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As long as we’re together, does it matter

where we go?

(Road trip with Yongguk moodboard  - better not let him drive yet though)

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//Okay so. I need money. I want to start doing some commissions, but since I do not have a tablet that works well with my laptop, I need to do different stuff. 

The only thing I have to get them to you is a scanner and/or my camera (which actually works a lot better since it’s a good camera) like this:

So would anyone be interested in buying realistic/cartoons I drew on paper? As for price and how it’s done I’m not sure yet but if I get enough people at least interested in them, I’ll start figuring that out. 

I also thought of opening video commissions for when I’m somewhere with friends and can bring cosplay but idk. 

Any other suggestions on what you would like to commission?