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hey im really sorry if this comes off as ignorant whatsoever im just trying to figure myself out. how did you realize you were trans without wanting to get a sex reassignment surgery? idk if im trans or enby because i dont really want to get any surgery or anything but sometimes i really wish i was a boy. just without the parts. i thought itd be a good idea to ask someone who actually is trans for some advice. thanks and have a nice day

i mean im the same way i wanna be male but i dont want to necessarily get bottom surgery [even if i did have the money] cause itd be too foreign to me [ive never even see a dick irl] so its like. surgery doesnt make u trans. what u feel in ya brain makes u trans. i only realized i was trans cause i cut my hair really short after having it long for so long n realized i wanna look like and be a guy

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i started dating this girl about 2 months ago because we were hanging out all the time and everyone was telling me that i should ask her out, i did actually like her but it was just a crush honestly. i felt pressured to date her and now i am im kinda feeling sad because shes getting a ton of homophobia and so am i from our christian 'friends' who believe being gay is a sin. she likes me and i want to break up with her but i dont want to hurt her but i know theres no other way, but idk what to do

So you want to break up just bc your friends don’t like it? Don’t do this, your sexuality won’t change after you break up and you both will just fight against homophobia on your own! Its better to fight for it together, and does it really matter what do other people think when you do the thing you like? That can think whatever you want, but you do need to follow their rules. Just don’t care about what they say :)

kicking you out

for the anon who asked for a groupchat celebrity au with twitter. ik this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but i will do a proper celebrity au one day. probably. dedicated to my wife @jiilys bc she deserves all this and more

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thanks for tuning in last night! check us out next week when we’ll be discussing whether sand dollars should be a viable form of currency

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: james no one cares about ur stupid fuckign radio show

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: ur the co-host

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i dont see how thats a relevant piece of information

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) tweeted: @jimsradio why do you have pine trees listed as your topic for next week

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: why not

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: theyr an important part of our capitalist, consumer-driven society

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: is this just because you couldn’t come up with a better topic

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: r u insinuating that i had no ideas and decided on pine trees bc there happens to be one outside peters bedroom window

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: fair

James Potter to radioheads: how about we have remus as our special guest next week

Sirius Black: i have legitimately never heard of a worse idea

Remus Lupin: good luck driving yourself to the lido next week then dickhead

Sirius Black: i already lost that job

Remus Lupin: why am i not surprised

Sirius Black: jokes on u lupin, ur the one who’s been driving me 40 minutes out of your way every morning for nothing

Remus Lupin: fucker

Remus Lupin to James Potter: we need more advertising

James Potter: ?? we have plenty of advertising

Remus Lupin: we have the same ad for your dad’s hair gel playing every break on a ten minute loop

James Potter: ?? what’s ur point

Peter Pettigrew to james you know i love monty but we need more advertising: guys 2, 141 people listened in last week

Remus Lupin: are you kidding

James Potter: result!!!!

Sirius Black: was that the one where we talked about freaks & geeks conspiracy theories

Remus Lupin: no that was the one where you talked about crunchy chips vs squishies

Remus Lupin: do you even listen to the show

Sirius Black: im the co-host thank you very much

Remus Lupin: could’ve fooled me

Sirius Black has removed Remus Lupin from the chat.

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) tweeted: @petepettigrew i still cant believe u prefer squishies to crunchies

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: what?? theyr more flavoursome

James Potter to Sirius Black: remus has been our special guest for the past five episodes i think we need someone new

Sirius Black: what about pete

James Potter: pete does sound

Sirius Black: then get someone else to do sound

James Potter: u, my friend, are a genius

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we need someone with tech experience to do our sound booth pls and thank

Peter Pettigrew to fifa plays would make a shitty topic: I thought I was sound technician??

James Potter: u can still be sound technician we’re just having u as our special guest

Sirius Black: im not sure i can handle having a special guest who thinks squishies r better than crunchies

James Potter: ??? u were the one who suggested pete in the first place

Sirius Black: i was?? funny that

Peter Pettigrew: i hate u all

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @jimsradio i have two years worth of tech experience and can do friday evenings if ur still looking for a sound technician

James Potter to shitdick central™: holy shit check out the chick who just applied for techie

Peter Pettigrew: who is she

Remus Lupin: lily evans

Remus Lupin: she had her own radio show a couple of years back with this really awful guy

Remus Lupin: it was really popular

Peter Pettigrew: the radio show or the guy

Remus Lupin: ?? the radio show

Remus Lupin: the guy turned out to be a massive racist

Remus Lupin: in her last interview she called him ‘an abusive fuckface’

Sirius Black: i say we hire her

James Potter: seconded

Remus Lupin to James Potter: is the only reason you want to hire her is because you think she’s hot

James Potter: do you really think i’m that shallow

Remus Lupin: yes

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: @liljane you’re hired. i’ll dm you the details

Sirius Black to i’m not shallow remus i just have an appreciation for the finer things in life: i cant believe that you both literally and figuratively slid into her dm’s

James Potter: im blocking u

James Potter to what the fuck is an aardvark anyway: that went rather well if you ask me

Sirius Black: ?? it was a fucking atrocity

Sirius Black: you were staring at her the whole time

James Potter: no i wasn’t

Remus Lupin: you missed five of your queues

James Potter: ok, so maybe i was a little off

Sirius Black: there were more awkward silences than that one time peter tried to pick up rosmerta at the three broomsticks

Peter Pettigrew: you promised you wouldn’t bring that up again!!

Sirius Black: sry pete, desperate times call for desperate measures

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: make sure to check us out at our new time of 7:00pm fridays!!

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you do realise no-one actually watches this show

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: he’s right you know

James Potter (@jimsradio) retweeted: i hate both of u

Lily Evans to James Potter: can u stop making jokes about lamps

James Potter: i don’t know what u filamean

Peter Pettigrew to wes anderson is better than quentin taratino and you know it james: ALMOST 10K PEOPLE LISTENED IN LAST NIGHT

James Potter: HOLY SHIT

Lily Evans: james u owe me $50 and your 1st edition copy of the great gatsby

James Potter: i’d rather die

Lily Evans: then die, jim

Remus Lupin: christ

Sirius Black: u called??

Peter Pettigrew: what even is this group chat

James Potter to Lily Evans: was that u tearing up i saw in the sound booth when i was reading out my piece about foreshadowing in the simpsons

Lily Evans: i was tearing up over how bad it was

Lily Evans: there was something in my eye

Lily Evans: i think it was your complete lack of a writing style

James Potter: stop it

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: petition to kick sirius out of the group chat bc he won’t stop talking about scooby doo conspiracy theories at 3am

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: i can scooby do what i want

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: blocked

James Potter to Sirius Black: WHERE ARE YOU WE’RE ON IN 5

James Potter: sirs

James Potter: where r you

Sirius Black: ran in tp regulus at the cineplex

James Potter: where are you now

Sirius Black: field next to cneplex

James Potter: don’t move

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: sorry that there was no show this week folks!! sirius got mauled by a bear and i had to drive up to toronto to help amputate his right arm

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: @jimsradio who’s going to wank you off now

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: @remuslupout bitch im left-handed

Sirius Black to velma, daphne and fred: i’m sure evans would do it for you james

Lily Evans: you want to lose the other arm black

Peter Pettigrew to cry me a river lupin: maybe we should make our group chats accessible to the public to get more hits

James Potter: i would but no one wants to see screenshots of sirius in a bra

Sirius Black: by no-one do you mean everyone

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 20k hits the other night!! more content coming

Sirius Black to bitches bitchin: GRAHAM NORTON TONIGHT BITCHES

Lily Evans: are you sober

Sirius Black: am i ever sober

Lily Evans: good point

James Potter to sirius stop changing the group chat name while graham is in the middle of asking you questions: i think that went well

Lily Evans: james im leaving you for graham norton

Sirius Black: not if i leave him first

Severus Snape (@halfbloodprince) tweeted: @jimsradio feel like keeping your hands off my co-host you wanker??

James Potter to i haven’t been able to listen to eyes on fire by blue foundation since they played it over bella and ryan’s scene in eyewitness: how are we gonna handle this

James Potter: my vote is firmly rooted in manslaughter

Lily Evans: leave it to me

Lily Evans: but keep manslaughter as a backup

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince i wonder what it’d be like to not be so ridiculously self-involved as to impose yourself where you’re strictly not wanted?

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: @halfbloodprince stay out of my life or you’ll be receiving numerous calls from my lawyer

Lily Evans to manslaughter: yes or no: its sorted

Sirius Black: you don’t even have a lawyer

Lily Evans: he doesn’t know that

James Potter to Lily Evans: whats a rlly interesting and extensive subject we could cover this week

Lily Evans: milk

James Potter: excellent

Lily Evans to tangled is so much better than frozen: im at the studio and i have liquor

Sirius Black: be there in 5

Peter Pettigrew: can u pick me up

Sirius Black: McNo™

Remus Lupin: i regret the day i gave u that keyboard shortcut

Sirius Black: i dont

James Potter to Lily Evans: r u ok

Lily Evans: fine just sistet stuff

James Potter: u sound trashed

Lily Evans: thsts bc i Am

James Potter: where r u

Lily Evans: blcony

Lily Evans: jim

Lily Evans: can u tak e me hpme

Lily Evans: jaems

Lily Evans: i love you

Lily Evans to James Potter: what did i say last night

James Potter: nothing its fine

James Potter: don’t worry about it

Lily Evans: i am worried about it

James Potter: don’t be

James Potter: see you at work

Remus Lupin to James Potter: whats goin on between u two

James Potter: ???

Remus Lupin: you know what i mean

Remus Lupin: you keep looking at her and looking away

Remus Lupin: she keeps forgetting to give you your queues

James Potter: probably distracted by that hickey on your neck

Remus Lupin: i TOLD you i FELL OVER

Lily Evans (@liljane) tweeted: thank you guys so much for 100k! i’ve made @jimsradio promise to change his username if we make it to 1mil in the next two months

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: he should change it to @wanker

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: i checked its already taken by @halfbloodprince

Sirius Black to james potter and co: can you and evans stop eye-fucking during the sets

James Potter changed the chat name to i dont know what you’re talking about.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to yes u do.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Sirius Black changed the chat name to do too.

James Potter changed the chat name to do not.

Remus Lupin: you guys know she’s getting all of these right

James Potter: shit

Lily Evans to James Potter: u have something u want to tell me

James Potter: i’d rather do it in person,,,,,if thats ok

Lily Evans: only if we announce our engagement during a set

James Potter: deal

James Potter (@jimsradio) tweeted: we hit 1mil! also @liljane and i are fucking

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: about time

Sirius Black (@blacksheep) retweeted: you don’t say

Remus Lupin (@remuslupout) retweeted: i do say

Peter Pettigrew (@petepettigrew) retweeted: im blocking both of u

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: r u gonna hold up your end of the bargain @jimsradio

James Potter changed his username to @lilandjimsradio.

Lily Evans (@liljane) retweeted: nice

#thanksgivingwithBTS in a nutshell:

jungkook: can someone pass the salt

jimin: idk can u pass ur classes 

jhope: who the fuck made this stuffing its dry af

suga: not as dry as ur love life

rapmon: this sandwich tastes like shit

v: its got more taste than ur kimdaily outfits 

jungkook: why am i at the kids table

jin: why dont u ask ur nonexistent diploma

jungkook: its ok ill ask ur nonexistent lines

jhope: how the fuck did we forget about the pie

v: same way u forgot ur mixtape drop date

jin: didnt i teach any of u some fucking manners

jungkook: i thought we taught u how to fucking dance but

For the new followers or people that dont know yet

First of all, WHO is WHO


So now, both of them are stuck in the void where they interact with you.

Why did all that happen? 💧🏱⚐✋☹☜☼💧!!

But yeah, thats basically whats going on here, is this an AU? idk man, its just an askblog with a lazy mun. Dont question it, enjoy it.

ok but, contrary to popular belief, keith is pobably the boyfriend who brags about lance. 

like lance will definitely go up to strangers while they’re together and be like “do you see my amazing bf?? do you??” Keith is just rolling his eyes and trying so hard not to smile its pathetic tbh (im almost positive someone’s already made a post like this so imma stop the lance train there)

but its more like he gushes in secret

like could you imagine that poor boy absolutely gushing abt lance to shiro or allura (no one can take their possible friendship way from me)

“i mean come on, did you not see the way his hair looked today? do you think he knows how cute he is? i mean he talks a big game but does he really know?”

“idk keith why dont you ask him, he is your boyfriend, you know”

“what? no. he cant know how much i like him. that means hes won. he’ll hold it over my head forever.”

but lance already knows how much keith really loves him but being the better boyfriend that he is, he pretends not to know until keith finally tells him (probably like their wedding day or something bc they’re too stupid smh)

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what career/vocation would each of the starks have in a modern au

Ned Stark - Honestly he’d probably inherit whatever his family business is, like he’d inherit over Brandon bc Brandon’s a lazy piece of shit. They’d probably own like. A sports goods company IDK. Ned would be CEO or CFO or sth.

Catelyn Stark - I sort of see her in pretty traditional female roles, like a housewife/soccer mom type of deal. She would def be the PTA president tho, much to the chagrin of Cersei, who never wins bc she’s mean to the moms.

Robb Stark - If he didn’t inherit the company he would totally make for a great lawyer or a politician imo. He’s got the charisma for it and would probably end up being the youngest mayor or governor or senator or whatever to be elected.

Jon Snow - ART SCHOOL. ART SCHOOL ART SCHOOL. I’m sorry but Jon is the art school hoe who never graduates and keeps odd jobs and smokes cigarettes for the aesthetic. He’s avant-garde and emo and the ladies love him for it.

Sansa Stark - I can see her in a legal career or maybe as a writer, something where she’s her own boss and just loves what she does.

Arya Stark - ROCK N ROLL BAND. I don’t know why, she just IS.

Bran Stark - Probably train to take over Ned’s business. 

Rickon Stark - A pro athlete. Why? I don’t know.

Daryl x Reader - Happiness (Request)


Daryl x Reader // Uncle Rick x niece Reader

Requested by @chihuotheartist​ :  Hello! okay im gonna ask you in english so everyone can understand xD, the request is a darylxreader, where the girl has a strong daughter-father relationship with rick who is really unsure to leave the reader completly alone with daryl ,maybe it could take place in the farm or in the prison ?idk you choose if you dont understnd something just text me

Hope you like it boo ♥

Reader is 21 years old

(Set on season 3)


You loved it

The wind through you hair, the sun kissing you face and the closeness with Daryl

You love all of it and that’s why every time you go out scavenge, you always choose to ride with Daryl.

Same thought and same reasons for the man in front of you.

For Daryl, riding a bike means freedom but since the two of you grow close to each other, every time you choose to ride with him makes him happy.

He loves feeling you hug him from behind, and loves seeing your face through the mirror.

The way you smile and the way your (Y/e/c) eyes shine warm up his heart.

Everybody except you could see that there are strong feelings between the two of you…included Rick.

Rick was your uncle, and since your parents died in a car crash he was like a father for you, he took you in, and took care of you since before the apocalypse.

He’s very protective toward you and seeing you grow really close to the redneck make him uncomfortable; he knows that Daryl is a good man but he’s twice your age and that bother him.

However he doesn’t have the courage to say anything because he has never see you as happy as you are with Daryl, and seeing you happy, makes him happy.

Arriving at the prison, Daryl stops the bike just the time for Maggie to open the gate.

Once inside you get off the bike and stand beside Daryl: “So… do you wanna hang out with me?”

Before he could give you an answer, Rick get off the car and answer for him: “Daryl has the guard duty today, why don’t you help me unload our loot?”

You look at Daryl with a sad look: “I’m sorry, I’ll join you once I finish this”
“It’s fine, I won’t go anywhere” he answered smiling.


The sun almost set when you find yourself climbing the tower’s ladder, Rick wanted you to make the inventory of all supplies

“I’ve the impression that uncle Rick did it on purpose”

Once you finally arrived on the top of the tower You see Daryl’s back, he was so focused on his task that he didn’t sense your presence, so you walk silently toward him and covered his eyes with your hands: “Guess who?”

“ah ah very funny (Y/n)”

“ But I’m not (Y/n) I’m the ghost of the squirrel that you killed the other day, give me back the hazelnuts you stole”

Laughing he shove your hands away: “You little smartass”  and he start to tickling you.

Both of you laughed loudly when suddenly, while you try to free yourself from Daryl’s grasp, you both fall on the ground, you on top of Daryl.

At that point your laughs stopped, and both of you stare each other, however it’s a different look.

“Daryl…” You whisper while he lift his hands and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

The two of you stay like that for minutes until Daryl got up, helping you.

“Thanks” you say keeping your hand into his.

“I can’t take it anymore” Daryl said before crushing his lips into yours.

You responded immediately at his kiss; it was an slow and passionate kiss, full of love and care.

All of sudden the door slam open: “Daryl have you seen my…niece” Rick stare at the both of us, he was shocked, he didn’t know what to do.

“Uncle Rick I…”

“Don’t say anything (Y/n) let me talk. I notice how you two got close in the last month and I didn’t like it” Rick says looking at you.

You feel ashamed, you didn’t want disappoint him, he was like a father for you and you wanted him to be proud of you.

“He’s too old for you, however, we’re in the middle of Apocalypse so, if the age gap isn’t a problem for you two, why should I care? With this I don’t mean I’m completely fine with that, I need time to elaborate but…what’s important to me is your happiness (Y/n) and if he makes you happy, I’ll try to be happy for you two”
You run toward Rick and hug him tightly: “Thank you uncle Rick, I love you”

“I love you too sweetpea…now go to eat something, you need it”

You smile at Rick and walk toward the door, but before leave the tower, you turn back and look at Daryl smiling at him.

A little smile appears on Daryl’s face.

Rick walk closer to him and whispers: “Daryl…you’re my brother, you know that but if you hurt her, I’ll make you pay for it”.

Daryl put his hands on Rick’s shoulder “Don’t worry, her happiness is my purpose”.

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i have a serious question about transphobia as it permits to my sexuality:

i’ve come to identify as a lesbian, right? ok. ok. am i problematic or transphobic if i’m penis repulsed, when it comes to transwomen who don’t want or cannot have bottom surgery? like, what i mean is i would never have a problem being with a trans woman, but when it comes to that part of things idk! i don’t know how to word this right. i hope that my point is getting across as inoffensively and genuinely curiously as possible, i just don’t know tbh! i’m always too afraid to ask but i dont know if i’m being scummy for feeling that way…

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During their wedding prep Lefou & Stanley feel so alone because they're getting dressed up in two different rooms and they're so used to being crammed inside their one tiny bathroom to prep for this kind of stuff that it feels almost wrong to be doing it alone and they don't like it

Of course Belle is well aware of this so she has Mrs. Potts (who was initially in charge of making them look nice) relay all their soppy messages to each other while she bounces between their rooms. Getting ready alone was all worth it in end because when they finally get to see each other at the ceremony literally no one is safe from the tears. Lefou and Stanley are both trying to save face so they (somehow) manages to keep the tears to mere sniffles whilst Adam and Lumiere are both sobbing. Like clutching at each other full on crocodile tears. (and of course both of them are trying to take credit for the amazing ceremony) Everyone else manages to rein in the tears somewhat though

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alright this is gonna sound weird...but you have such a wonderful ability to make little details that are typically classified as "ugly"(teeth gap, hetero eyes, etc) really enviable and help those who have those features really love and appreciate them through your characters. and idk this is weird but i have a butt chin (cleft chin is ya gonna be scientific) and i really cant find it in myself to love it. is there anyway you could help with your magical sim powers?? lots of love

omfg u angel!!!!!!!!! ;-; wowie idk wat 2 say!!!!!!!! i will say tht i def dont think any of things should evr be classified as ‘ugly’!!! wtf!!!!!!!! omfg but…… gonna make u a sim w ur glorious beautiful perf chin ok ilysm xoxo


anon asked me some time ago could i do all the tfp autobots as humans in a separate post SO here you go! Now idk the way i drew em just bare with it, i just needed to get the picture. I only counted those who were alive and autobots by the end of Predacons Rising.

protips if ur in med school

- dont cry; if u do save them and drink it bc ur gonna need water and to stay hydrated
- get out and exercise. (to show ppl ur actually doing smth w ur life)
- dont paint the textbook w highlighter ink
- color code ur notes. like jesus they saved me
- eat. simple.
- actually attend lectures. and ask qs bc it means u actually understand shit
- dont go on tumblr when ur in lectures too.
- when dissecting smth keep in mind that the corpse will sometimes make noises like low growning noises bc of the small intestines ripping bc the body bloats w gas during decomposition
- go to libraries to study in if u rly wanna concentrate.
- dont drink too much caffeine
- stay alive and good luckkk

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What do you think of "Who´s it gonna be?" by Boys generally Asian? :D

uhh not to be a spoilsport but i really dont like them lmao, for me,, its just really annoying ?? sndakfjda look i dont have anybody making a kpop parody or whatever theyre doing, making fun of kpop fans nd kboos and the kpop culture that surrounds all of this i have nothing against that tbh bdisak i think its a good thing evn to make some people realize what theyre doing lmao but the disrespect (idk i dont think is disrespect i just cant find the right word rn hah) towards the idols is what kinda bothers me idk, the mv got like 5 million views in 3 days ? see there are trainees that work thier asses off for YEARS to debut and then flop with 78k views on the mv and disband after 2 songsbc its not making enough money for the company and all of this u know nd there we have these 5 yt fame guys that jokingly start a “kpop group” nd they suddenly have a huge fan base nd shit ? alright. i also feel like they were making fun of idols leaving the group which reminded me of tao kris nd luhan but i dont want to get into that jnsfkjnfdsda its rlly not that deep ik that myself its just bothering me

i honestly have nothing against people that think BgA is funny and enjoy watching their videos ( i like nigahiga myself, he usually makes good videos im just not here for BgA lmao) but i just think,,, its really ,,unfunny and annoying ?? 

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Idk who else to ask, but I've seen clips and pics of Lauren performing in this outfit but I'm not sure when or where it's from or a link to any full performance, but it was when she had like white jeans and a black and white tank top do you happen to have any idea or does anybody ?

I feel like I know what you’re talking about but I dont really have an answer tbh. If any of my followers do, please drop an ask or reply to this post.

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sorry this might be a bit. deep? but idk who to talk to about this. i understand the importance of loving your neighbour as yourself. but what if i don't love myself? i dont know how to do that, and so i don't know how i should be loving my neighbour?

”One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”
“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
~Mark 12:28-31

I understand what you mean. I’ve been there. There are days I still struggle with self love. And the journey to self love is long and hard. As I’ve talked about before, there are days I can’t help but despise myself. I often thought of this questions in the past and here’s what I decided:

Those verses are telling us to treat others with basic decency. They’re telling us to show our love for others through our deeds. To treat others the way we would want to be treated. The people who were asking Jesus questions earlier in this chapter were trying to catch Him off guard. They wanted to prove that he was imperfect and not the Son of God. They were self-righteous and wanted to prove themselves greater than Jesus. Jesus telling them to love others as themselves meant putting others before themselves. It meant humbling themselves. 
So how do you love your neighbor if you don’t love yourself? Find someone or something that you love the most. How do you treat that person/thing? With gentleness, respect and honor? That is how you should treat your neighbor. If you see your neighbor struggling, do what you can to ease their burden. If you see injustice, stand against it. Serve those around you. Give compliments and mean them. When you see someone, think what Jesus would do. Don’t allow others to abuse and use you, but don’t be afraid to go out of your way to make someone smile. If that means taking a couple extra minutes to truly listen to someone who just needs an ear or helping someone carry something to their car. Think of something that someone has done for you that made you feel extremely happy, cared for, and taken care of.

As for not knowing how to love yourself, look at God’s love for you as an example. Think of the things that He has done for you out of love. God loves you so much that He allowed His son to bear unbelievable pain and embarrassment just to show you how much you matter, how much He loves you, and how much He wants to know you. One of the biggest parts of my healing process has been to take the lies of the world and the lies I’ve told myself and compare them with God’s word. I ask myself why I hate myself.

One of the most popular is “Because I’m insignificant, unimportant, and I always mess up.” Well, in Psalm 139:13-18, David tells me exactly what God thinks of me. And He thinks the same thing about you. God loved you, thought of you, wanted you before you were born. Before anyone else even knew you or knew you would exist.

For you created my inmost being;
   you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise youbecause I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful,
   I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
   when I was made in the secret place,
   when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
   all the days ordained for me were written in your book
   before one of them came to be.
How precious to me are your thoughts, God!
   How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them,
   they would outnumber the grains of sand
   when I awake, I am still with you. 

Another popular thought I have is “I’m worthless. Imperfect. Stupid.” In Psalm 84, the Psalmist speaks of how he wishes to dwell in the house of the Lord. 

“How lovely is your dwelling place,
   Lord Almighty!”

We’re told in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that WE are God’s temple and that He dwells within US.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

Therefore “How lovely is your dwelling place” applies to me and you as well. We are lovely. God could dwell anywhere. He could choose any palace or temple, but he chose US because to Him, we are lovely, wonderful, and oh, so worthy.

Those are just a couple examples. I could give you many, many more. But I hope that is a good start. And I hope that answered your question. I’m sorry for such a long response, but this one hit close to home and I feel I needed the reminder myself. 

anonymous asked:

Ugh, im sorry if this like brings you down, but i have to just tell someone. Rn it kind of just bums me out that im starting to distance myself from bts and kpop in general. I want to keep liking them, but everything i see lately is either from channel+ (i dont have it, bc if you live like me, every penny counts) or just another controversy. Im planning to fade from the scene in general, but it still makes me really sad. But b4 i go, i want to say congrats on finishing your fic, sue!😌

aw man that rly sucks, but i can strongly relate. i love kpop, and i haven’t failed to keep myself updated, but sometimes the money it takes to participate (concerts, dvds, shows, etc) can be a bit disheartening. i went through and unfollowed practically everyone on tumblr to distance myself from the drama tho, and that has helped me significantly to stay in touch with what i really love about bts and kpop. so while i haven’t faded from it at all, i would recommend avoiding the controversy as much as possible so you dont get worked up over little nothings that dont matter !! and on the money side of it, i just see it as like, there are so many alternatives that kind ppl provide for others who arent as fortunate, so please don’t get too sad ?? whole concerts are uploaded to youtube, ppl post their shows/dvds on other platforms (oops that’s illegal but lets just keep that between us) and pics from the photo books are posted as well. i think the community is great as long as you keep yourself to the side of it that doesn’t get too involved with the drama you dont want. (and thank you, it’ll be posted in around 11 hours hehe)