idk whether i like it

idk what I’m gonna do Tuesday night, the finale doesn’t air until 1am here and idk whether I can stay up until it finishes at 4 cos I like my sleep but I don’t wanna have to wait until it’s on Netflix at 8am Wednesday morn & accidentally see spoilers ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ struggle

i have literally no sense of time beyond a couple days, either forwards or backwards

something happened a week ago? sure, but it feels the same to me as if it was three weeks ago, or three days. something else happened? ok, but i cant tell you if it came before the other thing, or after, or even on the same day

& if something is more than a week in the future, it just doesnt exist. i cant plan for it. i cant remember any plans people tell me about it. i cant prepare for anything beyond the horizon

its never had too much of an impact on me, but im scared of whatll happen if im a suspect for a crime

‘what were you doing 8pm last friday?’ something, im sure. maybe nothing. honestly i feel like ive only existed this second. ‘you told us this sequence of events before, but now youve changed the order. are you lying?’ i mean im not trying to deceive you but theres a 90% chance that anything i tell you is a false memory. isnt there someone else you can ask? if i try to give you the story again, itll be different again

hey if you’re questioning your sexuality, i just wanted to say that i support you! it seems scary now, but you’ll figure it out eventually… i believe in you!

there’s something in you worth loving.

you heard me.

it can be as rudimentary as the charming way you smile, or how pleasant your laugh sounds. there is something. I know how difficult it is to conceptualize; I know it’s even harder to think that these positive things, even the small ones, make up for the void – make up for all the perceived negative way we see ourselves.

to be honest there’s a lot more about us to love than what we gives ourselves credit for. it never feels like enough; we need to either be more than ourselves or nothing at all. most of the time it feels like nothing at all. but it’s not like that.

if you didn’t know it today, you are worth loving. people do love you. there are people out there that will come to love you. and there’s always time to cultivate things in ourselves that people can come to love. we’re amazingly dynamic like this.

but don’t give up.

you are worth loving.

Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all


top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number fourteen 

girl meets game night (1x17) 


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Me and some friends were discussing your AU, and it's really neat! We even thought about what Mercy's name would have been.. The best thing we came up with was Valkyrie! It's not exactly the best, I know, but I hope you like the suggestion! Love the au and your art, once again!! Toodaloo!

angela is a nurse at the city hospital who’s taken helping people into her own hands. she’s probably best at teaming up with people, since her focus is on saving lives and not on fighting crime. for example - someone like vigilante would track down a thief or assailant, while the valkyrie focuses on healing injury and making sure victims are okay.

she and the widowmaker have a fair bit of rivalry, and she has a fairly obvious crush on her roommate fareeha amari.

prompt: after kaneki left, hide stayed in his apartment to take care of it. every day he would prepare a cup of coffee to welcome kaneki back with, should he come home. hide never drank it himself, but he would pour every ounce of effort into the perfect cup each day with the slim possibility that his friend would return. perhaps one day kaneki does return to his apartment, only to find his best friend curled up and unconscious on the couch with a cold and untouched coffee before him.


niles the butler + one scene per episode [78/145]:

The Bird’s Nest