the   buttons   to   meet   the   doctor’s,   the   faintest   traces   of   worry   present   in   tone   which   is   otherwise   steady.

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It wasn’t like Hayden is expecting to see anyone right now. It’s late and she knew that no one would probably be out to see her in such state. Not that she had been hiding from everyone, she just felt like not talking whatever the hell had been up to with her life. She chose to ignore what seemed to be the simultaneous calling of her name, and just looked back when that person had tapped her shoulders. “Oh, hi?”