idk who created this

idk who created the instagram part of bty promo but it’s so awesome, and we’re getting so many clips but with repeated parts of it plus effects plus audio effects too we’re still in for a big surprise when the single is actually out and at the same time all the clips are so awesome and !!! good job whoever you are out there

I’m so conflicted about what to think about Natori after the end of this episode? Like on one hand I understand he wants to figure out what Natsume’s hiding since it seems to be very dangerous and therefore could very well bring harm to him (which it does, tbh, with it attracting all kinds of dangerous and -power- hungry yokai all the time) so yeah I get that, Natori’s worried as his friend and probably feels responsible as he might see himself as a bit of a “mentor” when it comes to -dangerous- yokai matters…


Sending one of his familiars to spy on Natsume is going against everything he said to Natsume last episode about respecting his privacy and his decision not to be comfortable/ready to tell Natori about what he’s hiding. But what worries me even more is what he’d do with the book when he’ll find out what it is and what possibilites it gives the owner. I don’t see Natori as inherently bad but he has shown he’s quick to act aggresive towards yokai, though to be fair they usually attack him/Natsume first. But he’s very ready to exorcise or seal them even if there could be a more “gentle” solution if one is willing to look for one/take the risk. 
Though I don’t think he’d go as far as to steal or destroy the book (once again I don’t think Natori is evil, if/when he knows that damaging the book harms the yokai in it as well I don’t see him doing that. Remember he intended to set Hiiragi free or at least exorcise her, because otherwise she would’ve been bound to the house till the end of her time), I’m very worried he’ll want Natsume to get rid of it, for Natsume’s own safety. But knowing Natsume, he’ll never do that so where does that leave them? It’s not something they can push to the background once the truth comes out and I’m just so worried how they’re gonna get past this or resolve the issue because they both see the book as something else, for Natori it’ll be a very dangerous and illegal item that puts like a huge mark on Natsume but Natsume sees is as Reiko’s inheritance and it’s his treasure. Idk I’m just so worried for these 2 and I just can’t come up with an idea how they’re gonna fix this in the future once Natori knows…

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anonymous asked:

So I'm a ENTP and I like an INTP. He's literally the nicest guy and one of the only people on my intellectual level (it sounds pretentious but idk how else to put it). Other than that, he's literally the opposite of me; he refuses to cuss, his self confidence is kinda low, he never gets mad, and he's actually the nicest person I've ever met. Would an ENTP and INTP work?

For one, being on the same intellectual level as your partner is huge, and not pretentious at all. Clever people can only really be figured out by clever people, so don’t feel bad about that!

An ENTP and INTP would work, esp if this is what you think of your INTP. So mbti aside, I think you guys will be just fine. You sound at least half in love already. 

But both types are for sure quick thinkers, often sarcastic and maybe a bit hilariously morbid at times. But then you guys can be cute and send each other dog memes. INTPs tend to be a bit more self conscious and almost strangely a bit more caring in interpersonal relationships than ENTPs are. Mentally, these two types high five a lot in the middle. So this can work tons!

Here’s Ed in a dress.

FUN FACT: up until about the 40s or 50s, pink was a boy’s color, since it was thought of as a diluted red. Blue was for girls, because Virgin Mary was oft depicted in a soft blue shawl.

Kelley was never combative, but he seemed drawn to passionate souls…. Something in him liked a fighter, and he enjoyed the role of counselor that gave these heroes strength and rest.
—  1/∞ reasons why DeForest Kelley is actually Leonard McCoy (From Sawdust to Stardust)

Tokyo Ghoul Week √2 :: Day 07
Sloth - Desire to rest.