idk which one you use sarah


…you know the “what if Aliens find us cute?” post?

Thor. Thor is the Alien that finds us cute.

He makes adverts in his spare time with sad Valhalla equivalent Sarah MacLaine music showcasing us being helpless and ridiculous

The Avengers somehow get to see one of these videos. Maybe Loki shows them or something idk

At the end of the video it has Thor saying “Humans. We need to protect them because they are helpless and ridiculous. All except-” the entire Avengers team leans forward to find out which one of them isn’t deemed helpless “her” a picture of Darcy flashes on the screen “She is not helpless. Fear her wrath.”

They all turn to look at Thor who just raises an eyebrow as if to say “am
I wrong?”

“In fairness he’s right” Loki agrees shooting Darcy some finger guns. She replies with a raised finger and doesn’t look up from her phone.