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Targeted ads are so annoying because every other one I see is from a university or college telling me that it’s so great to go there and I really don’t need to be seeing that right now!! It’s hard enough that everyone my age just got their a-level results and my 2-year-younger brother has overtaken me etc etc

Like of course I am happy for them but it’s hard to distract myself from feeling rubbishy about not being able to do things when said things are constantly pushed into my face just because I’m the ‘right’ age.

It’s tiresome.

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hi do you know any good mcgenji fics? i'm starving

hey so anon long story short i am starving too and the jesse mccree/genji shimada pairing tag in ao3 is a right mess despite being under 50 fics big. everything thats not some weird love triangle w hanzo is a one shot. i wish i could provide more but i aint bothering w all the ones that include mchanzo too 

there is Little, Otherwise

Now Look Into My Eyes (And Tell Me) - G - some nonsexual wireplay idk how else to describe? original overwatch, unspoken crushes which is My Favourite

A Little Compasion - E - genji joins ow and jesse Makes Buddies w him. also they fuck. this description is lacking because i read this one months ago but its good

Punishment - E - ok ill be real i only like this one bc i like begging bottom mccree. thanks

Courtship - E - This is also one i read months ago. i think its literally the first mcgenji fic written? when the tag had literally uh 3 things and the ship name was also debated to be creemada. anyways uhm. this is when fandom was still getting a hang of personalities but idk i like slut genji

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Not to Start Shit™ but given that Jared stayed in character the whole time (probably still is in character) he probably made Margot uncomfortable seeing as The Joker is psychotically possessive of Harley and so he probably saw Margot like that for a while. Also Margot not giving a fuck about being anti harleyjoker. She disagrees with harleyjoker shippers too. Jared is the only one who supports it. And noah fence Margot clearly is more comfortable with Will which is why I have faith in quinnshot.

Idk who you were afraid of starting shit with anon. It sure as hell isn’t me. Go awf! 

Honestly Jared has been creeping me out more as himself in press tour interviews than he did as the actual Joker. Did anyone tell him the film was over? Or does he take pleasure in making people uncomfortable 24/7 365?

Margot is good and will not fail us. Even if Quinnshot doesnt happen (boo), I still have complete faith in Harley realizing the Jester ain’t shit and becoming independent if Margot has any say in it. And Deadshot is A) a great character and B) had an interesting relationship with Harley and C)She loves working with Will and already peer pressured him into working on Suicide Squad with her so I’m fairly confident we’re going to get more Harley/Floyd interactions.

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like a doctor walks out and says “i’m sorry to tell you this, but it seems to be a case of the shidge. rub this ointment on it twice a day to-”

you know??? 

my fave (which no one likes lol) is still shipidge, because it sounds like shippage (as in, the act of shipping) which just feels so niiiiice

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Magnus for the character ask :))

1: sexuality headcanon: he is bi so bi
2: otp: malec 
3: brotp: izzy and magnus they are perfect and could rule the world
4: notp: ….???? i dont know ???? probs jace???? idk
5: first headcanon that pops into my head: magnus not giving a fUCK and telling maryse all the shit he hates about her
6: favorite line from this character: “i’ll do you probono” and the whole “emotions are never black and white” monologue
7: one way in which I relate to this character: his sassiness
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: nothing ….nothing everything he does is great
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll

Send me a character and I’ll answer these

I want to start a youtube/twitch series where I draw OTPs (and give tips and tricks to draw couples) that you vote on!

So if you’re interested, please like this post so I can set everything up. 

You vote on an OTP, I offer three scribbles on a live stream and you decide which one you want to see!

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may I request Fraxus confession time (Laxus being the one who does it <3333) and did you get my previous ask? some of mine never arrive .. idk might be a tumblr error ;-;

Fraxus + Confession

   It had been a long time coming, the realisation that he couldn’t actually imagine a life without Freed at his side…the Rune mage seemed to have always been there, and it had been a bolt from the blue, a battle gone wrong that had nearly snatched him away that had forced Laxus to realise that he needed the younger man as more than a friend. It wasn’t earth-shattering, some part of him had already realised as much, but it did raise the issue of what he was going to do…ignoring it wasn’t an option as Laxus had never been one to deny himself what he wanted, and besides he knew that if he waited too long then someone else or something else could steal Freed away from him. He had spent hours…days…trying to work out what to say, watching Freed for any sign that Freed felt the same, colour slowly seeping into his cheeks as he realised that every word and action showed that the Rune mage felt the same…that he had felt the same for a long time. Eventually it became too much, all thoughts of making a romantic gesture or doing it properly disappeared…and he found himself pulling Freed to him in the aftermath of a fight, both of them sweating, blood and bruises littering their skin, unable to stop himself from thinking that Freed had never looked so beautiful a split second before he found himself kissing the younger man, all his repressed feelings pouring forth in one go. They were both red when they pulled back and breathing heavily, but Laxus took strength from the fact that Freed hadn’t tried to push him away, leaning in to rest his forehead against Freed’s.

“I love you…”

Fair warning this post is just me being emo so………. anyway i just passed 10k followers which… is kind if a big deal? I made this blog many years ago in a spur of the moment, just bc i needed a space for all my drarry related feelings, and i never would have expected others to follow me lmao, but here we are………. and i’m so grateful for each and every one of you!! I don’t really post personal stuff on this blog so it may seem like i’m never here but let me tell you: i’m watching. And i read your comments and your posts and your reblogs and it just makes me very happy to know there’s such a community, and there are so many people who love these boys just as much as i do!!!!

anyway this is all rly besides the point. Whay i’m trying to say is: thank you all for following me, for sticking around (some of you have been here since the early stages. I applaud you.) and for loving drarry. Y'all are the real MVPs. I love you 💖💖💖

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Im talking to this one guy and hes not really consistent with how he acts around me..... Like sometimes we talk all night and hes really sweet to me and tells me how much fun hes having talking to me and the next day when i try to start a conversation with him i get absolutely nothing?? Idk like i like talking to him but hes just so wishy washy and its really driving me crazy.... Do you have any advice on how to deal with this guy

um honestly in my experience i just try and not take it personally? which is hard for me lol because i take everything personally but it gets easier to just let things go.. idk. some people need breaks from communicating w/ people even if they like them. i’m not really one of those people but i can understand where they’re coming from. maybe he’s not as invested in conversation the next day because he just needs time to recharge. most of the time i think it doesn’t have much to do with you. and even if that’s not the case.. just find other people to invest your time into. appreciate the moments you have with this guy, but don’t depend on them? just cause he’s not talking to you 24/7 doesn’t mean he’s inconsistent, just human. of course! idk the whole story so maybe there’s some other things but from what you’re telling me.. like it sucks that you feel you can’t rely on him which i understand but at the same time sometimes it’s easier to just not.. rely on any one person for communication. alternate who you talk to. if he’s not up for it, oh well, someone else may be, and when he is, cool, that’s great! also, try and get together in real life more often? i feel like those interactions are usually more fulfilling and feel more real. idk! that’s all i got.. 

in the end i feel like it’s just easier to just try not to care about other people’s little quirks, as long as they’re not actively hurting you most of the time their actions aren’t done out of malice. it’s just simpler to try and be understanding of that and distracting yourself with other things instead of overthinking their actions. people are fickle!! it’s hard to not care like being relaxed and ~whatever~ actually takes a lot of work to achieve it’s not something you can just flip on like a switch so i understand if you’re like.. “easier said than done” but idk? just something to aim for i guess. whatever’s going on with him i doubt has something to do with you in particular, probably is just the way he is. and if there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s simpler to just shrug and find something else to put your attention towards.

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this isn't really a one word prompt but your fics make me feel soft and warm and a little sad and this music video (song and visuals) makes me feel soft and warm and a little sad: Garden City Movement - Move On (Official Video). "bathtub" i guess for the one word mainly bc of the way the actresses are in the bathtub scene at 2:26 which is very... i dont know. this is less of a prompt and more of a hey your fics make me feel like this and i love it

oh man this is really the nicest message. soft and warm (and a little sad) is kinda. what i love. the most. so uumm thank you !! also that mv was so lovely honestly thank you for telling me about it, i’m so.. weh idk im really happy for this message haha  (〃∇〃) i filled your prompt too! sort of!! i couldn’t do the scene that you wanted. i’m sorry about that. but i wrote about kyungsoo being sick and baekhyun looking after him and there is a bathtub. sort of. i hope you like it! it’s here on ao3. i still have another prompt to fill  but if anyone still has a one-word prompt, send me it pls! thank you for reading!

Baekhyun always knows when Kyungsoo is getting sick before he does. His eyes get tired at the edges, more tired than usual, and his lashes pull low, casting shadows. His lips get dry and he licks them more often, sucking his lower lip into his mouth. The soft skin under his eyes gets darker. His shoulders slope, his voice catches on the edge of rough, he sleeps later. Baekhyun notices this because Baekhyun notices everything about Kyungsoo; the way his fingers curl into his palms when he’s nervous, the way his hair falls back when he runs his hand through it. Baekhyun notices all of it because he shares a room with Kyungsoo but also because he wants to share more. He wants to share oxygen with him, skin with him, a bed with him. He settles for making him a hot drink, ginger with lemon and honey.

“You’re getting sick,” he says, sitting down next to him, placing the mug on the coffee table and turning the handle toward him. He looks at the cup, eyes flat, and then he looks at Baekhyun, expression still as stone.

“I’m not sick,” he says, and he turns back to his book.

“Drink it anyway,” insists Baekhyun, nudging the mug closer. “It’s good for your voice, aren’t you supposed to be a singer?”

“I’m not sick,” he repeats, but he picks up the mug and takes a sip and the heat from the steam flushes his cheeks and Baekhyun is satisfied.

“I’ll bring you a blanket,” he says, standing up. “I have cough medicine too. Do you want ginseng tea instead?”

“If you bring me any of that I’ll break some part of you,” says Kyungsoo. “An important part.” He’s holding the mug with two hands now, warming his palms, blowing at it to cool it down. Baekhyun laughs and the corners of Kyungsoo’s mouth twitch. It’s enough, Baekhyun leaves the room smiling. 

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Lol u got lost 6 times at school? That's like the same for me. I was so unlucky bc they have like an A, B, C, and D building (I think((I'm new))) and pretty much all of my classes are in the D building but I go on the first day of school to first period and it says "Writing" so I find writing and she tells me I'm supposed to go to Advisory IN THE B BUILDING WHICH IDK WHERE IT IS. So I go to my locker putting random stuff in it cause idk what to bring and make it there like "why me"

huN let me tell you, i wasnt there at the orientation so you know how horrible it went for me it was so confusing and i was stressed the whole time i didnt even eat my lunch-


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RULES: answer 10, tag 10

Last movie you saw: Pretty sure is was Star Wars: A New Hope, because S wanted to restart the series while we were at the beach

The last song you listened to: ‘Baptism,’ by Paul Cardall. I get phases with this song every now and then and apparently I’m in one.

Last show you watched: Fucking BSG. Fuck that show in the eye socket, man. It is giving me even more feels on this trip through than it did the first time, which I didn’t realize was possible but here we are.

The last book you read: Well I am currently rereading The Charm School, by Nelson DeMille, and let me tell you how simultaneously riveted and horrified I am. When I was like idk, 18 and first read this book, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced cheese. Now I realize that this dude is a misogynist, xenophobic, faux patriotic freak with a thing for writing relationships where the woman is 15 to 20 years younger than the man. I mean the plot is still riveting, but damn. I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now;)

Last thing you ate: Chicken curry. I haven’t managed breakfast yet, unless you count the coffee I’m currently swilling.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Off the cuff answer: ANYWHERE WHERE IT’S FUCKING COLD. More accurate answer: watching S walk off the field entirely intact after his final JV soccer game. *sighs loudly*

Where would you time travel to: Oh god I hate questions like this, because I never have any sort of a good answer. Given the current state of my emotional suffering over TWD, I’m gonna go with “back to a place where I was made head writer of the damn show instead of Gimple.” Hehe. Then it would basically be The Carol Show, and the content would include a great deal of Carol’s entirely intact mental health. Also bathtub sex with Daryl. Because bathtubs. And Michonne would have her own entire storyline, including at least one bottle episode, with Rick nowhere to be seen. Geez I’m swooning just thinking about this. Halp.

The first thing you would do with lottery money: Put away money for my kids to go to any college they want to.

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: I mean, Carol. Because I love her and want her to know how wonderful she is, which is what I would spent the entire day telling her. However, in her current condition she probably wouldn’t want me anywhere near her, so I will also go with Renee Walker, because tbh I think we would get along fantastically.

Time right now: 8:51 a.m. Yes, this is what happens when your kid has soccer practice at 8 on a Saturday morning. :/

I’m tagging: @hikingnerd, @youwereneveraslicebitch, @itsjaneshepard, @polysyllabicus, @allidon, @shepardmoreau, @the-bitchet, @cool-avaspuppies, @merelei, @littlepawkiss, and absolutely anybody else who wants to play. But no pressure at all!

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My bestie convinced me to get an undercut. I mean I was already considering but she encouraged me to finally say yes. I've ever done one before-LIKE EVER. I just hope my mom doesnt bitch about it for months(which she prbly will tbh). I just want something new ya know? Idk why im telling you this lmao. My mom just likes it long. buts so annoying. and im very lazy.

Eh fuck whatever your mom says, just do what you want. I think it’s a rite of passage that kids do stuff to their appearance that parents hate…I certainly did haha. Besides, hair grows back, so you can always change it again. :)

Awkward Wiz Story #1

Okay, so one time I was doing the good ol’ hanging out with the wiz squad in the Wu Realm Commons, and there was this dude running around saying, “hotel open add me for reservations”.

And of course me and my small group were like, “yeah ok lets go to that hotel for the lols and the hahas”, so we added the guy and ported in to his “hotel”, which for some reason is always that one big Marleybone house idk why???

And let me tell you, things got really dang weird thanks to the odd ones in our little squad.

This girl named Madison started to do some good old-fashioned 2010 wiz roleplay, apparently she was an alcoholic mom and this one guy named Talon or something was her son??

And so basically once we got inside the “hotel” and paid rental with treasure cards (lmao) Madison ran straight up to the second floor into the area with those big rootbeer kegs.

You wanna know what she did??

She legit
No fake no scam no its just a prank bro got DRUNK

And started drunkly hitting on me like wtf I’m just a smol necromancer made out of polygons and textures what in the actual hecker are you doing?

And she just said things like “come on valdus i can’t sleep by myself i’ll be lonely hehe x is drunk x”

Not gonna lie even though this was a game of fake 3D wizards I was kinda uncomfortable lmao.

After some shenanigans of staring into the camera like I’m on the office, I ran into my own “room” and this girl named Jennifer who’s part of the squad went up with me cause at that point she was scared of what was going on, too.

But surprise, surprise, Madison came up and so did her “son” and that boy was just having a blast as he “x sets everything on fire x” and then climbed up to sleep on a bookshelf?

And right about there, the chaos went in full swing and the room was full of weird chat, and I just told Jen that “i gotta get off it’s getting too wu in here” and I just instantly closed out my game.

This is why I don’t trust wiz hotels anymore tbh.

(am I the only one who sees more of a Toews/Jack comparison than a Crosby/Jack comparison?)

wren-bluebell said: it utterly fascinates me.. how creators,, create characters that take on a life of their own.. to the extent they want ‘out’ and they torture you until they get it xD in a manner of speaking. That you will pit two characters, of yours against each other.. idk who my money would be on.. tbh.. i wonder, if you would even know? xD 

Yeah, it fascinates me when characters develop their own personality. You know you’ve got a good one when they start telling you their story. If I listen, I can imagine it. What amuses me most is that I imagine a set up and write towards it, and the events remain the same but the characters and the reasons behind their action so the scene ultimately changes.

Immortals like Solas and Dirthamen are fun because of their shared history, which gives me a method to explore both of them (especially Solas) in a different way. For them a conversation over dinner or over a chess game is as just as much a battle as when they throw fireballs at each other. (Though Dirthamen would never throw fireballs, it’s too gauche.) They’re both engaging because they have something that the other wants.

And it’s fun because Solas could vastly overpower Dirthamen in the Fade. My Dirthamen is a blood mage, he can manage the Fade but people are his forte and not spirits. So, advantage Solas when it comes to brute forcing his way to success.

However, Dirthamen has Solas all wrapped up with social convention and emotional consequences. Brute force won’t get Solas what he wants. In the other hand, social conventions and emotional consequences won’t get Dirthamen what he wants either. Still, they provide him with the groundwork he needs to emotionally and intellectually starve Solas out. As he is the man with the plan and much better at social engineering, he’s most likely to eventually get what he needs.

Plus, Solas has never been good at really managing to moderate his information and with Dirthamen everything you say has the potential to transform into eventual ammunition for his cannons.

Dirthamen can negotiate with Mythal and come away the winner because he’s much more hands on than the other two. However, he’s also far more directly reliant on teamwork with others.

Though, I suppose, the definition of “winning” gets a little murky when we’re talking about the Evanuris.

What’s fun about it though is how well Dirthamen and Solas actually get along, how well their abilities complement each other, and how often old grievances flare up. For Solas, playing mind games with Dirthamen is a lot like coming home. They may loathe each other, but they enjoy spending time together.

They have very different political views. However, they actually enjoy each others’ company. There are very few people in existence anywhere near their level, who also share their history, and most of them are dead.

Scenes like this, between characters this old, there’s never just one reason why they’re engaging. There’s the surface reason, the obvious one, then the twenty-three or so behind it waiting in the wings.

They’re experienced enough to both come away winners because you’ve got to sacrifice some pieces to bait your opponent into looking the wrong direction.

BUT! The best part, that Solas hasn’t realized yet, is that Solas isn’t just dealing with Dirthamen. He’s actually facing a Dirthamen/Eirwen team up, even if she’s not present. (In the old days, it’d be a Dirthamen/Falon’din team up. They were the ultimate tag team.)

Solas is a lone wolf at heart, he tends to fight by himself.

Dirthamen is a pack animal, he’s at his weakest when he’s on his own. He needs his flock, he needs his partner. As a result, he’s never really in it alone.

It’s really fun writing an Evanuris who needs others in order to function. More than that, Dirthamen likes other people. So, it’s really a win for him.

You might be starting to see how Dirthamen positions the people around him. It’s not that they literally can’t kill him, it’s just they don’t want to deal with the consequences of what will happen. With Solas, Dirthamen can dangle Eirwen (and Eirwen lets him because she knows) for emotional blackmail.

“Well, Eirwen made the decision. Eirwen wouldn’t like that. If you did, she would be unhappy. She might not forgive you, brother. Should your goal be to convince her of my villainy, it may best not to destroy her happiness. She experiences it so rarely.”

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Dirthamen wages war with the thousand emotional cuts, then he rubs salt into the wounds as he dredges up reminders of the embarrassing moments from your childhood.

Solas can hold his own, he doesn’t really intend to kill Dirthamen (though Dirth makes it sooo hard). He’s just stuck and frustrated and Dirthamen is a Class A Troll.

However, Dirthamen and Eirwen running long cons on gods and nations will probably always be my favorite part of their relationship.

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I can't just /tell/ you which anon I am!! That would ruin the fun!! It had occurred to me to reveal myself as a going-away gift or something but again, where's the fun in that?? If it helps, I do have quite a lot of fun being an anon. So idk just see which ones seem like they have fun writing their asks?? I don't know how you'll figure it out honestly. I assumed you had an idea because of the timing of my activity and when the anon asked stuff but hey if you don't know, more fun for me😉


WILL YOU TELL ME IF I GET IT RIGHT???? How many guesses do I get???

♥︎Admin K (who is dying to knowwww)

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Idk whether to be ashamed or not but I'm one of those women who like to kiss up on my intimate partner right after they eat me out because I think it doesn't smell nor taste appealing. I feel like because my juices mix with their saliva/breath, it changes it in comparison to me tasting myself directly, which tastes much sweeter and smells good. What are your thoughts?

Whatever floats your boat. I’m not going to tell you to be ashamed of what works for you. And what you do sexually is your business. You don’t need my vote or opinion on something so intimate