idk whether i like it

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you and ducky have lowkey taken over my dash. not sayin i dont like it tho

idk whether to apologize or say you’re welcome. i want to apologize for my stuff and say you’re welcome for ducky’s cause she’s an angel and im the potato she chose to date

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I'm 20 and lately I've realized I relate a lot to symptoms of ADHD. My biggest hold up is that I've always been a generally quiet person (unless I'm with someone I like) and idk about whether or not I had symptoms as a kid (honestly I can't remember that stuff well enough). + I'm pretty sure I have depression so maybe it's just symptom overlap but there are things depression doesn't explain. I really should find a doctor but I don't know where to look w/o costing my parents lots of $$

Whether or not you’re a quiet person doesn’t necessarily have much to do with ADHD. It is true for some of us, especially those with more hyperactive/impulsive traits, but it’s also a bit of a stereotype and definitely isn’t universal. It’s possible you’re more on the inattentive side, which could also mean that symptoms in childhood weren’t as noticeable because they were mostly things like inattention, daydreaming, trouble focusing, etc. 

It’s also possible that depression has an effect. I won’t make any overly scientific claims but from personal experience I was more subdued during the years I was depressed and some of the hyperactive/impulsive ADHD symptoms I have now weren’t as obvious. Once I started recovering and found people I was comfortable being myself with I became much more energetic and talkative, even though I’d always considered myself a quiet person. You might also just feel more comfortable with people you know. 


Do you have insurance? Look into what it covers. If you’re in school, you can ask the counselling office and/or disability services office for help with it. Another possibility is your local learning disabilities association. They may be able to provide you with an assessment or refer you to someone who can do it, and they may be able to access funding to cover it for you.


hey if you’re questioning your sexuality, i just wanted to say that i support you! it seems scary now, but you’ll figure it out eventually… i believe in you!


I Constantly Thank God For Esteban // Panic! At The Disco

since minhyuk himself at the meeting has confirmed he is Not Gay (a “healthy male”, he says, unless what I was watching on mistranslated which is likely?) I wanna know what the deal was w all the gookdoo worship?? was it just how he entertains himself? that’s what I thought for a while but having it actually be the case pisses me off

I just don’t understand where the writers are trying to go w him being gay or not gay and idk but the writer seems to have this weird obsession with inserting the Gay into punchlines? like it may not be the joke itself but its like idk how to explain it like that blanket gag was so random and weird (some ppl found it offensive and idk what to think about that but at the very least I was like ??? why)

and the gang scenes are funny but boring and minhyuk’s family/company drama just zzzzzzzz -_-

i’m doing my best but i feel like all i’m achieving rn is reblogging photos of…mostly cats

that’s about where i am


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

i am who i am. no excuses.

I was doodling Nathanaël when a small thought of Naminé danced around in the back of my head, and suddenly it tangoed right into this headcanon where they’ll actually make really great online art friends.

Alex asked yesterday on twitter what fans would like to see from a Gravity Falls comic series. what would you like to see? answer in the tags (or send me a message)!