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hey ang what do you think of kinning?? like when people kin with characters, not necessarily yours but any character?

Idk it isnt hurting anybody OR helping any multitude of ppl so i dnt really care lol. if it comforts u then fine.
Oh my god wait the one thing that does bug me is when they’re like “I AM this character nobody else can kin with this character hecause its ME!!!!!!!!” Like shut up stupud u didnt even make it some company fuckin made that character ol goofy ass…. anybody can kin with it if they want to u dont own it.
Iunno i also feel like a lot of the ppl doing it are like.. just doing it to be what they think is “"cool”“ but fuckin.. id'ing with some anime characters isn’t cool it’s like a coping mechanism for ppl lol.
Idk like kinning is fine whatever it’s always kids who partake in it anyway and like everyone grows out of it eventually i feel like it’s like.. a way to figure out who u are or establish a real set personality for urself (which is what every kid wants to do at rhis age since there are so many hormonal changes and ur brain is growing and developing rapidly and u dont know what to do! different ppl deal with it different ways who am i to judge) But whatever i digress lol i don’t have too many issues with kinning, but i’d never seriously partake in it myself nor can i take anyone’s kinning super seriously beyond a level of like “this comforts me and helps me personally” like idk that’s just my opinion.

this fandom has so much beautiful artwork dedicated to it, with amazing, talented artists producing masterpieces daily…

meanwhile, i made this

People strive to be like their Venus when really, they should strive to be like their Sun. Venus can represent what we’d like to be because it’s attractive, comfortable, and whatever else appeals to you.

However, the Sun represents who you truly are while Venus is a subjective ideal. Venus can be so subjective to where it can be argued that it doesn’t really exist… After all, beauty and comfort are truly subjective subjects. The tangible existence of beauty and comfort exists through societal standards and emotions. That’s why Libra is exalted in Saturn, a planet of rules while Taurus is exalted in the Moon, a planet of emotions. Emotions and standards keep Venus alive… but the true nature of Venus is unknown due to subjectivity. It kind of makes Venus mysterious in a way… No wonder Neptune, a planet of mystery, is considered a higher octave of Venus!

With that being said, this is why people with strong Sun-Venus aspects are so attractive to others. They find that their ideal self matches with their ideal self, and this confidence shines beautifully to others. However, this confidence doesn’t come right when you’re born… This is a confidence you grow into through your struggles (Saturn) and how you feel (Moon) throughout those struggles. After all, you gotta know yourself before you’re truly confident in yourself.

Sure, Venus can be a shallow, vain planet, but it’s a planet that gives us a direction in life. After all, most people earn money to be rich and comfortable (Taurus) and strive to be liked by the people around them (Libra.) Which way the direction goes, however, depends on you.

BTS Office AU

Imagine all of them working in the same department of some big company????

  • tae and jimin have adjacent cubicles and they constantly annoy everyone else by throwing random notes to each other over their cubicles insTEAD OF TALKING LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE.
  • jin is that one coworker who always eats at their cubicle. he’s like the Charles Boyle of the group who always brings interesting smelling food for his lunch which all the others laugh at, but he’s also the oldest and the one everyone goes to for advice and know-hows of the company
  • yoongi & namjoon are actually trying to work but they always get roped into maknae line’s shenanigans. 
  • maknae line forever pranking their hyung hobi by putting his stapler in jello. again.
  • jungkook is the company’s newest hire and he pours himself into the work to fit in, to prove that he deserves a place at the company despite his young age
  • jimin and taehyung takes to jungkook immediately. they know he’s super hardworking and he doesn’t feel like he fits in, so they try their utmost to loosen up the poor kid
  • NAMJOON AS DEPARTMENT HEAD. at first jungkook is super intimidated by him because namjoon is supposedly this scary dude but once they meet jungkook realizes he’s not all that bad.
  • sunshine line spreading joy and cheer throughout the office especially on monday mornings when everyone’s in a sleepy slump and whenever namjoon comes out of an especially stressful meeting with other department heads
  • jin bringing baked goods to the office every once in awhile just because he feels like it. he always brings them in these fancy baskets which he takes time to decorate 
  • during departmentally mandated office parties, jimin, taehyung, and hobi all get spectacularly drunk while suga and namjoon look on with faint amusement like “ahh…these kids.” jin goes crazy trying to keep jimin from throwing punches to the wall. taehyung sings to himself in a corner while jungkook is trying really hard not to get drunk in front of his coworkers

Hey hey hey!! Bellarke Fam selfie night!! Love you Bellarke Fam!!

For those of you who don’t know I used to be dropshipkingandqueen lol ☺

Oh my gosh I’m actually posing a picture that I took today lmao enjoy me in my pjs with my shower hair trying to dry 😂 and one from like the weekend I believe… idk lol

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guys…..kaz is such a mcfreakin nerd…you know what i just considered??? he wears a well tailored suit, gloves, and a top hat. you know who else does?? i mean idk how they’d look in the grishaverse but magicians. MAGICIANS. you know, like the one that fascinated kaz as a kid…in six of crows inej says all the barrel bosses wear flashy patterns and such, but kaz keeps it simple (i dare you to google magicians. they’re all in black and white with red accents. i.e. simple) and when she calls him out or whatever he says “i’m a business man”. i bet he said it because i’m a magician would sound a lot less cool, but think about it…. a thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. “i’m going to invent a new trick”. the way he runs his cons and uses sleight of hand tricks….that nerd probably considers himself a magician anyway.

My little sister and her NCS group have been nominated for the Social Action Award 2017. Voting ends today & they are JUST behind the first team. It’s practically neck and neck. Please vote for them by liking this photo on Instagram

(link: )

If the link doesn’t work, go to the ncsyes Instagram and like the above photo there.

They’ve been nominated because they’ve raised a lot of money for Safe @ Last, a charity that supports young people who’ve run away from home, for whatever reason, and have nowhere to go.

If they win, they’ll also get £500 to give to the Paige Patching Trust, that helps young people who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis

idk i might lose followers for this or smth but tbh im leaning more and more towards radical feminism bc most of the points are far more logical and based in reality than liberal feminism, and actually tries to do something about misogyny rather than just make it more appealing to women lol

also ive seen lots of people on here who got labeled swerfs and terfs and upon checking their blog, these people have a better understanding of sex work and gender than most people

idk i guess if anyone has a problem with that feel free to unfollow me or whatever but yeah idk i dont really consider myself a libfem anymore, ive realized more and more how damaging it actually is, the past few years liberal feminism on tumblr has done me more harm than good

tbqh tumblr liberal feminism has made me push myself more into gender roles, “sex positivity”, and made me feel it more necessary to be “feminine” than any man ever has and im tired of it

its lame and i dont have the patience for it, its mostly just the same old misogyny rebranded to appeal to young girls and i dont wanna promote it anymore

18+ Phandom?

idk about anyone else but i feel a bit old in the phandom sometimes :’) so i was thinking it would be cool to make a network for members of the fandom who are 18 or older, and we could have a place to chat and stuff, and do more meetups for older fans and whatever?

if anyone would be interested in like an 18+ phandom network thing, please like or reblog this or something and i might set something up :)


Guys I’ve already made the network post, so if you’re interested in this, please don’t like THIS post, please check out this one instead :)

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also I haven’t seen anyone comment on this but I feel like recently I’ve seen people making references to starting “fake discourse blogs” to “see what it’s like on the REGs side” (for instance, the post that initially proposed calling us REGs had a line that went, “ANYONE who’s made a fake discourse blog to see what their side is up to knows….”) and uh… is anyone else super creeped out by the open admission that people are basically misrepresenting themselves in order to catfish LGBT people who disagree with them on the internet so they can like, get material to mock them with or whatever later? Given how much these people whine about people reading their blogs after being blocked you’d think they’d… idk, understand that that’s creepy at best 

okay so there is this blog mayaspenelopehart, who i messaged about reposting my friends gifs. like they don’t even hide the fact the repost, this is legit the tag they use. and this is what they sent me when i asked them why they were doing it.

so really, all i’m doing now is just asking y’all if you see any rilaya gifs on your dash to check the source, if they’re posted by mayaspenelopehart they’ve been reposted from @karmaashcroft and that you just block them and whatever else needs to be done. this is v extra and unneeded.

if you could signal boost this post so people can see it, that’d be amazing. thank you.

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sorry if someone said this before but I just realized this... won't magnus physically get back all he lost in wonderland with the new body? the years and his pinky? (and whatever else i cant think of) kinda gets a free pass with all that, unless it somehow carries over, which i doubt. idk if hed wake up and his pinky would just fall off.

logically something like his pinky falling off shouldn’t happen because wonderland no longer exists, the bell isn’t making that magic anymore so it should have no effect. this is one HELL of a messy lose end though because wonderland was made to nerf the boys a bit and honestly the only one who needed nerfing was magnus and now he might be de-nerfed like whats the point.

i have a very hard time thinking about this stuff because its such a fucking mess. like magnus was clearly supposed to die, he was not supposed to be in the mannequin. in fact all of the boys were probably supposed to die in that mess and help out kravitz somehow because that’s the only thing that makes sense with him being a loose end and all now. and im really torn because magnus was obviously meant to lose his body. lydia didn’t have to destroy it, griffin made that happen. and while it kind of feels like they forced griffin to make it so garfield was growing a body for magnus, GRIFFIN CLEARLY KNEW MAGNUS WAS GOING TO NEED A BODY SINCE HE PLANNED THIS so he had to have had this exact reason in mind when he made garfield take magnus’s blood!

idk i wish the boys broke this game a little less so it wasn’t in theoretical shambles right now lmao

Speaking as someone who goes non-verbal a lot of the time and is only capable of just, making noises as opposed to actual Langauge Words, and ends up being a IRL Link a lot of the time

I need a disney princess who communicates via sign langauge or other ways of getting her point accross

I need a character who loses their voice but not because of stress on their vocal cords like yelling/screaming or illness

Give me the characters who are quiet not because they choose to be, or that they’re somehow Wiser or whatever than the others because they choose their words carefully before ever speaking.

Give me someone who never talks, more than one, show them as being the heroes not despite the fact that they can’t communicate like “"normal people”“ but because they’re good people, and good people do the right thing and save the day

thanks to @clrkesbellamy for tagging me!! i’m honestly not too comfortable showing my face here on tumblr yet so here, have an aesthetic™ picture from when i went to new york last year.

happy bellarke fam selfie night everyone!!

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