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Tied up

Sooooooo this is officially my first fanfic and it’s pretty smutty! Please don’t hesitate to leave me some comments and I want to write some more smutty fanfics :3 Bucky x reader ~3k words Bucky!Dom Mention of being tied up, and choking (consensual and fun) a bit of fluff, swearing and SMUTTTTTT Idk what much to say but thanks to my friends who gave me their reviews (they all said that it made them feel horny xD sooooooo yeah!) Here you go! :) (I posted it with my phone and the app seemed to have fucked up the spaces on the text, I’ll fix that as soon as I go back to my place so I can use my computer, sorry for that guys :( ) ******* After a two-week mission, you and Bucky were pretty tired and it was late in the evening. Bucky was driving you both back to the Avenger tower. Buck already had his hands on your thigh. You let out a soft gasp as he brought his hand up and started to feel you through your panties, after a few seconds, he stopped promptly, leaving you waiting. “You know doll, I won’t be the first to succumb.”. You could hear the asshole smirking, but being competitive, you wouldn’t give in so easily, even though both of your bodies were aching for each other. - Normally, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, you and Bucky were taking pretty much every occasions you had to fuck your brains out, but it was an undercover mission, meaning that you and Bucky couldn’t do anything. - The air around both of you was tense, you liked it but you hated it, the only thing you wanted was him to fuck you. Arriving at the tower, you were welcomed by Steve, who was pretty happy to see you and Bucky. Since Steve was also out on a mission when you left, Bucky and him were apart for almost four weeks now, so they had a lot to talk about. Even though you had a strong desire for Bucky inside you, you pretended you had to go to bed when Steve asked Bucky if he wanted to go out for a drink, knowing that they wanted to spend time alone. Steve gave you a thankful look, it’s not that he didn’t like you, but he needed to see his best friend. Also, it would only be a good excuse for you to tease Bucky while he will be out, you know, you still had a bet with the long haired man. You said goodbye to both of them, then said into Bucky’s ear, “Make sure to look at your phone, I will have a surprise for you.” His eyes were full of lust and frustration, which made you smile an awful lot. Quickly, you changed into Bucky’s favorite laced bra and panties, then put on one of his sleeve shirt, you knew just how it would drive him crazy to see you like that, he would whisper «mine» into your ear before fucking you like a beast. Having a relationship with Bucky was everything you ever dreamed of. He was caring, loving and the person you were the most comfortable with in the world, and he felt the same about you. Also, both of you liked things pretty rough in bed. At first, Bucky was hesitant to go all out with you because he was scared to hurt you, until he discovered that you actually enjoyed it, and he enjoyed it a fuck lot too. You both liked to experiment and got caught multiple times by the others, but it only made things a lot more exciting. ********* Bucky couldn’t really focus on anything that Steve was saying, but he tried his best. The thought of you was haunting him. He felt his phone slightly vibrating. You: If you don’t come back soon I’ll have to take care of myself. Bucky: Don’t you dare. You: Then maybe I should ask Tony, you know he would. You liked to be a bitch with him when it came to bedroom subject, and making him jealous was a really effective way. He knew you would never cheat, but the thought of it still drove him insane. B: I will shut your mouth up with my cock young lady. Y: Bucky, to do so you’d have to be there with me. (You proceeded to send him a revealing picture of yourself. You opened the sleeved shirt, revealing your bra and you sucking on a lollipop) You like this? B: Fuck… I will fuck you so hard you won’t believe it. Y: That is if I wait for you to start… After 30 minutes, Bucky pretended to be really tired, Steve knew what it was all about, and just told his friend, laughing “Go and see her, but please, don’t wake up the whole tower. “ As soon as Bucky arrived, he stormed into your room, and you knew he would. But instead of you on the bed, he found a note. “Living room.” Fucking there was huge turn on for both of you, the fear of getting caught was making you more than wet. Bucky sneaked in the dark room. You gasped when you felt the scruff of his beard in the crook of your neck. He nibbled softly at your skin, when you moaned, he quickly jumped onto the couch, and hovered over you, “What am I going to do to you? You look so fucking beautiful baby girl.” swiftly, you pushed him, making him fell on the couch. Your hand around his neck, you gently squeezed until you could hear him slightly struggle with his breathing. “You’re not going to do shit, James Buchanan Barnes.” you kissed him slowly, biting his lower lips, he let out a soft moan. The kiss deepened as both of you grew hornier. He firmly grabbed your ass, and smacked it, making you whimper. He took the occasion to slid his tongue inside your mouth, exploring the inside. You could hear Steve and Tony in the room just beside you so, you could not just remove all of your clothes, even though it was the only thing both of you wanted to do. Rubbing him through his pants, you felt that he was already hard, he panted slightly and pushed his head back, just waiting for you to touch him. You lowered his sweatpants, and grabbed his hard cock, “Don’t you dare move or make a sound.” you told him. You leaned forward, grabbed the base of his member and started drawing circles with your tongue on the tip. He did his best to remain steady and silent, but you could see his face clenching and hear his breath going faster and faster. Teasing him, you licked up and down his length, you would not give him the satisfaction of putting him all in your mouth yet. With your other hand, you grabbed his balls and started gently playing with them. As you did that, you took him all into your mouth, which made him instantly moan as he felt the warmth and tightness of your mouth and throat. You stopped abruptly and looked at him straight in his lust filled eyes «I said, No. Moans.». You took him back into your mouth, making sure to go as slow as you could. He should’ve listened to you if he didn’t want to be teased. You stocked him ever so slightly, he complained, panting “Please (Y/N)?, please go faster.”. You gave in, stroking him like he wanted, you felt his whole body tensing up. His jaw clenched and he firmly grabbed the arm rest with his cybernetic arm, making an indentation on it. He was close, oh so close. At the same moment you headed footsteps, Tony and Steve were coming into the living room! You quickly grabbed the pillow beside you on the couch, putting it on Bucky’s lap and resting over it. “You look… weird Bucky…” said Steve. “No no, I’m alright, I was just doing a few… sit ups!”, answered Bucky, still panting. “Oh well, good night to the both of you, if you can sleep.” said Tony, winking. They left the room, Bucky replaced himself in his pants and promptly grabbed you in his metal arm. He licked his lips and leaned toward your ear “We’re going to finish this in my room, doll.” As he walked, you straddled your legs around his hips, making sure to rub your wet core onto his massive erection. You were both exploring each other’s mouth and neck. His kisses were passionate and hungry for you. He smashed your back a few times against the walls as he walked, only making you yelp as you felt his dick smashing into you. When your back was against Bucky’s door, he started biting and sucking that sweet spot on your neck, making you moan loudly “Bucky, please, please fuck me” you panted. Taking his free hand, he opened the sleeved shirt slightly more and removed one of your breast from the bra. He looked at you directly onto your eyes, “It’s Sergeant Bucky, young lady.”, he knew it would make you ache for him a whole lot more. “Sergeant Bucky, please, please fuck me.”. He bit his lips and started to slightly suck on the sensitive nipple. He put his hand around your neck, and started to strangle you. Your breath became low and difficult. His upper body was all against you, you could feel his muscles contract as he was taking care of your aching body. He bit down on your nipple, making you gasp with difficulty, you only wanted to feel him inside you. After what seemed to you as an eternity of pleasure and moans, he opened the door and softly lowered you down on his bed. “Wait for me doll, I have something for you.” While he was foraging through his drawer, he removed his shirt and looked at you with a smirk as he saw you bit your lips at the sight of his upper body musculature. “Close your eyes and sit up. Don’t move.” he said. He gently blindfolded you with a soft scarf, and then pushed you back onto the bed. He reached out under your shirt and started touching how wet you were, he let out a moan from his throat. “All that teasing got you pretty wet, but do you deserve to get fucked hard by me?”. Buck removed his sleeved shirt from your body and hovered over you. He approached just enough that you could feel the heat from his body radiate on your skin. His breath against your neck was heavy. He left warm open mouthed kiss on your neck, sucking, biting and tugging on the skin, knowing it would leave plenty of marks. He was slowly making his was down on your body. He stopped by your breast, and took the left one in his mouth as he played with the other with his cold metal hand. He continued his infernal way down on your body, now reaching your belly, his hands still playing with your sensible nipples. You whimpered as he proceeded to bury his face between your leg and lick you through your panties. Bucky’s fingers were reaching over to your sensible clit. You couldn’t resist but to tangle your hands through his hairs. He stopped, leaving you panting. “Doll, you’re not behaving, I’m going to have to be mean.”, he said with a raspy voice. He lifted you in his arms and sat you down on his desk chair. He took one of his belt out and attached your arms behind your back. You could only wait for Bucky to touch you. He softly dragged his metal fingers down your chest, making you shiver. You could feel his hot breath on the skin of your neck, he took his arm up again to your neck and squeezed gently. He kissed you hard and as you bit his bottom lip, he squeezed harder and tilted your head on the side so he could have a better access. He placed his body between your legs and pushed them open. He placed heavy kisses on your skin, devouring your body. You were at this point heavily panting and pleading for him to fuck you. “Baby doll, you’re going to have to be so much more patient.”. He grabbed your hips and brought them forward so he could have a better access to your pussy. “You’re soaked for me.”, he groaned. He started to dig his teeth and rub his scruff on the inside of your tights. He let his wet tongue running up and down on them to discover this sensitive part of your body once again. He was smiling at your reaction. Bucky went back to the place you wanted him more, he pushed your panties to the side and buried his tongue into your wet folds. “You taste so good, mmm” He was licking you slowly, oh so slowly, you swear you could feel him smirk. He would only pass very quickly over your demanding clit, making you buck your hips towards him each time. “Asshole.” you breathed out. You heard him chuckle at your reaction. He teared up your panties with his cybernetic arm and went back to your sensible place flicking his tongue on it and started intensely sucking it, making you moan heavily. He went down and tongue fucked you. He was teasing you so bad you thought he would never let you cum. “What do you want?” he asked you with a raspy voice filled with lust. “Your metal fingers inside me, please Buck!!” He obliged as he teased your entrance with the tip of his finger. He liked to watch your hips move forward each time he would enter you ever so slightly. He took his fingers to your mouth and asked you to lick them. He let out a growl when you did. He put his fingers in your core and pushed them all the way in. The coldness from his fingers and the hotness from his mouth was too much for you to handle. “You’re such a bad girl you deserve to be punished”, he whispered. Bucky knew exactly what he was doing, he slightly curved his fingers and brushed against your g-spot. He was going so fucking slow you were growing more and more frustrated by the second. You were trying to push them deeper by tugging your hips closer, but he took his flesh hand to violently push you back flush against the chair. “Please sergeant, oh my god please, let me cum.” He finally picked up the pace. He was sucking hard on your aching clit and rubbing your g-spot with his metal hand. “Does that feel good, doll?” By the way your back was arcing and you were tugging on your restraints, he knew you were close. “James! I… I!” “Come for me doll, come for me, be loud please.” You reached your orgasm, screaming Bucky’s name. While you were still shaking, he freed you from your restraints and removed your blindfold. He helped you get up from the chair, knowing your body was still weak from your orgasm. You grabbed his neck and pulled him close to kiss him, his hands were holding firmly around you. You moved forward until his legs were against the back of the bed. You pushed him on it and climbed on top of him. “My turn”, you told him biting your bottom lip with lust. Your knees were on both sides of his body, holding on firmly. He put his hand on your hips as you took his hard cock in your hand. You slightly teased him, just taking the tip inside you, moving ever so slightly. “Take what you want from me baby girl”. You felt his grip tighten as you moved your hips forward, taking him all in. The feel of him stretching your inside made your head tilt backward. You gasped in for air as you continued to undulate your body to make him rub your inside. With his feet, he took leverage so he could enter you at a slight angle, making sure he would hit your spot each time. You were making sure to keep eye contact with his dark blue eyes each time you would take him all in. You bitt your finger and gently sucked on it, making him softly gasp. You leaned slightly forward and grabbed firmly onto his long brown locks. His hands went up and he started to play across your ribs and your stomach with the tips of his fingers. He cupped both of your breasts and softly knitted them, pinching your sensible nipples. You picked up the pace, thrusting your hips faster and faster. “Touch yourself” he ordered you. You moved your hand down to your clit and started drawing small circles. You were panting heavily at this point; your movement were becoming sloppy as you were trying to concentrate. Grabbing your hips with a tighter grip, he pushed you forward on the bed. You were now on your back, so he grabbed you and put you on your belly and then pushed your hips up so you were on all four. He aligned himself with your entrance and push his dick all inside you. With this position, he was able to reach much more deep, making you moan loudly. His hands were grabbing you so fucking hard that you knew it would leave dark bruises, but the pain it caused on your body was only making you closer from release. He took his human hand, reaching to your hair and pulled firmly, obliging you to be almost up on your knees. Then he moved his hand from your hair to your neck, strangling you hard, you were barely breathing. From this position, he was fucking you from a whole other angle. He bit hard on your neck and sucked, and moved his metal hand from your hips to your pussy. He took a little bit of your wetness onto his fingers and started drawing circles on your aroused clit. Your legs began to shake heavily; you came hard again. “James oh… oh my… Ahhhh!” you screamed. He felt you tighten around him, he groaned loudly as he released himself in you. You both feel down on the bed, exhausted. He made sure to stop his fall with his cybernetic arm. He slipped out of you and went on his side. Passing his arm under you, he brought you close from him and cuddled you for a little while. His face was on the crook of your neck, where he would pepper little kisses. His breath felt hot against your skin. “Come here doll, let’s get you cleaned up”. He lifted you up in his arm holding you really close from his body as if you were the most precious thing in the world. Bucky opened the water and when he judged it was at the right temperature, entered it. He let you down on your feet and started to wash you very gently with his body wash. “You’re going to smell like me, everybody’s going to know you’re mine”. You looked at both of your bruised body and laughed “Honey with all those marks we have I don’t think that there’s a doubt in anyone’s mind.” He smirked and kissed you gently. Bucky was always so soft and gentle with you, so the force he was fucking you with was always so surprising, but you couldn’t ask for a better lover. After you finished to wash and dry each other, he lifted you up again and brought you back to his bed. He lifted the covers and put you down. He kissed your forehead, closed the lights and cuddled with you. There was not another place in the world you would rather be. “I love you so much Bucky.” You said, with a sleepy voice. “I love you too doll.”, he answered, smiling against your neck and holding you tighter. You both feel asleep, feeling satisfied and loved.

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so I just read a little something about someone seeing Mark in SC (my last reblog) and I’m just honestly relieved that there are so many nice sane people in this fanbase but still I want to remind you:


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