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thanks to @clrkesbellamy for tagging me!! i’m honestly not too comfortable showing my face here on tumblr yet so here, have an aesthetic™ picture from when i went to new york last year.

happy bellarke fam selfie night everyone!!

i’m tagging: @queens-clarke @killiansbellamy @cupcakeblake @bellslarkes @theelizataylor honestly idk who else i feel like everyone’s already been tagged at least once xD

underneath every personality trait ive stolen, under every faked opinion to get you to love me, im nothing


Oh we don’t need the world, because me and you are the world
we don’t need the world, because me and you are the world
The sound of something that lets us go
We don’t have money but we own everything

You make me drive myself up
There’s nothing that can drive me down
You make everything blow up in a boil
There’s no one else I’d rather do this with 


commission for @gaycynder! still quietly working away, i haven’t forgotten you guys at all! <3 i do see things tagged for me, and like from my main blog @doteverett!

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Let’s be honest, I would date every member of the 1991-1994 Gryffindor Quidditch team


All For The Game Aesthetics >> R E N E E  W A L K E R 

↳ “I am a bad person trying very hard to be a good person…I am not the girl I once was, but the shade of my old life will always exist inside of me.“


Keith probably has the most game out of all the paladins/people and he doesn’t even know it sorry I don’t make the rules

  • Me: *has no emotions and is dead inside*
  • Bae: hey babe
  • Me: 😍😍💋💍😍💖❣❤️💍❤️😻😘️💞💓❤️💗💋😻😍👅❤️❤️💍😍

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