idk who mcr is

One day i’ll be okay, and it’s people like this who give me hope…

They show me that,

No matter how  bad life gets…

Your friends will always be there for you,

No matter what!

anonymous asked:

I had this idea for early morning sex with gerard and you guys are just making out and touching and grinding and it's slow but really intense, just soft whimpers and quiet sighs of "oh fuck, sugar" and it,, fucks me up so bad

Idk who Gerard is (I thinks it’s that mcr dude?) but this sounds sooo good

Omfg Im dying Emo Trinity is fixed (what I mean is that MCR is back but now as MCRx) now we are equal again and all 3 of our bands are making music again yessssssssssssssssss

I’m gonna edit on to this to say that the likely hood of mcr coming back is v v v low. The mcrx (x being 10 in Roman numerals) is most likely something to do with tbp since this year is the 10th anniversary. If they do come back that would be cool but I doubt it tbh. Also ppl have been freaking out saying they deleted the break up tweet but that was deleted by a hacker months ago. ~Jess