idk which version i downloaded but it was not the right one lol

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yee lol how do you make a gifset? I've been taking quicktime recordings of clips from movies and then idk what to do. yours are beautiful! thank you so much you lovely space child.

hi!! thank you so much for the compliment, this is so so sweet of you! i’m going to combine this with an ask i got from a different anon asking specifically how to gif on mac, if that’s okay! this  is going to be a detailed tutorial (with screenshots!!) of how to gif using photoshop cc, although i think it can also be used for other versions, you may just have to switch stuff around a bit! 

you can skip to ‘making the gif!!!!!’ if you already have your video clipped and are just looking for direction on how to gif in photoshop.

so to start off, there are a couple programs i’ve downloaded to make things easier for me when dealing with video files: handbrake and the unarchiver. both of these programs are free and pretty simple to use! the unarchiver is used to open archived (.zip, .rar, etc) files. handbrake is used to convert videos to mp4 format, which is necessary to import your file into photoshop! you also want to make sure you have the latest version of quicktime player and photoshop before starting.

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