idk whose this is actually

please share

lol okay so the instagram account swiftshappiness (not to be confused with the tumblr account, not the same person!) tends to repost things from tumblr without giving credit. i asked her to please start giving credit, to which she responded by saying she doesn’t need to give credit then posting a snarky post. 

even more annoying is that she sometimes gives credit, but usually doesn’t. if she gives credit some of the time then i really don’t understand her issue, especially when someone is asking for credit of their own work.

so yeah anyways here’s some posts that she’s reposted without credit, idk whose they all are but please share so people actually get credit for their own posts (also these are just a few i got tired of scrolling):

(these are some of mine):

(other people’s):

so yeah anyways please share this so people know whose posts they are

Pacifica probably has the most interesting storyline in hittwins tbh

(she doesn’t always wear the mask)

it’s not like jennifer lawrence’s op-ed is wrong (except for the parts where it’s cissexist as shit), but when it comes to the wage gap it’d be great if we could shift the focus away from exorbitantly wealthy people who don’t deserve the money they have or demand to, idk, women whose low wages actually affect their lives