idk who he is but he's cute

“Sam, you didn’t have to.”

He smiled, watching as you fastened the beautiful necklace around your neck.

“Happy birthday,” he replied, reaching to adjust where the pendant fell against your chest.

“This is too much,” you breathed, looking into his gorgeous hazel eyes and seeing something there that you hadn’t seen before.

“Yeah, well,” he shrugged bashfully. “Who else am I gonna splurge on? You’re my best fr-”

You cut him off, closing the distance and pressing a kiss to his lips.

You pulled back after a brief moment, trying to gauge his reaction.

A smile grew on his lips as he pulled you closer again, his hands on your hips.

“You, too?” he asked, regarding the emotions you were finally allowing yourself to feel.

“Yeah,” you agreed, leaning in and kissing your best friend once more.

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The presidential elections are happening today for my friends in the u.s. You guys are always welcome to live under my bed or in my closet if you feel uncomfortable about whoever gets the presidency throne loll CANADA IS YOUR BFF , WE LOVE YOU GUYS 💗💗💗💗

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idk i want a cute plot n like he is famous and she’s just a normal girl and she’ll like say stupid jokes to the paparazzi about him so he’ll look silly and she’ll sneak on his phone at night and tweet herself shout outs and tweet as though she is him just to laugh with the fans and when they’re on dates and pap come she’ll like pose ridiculously for photos and shE’S JUST THIS LIL DOWN TO EARTH RAY OF SUNSHINE FOR THIS BIG FAMOUS GUY WHO HAS A LOT OF STRESS N EXPECTATIONS N THE MEDIA AREN’T HIS BIGGEST FANS BC HE’S MADE MISTAKES IN THE PAST BUT EVERYONE LOVES THIS GIRLFRIEND AND SHE GIVES HIM HOPE AH I’M BAD AT EXPLAINING PLOTS I WANT BUT juST TRUST ME

Okay but there are so many good things happening????

- Viktor drives a bubblegum pink convertible. I can die happy
-idk why Yuratchka has so many kittens but im glad???? He deserves them. I love him and those kitties
- Viktor’s bangles
- the “I ❤️ Hatsetsu” sticker
- Viktor’s collarbones
- Yuuri looking genuinely happy and loved!!!
- Yuuri cuddling with his hot boyfriend who loves him in the front seat of a car
- yuuri is so cute I love him
- Viktor’s hair
- Makkachin having a good time
- like the good boy he is
- everything
- this is the best thing I’ve ever seen

A blessed image

  • One half of the Killing Stalking Fandom: WOW! Sangwoo is so fucking hot he can murder me all he wants and he can step on me him and Yoonbum are so cute together like I ship them so much
  • Other half of the Killing Stalking Fandom: What the fuck. Why are you guys shipping them together? And Sangwoo isn't hot he's a fucking crazy murderer who has Yoonbum trapped inside his house! This is so fucked up like who's attracted to a killer?
  • Me: I have conflicted feelings about this

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Hey hey, pet name anon here! So I've realised that specific pet names are a bit personal and would be hard to do so I thought maybe you could do headcanons? Like who would use them a lot, the level of cheesiness, what type, idk whatever you want

in seventeen right? ^^

Seungcheol/S.Coups is someone who would regularly use pet names to an almost inhuman level of cheesiness! He’d gradually get cornier as you dated, going from things like ‘babe’ and ‘love’ to ‘squishy teddybear’ and ‘cuddly wuddly’ like ,,,, you wouldn’t even be able to tell after a while if he was just joking around when he was calling you snookums or is that really something he thinks is cute. But it’d be something you’d grow used to, even if it’s embarrassing when he does it in public.

Jeonghan isn’t someone who’d call you a pet name all the time, it’d be more of once every now and then occurrence, especially when he’s feeling intimate. To be honest, he wouldn’t even go for anything like ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’, he would probably stick with a classic and simple ‘beautiful’. It’d escape him when you two are being close and you are alone, but other than that I don’t think he’d really see a reason for pet names.

Joshua would also mainly use pet names when you two are alone, although he’d probably slip up and call you something like ‘My lovebug’ while you two are ordering coffee and Hoshi or DK will be in earshot and won’t let him live it down. I can also see Joshua as someone who has a pet name for you that he thinks is special for some reason, but is too embarrassed to tell you why. 

Jun gives me the vibe that he would call people things like ‘hot stuff’ or ‘sweet thing’ when he’s in the flirting stage, but once you’re dating Jun finds pet names as something he takes seriously. He’d go for something traditional, like ‘angel’ but he would say it in Chinese. He’d use it more often than your name and would probably teach you how to call him something cute in Chinese back. 

Hoshi would insist on the two of you making up unique pet names for each other that no one else in the world has. He wouldn’t want you two to call each other something generic, so he might add adjectives in front of your name or call you something that’s an inside joke between you two. Either way, it’d be a pet name that makes other people give you looks, but Hoshi would be proud of it - even if it turns out being super long, you know like Soonyoung’s Stupendous Superb Stunning Significant Other 

Wonwoo would call you like ‘marshmallow’ because he’d fall asleep in your lap all the time and always be like it’s so soft, you’re my marshmallow. You’d be like aren’t I more like your pillow and he’d be like isn’t marshmallow cuter? 

Woozi doesn’t seem big on pet names, but every now and then, especially in front of others whom he might assumes are trying to get closer to you he’ll use ‘baby’ or ‘precious’ and just flick his eyes toward the person while he calls you that. It’d be attractive, but very very rare. 

DK would want matching pet names, so combos like my sunshine + my star, my jam + my honey, my cupcake + my snickerdoodle. Like it’d be a cute coupley thing and you’d probably change your names to that in your phone and DK would use it whenever you two were on dates and it’d be lighthearted and sweet. 

Mingyu would really like pet names based on animals. He’d be fond of calling his significant other like ‘chickadee’ or ‘chipmunk’ because he’d associate you with something cute and playful. He wouldn’t mind being called ‘pup’ or something back because let’s face it he’s a big gigantic puppy. 

The8 strikes me as someone who’d also call you by something cute in Chinese, maybe the word for small dumpling or mooncakes, I think it’d be some kind of food and it’d be cute because you’d joke about how you’re not yummy and he’d kiss your cheek and be like ‘I disagree~’ 

Seungkwan would call you something like ‘light of my life’ or ‘apple of my eye’ something long and a bit extra, but he’d do it because he truly sincerely loves you that much and considers you that big of a part of his life. He’d refer to you as it when you two are alone, but when you’re out with others he might shorten it to ‘my light’ or ‘apple’. 

Vernon would totally call his significant other like ‘my dork’ or ‘muffinhead’ just to be cheeky, but also like he thinks things like ‘cutie’ and ‘babe’ are cringy so he’d go for something really teenage and teasing. You’d probably call him your pumpkinhead back or something in like a playful bickering kind of manner but it’d only happen when you maybe like trip or mess something up and he isn’t picking on you, just being cute. 

Dino would probably be more ok with you giving him a pet name, but after a while of dating he’d come up with something special and cute just for you. He’d probably call you by your favorite flowers name or by your favorite kind of candy or something like that and it’d be a pet name that’s pure and he’d stutter over it all the time. 

Just had a guy come into my store and say, “I need your help.” I’m like yeah? And they he goes on to tell me about how he was in my work a week or so ago and saw a girl working here and describes her to me. I immediately know who he is talking about.

He wants to know if I know her and what her name is because she smiled at him. SMILED. I ended up quoting Mariah Carey to him, “I don’t know her.” I lie and say we just had a girl quit so maybe that’s who he saw. He says, “yeah I haven’t seen her since so I was afraid that’s what happened. I’ve been in here a few times at night looking for her.” IN MY HEAD IM LIKE IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE??? cause it’s coming off super creepy.

Idk I always keep an eye out for people cause you never know. Like I once had a girl hit on me at work and I told her I wasn’t single and she still some how found me on Facebook and messaged me, I ignored her message, and then she found out who my sister was and she realized she was friends with one of my sisters friends so she tried getting my sister to talk to me for her. Just recently she had her friend message my sister again asking about me and it’s been two years later!

Any ways leave people alone when they are at work god damn like of course they smiled at you, they are working and have to be polite.

omg so we do this thing in english class to build our writing skills every day we have to write nonstop for 7 minutes about any topic we’d like and i can’t stay on one topic like that so my teacher told me to just write whatever comes to my mind so you can imagine that for the 10 days we’ve been doing this 8 of mine we’re about dan and phil n today she goes “please don’t write about those two boys today” and then my friend (that rly needs to shut up sometimes lmao) goes “they’re not boys” and im like yeah ,, phil is turning 30 in 12 days and my teacher is like oh and how old is the the other one and im like he’s only 25 and she’s deadass like “oh. phil is a man but dan is still a boy” love her

My fave crewt isnt just them being cute and holding hands and sharing scarves while giggling but also these two antisocial dingus’ being seen as Those Weirdos Over There wherever they go because it’s the noodly ginger who keeps staring at the ground and mumbling what you highly suspect are insults while his suitcase growls ominously and his boyfriend/bodyguard, Credence “Resting Murderface” Barebones, isn’t saying shit but is staring at people in a way to make everyone highly suspect he may in fact, be a serial killer

Of the two, the one with the serial-killer stare is the more socially adept. Because at least he isn’t prone to suddenly climbing over people/buildings because a neat looking bird went by

I think my favorite thing about Sebastian is that during the logic chess w him and Edgeworth you would totally expect him to get upset when miles points out that he’s using the wrong word

But he’s actually just genuinely surprised and thankful when you correct him like “oh wow thank you no ones ever explained that to me before”

Which is so sad because I imagine a cute little eager Sebastian trying to sound all smart and impress his dad but blaise is just a douche who can’t even be bothered to correct his “idiot son” so he just let’s Sebastian keep on using the wrong words for stuff

Idk this means a lot to me because it shows how Sebastian is honestly NOT an idiot because he has an open mind and honestly appreciates learning new things because he wants to improve as a person. The real idiots in life are the people who think they know it all & don’t need to keep growing as a person.

I love Sebastian

This Christmas, can someone write me a fic? Because, look, 2016 was a shitty year, and for me at least, 2017 is set to start off shitty as well, and man, literally all I want is some stupid Hallmark Channel Christmas movie type fic for E/R.

Like, idk. Enjolras is a big, high-powered civil rights attorney trying to make a difference in the “Big City” but is feeling overwhelmed and overworked and like nothing he is doing is accomplishing anything, so his boss (M. Valjean?) makes him take Christmas off and tells Enjolras to go visit his daughter and her fiance in some snow-covered little town.

And there, of course, the first person he meets is the town curmudgeon, some ridiculously cute guy named Grantaire who jokes that he’s the town Grinch (but of course he ISN’T because in addition to taking the time to show Enjolras around town, he also helps look after his friend Eponine’s little brother Gavroche when she’s out of town and plays Santa in the town Christmas parade because OF COURSE he does). And Enjolras meets all of Grantaire’s friends, including Combeferre and Courfeyrac who have started a local non-profit that’s struggling to stay afloat. And Enjolras naturally swoops in and is like, I can write a grant application for you, no problem.

And then later, he and Grantaire go for a walk and Grantaire’s sad childhood is revealed and he’s all, That’s why I hate Christmas, and Enjolras is all, but you don’t hate Christmas because you like making people happy, and then it starts to snow so Grantaire leans in and kisses him.

And Enjolras, naturally, panics, because he can start to see a future here and it’s not the future he had pictured and he still has SO MUCH work left to do so he tells Grantaire that he can’t stay, that he’s leaving and he’s sorry but he thinks coming here was a big mistake. And Grantaire is hurt and confused but resigned because of course Enjolras is going to leave him, everyone always leaves him, and oh, Merry fucking Christmas.

And the next morning, Enjolras heads to the airport but is stopped before going through security by Gavroche, who hitchhiked to the airport just to tell Enjolras was a big jerk he’s being. Tells him that Combeferre and Courfeyrac’s non-profit is what gave him his first Christmas and that there are so many kids who also need Christmases, and that Enjolras can do a lot of good if he just stays. And Enjolras tells him that it’s more complicated than that, and he wouldn’t understand and it’s adult stuff, but then Gavroche is like, fine, then give me one good reason to leave. And Enjolras can’t.

So he takes Gavroche back to Grantaire, who’s beginning to get worried sick and Grantaire is so happy to see Gavroche but tells Enjolras that he’s sorry he missed his plane but if he hurries back to the airport, he can probably make another flight. And Enjolras tells him he doesn’t want to go back to the airport, that Gavroche asked him for a good reason to leave and he couldn’t think of any, but he could think of a million to stay. Like what? Grantaire asks, and Enjolras just leans in and kisses him.

It starts to snow again, but Enjolras and Grantaire don’t care, standing in the driveway, kissing in the snow. Suddenly, Combeferre and Courfeyrac run up, ecstatic and out of breath. They got the grant! (Because in magic happy land, non-profit grant review boards are open during the holidays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) And Enjolras looks at Grantaire and laughs is and is just like, It’s a Christmas miracle!

And Valjean allows Enjolras to work remotely and he and Grantaire live happily after in magic land that could never exist outside of a Hallmark Channel movie.

…So yeah, if anyone wants to write me that for Christmas…I’d be grateful.

This was weirdly enough my favorite scenes in the episode because I thought it was kinda beautiful and highlights one of the best aspects of Alola and I’m really glad the anime is emphasizing it as well.

That is, the focus on prayer and paying respects to nature and Pokemon and the world in general. And Ash being a fish out of water still at least tries to understand what it means even if he doesn’t fully understand, idk I just really like how they have him respecting the culture. 

 The rest of the episode was pretty good to and we get more of that focus on culture with Kiawe’s backstory on his Z Ring and how he received Charizard from his Grandfather and talking about how he wants to be a nurturing flame rather then one of destruction. It’s all seriously good stuff. The family was good (sister is cute who just wants to be a good farmhand), slapstick was good, Z move training with Rowlett was good, just a solid episode all around.

why is he so cute i can’t

it’s so cute when people remember you in the littlest things they do like my friend went to a festival over the weekend and because i wasnt entirely invited, he gave me a box of delicious delicacy from that place for free !! and my other friend also went to a book signing event of an indie author and he purchased this poetry book for me !! i didnt even have to ask for it. and idk about you but literally those are the cutest and most genuine little things and my heart is filled with so much happiness and im so glad to have beautiful people like them in my life i hope you meet people like them too :-)

A No-Maj?

Anon:graves seems like the type who would be a strict rule follower but what if he fell in love with a no-maj and he can’t stay away from her and he ends up falling in love with her but keeps it hidden until someone finds out and he either has to run away with her or wipe her memory but he can’t choose?? idk something cute but then angsty 

A/N: This is so cute and right up my alley ahhh I’m wearing this dress that looks like the little mermaid dress when she first turns into a human (the white one dress) and I feel fly as fuuckkk. Anyways this was really fun to write!! This took me 4 hours to write because I kept getting distracted ahhhhhhh This is my favourite thing I have written so far though.

 Enjoy and keep sending requests and prompts my way peeps xoxox

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Warnings: non, just a little bit of fluff and I may have broken your heart…. sorryyyyyy

Word Count: 2,853


You never knew about the wizarding world until you met him. You lived an extra ordinary life, in your 20′s living in a small quiet apartment in the heart of New York city, Had a 9 till 5 job writing for the local newspaper. Doing things the ordinary way that you had always known them to be. You were just the girl next door, everyone knew who you were as you were sweet, charming and friendly. Of course you always had men chasing after you but you always politely declined as you were content with how your life was at the moment. 

You had walked into the little bakery that had opened up around the corner. You were soon welcomed by the owner, Jacob Kowalsk. “Morning Y/N How are you this morning” Jacob said as soon as you walked into the quiet little bakery “I am well, thank you” You said with your ever charming smile on your face “So what will it be today?” Jacob asked “Just the usual and maybe one of your famous donuts” You said excitedly, you always loved his doughnuts. You went to pull out your purse to pay him when he chimed in saying “Oh no Y/N, it’s on the house for you” You smiled knowing trying to give him money wouldn’t work “Oh thank you Jacob!! I will see you tomorrow” You said as you grabbed your items and walked out of the small bakery.

On your way home, you thought you would stop off at a little bookstore since you were running low on reading material at home. You were browsing through your favorite section tucked away at the back of the store when all of a sudden you heard a deep voice behind you.

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I think we’re all pretty sure that Cr1TiKaL is dating that girl with the blonde hair, and I’m just really happy that he found someone he likes who looks so nice (especially after having his last gf cheat on him). And it’s very cute seeing pictures of them on tumblr and things!

But also all of these pictures came from social media posts outside of Cr1TiKaL’s (like the girl’s own Instagram) and we know that he’s a fairly private person … So probably we should give them some privacy and at least not directly message him about his relationship developments or anything, at least until he publicly mentions having a gf in a video or something.