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What about Captain Swan made the ship important to you?

damn okay well thats a big question

I think the answer to that is very layered just because of how nuanced captain swan is but I think the big thing is that they just express so much hope? Like emma and killian were so beaten down and cast away for years and years, they lived unloved and unwanted and then they found a home in each other, they found someone who truly loves them for who they are, faults and all. And I think thats a really beautiful thing to witness, we see them both learning to let go of their past and move on to the future because of each other. We see Killian become who he truly is (a hero) and we see Emma become who she truly is (a strong woman who is capable of so much love and vulnerability) and they became that because of each other and its just…….. idk its a really hopeful story to me it shows that the past doesnt define you and that no matter how knocked down you can be you theres always going to be something good at the end of the road

im really not the best with words so that probably doesnt make any sense but basically captain swan is a lot of things to me but mostly hope I guess?

Lipstick Magick

Wine red/Maroon/Crimson: Powerful words, strength, queen/king-like beauty and power, cursing. Wear when you want to put a bite into your words.

Poppy Red/Scarlet/Bright Reds: Love, playfulness, draw attention, courage. Enchant these colors for when you have to give a presentation, or for love spells.

Rose Pink/Lighter Shades: Friendship, Love, peace. Enchant for maybe going out with friends, setting a dispute, etc.

Peach: (My personal favorite) Use this color in beauty and confidence spells, or anything requiring some bravery and/or emotional strength.

Purples/Violet/You get the Idea: Love, astral realm, psychic abilities, intelligence. Ladies- if you are like me and deal with men who frequently claim you are less intelligent because you are a woman, enchant a purple color.

Reddish-Brown: deceit. Idk how or why you would use this but its a common color so.

Black: protection, the otherworld, litterally anything you want really.

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

Solangelo headcanon: Nico knows about the whole ‘taking your partner to meet the parents’ tradition, so when he and Will have been dating for awhile, he decided to take Will to meet Sally Jackson cause she’s the closest thing he’s got to a good parent

Percy (whos staying with his mom during this time) is lowkey baffled that Nico is introducing his boyfriend to a woman he has no familial relation to, but Sally is overjoyed beyond belief and gives Will 'her blessing’ (though he never needed it, and Sally agrees) and she treats them to a blue breakfast as Sally comments on how healthy Nico looks

Idk where I was going with this but Sally Jackson is the best mom to all


this week was so nice!!! lectures will end in two weeks and I’m a little sad and also a little glad :DDD I’m gonna miss some of my teachers :’) I’m so tired of studying but I need to keep going :)) I’m really looking forward to the holidays because my dog is going to live in my apartment for a week while my family is on vacation and it’s gonna be so nice

Star Wars Ships

JediStormPilot, more like best OT3 ever

Kylux, more like angsty emo puppy and his ginger handler

HanLeia, more like strong-independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man-but-gets-the-sexy-one-anyway

SkySolo, more like gays in space

StormPilot, more like gays in space 2nd generation

FinnRey, more like precious cinnamon rolls in love

AniDala, more like #goals

ObiKin, more like pain

Ok so I’m kind of getting sick of the trope where the woman/smaller man is delicate and needs constant protection/comfort from the man/bigger man. Not only is it a bit sexist but it’s also rather boring. I propose we instead replace it with partners who are hella in love with each other and worry as people do but also very confident in the other’s ability to take care of themselves.

“Please take the gun away from my love’s head! They’re knowledgeable in 23 forms of martial arts and it’s easier to take you away in handcuffs than an ambulance.”

“You’re going out into this incredibly dangerous situation? Oh man, I’m so scared and I’m going to be thinking of you the whole time but I know this is something you need to do. Kick ass and please come home to me.”

“You’re upset with me for being over-protective? I’m sorry if I came on too strong. You mean the world to me and I’d do anything to keep you safe but damn if I know you don’t need me to keep you safe. I’ll try and be less of an ass if you stop jumping out of airplanes without a parachute.”

choice feminism is dangerous because it repackages complacency under patriarchy (and other institutional power structures) as empowering. like the 35 year-old woman who shares Girl Power memes on facebook but “doesn’t like to get political” about shit like the refugee crisis or the rise of white nationalism in Western countries is still a “good feminist” under choice feminism. it’s an ideology that allows the privileged to disregard their social capital in favor of feel-good platitudes, and it repackages the idea of empowerment to mean the same thing as “safely remaining uncritical of my actions and the ways of the world”


s h a r o n   c a r t e r
⤥  a pop mini mix - listen  ⤦
 Little Mix - Salute ◊ Fifth Harmony - Worth It ◊ Jessie J - Who’s Laughing Now ◊ Spice Girls - Wannabe ◊ Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sandé - Wonder   Lion Babe - Wonder Woman  Ellie Goulding - Army   Destiny’s Child - Survivor   Sara Bareilles - Brave  Sia - The Greatest 

Rowaelin in the middle of the night
  • Aelin: So many woman EXACTLY have you dated? What were they like? Are any still alive?
  • Rowan: Go to sleep, Aelin.
  • Aelin: so do you keep a list or..?
  • Rowan: Who the hell would keep a list of all the people they've dated?
  • Aelin: *hides list behind back* no one. No one at all.
  • Rowan: Okay, now can we go to sleep?
  • Aelin: ...but how many?
  • Rowan: *gets out of the bed and walks away murmuring if it was illegal to kill a queen*

Yoonmin fic idea:
(This may be long idk I’ve had the idea for a very long time)

Alright, so, it start off with a 6 (?) Year old Jimin and his mother. It’s in very old times and magic is a thing and Jimin live in a small village and his family is very poor bc his father left. His mother is telling him a story of a man who was very arrogant and stuff. The man and his friends were walking one day when they come across an old woman who claims she is a witch and will grant them a wish each if they do her a favor. The man doesn’t believe her and makes it know that he doesn’t. He mocks her and calls her crazy. She tells him to ask for something and he, thinking this is all a hoax, wished for youth and immortality. The woman said he would regret it and left. He thought it was hilarious but his friends did not think likewise. As the years passed he realized that the woman was actually a witch because while his friends grew old he stayed the same. He watched the people he loved die before his eyes while he stayed the same. He tried countless times to kill himself but it never worked. Finally he decided he needed to find the witch. He searched everywhere and though he was never able to find her he did find her little cottage. There was a letter on a dust covered table. He went to it and read that it was addressed to “the one that doubted.” He figured it was for him and after he read it he found out it was for him. The letter basically said that she was going to be burned to death bc they found out she was a witch and that she heard he was looking for her. She said the only way to break the curse was for him to find the boy of the same blood as her, fall in love, watch him die, then find him again. He didn’t understand. He never left the cottage. He had no where else to go. His hair turned white and so did his skin. He never went out and the small village that was near his cottage lived in fear of him, thinking he was a witch too. Basically, the story is to tell Jimin to never travel on the road that goes through the woods bc that’s where he lives.

Skip a few years to where Jimin is like 21. His mother tells him to take something to his grandmother who live in the village over. He decides to take the road through the woods bc it would cut his trip down by a day. So he does and he ends up seeing a shadow and then tripping and hurting his knee really bad or something like that and a person wearing a very dark purple (or whatever color you want) cloak comes out from behind the trees and goes to help him. Jimin is scared out of his mind but the person helps him. He asks if he can take him back to his cottage so he can properly wrap his knee up and Jimin is vaguely reminded of the old fable his mother would tell him before bed and the thought that this might be the man crossed his mind but he quickly dismisses it and tells himself that its just a stupid story parents tell their children to keep them away from the woods and decides to go with the man. When they get to his cottage Jimin sits down and the man takes his cloak off. Jimin sees the palest man and the whitest hair he’s ever seen. He quickly realizes that the stories were real. He panicks and the man turns around and smiles he says something along the lines of, “I never get any visitors. It’s actually kinda nice to see you. Sometimes i feel like I’m going crazy. It’s probably not healthy to live 200 years I’m solitude.” Jimin has internal conflict on whether or not he should stay or run as fast as He can. It ends with him staying out of curiosity. He stays the night and heads to his grandmothers when the morning comes. When he leaves the man, Yoongi, asks if Jimin could possibly visit again sometime and Jimin agrees that he will try to visit about once a week.

A few months later and Jimin is visiting Yoongi once a day, sometimes staying the night. They fall in love. Jimin knows it’s wrong. His village had a law against being with your own gender, a law that is punishable by death. But as he slips into their love one night he can’t seem to care because something wrong wouldn’t feel like this. It wouldn’t feel like his skin was on fire every time Yoongi touched his lips to it. It wouldn’t feel like his heart was beating too fast for him to keep up every time his and Yoongi’s skin met. The next morning he wakes up in Yoongi’s arms and looks up at the older man. He was ok with dying for this man.

One day Yoongi decides to go to the village. He needed to see Jimin but he had no way to get to him. So he grabbed his cloak and went. He found Jimin in the market place. He was holding a few of Yoongi’s favorite fruits. He smiled to himself and walked up to the boy and placed a hand in the small of his back. Jimin turned and saw Yoongi. He smiled and something happens to where Yoongi’s hood ends up calling off. People around them see the man and they automatically know who he is. There’s no one else he could be. They see his hand placed on Jimin back and the look on his eyes. They knew what was happening just by that, but they knew Jimin mother. They knew that their family had it ruff so let letting alone and went to talk to his mother.

His mother was furious. She knew he hadn’t been home many days out of the week but he always told her he was going to grandmothers or he was with his friends. When he came back home the next day she confronted him. She asked where he had been and she knew he was lying. She asked again and again until he finally told her. She forbade him from going out to the cottage again. Told him that no son of her’s was going to lie with another man especially one like him. Jimin cried and pleaded for just one more night. Just to say goodbye and then he would never see him again. She did not let him.

The next night Jimin snuck out. He had his friend, Taehyung, send word to Yoongi to meet him close to the entrance of the woods and the older man did so. Jimin ran as fast as He could to the woods but what he didn’t know was that there were a few men of the village the decided that if they saw Jimin leave his house to go to the woods they would kill him bc of the law. Jimin was so close to the woods that he could see Yoongi standing there. He saw Yoongi’s beautiful smile and stopped running. He was walking to him when Jimin felt a sharp pain in his lower back. He saw Yoongi’s smile leave and the older man started running to him. Jimin was still trying to get to him but as another arrow was shot his legs failed him. Yoongi was there just in time to catch him. Jimin raised a hand up to his face and his last words words were, “please Yoongi, don’t stay in that old cottage and lock yourself away for hundreds of years again. You have an extraordinary curse. Please. See the world I wasn’t able too. I love you Yoongi.”

He held Jimin in his arms and as the sun rose Jimin died.

He was seated just outside of the woods. Holding his dead lover in his arms. Unable to control his emotions Yoongi screamed out in agony. The pain hurt him so much he couldn’t bare it. For the first time since he had met Jimin he wished that he could just die. The villagers gathered around the two boys and watched as Yoongi prayed to whatever God there was that this was some sick twisted dream.

After what felt like an eternity to yoongi the man got up. He held Jimin in his arms and walked to the villagers. He asked, “Do you know where his mother lives?” They nodded and pointed to one of the smaller houses. He walked Jimin to the house and knocked on the door. An old middle aged woman opened the door. Upon seeing the boy in Yoongi’s arms and crumpled to the ground and Yoongi quickly later Jimin on a bed before his knees gave out too. He apologized. He told her that her son had caused him the most happiness in his life in just a little under a year. He asked her if he could please have something of Jimin’s. She nodded her head and went to Jimin. She took off a necklace the boy was wearing and have it to Yoongi. She said that it had been his father’s and he wore it everyday. He thanked her and left.

He went back to his cottage and looked at the necklace. It has a charm that looked very familiar. He was digging through a wardrobe of old things that belonged to the witch that lived here before him. He found the same charm. Suddenly it all made sense. The boy of the same blood. Fall in love. Watch him die. Find him again.

Jimin was the boy that had to break the curse.

Remembering Jimin last words, Yoongi started packing his things. He would be off the next day. He wasn’t going to stay here and disappoint Jimin. He had to see the world his lover never got to see.

Skip forward hundreds of years to modern times. Yoongi is in New York or something like that and he hasn’t given up hope. He still has dreams of his love. He never goes a day without thinking of him. Then one day, Yoongi goes to a cafe, one that one of his friends, Hoseok, recommended. He walks in and heads a small gasp come from the man at the cash register. He looks up and he’s met with the eyes of Jimin. He looks the same, well, except he now has pink hair, but besides that he looks exactly the same, maybe even more beautiful. They lock eyes and Yoongi knew that Jimin knew who he was. Yoongi makes his way up to the counter and smiles at Jimin. The younger boy asks quietly, “a-are you real? I-I’m not dreaming right? We-we’re not in a village. We are in my work right? You’re name is Yoongi and-and I’m not insane. Right?” Yoongi could see tears in the boys eyes and he just nodded his head and said, “Jimin, I’ve waited so, so long to see you again.” Jimin watched as Yoongi suddenly changed before him. The pale man regained color again and his white hair changed to black. “Wh-what just happened?” Yoongi smiled at his confusion, “You broke the curse jiminnie.” Jimin ran around the counter and wrapped his arms around the man’s neck and brought him down into a beautiful kiss.

Jimin and Yoongi loved out the reast of their lives. Yoongi finally aged past 23 and was ecstatic. They were happy and everything was ok.

OH WOW. This is very very long and I apologize but I’ve literally had this idea for months and I can’t make it sound right when I try to write it as a book. I hope you like this. I almost cried while writing it but, you know, I love this. If you want to use the idea you can just please like tell me so I can read it.


why is it always the woman who has to see past the beast in the man? why does she always have to clean his wounds, even after he has damaged her beyond repair? why is it always the man who is worthy of forgiveness for being a monster?
I want to see the beast in the beauty.
the half smile, half snarl. the unapologetic anger. I would like to see the man forgive the monster. to see her, blood and all, and love her anyway.

beauty and the beast by caitlyn siehl

C: There’s this young woman who is a year or two older than me at my job and she’s really nice to me. goes to the back and saves me food, always brags about me to everyone and openly makes jokes about us dating. It’s confusing because inside, I love the attention/validation so much. I like when she says this, even though I’m female. But even if she were male I’d probably feel the same way too. Idk…It just feels good to be seen as anything other than a fuck-up to some people.

okay no. nononononononono. this needs to be addressed. i’m rewatching this movie right now and at first i just noticed that there weren’t a whole lot of guests at bob and helen’s wedding. then it cut back to them again and all but maybe 7 of them are superheroes. in their superhero outfits. the rest of them are just kinda chillin in the background and don’t seem to be questioning why there are so many supers at this wedding of two apparent civilians. frozone went out of his way to make sure bob had his mask off but what’s the point if 99% of your guests are in fucking red and blue spandex?? and the 2 non-super non-regular-civilians are the woman who designs and engineers said spandex and the guy who deals with the supers’ lawsuits and shit (ok this was before the lawsuits but idk what he was doing back then). yeah sure lucius (lucious?) bob and helen all have their masks off because they would be a dead giveaway and also don’t go well with their wedding garb but i feel like the pastor or the 5 guests who are just regular people are gonna maybe be tipped off by the fact that all the couple’s friends can shoot lasers outta their asses okay i appreciate this as a visual gag but jesus cape-tangling christ who among them really genuinely believed this was a totally cool thing to do

can we do a thing where sapphic women in f/f relationships reblog this and gush about their gfs or wives and how happy they are together? maybe so that other wlw who are feeling scared and alone right now due to the execution of yet another Bury The Gays trope in media know that happiness as a sapphic woman is very real and attainable, and that our relationships are more than the tragedies depicted on screen

okay but like there’s this “inside joke” within jewish communities that we always know which celebrities are jewish, but the truth of the matter is that very few jewish celebrities are outwardly jewish. at all. and growing up there were like two exceptions: adam sandler and jerry seinfeld and honestly as a young (queer) girl that wasn’t very helpful to me. that’s why rachel bloom (co-creator, song writer, and star of crazy ex-girlfriend) is so important to me. because here is a woman who is just jewish. she puts it in her tv show and on her instagram and mentions it in interviews. and yeah, it’s always with a hint of humor, but also love and it fills my heart with so much joy. i wish i’d had that growing up. because i’m only now beginning to realize that being jewish isn’t something that makes me weird or something i need to be ashamed of or the punchline of a joke.

i love rachel bloom for what she’s done for me and i will shout her praises for ever.

when the first young Greg episode came out, everyone was so happy about Rose being graceful and dainty while being fat and not to downplay the importance of fat femmes who need that but…. as a fat person myself (and being bisexual idk if it’s okay to describe myself as being butch/futch but that’s a very good description of me as a gnc woman)… i didn’t really care?

i’m very used to scrappy thin characters being portrayed as “hot” and “bad ass” and overall being very well-liked– for example, if Amethyst was a thin girl, people would see her as being like sort of a female Junkrat of sorts and she’d probably be treated a lot better by the narrative– hell, before bad Pearl was canon, everyone was drawing her as essentially doing stuff Amethyst was already doing

a lot of people decry Amethyst as being bad fat representation because she’s scrappy– don’t get me wrong, i don’t think the writers intended her to be good representation (she has a lot of fat jokes thrown her way in s1, she’s always ignored and they always joke about her eating :/)– i just feel like i resonate more with Amethyst than i ever will with Rose

there’s a LOT of expectations when you’re fat, particularly as a fat wlw (and especially if you’re trans) to be hyper-feminine because otherwise, you’re completely ostracized from society because to everyone else, being fat + LGBT = Not A Woman or at the very least, Not A Good Woman– so seeing Rose brings up these kinds of feelings, she’s every kitschy 50s pin-up style dress i had to wear because that’s all they give you when you’re plus sized, she’s all the money i wasted on makeup to seem presentable despite my horrible fat

so to have a character that i resonated with (Amethyst) because she’s gnc, fat and has a lot of personality, be thrown to the canon wayside for hyper-feminine Rose and Pearl… and fanon bad Pearl steal from Amethysts traits to be more fun? like, am i not supposed to feel bad about that?

all it does is reinforce that i have to be either hyper-feminine or thin to be cared about and i’m sure a bunch of other people feel the same way


MOVIE SUGGESTION: A la folie pas du tout

This movie is great and it stars Audrey Taotou so you know it’s gonna be good! This movie is about a woman, Angelique, who has an unhealthy obsession with her neighbor Dr. Le Garrec. It’s hard to explain this movie without giving too much away lol. It’s a great movie and I found it pretty easy to understand(there’s English subtitles)!

Link to the movie: