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Sweet child of mine is one of my favorite non love songs, it's a wonderful parent/child song

Tru story: actually got to see Slash preform that one on stage, which was pretty fucking remarkable, let me tell you.

Counter: Final Blow, which is less than 2 minutes of the A:TLA soundtrack, but always gets me majorly philosophical about how weird it must be to have a friend who is a 12 year old and also the physical manifestation of the universe. Also the scene it got used in was just really fucking cool.

Okay but you can’t tell me that les amis wouldn’t get into a ringtone war where they’re all stealing each other’s phones and changing the ringtones, and points are assigned arbitrarily for the best ones

For instance, Joly gets five points for changing Bossuet’s to Get Lucky

Feuilly is awarded twenty points for changing Courfeyrac’s to a clip of Marius shrieking, which causes courf to fall out of his chair the first time it goes off

Jehan gets fifteen points for changing both Joly and Combeferre’s to Witch Doctor

Grantaire gets twenty points for changing Bahorel’s to the nyan cat song, but then gets fifteen points retracted because Bahorel liked it and decided to keep it

And everyone agrees that the person who manages to get Enjolras will get the most points, because Enjolras guards his phone with his life pretty much

But then during one meeting Enjolras is in the middle of a really passionate rant when his phone suddenly starts blaring Never Gonna Give You Up, and everyone goes dead silent. And Enjolras just slowly turns to look at Combeferre and whispers ‘you fucking traitor.’

Steal My Girl announcements part 2
  • 1DHQ: Since the last announcement worked so well, who wants to drop the teaser?
  • Louis:Still no.
  • Harry:*mumbles* Someone you can have fun with belongs to me...
  • Zayn:Idk man, my Twitter app deleted itself somehow.
  • Liam:I'm 100% not going to promo the song. But I'm also 100% not going to stop using Twitter, so when somebody tells me to promo the song, I will not, which does not make me a hard person to deal with nor will I delete my Twitter account.
  • Niall:You really want me to replace Robert Downey, Jr. in the next Marvel movie as The Irony Man, don't you?

imagine john sending sherlock a ‘poke’ on facebook because sarah sent him one and he was like this is what people do on facebook… so he sends one to everyone…

sherlock seeing it and he’s like why did you do this?? and john’s like idk isn’t that what it’s there for?? to be done… and sherlock’s like 'don’t do it again’ and john’s like 'you can’t tell me what to do’ and pokes sherlock right in the ribs

then the one poke becomes more pokes which become tickles and then before long sherlock is pinned to the floor wriggling and shrieking and kicking his legs out and john is tickling him within an inch of his life uwu

So this guy I know keeps bothering me by asking if I had a boyfriend, which I don’t. So each time he asks I tell him the truth and he starts flirting and it makes me extremely uncomfortable…and today I decided I’ve had enough (because he’s one of those guys that just wants sex, and I’m not like that). So when he came up to me today and asked, “How do you not have a boyfriend” I lied and said “Oh, I actually do now”. He kind of looked surprised and asked “Who is it?” At this point I started panicking because I’m a horrible liar. So panicked me takes out my phone and shows him this picture of Gerard. AND HE BELIEVED ME! HE THINKS GERARD IS SOME 17 YEAR OLD GUY IM DATING AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

5SOS Blurb 4/4: "I Miss You"

Request: blurb thingy where they’re missing you like on tour or you’ve broken up or something? thank ily!“

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My first ever digital artwork! yep, my first one ever. i never thought i would see the day. IDK why i never tried digital art before, but i find that i really enjoy it! it just takes me twice as long as any traditional artwork, cause im still working out how everything works. -.-
It was an effort, but im proud that i persevered and managed to finish it!
I drew everything by hand, even bloody Rava, which you would think is simple, but let me tell you those little pattern thingies are not easy.
so for those you who dont know, im in love legend of Korra! 
so i wanted to create some fanart of her!

Anywho please leave a comment! it would mean the world to me!

Korra doesnt belong to me, it belongs to its original creators!

© copyright AlulaDreamCreations! PLEASE DO NOT COPY, AS THIS IS MY ORIGINAL WORK! THANK YOU!!!! 

* Commissions are now open on my deviantart! please dont hesitate to go take a look*


orphan black meme | eight visually beautiful scenes [8/8]

“Maggie Chen… also a prolethean. She was your spotter. She tracked down clones for you. The two of you worked together. The thing is, last time I saw you, you were running away from Johanssen’s followers in a wedding dress. You wanna tell me what that was all about?”

#DHrFavorites Day 5: Tropes
  • I hate her/him, I hate her/him I hate–goddamn it I love her/him
  • Never ever using each other’s first names… until one of them gets hurt/is captured/is suddenly no longer there and the other realises just how much they care for them, in their absence
  • On that note– “Mal…Draco.”
  • “Granger” and “Malfoy” which at one point were uttered as curses are now spoken with the reverence reserved for prayers
  • They get into an argument which makes them late for class/lands them in trouble/etc which leads to them doing a project/going to detention together and they begrudgingly spend copious amounts of time together until–until they realise it’s no longer quite begrudging, much to their dismay
  • Unwilling but necessary partners in battle/covert missions/etc, who with time become each other’s everything, each other’s salvation
  • In the above scenario–Draco teaching/encouraging her to have the gumption to defend herself properly in war because for Merlin’s sake Granger this is war not the school dueling club, you need to learn how to keep that bushy head down and protect yourself because my wand isn’t always going to be there to protect you and you’re going to get yourself killed
  • Granger–Granger, where the fuck do you think you’re going, what are you doing, you are going to get yourself killed
  • Hermione teaching Draco things he never would have thought he’d care to know, and helping him to open his eyes and experience more of the world
  • Draco teaching Hermione that not everything is black and white–and isn’t he the perfect example of exactly this
  • Fake dating
  • Fake dating for a mission 
  • Fake dating that somehow doesn’t feel so fake anymore and why doing it feel fake anymore? 
  • Hermione being beautiful and scary and for all of Draco’s bark, she is the bite; People learning/reacting to this information
  • Blaise and/or Theo becoming Hermione’s bff and/or helping to instigate things between Draco and she
  • Hermione and Draco’s parents being civil; Narcissa someday seeing at least this woman takes care of her son and wouldn’t let a hair of his fall out of place and she’d hex anyone who attempted otherwise (bonus points for Narcissa witnessing her actually doing so); Lucius, while never quite getting over the whole blood thing, eventually coming to grudgingly respect the way she handles the press, her cunning in dealing with those who would bring her (and by extension his son) down, and in everything she does for him and the Malfoy name; Hermione eventually, grudgingly, respecting them–if for nothing else, because they would move entire planets out of orbit for Draco, and so would she
  • Hermione’s dad intimidating the ever-living fuck out of Draco even though he’s ‘just’ a Muggle 
  • Draco taking Hermione flying–on brooms, on hippogriffs, on the back of her unsuspecting father what 
  • Screaming and yelling and fighting and hasty accusations and proud declarations–everything about them is so intense; meanwhile everyone around them is just like ‘oh yeah, that’s just Draco and Hermione, that’s just what they do’ because they know they’ll both make up and continue to love each other morning after morning after morning

Draco learning to overcome his upbringing and being a better person for it; Hermione learning to see world in technicolour while taking it by storm because that’s simply who she is.

In celebration of the biggest milestone I’ve ever reached on a roleplay blog, I’ve decided that this will be the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done for a roleplay blog!! I’ll spare you all the mushy words about how great you guys are and how I really do appreciate all of you even if I haven’t followed you back, and instead I will get on with the prizes and the rules!


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request: vernon highschool!au in which he’s too shy to talk to you

pairing: vernon/you

a/n: idk about you guys, but i can really see this happening to vernon LOL. also, do you guys prefer calling him vernon or hansol? pls tell me know! ^^

1066 w.

     This is it, Hansol mentally tells himself, crumpling another piece of paper ripped from his biology notebook into a ball. This will be the one.

Scooting up to the edge of his seat, Hansol bites his bottom lip and trains his eyes on the trashcan across the room from him. This definitely won’t make it, he thinks to himself before flicking his wrist, sending the ball of paper flying across the room.

But much to his dismay, the ball ends up landing perfectly inside the trashcan and he lets out a dejected groan.

“Nice!” his seatmate Seokmin praises, raising his hand for a high-five. But Hansol’s chin falls to his chest and Seokmin awkwardly brings his hand back down. “What’s wrong? You made it in!”

“Exactly,” Hansol sighs, “it made it in.”

The taller boy frowns in confusion. “What’s wrong then?”

“This is the third time today I failed to miss,” he explains. “If I keep this up, I’ll never be able to catch her attention.”

“Huh? Whose?”

Hansol sighs and sinks into his desk. “Hers,” he breathes out, eyes fixing on you, the cute girl who never managed to leave his mind since day one. Seokmin follows his line of sight.


“Yeah,” Hansol replies haplessly, “_______…”

“And you think picking up a piece of trash by her desk will get her attention?”

“What else can I do?” he defends himself. Seokmin has to bite his tongue to stifle his laughter; the poor boy.

“Okay, tell you what. I can help you not make it in; I have terrible aim!”

Hansol purses his lips in contemplation before harkening back to the time Seokmin tried out for the school’s basketball team (needless to say, it didn’t work out). “You’re right,” he nods fervently, quickly tearing out another page from his notebook before crumpling it into a ball. He hands it to him and Seokmin takes it from his grasp.

“Okay,” he breathes out cautiously, squaring his shoulders. “I got this.” He holds the paper up in front of his face and practices his aim.

“You got this,” Hansol repeats, determination sparking within him.

Seokmin lines up his throw and releases his grip, sending the crumpled paper flying once again. Thankfully, it doesn’t make it into the trashcan but horror quickly flashes across Hansol’s face when he realizes where the ball is heading.

It ends up hitting you smack in the face.

“Oh my god,” Hansol blanches, eyes widening as your face scrunches in shock. You look over to their direction and his eyes feebly meet yours, about to apologize when Seokmin speaks up instead.

“It was him!” he whispers rather loudly, gesturing towards the horror-stricken boy with his thumb. “Sorry about that!”

Hansol’s mouth falls open and watches wretchedly as you merely give an awkward nod before returning to your work. When he’s sure you’re not looking he turns to Seokmin and angrily shoves his shoulder, “Why did you say that?!”

“Ow! Don’t hit me!” Seokmin whines. “I’m sorry!”

“It’s too late,” he groans. “This is worse than making it in. She probably thinks we’re making fun of her…” He slumps forward into his chair and his forehead meets his desk with a poignant thump.

“You can always apologize to her,” Seokmin suggests, rubbing his abused shoulder. “And plus, isn’t that a better excuse to talk to her?”

Hansol brings his head up and pinches the bridge of his nose, realizing that that just might be his sole (and plausible) option. “After class,” he sighs, glaring at him. “But this is the last time I ask you to do anything for me.”

_ _ _

The bell rings and Hansol’s never shot up from his desk so quickly before. His heart’s hammering in his chest and with each step he takes towards you, he swears it only worsens.

He vaguely hears Seokmin’s words of encouragement behind him — “Go get her!” — but he pays him no mind.

Shrugging his backpack higher up his shoulder, he exits the classroom and follows after you. He’s a mere foot away from you in the hallway before he sucks in a deep breath and taps you on the shoulder.

You turn around and he tries his best not to let his emotions waver; he’s never been this close to you before and despite how corny it sounds, you’re even prettier up close.

“Um,” he begins, suddenly grappling for words. “You… I… Paper…”

You quirk a brow as his face crimsons.

“The paper ball,” he explains quickly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to hit you.”

“Oh, right,” you fumble with the binder in your hands and Hansol frowns. “It’s completely fine.”

“Really, I didn’t mean it.” He brushes a strand of hair away from his face and sighs. “Seokmin was being ridiculous and ended up hitting you. So if anyone’s to blame, it’s him.”

“I believe you,” you chuckle, looking up to lock gazes with him. Hansol bites his lip as you reach into the pocket of your jeans. “But next time…”

He cocks his head to the side as you hold out a flattened, albeit crumpled, paper in front of him. He takes it from you and peers down at it in confusion.

“You might want to watch what you throw.”

In Hansol’s hands is the piece of paper Seokmin ended up hitting you with not too long ago, but instead of being blank like he had initially thought, it already has a few things written and drawn on it. Like some rap lyrics he had thought of during biology class to even doodles of his favorite food (he remembers being hungry at the time).

Oh yeah, and there’s a few scribbles of your name with hearts surrounding them.


Hansol doesn’t know how to react as he stares at the paper dumbfoundedly. There’s no doubt that you’ve already seen it and he wonders if it’s too late to turn around and sprint home so he can wallow in his own embarrassment and curse Seokmin for the damage he’s done in just one day.

“Your lyrics are really nice,” you compliment. “I thought that maybe you’d want them back?”

“Yeah, thanks…” He shoves the paper into the pocket of his hoodie and avoids eye contact entirely. “Well, I’m going to be late to class. I have to go,” he spins on his heel and power-walks the other way, mentally cursing himself.

It’s lunch time.

For those of you who don’t know there is this awesome lingerie company called Aerie by American Eagle and let me tell you one reason why it is better than Victoria’s Secret or any lingerie store for that matter (besides the fact that their merch is just as good quality for like half the price). Aerie just launched a new campaign for their spring line in which every single model used in each advertisement is 100% real and natural, that’s right no touch ups and absolutely no photoshop of any kind. The girls in their pictures look healthy and like real women. Idk that just really was like a breath of fresh air for me and I wanted to try and signal boost the shit out of this because that is the type of company we should be recognizing, not this multi-million dollar corporation that shows nothing but stick thin models and makes so many gorgeous ladies feel bad about themselves.

i spent 45 minutes looking for a picture for that banner let’s appreciate how canon my url looks in cursive fonts


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Below the cut you’ll find 100+ gifs of Nicole Muñoz, all of which are suitable for roleplaying. She’s adorable, and would be great in any role. None of these gifs are mine, and if you see one you made, and would like it removed, please tell me! Feel free to like or reblog if this helps you.

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