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I’m still sad but I’m happy to be alive tonight.

// Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating!  ✧(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑  Wishing you guys all the best as we move onto the year of the Rooster! ♡  - Admin Dissu

this has been a long time coming  —   so here we go!   i’ve been roleplaying on tumblr for about 5 + years & times have changed but my overall experience has been absolutely wonderful, i want everyone to know that. my time here wouldn’t nearly be as amazing without you all, this community that i’ve seen grow over time & has had the pleasure of being a part of. in fact, it would be very bland without you all!  writing as amaterasu has been an exciting journey & one that i hope i can continue on for years to come. the muse herself has been a light in my life & being able to meet all you amazing people through a character like her?  beyond words. thank you all for being so welcoming & open to a muse like this silly  doggo. 

i’ve made life-long friends through roleplaying & i hope to make many more in the future. no matter whether you are featured on here or not, every one of my followers & mutuals have been a part of this experience so i want to take time to appreciate you all. you are all so creative & talented, & i want you all to know that outside of tumblr, i hope all your endeavours & lives are filled with joy & happiness.

may today of all days bring you light & now as we slowly run-up to spring, i hope your horizons are splashed with colour. 

thank you & i love you all so much ♥

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World Is Mine
  • World Is Mine
  • Mettaton

i can’t believe mettaton is a fucking vocaloid

seriously tho i’m glad undertale utau covers are a thing bc i finally have a use for all those years of aimlessly screwing around in utau. thanks

the original song is by ryo, and i used a vsq by CheezItsAreYummy

a jughead valentine

wtf is this idk,,,but happy valentine’s day <3 @phoenixejean @emmcfrxst @shayara @raypclmer @harringtonmaximoff idk who else to tag but here’s the start of my riverdale obsession……. 

Fake flower petals rubbed between your fingers in the center of the booth at Pop’s. The staff decorated it special for Valentine’s Day. Jughead’s fingertips tapped rapidly against the keys of his laptop, face illuminated by the screen slowly filling with words of a novel.

You ordered for everyone, and eventually five milkshakes arrived at the table. You thanked Pop with a small smile.

“You’re spending your date night on your laptop?” Pop asked the avid typer. He got a soft ‘hmpf’ in reply. You rolled your eyes and nudged his screen. Jughead snapped to attention and thanked Pop before the man turned away.

“Not a date.” He muttered.

“Sort of a date.” You corrected.

“Not a date.”

“Seriously, Juggy, are you going to be authoring all night?” You wiggled your fingers at the back of the laptop, probably unseen by the boy in front of you. Jughead spared a glance at you. His fingers took a long-needed pause and grabbed his milkshake from the center of the table.

“Just until Archie and Betty get here.” He stated.

“And Ronnie.”

“And Veronica.” Jughead nodded. You sat back against the cushioned booth, aware of all the other couples around you that afternoon. Way more than usual. Your boyfriend was paying more attention to his novel, but you barely minded when Archie, Veronica, and Betty shuffled in the restaurant. You assumed your normal positions with Archie and Betty forcing Jughead into the wall and Veronica sliding in next to you.

“So this is how you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day here?” Veronica asked.

“This is how we spend every day here.” Jughead said off-hand. You smiled at Veronica in apology, but she didn’t seem to care about the comment. Veronica sipped at her milkshake and hummed pleasantly.

“Oh!” Betty suddenly turned her attention to her backpack, fiddling with something inside before pulling out two gorgeous roses; one pink and one violet. She handed them across the table to you and Veronica. The both of you smiled brightly.

“These are gorgeous! Jughead, aren’t they gorgeous?” Veronica asked pointedly at your boyfriend, who was still typing away. You groaned and pushed his laptop closed. He shot a glare at you, but his expression softened once you hooked a finger around one of his.

“I know you hate this holiday, but that was before you had me, Juggy. Be a dear?” You pleaded, tapping your thumb against the side of his hand as you waited for a reply. Jughead colored ever so slightly and put his laptop to the side. With his free hand he slid his milkshake over and downed what was easily half of the contents.

“There. I’m being a dear.”

The night passed on quick. Even for a weeknight, the diner was busy as ever up until closing time. You threw your arm around Jughead in a show of drama as the five of you walked out of the restaurant under the street lamps.

“You sure you don’t want a ride home?” Archie asked.

“We’re alright, Arch. See you in the morning!” You waved as the three of your friends drove off for the night, leaving you to walk home with Jughead. Your boyfriend was quiet until their car was out of sight.

“And then there were two.” He tossed his head back and mirrored you by hanging his thumb from the back of your belt loop. “Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything for Valentine’s Day. I know you’re mad at me but–”

“Juggy, I’m not mad!” You grinned, squeezing him tighter to you. “I didn’t like Valentine’s Day either until this year alone. Just because of you do I know I can suffer through this insufferable holiday.” You jested.

Jughead let his head drop forward with a genuine smile. “I still think I should make it up to you. Any ideas?”

“You could always kiss me.” You said airily. Jughead stopped the pair of directly under a street lamp and  pressed his lips to yours. You smiled half way through and rested your hands on his shoulders. A few brilliant moments passed with his soft lips on yours before you pulled away from each other. You both let out tiny laughs and linked your hands together. They swung between the two of you.

“Hey…uh…We could always crash at my place and watch horror movies like we usually do on weekends…” Jughead suggested. You shook your head.

“It’s not the weekend, Juggy. Besides, my parents would kill me if I wasn’t home by ten.”

Jughead frowned, but an idea sprung forward as soon as he did. “But…I’m sure if you found your way into my room after my parents are asleep, we can try to be quiet when the human centipede jumps out at us.” You hinted.

Jughead looked you in the eye then. “Sounds like a date.”

“I’ll see you around eleven?”

“Eleven it is.”

You left Jughead at the end of the sidewalk to your house, watching to make sure you got in safely. And once eleven hit, the tell-tale knock on your window had you sprinting to the other side of your room to let Jughead in. With him he had a small box of chocolate. He offered it to you with a shy smile and you tugged him into another deep kiss.

“Come on, let’s get this horror movie night going.”

Never again would you spend Valentine’s Day alone. Not when you had Jughead Jones with you for the foreseeable future.

The Signs As Mystic Messenger Things

Aries: Jaehees wine.
Taurus: Jumins grape garden.
Gemini: Zens shitty brother.
Cancer: PhD pepper.
Leo: Yoosungs nerdy flip phone.
Virgo: 707s Arabic password test.
Libra: Jaehees CD collection of Zen.
Scorpio: Honey Buddha crisps.
Sagittarius: Yoosungs omelette.
Capricorn: Elizabeth 3rds loose strands of fur.
Aquarius: Jumins gym guy photo.
Pisces: Yoosungs left eye.


This is my first time writing and publishing anything like this. My first drabble. I’m so sorry if its so bad, i just wanted to get this out of my head hhhhhhhhh im sorry if its short hhhhhhhhhhhhh. okay i’m going to post this before i stop myself and deletee this hhhhhhhh.

Noctis x Reader

Finally, after the shock had ebbed away and you were really looking at him, it hit you like a brick wall.

Noctis had been gone for ten years. Ten. And here he was. Breathing, taking the very air from your lungs.

Back then, way, way back then- he was only a prince. A boy of twenty. But time, as cruel as it was, stole ten years away, hid them along with the dawn. But he was back to make things right, to bring back what was taken.

A young boy. Now he sat on your bed, an older man. Ready to reclaim his throne. Reclaim the sun.

Your hand found its way up to palm his cheek. His scruff tickled your worn, aching hands and you sucked in a breath. He was real. This wasn’t a dream.

Your sobs were held in your throat, as if any sound from you would dispel this image. Your eyes devoured every detail of him. You ran your thumb over the edge of his lip.


His voice rang in your ears. He reached up and wiped a tear from your cheek. Your tears were falling too fast and heavy for him to get to them all, but he tried.

“Please, Y/N, don’t cry.”

You shook your head and wrapped your arms around his neck. He smelled of your body wash and shampoo, having showered.You let the boys come back to your place before heading back out on the road. You wouldn’t be going this time, he asked you to stay behind.

His lips found yours and you kissed him back, drinking him in. Your tears continued to flow. You willed yourself to stop crying and kissing. You sniffled away any lingering sadness and focused on Noctis, a small smile forming on your lips.

You wiped the moisture off your cheeks and whispered, “Sorry about that little freak out.”

He shook his head, “Only you would try to brush such a heavy thing off like that.”

His hands were on your hips, his calloused fingers against your soft skin. You ran your fingers through his hair and brushed away the hair from his face, “I don’t want to spoil the time I have left with you with my blubbering. I just want to be with you, Noct.”

He pulled you down for a peck, “You’re here with me, Y/N. I’m here.”

You sat on the bed beside him, draped your legs over his. Your head went into the crook between his neck and shoulders and you began to talk. Silly things, inconsequential. He played with your hands and held them out, examining them. You kissed him and he hummed in the way he used to.

You both tried to postpone sleep.


Les Myths: Bonus Jehanparnasse Moodboard for @just-french-me-up

Lost in Hell, —Persephone, 

Take their head upon your knee;

Say to them, “My dear, my dear, 

It is not so dreadful here.

-Edna St. Vincent Millay


I was tagged by the absolutely stunning @thisdrinksjustsettingin to do this selfie tag~ tysm katie !! 😊❤️️

So it occurred to me the last time I posted a selfie on here I still had mint hair, so, SURPRISEEE !! lmaoo ~ also I couldn’t decide which to use for the tag so have two completely different pictures.

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Day 30: Draw a character you loathe.

“Wait, wait. Lemme get this straight. You lot of flippin’ lunatics think that you know how to raise my son better than I do?”

Everyone paused. This was a strange bunch – a chronic masterbat– perverted college student, a shapeshifting lolita, a trained killing machine, a vengeful bodyguard, a psychotic-witch-turned-bug, a pedo magician, a “coward” with floating hands, a delinquent with serious math skills, and a teacher with the Untuckable Shirt™.

“…I mean, if you set that bar THAT low, then YES. YES, WE DO."