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Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #31 Ser Raynald Westerling

Look I remembered what number I was on! The (sadly unnumbered) post about the direwolves got me thinking that I had to talk about Raynald Westerling! Thanks for reminding me, pack.

Raynald Westerling is Jeyne Westerling’s older brother. (See the entry on Jeyne.) He is called “the Knight of Seashells” because their house sigil is six seashells on a sandy-colored background. TBH,. I was going to make a joke about seashells not really being scary. But “Knight of Flowers” isn’t really scary either. Then I had a moment of thinking “who would win in a fight? Flowers or seashells?”

IDK, you guys, I might be losing it.

Anyway we don’t know a ton about Raynald. He joins Robb Stark’s army once Robb and Jeyne are married and we know that Robb liked him a lot. Catelyn even thinks that he fills the void left by Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy (and possibly Bran and Rickon). Like, he thinks this is his brother now.

I’ll let you think about how sad it was that Robb thought all his brothers (blood and adopted) were lost to him.

Like I said in the Jeyne entry, she did not attend the wedding between Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey. But the Knight of Seashells did. He was Robb’s standard bearer. Robb had him look after Grey Wind (who was flipping out) to avoid the Freys feeling slighted at the sight of a Westerling.

When the killing started, Raynald Westerling did what I believe to be the smartest possible thing: he loosed Grey Wind on the bastards. Though Grey Wind wasn’t enough to stop the slaughter, I still like knowing he went down fighting and wasn’t just shot while he was penned up somewhere. 

Raynald himself was shot with multiple crossbow bolts. But here’s the interesting part: his body was never recovered. Raynald left a blood trail that led to the river but it’s unclear if he fell in or jumped. It’s possible that Raynald Westerling swam away from the Freys like Brynden the Blackfish would do later on.

Or maybe he drowned.

But either way, he was Robb’s friend and Jeyne’s brother. His mother admitted that neither of her children knew anything about her agreement with Tywin Lannister. A true bro of House Stark who was with King Robb until the end!

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