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Real talk tho, I NEVER want to find out Dipper and Mabel’s backstory. I never want to hear about their home life. No. Because that’s the whole magic around it; Dipper and Mabel can be whatever you want them to be. You can create some tragic backstory or some fairly normal one depending on how you interpret it.

Because that’s what makes them so relatable.

Admit it, you relate to Dipper or Mabel or somewhere in between both of them. That is what’s so friggin great about this show. Idk about you guys but there are times where I go “Yep, Dipper is me” or “I am Mabel”. And I don’t want to ruin that illusion? Gravity Falls has been about audience participation since day 1. It isn’t nearly as fun to just watch the show as to decode, decipher, theorize, and analyze it to death. I feel like the twins are also parts of the involvement; wherever they came from, whoever they may be, they’re there and they’re in Gravity Falls. Just like us. I mean just as the twins are solving the mysteries in the show, we’re solving them in real life through all these resources we have. We are acting out the part of Dipper and Mabel.

I think this is why we don’t know Dipper or Mabel’s middle names (read:  Full Name Thoery). According to Alex Hirsch, their middle names are their parents’ first names. And also from the same source, Alex admits that their parents will probably never be featured in the show. So we don’t know. There’s one mystery of the Pines family that we’ll never find out; a full and accurate backstory for our protagonists. And tbh I don’t want to solve it.

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Pls make a text post in your POV? It would be adorable

alright here it goes it gives me a reason to think about it yay so basically we were at the station and i had to go to the loo and he texted me being like “yo i’m going to the loo i need a wee” and i was like “ommmmg i’m at the loos too amazing” and i was with my friends and they saw him before i did and they were like “ISn’T THat JAKE” and their bodies parted like the red sea to try and let me see and guess what? it /was/ jake holllaa and I just looked at him and kinda screamed “jaKE!” and we hugged for a hella long time which i was completely fine with and we literally just started walking out the station like we’ve been going out for years idk it was cute okAY and we just literally just walked anywhere and after a while it started raining so we went under this old bank building or something bc there was a roof and we were getting rained on and i can’t remember if it was now or later but he was like “are you cold” and i was like “a little” and he gave me his jacket (sorry jake i still have it okay it smells nice alright deal with it m8) and yeah so i got my phone to tell us how to get to the globe and we walked and we walked passed it and i was like “yep that’s the globe” and i thought he looked at the right building bc he went “yeah it’s nice” and it TURNS OUT HE WAS LOOKING AT SOME NEW BUILDING THAT WAS LIKE AN OFFICE BUILDING OR SOMETHING AND we WENT BACK LIKE 3 TIMES TO MAKE SURE hE DID ACTUALLY SEE THE GLOBE THEATRE. but anyway yeah idk where it came from but every single time we walked passed a pigeon jake would just go “le pigeon. my friend” evERY SINGLE PIGEON it was actually quite sweet ngl anyway so after a while his foot started hurting and he started limping so we went to the hotel and drunk alcoholic beverages whilst watching what? 4 hours of the big bang theory and we were just sat on the sofa it was cute i enjoyed it and then the big bang theory marathon ended so we got in our pjs and had pizza and i brought the duvet from the bed over and we just sat on the sofa for another 2 hours watching Sanctum and there was a character called josh who was fab and basically we loved him there was a line that the dad said which i won’t say here bc then it will stay as our thing but anyway yeah that movie finished and we went to bed and kissed and yo. the next day was the same thing practically but it was kind of cuter i guess bc now we’re really comfortable with each other and i forgot pads and so he went out to the shops to buy me some AW but anyway yeah it was a really good date and i kind of miss him a lot there I saID IT tHERE aND I MEANT IT