idk who else to tag with this news!


Tagged by @jenscns to post my lock screen, home screen, last song I listened to, and last selfie I took. Thanks for taggin’ me, darlin’! 😚 I think it’s very clear that I’m Dean trash. I’m also an old woman because I can’t remember the last song I listened to, but I have been listening to the news on a public radio station…. 👵🏻📻 Also, my lock screen (and also my sidebar image) is by @wigglebox .

 Anyway, I’m tagging @lastknownwriter @seraphmisha @woefulcas @the-art-student-in-221c and idk anyone else who wants to do this. 👍

edit: hopefully y’all see this. tumblr mobile didn’t actually tag any of you haha..


Breaking News: i need love