idk who the other guy is oops

First of all i use this pic for everything ok
I would prefer talking to girls because guys tend to be weird idk ;_;
A little bit about me I’m a very relaxed guy who’s very easy to talk to according to many people I’ve met on tumblr so that’s good right? I’m very emotional so like a friend to rant to would be nice, we could rant to each other :’)). I’m looking for someone who i can hopefully become best friends with and maybe even meet each other someday?
I won’t give too many of my interests out because i feel like it would suck the life out of a starting conversation sorryyy
I usually like having deep late night conversations about life and whatnot so i need someone who’s good at starting those 😭, I love writing music but i stopped bc reasons ;-; LEMME SAY NOW I’M A HUGE FLIRT AND FALL IN LOVE SO EASILY I SWEAR I’M A PAIN TO MYSELF
As of now I’m writing this realizing this bio is all over the place much like my mind and is probably too long I’m sorry
But if you wanna talk follow me on these things 👇👇👇👇
Tumblr: ishouldbe-asleep
Kik: whycantichoose
Snapchat: itsa_me3
Instagram: itsadrannn (PLEASE FOLLOW I’LL LOVE YOU LOTS)
I should also mention I’m 17 and from California can’t wait to talk 😊😊

Ok here's my god damn response to the dress thing

First of all: there are two pictures, one that’s actually white and gold and one that’s the original.

Secondly (and yes I looked into it-here’s the science) if you see white and gold it means your eyes are less sensitive to light/you probably looked directly into the sun a lot when you were a kid. And if you see black and blue it’s means your eyes are more sensitive to light and are less colorblind or something.

For me, this dress looks gold and blue(????).
Like I could see black if I darkened my screen but how are some of you seeing white??? honestly what.
AND if you turn your laptop/phone brightness up or down the colors look differently so chill.

But in conclusion, the dress is ugly af anyways and who actually cares what color it is and are we really advancing in this direction with memes?? Are we really?? tbh sometimes I’m a meme loving fuck and other times I just want to log off and smack a few people idk

Ok goodnight guys

Preference #2: What they like about you.

A/N Missi had to help me on this one over skype and it must be really bad, sorry guys!

Requested: Yeah!

Word count: 194

Michael would be obsessed with your lips bc all he would want to do is kiss them 24/7 like he would be watching TV one second then vigorously making out with you the next.

Calum would be your laugh bc he’s just so carefree and happy, so he would love someone to just laugh along with him, and be smiley with him.

Ashton would be your awkward shyness, like you cover your mouth with your hand when your laughing and he would think its absolutely adorable, but like if you had dimples like him he would just like to make you smile just so he can see them and how they dent your cheeks and you guys would have a contest to see who could make each other smile just to see their dimples- ok I’ve went off track oops..

Ok with Luke It would definitely be your eyes, and how they light up when you speak about something or someone you love and how they change into a darker/lighter colour depends on what mood your in and he would just be so fascinated by them idk why I think this but I just do.

Requests are open!