idk which tag i like better yet


As long as we’re together, does it matter

where we go?

(Road trip with Yongguk moodboard  - better not let him drive yet though)

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idk who to tag, anyone who sees this you’re tagged

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age - 17

birthplace - russia 😪

current time - 12:10pm

drink you had last time - uhm water with lemon and ginger ,,it’s delicious btw

easiest person to talk to - i find it easy to talk to all my friends

favorite song - idk which one should i mention here ,,, maybe crew love by drake and the weeknd !

grossest memory - when i had my tooth out 😖

hogwarts house - hufflepuff

in love? - with sicheng❣️

jealous of people - uhm idk usually not

killed someone - not yet 🙃

love at first sight or should i walk by again - i have to get to know someone

middle name - i don’t have a middle name ?? just name surname and patronymic

number of siblings - two brothers 😤 they’re both older than me

one wish - to stop being too talkative and annoying

person you called last - actually i don’t remember ,,,

question you are always asked - “are you korean?” i get that i’m half asian but i definitely don’t look like korean i think 🙄

reason to smile - friends family 💓

song you sang last - i think it was ignore by mishlawi. i love his songs sm

time you woke up - 6am ,,

underwear color - pink

vacation destination - i always wanted to visit turkey 😞

worst habit - sometimes i bite my nails when i get nervous

x-ray - yea but that wasn’t serious just checking

favorite food - fast food! like kfc or mcdonalds but tbh i love everything

zodiac sign - cancer

thank you flor @dulcetflor for tagging me 💛

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//Okay so. I need money. I want to start doing some commissions, but since I do not have a tablet that works well with my laptop, I need to do different stuff. 

The only thing I have to get them to you is a scanner and/or my camera (which actually works a lot better since it’s a good camera) like this:

So would anyone be interested in buying realistic/cartoons I drew on paper? As for price and how it’s done I’m not sure yet but if I get enough people at least interested in them, I’ll start figuring that out. 

I also thought of opening video commissions for when I’m somewhere with friends and can bring cosplay but idk. 

Any other suggestions on what you would like to commission?