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fashionablyfyrdraaca  asked:

What are your thoughts on Nicolas De Lenfent? :o

Thoughts about Nicki? oh gosh I has lots of Nicki thoughts.  Ask me something specific about him. In general…

[Fanart by garama]

  • Nicki is a rich character, he is far more than merely Louis (or Antoine) 1.0. 
  • There seems to be a shared fanon headcanon that he was Lestat’s first real boyfriend  ♥u♥
  • They even “did it” in church *gasp* *clutches pearls*
  •  Check out my Nicolas de Lenfent tag for fanart, fanfic, memeythings, headcanons, discussion, casting, etc. ENJOY! (it’s all mixed in there bc… idk… I didn’t think I’d ever need separate categories for separate characters and now I kinda wish that I’d been doing that!? Now I’m too lazy to go into the mass post editor so OH WELL)

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