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Idk if someone's already pointed this out, but in Dinah's Instagram post to Camila, instead of writing, don't matter what YOU say (the actual lyrics to bad things), she wrote, don't matter what THEY say, don't matter what you do. Do you think she might have been referring to their management? Or shady fans or something? I think it was intentional

Of course DJ was letting us know before the drama of the split happened that she had Mila’s back. I’m sure she was referring to mgmt or anyone else who would try and come between them.

Instagram phandom: think that Dan and Phil will notice them and are mostly 10 year old girls

Twitter phandom: the people who actually want to be noticed by Dan and Phil and stand a chance

Tumblr phandom: would rather shove knifes up their ass than have Dan and Phil find their blog

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Yoo Bella unfollowed some of her fanpages except bellahnews,hadidnews and hadid. vogue. So bad she unfollowed bellahadidlatest though,they were the nicest and been running that acc for years...I think that's unfair anyway that she unfollowed only some and not everybody. Smh

Are you serious? Like she was following a ton of her fanblogs, to only cut down the three is really sad, especially with bellahadidlatest because they’ve been her fans for so long and shes been following them forever. I get her unfollowing some, maybe to just go back to the ogs she was following or something but I’m actually genuinely upset about bhlatest. Idk why she would do that. And idk when she did this but I got an anon this morning about how it sucks Bella never interacts with fans or follows fan accounts.

ask: Guess what .. we just talked about Bella’s weight for fashion week in your last q&a and guess who is at the gym on her Instagram stories ? Not a coincidence She’s along us guys Bella is watching us here hi Bella bye Bella ! She is such a spy

I got 5 asks about this omfg, and it’s not her listening to someone (much less us) she’s just super predictable. Rather than have balance and maintenance she starts overworking herself in the last minute and makes sure to let us know she’s working. Fashion weeks are 5 weeks away and VS (if she’s doing castings) is less than 3 so I find it hard to believe she’ll be able to really loose much weight between now and then without over doing it like she did for VS last year.

ask: I feel like there arent many people out there getting papped more often than Bella these days. Just the sheer amount of different outfits. Even like Kendall and Hailey do less

Idk, I think Kendall gets a lot, but Bella has really been doing a ton lately. Especially with the multiple outfit changes a day and different locations; the aimless “out in New York” ones are what gets me the most like how unnecessary when we know she can go days without anyone knowing where she is if she wants.

ask: honestly. why is she so boring now?? i’m starting to think i’ve created her personality in my head where she’s mysterious, takes fashion risks while being a dedicated feminist and now i’m just seeing that’s she’s not as much as an icon as i thought

It’s because fanbases always hype their faves up and we usually just go with it but we’re pointing out the reality and suspicions more and more, voicing negative opinions and so on. Thinking your fave is better than they are is across all fandoms.

ask: Did you see Gigi’s outfit last leaving her place, it looked effortless and not at all try hard like Bella has been looking lately. Gigi’s new stylist really cleaned up her closet. I loved Bella and Elizabeth but Bella’s looking very desperate lately in her choice of outfits she’s already a model of the moment she doesn’t need to look desperate

She’s had a couple normal looks the bast few days but she really does just over, over do it. That outfit Gigi wore a night or two a go with the stripped capris and floral shirt was so cute and funky, I wish those were the kinds of risks Bella took. Elizabeth is nice and all but I feel like her looks aren’t really edgy or interesting anymore; like it’s just a lot of the same things and none of them feel new or daring. I’m not a fan of whatever it is they’re doing lately, either.

ask: Wait, tell me more about Bella and Paris last year!

It’s not much to tell, she went home after Milan and skipped Paris, hung out with Kendall and went to phs SNL show but posted a bunch of stuff of her with an IV and the caption “everyday” and “I’m sick” and then went to Japan –about a week after she came back (so like a week after PFW was over?) she went to the Global Lyme Alliance’s Gala and won an award for Lyme Advocacy event though she does jack (Yolanda’s on the board of committee and won the award the year before and it was only the Galas second year) and she hasn’t posted about her IV or being sick since. I’m curious if she’ll play the same game this year around, too.

ask: Hailey’s street style > Bella’s

Hails does too much of the baggy hoodie/long sleeve shirt over shorts thing for me, but generally she does look more realistic and still trendy. 

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Then do Mo

Full Name: Monica Giselle King
Gender and Sexuality: Female & Bisexual
Pronouns: She, her
Ethnicity/Species: African American & Nigerian. Human obvs
Birthplace and Birthdate: Queens, New York. May 16, 1992
Guilty Pleasures: Reality TV. Cakes and Candies. Sleeping in with her dog.
Phobias: Spiders. Bugs in general really. and rodents.
What They Would Be Famous For: Her styling and Social Media presence. Because I can’t truly show it on here but she’s supposed to have a huge following on twitter and Instagram. And have a very successful fashion blog. And  it doesn’t hurt that she’s caught often with her “man” who plays for the NFL
What They Would Get Arrested For: um…being black? idk. She wouldn’t do anything that should get her arrested and her daddy a cop. Shouldn’t be a reason she’s getting arrested besides profiling.
OC You Ship Them With: no one of mine but @ersatzzz‘s Deron Jordan, obviously.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: NOBODY. BYE.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Fantasy and some sci-fi
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: the knight in shining armor stuff.
Talents and/or Powers: She’s very creative. She can draw and has a good eye for details. She also can sing a bit but she doesn’t think she can.
Why Someone Might Love Them: She’s very confident and also very caring. If you’re her friend or someone she loves she really goes out of her way to be there for you. She’s also pretty charitable.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She can be conceited, shallow, and very judgmental at times.
How They Change: She just grows to me. She learns to actually put all that heartbreak she’s been saying she’s been over to the side finally and stops acting like being with someone is just gonna bring her down. She just learns more about herself as she gets older. Like a normal fucking person. lol. No real drastic changes here.
Why You Love Them: Because she’s so relatable to me. And she’s the one most like me so I’m kind of already biased. lmfao [but don’t be mistaken. all my OC’s are like me in diff ways. i love and hate them all the same.]

Lying about being a Korean

Okay I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this but I had to get this word out.
I’ve noticed that some people lie saying that they’re Korean or part Korean just because. This honestly bothers me a lot. I know that I should probably mind my own business but whenever I see people lying about this it pisses me off. I get that some people admire koreans bc of kpop or kdramas but I just wish people would stop lying about it. It’s not like people don’t accept them for not being a Korean. Koreans are just another people.

For example I was on Instagram today and this 100% greek girl commented “idk I’m part Korean but I don’t have nice skin like them” (this is false btw I have terrible skin)

;I’m a Korean American and that doesn’t make me any better than other fans. I feel that we are all equal. SO PLEASE DONT LIE ABOUT BEING A KOREAN JUST BC YOU FEEL “LESS” OR “ASHAMED” HONESTLY YALL ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL FOR WHO YOU ARE.

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S: How many languages can they speak?

i’m gonna say 3

Y: Who would they take with them to a remote island?

i feel like she’d go alone tbh

M: How much money do they have in their wallet/purse?

Idk how to answer this tbh but I could see her carrying all her money in cards and never having cash on her

E: What is their last Instagram picture of?

it’s a picture of the sunset with a perfectly straight horizon line

T: What is their go to beverage?

I could see her being a tea drinker

R: Are they a cat person or a dog person?

def a cat person

A: What color are their bedroom walls?

a calming, clean-feeling colour like baby blue

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I found a Nuest fan account on instagram and idk how I feel about this? like they have taken a few gifs from tumblr and posted fan taken photos but don't take credit for it neither credit the gifs/pics.

I would try to find the original creators of the gifs and let them know what’s going on. I know that in the end you can’t stop people who repost but if it were me I would at least like to know that it’s being done in the first place. Whenever I see reposted gifs on twitter I reach out to the original creators unless they’ve expressed their resignation with the issue (rip) or say they don’t mind. 

I hate that gif makers are never taken super seriously in any community even though we contribute a lot to it and it takes a lot of time to make nice gifs/sets. Same goes for fansites who spend even more time and effort and money to take nice pictures of the idols. At least for them, they put watermarks on their photos so reposts aren’t as uncredited. I wish people still credited regardless though. 


I’ve had this happen to me and my friends and I’m pretty resigned at this point. I do hate seeing a reposted gif have tons of retweets/likes (sometimes more than the original tumblr gif) or when big accounts do this (and there have been lots of instances). It’s a recurring problem that will never end and only gets worse the bigger a fandom gets. :/

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you + gwen for the ship meme >:3c

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

Their ringtones for each other: oh gosh…idk what gwen’s ringtone for me would be, but i know gwen really likes doctor who, so i’d probably have the theme song as her ringtone.

Their FB relationship status: i don’t think we would put our status on facebook because i never use facebook, and gwen knows her family would probably try to embarrass her.

Whether they are addicted to couples selfies: tbh we both would be. we both take so many selfies together. gwen probably posts them on her instagram or something & captions it something like ‘i love my girlfriend.’ & my captions would be the same (me? love my girlfriend? it’s more likely than you think.)

Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: 

d a v i d 

Who overshares intimate relationship details: neither of us.

Who steals the other’s clothes: gwen (i probably do too tbh.)

Who’s the PDA fan: gwen and i probably like holding hands, and cheek smooches, but nothing more than that (especially around the campers.)

Who proposes: we both propose at the same time


Transneutral flags that don’t give away your AGAB

I made these so if anyone asks who made these three specific designs just tell them @f282002 on Tumblr &/or @f282002 on instagram.

I took the two designs for AMAB transneutral & AFAB transneutral & mashed them together to make a general transneutral flag that doesn’t give away a persons AGAB. Idk about you but like I hate people knowing my AGAB, bc then they usually misgender me with the argument of “genitals = gender.”

Now this isn’t in my power but having a flag like these with purple as the top & bottom stripes would also work. I picked this design in particular bc it goes along with the transmasculine & transfeminine flags, & all the other transneutral flags looked weird to me lmao.

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Is there any evidence that Tobin and Press is a real thing? Or could it possibly be nothing?

Okay so clearly they haven’t come out and said anything about being together. So technically, yes, Tobin and Press could be nothing. However, I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Preath and let you come to the conclusion yourself, if T and C are together. 

Example A: Tobin and Press started to hang out a lot 

Example B: Tobin went to Seattle to watch Chicago play! 

Example C: Tobin wearing Christen’s shorts. In the first pic they are training together and was one of the first big PREATH signs. The 2nd pic is much more recent, thus why it is 12 because that pic is from a week and a half ago and Press is # 12 now. 

Example D: Preath on the bus. Everyone knows Talex are bus buddies. But…. now Preath are. :) 

Example E: THE BODY ISSUE. Now okay, you can always argue that Tobin was just there as a friend to support Christen but lol I’m sorry I would never invite my friend to come see me pose naked, over my dead freakin body. So ya, you get why people freaked out. Also look at how they look at each other and Tobin is holding Christen’s hand :)

Example F: The famous insta post. I love my friends. We are SUPER close. Like I sleep in a twin bed with them and I change in front of them and all that but in a group photo, I wouldn’t pose like this with anyone unless they were my significant other. I mean Tobin is sitting on Christen’s lap and they are holding hands while C wraps her arm around Tobs.

And then yesterday a snap video had preath hanging out which I won’t post because it is a breach of privacy, IDK who found the video or how they got it, but I feel it is rude to post. 

So ya this was my long answer to your “is preath real” question. I would like to say that I personally think they are together and that is great but anyone can think anything else about them. The most important thing is that we don’t go on instagram or twitter and tag either T or P in anything Preath related. We don’t harass them about it AT ALL. To me preath is real but it stays on tumblr. 

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www(.)instagram(.)com/p/BKy_63fD_3Y/ So according to someone who worked at the convention today Seb just left all the gifts people gave him and the staff put them next to the garbage. Idk how I feel about this, I thought Seb was so nice but why would he throw away gifts fans gave him like that. I don't want it too be true but the poster looks legit and the picture clearly is proof that he did leave the gifts behind.

I think people are assuming the worst here. It’s not like Seb was seen shoving these gifts to the trash pile himself. Someone else did that. He can only carry so much with him, and I’m sure he left assured that whomever was in charge of wrangling his goodies from the fans to get them to him. That was someone else’s responsibility, so you can’t exactly blame him outright for that. I’ve seen him at cons, and I’ve actually watched him pack up and take the gifts from fans that he could carry. 

You can continue to think Seb is nice. He is nice to his fans. He is probably the MCU actor who goes to the most cons out of anyone else, and  he does so even in the middle of working, whenever it’s possible. Some actors don’t even bother when they aren’t working. He does not have to do that. He does not have to fly out on his days off, and when he is sick to greet as many fans as possible. He is also very obliging with photo op requests even when organizers tell fans they can’t have hugs or certain poses, and is, easily, one of the most accessible actors from the MCU, always giving so much to his fans, and sharing so much of himself. I think he has proven time and time again that he cares for his fans. So after all of the times he’s done the most for fans, people are already writing him off for something he actually didn’t do himself, and might not even be aware of? I think he’s at least earned enough credit here for the benefit of the doubt before we start coming out with the pitchforks. 

All weekend his tag was flooded with wonderful stories about how great he was to his fans, and how warm and friendly he was even though he was tired and sick. Let’s not string him up for something for which he wasn’t even responsible.

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