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+ Jealousy.

Um, so remember how I said I was gonna cut myself off at 1500 words max? Yeah, I failed. This is +4k. It spiraled out of control and I’m like 95% sure there is a part two for this. If you guys are up for it of course. 

This is AU/AH role reversal of sorts, in which Klaus is Caroline’s assistant.

Klaus had always been good at keeping secrets. Ever since he was child, he managed to keep everything sealed inside of him. He kept his love for art a secret from his father. He kept the pain of his father’s slaps a secret from the world outside the confines of his home. As a teenager, he kept his sister’s boyfriends in check without her knowing. And he managed to keep his job at a bakery a secret from his family. At eighteen, he left his address a secret from his family until Elijah found him, relief on his face and hurt in his eyes and it occurred to him that this should not have been a secret. And through it all, what he learned to do best was to keep his feelings secret. With time, he learned to simply keep them in check. So it was no surprise that Klaus’ best hidden secret was his infatuation with his enchanting boss, Caroline Forbes. But it was a surprise to him that his feelings towards her continued to spiral out of control.

He met Caroline at 23 years old, freshly graduated from college, fascinated by the smashing success of her magazine at only 27. He went in for an interview for the position of her personal assistant, his tie slightly off-center and his palms sweating. His chances of actually snatching the job were slim to none. He had no experience beyond his time at the bakery which sustained him through university. He had no network to fall back on which could recommend him to her. But he was determined to go through with the interview. Caroline Forbes, he believed could teach him a lot. Fixing his glasses on his nose once more, he braced himself and walked in.

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What went down in The Puppeteer
  • Manon: hey Marinette come play with these dolls
  • Marinette: why is there a small child in my room
  • Marinette: what did I do to deserve this
  • Manon: I'm here to play with dolls and also get akumatized and wreck literally everything in the most epic way
  • Marinette: well at least you're up front about it
  • Marinette: so can you get on that
  • Manon: nah, first I'm gonna spend ten minutes playing with dolls
  • Marinette: can I fast-forward to the epic fight scenes
  • Manon: nope
  • Marinette: and get the f**k away from my stuff
  • Manon: no, come play with the dolls!
  • Marinette: ok so this little guy is mr Rogercop and he says to get the f**k away from my g*****n stuff you little s**t
  • Manon: I need an adult...
  • Marinette: c'mon, that was a pretty good Roger impression
  • Manon: I'm literally five
  • Marinette: right
  • Nadja: ok Manon it's time to go
  • Manon: no I wanna steal Marinette's dolls
  • Nadja: no, stealing is wrong Manon
  • Manon: but Marinette steals phones all the time! is that wrong?
  • Marinette: huh um well idk what she's talking about
  • Nadja: hey where did my phone go?
  • Marinette: that was a close one
  • Marinette: now imma go ride a train with Alya
  • Manon: plot twist, I stole the Lady Wifi doll!
  • Nadja: this was to be expected
  • Nadja: and as such, the doll will be removed from your possession
  • Manon: dangit
  • Hawkmoth: hey Manon do you wanna get your doll back
  • Manon: isn't that stealing?
  • Hawkmoth: it's not stealing if you don't get caught
  • Manon: I don't think that's how stealing works
  • Hawkmoth: come on, just become the f**king Puppeteer already
  • Manon: I need an adult...
  • Hawkmoth: I am an adult
  • Manon: really? ok then, let's do this!
  • Marinette: why is Adrien on this train
  • Alya: I really have no idea
  • Alya: but maybe you should stop staring at him
  • Puppeteer: Lady Wifi, come to life!
  • Alya: *transforms*
  • Marinette: oh freakin no
  • Lady Wifi: *shoots internet at Marinette*
  • Adrien: welp better hide and transform
  • Plagg: where can we hide
  • Adrien: how about in the place where the engineer drives the train
  • Plagg: oh f**k yes
  • Plagg: *begins to drive the train at a worryingly high speed*
  • Adrien: Plagg, claws out!
  • Plagg: friiiiiiiick
  • Chat Noir: *stops train, Spider-Man style*
  • Chat Noir: aaaaaaaand, Lady Wifi got away
  • Chat Noir: I am good at this
  • Lady Wifi: *ascends to the highest point of the building*
  • Lady Wifi: *begins broadcast*
  • Lady Wifi: hey Paris! I'm Lady Wifi, coming at you live with NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN
  • Bystanders: oh holy s**t it's a rickroll, run away!
  • Hawkmoth: maybe get back on track, Puppeteer?
  • Puppeteer: yeah that's what I've been trying to tell her
  • Ladybug: fite me Lady Wifi
  • Lady Wifi: lemme steal these dolls first
  • Ladybug: stealing is wrong, Lady Wifi
  • Lady Wifi: says the person who just stole my phone
  • Ladybug: admit it, I'm good at this
  • Ladybug: bye bye little butterfly that isn't there which is defs a bad thing that means Lady Wifi is gonna wreck me now
  • Lady Wifi: *takes dolls and ollies outy*
  • Ladybug: that was unexpected
  • Chat Noir: *miscellaneous bad flirting*
  • Ladybug: yeah you were very helpful back there
  • Chat Noir: ikr
  • Ladybug: now let's follow Lady Wifi
  • Lady Wifi: *rejoins Puppeteer and hands over the dolls*
  • Puppeteer: now I'm gonna win!
  • Chat Noir: *air guitar*
  • Ladybug: no that wasn't meant as a song cue, Chat Noir
  • Chat Noir: oh
  • Puppeteer: you're too late, Ladybug
  • Puppeteer: even now, I have reinforcements on the way
  • Ladybug: then I guess we'll have to stop you before they get here
  • Evillustrator: HEY GUYS
  • Evillustrator: hey Roger, did you see that? I got a dramatic moment! I finally didn't screw it up!!!
  • Rogercop: yeah of course I f**kin saw
  • Rogercop: it was decidedly mediocre
  • Ladybug: oh noes there are a bunch of them
  • Puppeteer: and also Chat Noir
  • Puppeteer: your luck's run out, Ladybug
  • Ladybug: I think you'll find I always have one last trick up my sleeve
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Puppeteer: wow so unexpected, we defs never saw that coming
  • Puppeteer: Chat Noir, do you wanna take that?
  • Chat Noir: cataclysm!
  • Chat Noir: *leaps at lucky charm*
  • Ladybug: *punches Chat Noir in the face*
  • Chat Noir: wow rood
  • Ladybug: don't f**k with my lucky charms
  • Ladybug: and it's a...power strip, thats useful
  • Puppeteer: maybe you could use it as a second yoyo?
  • Ladybug: that's not how a power strip works
  • Ladybug: whatever
  • Ladybug: I'll just fight you all on my own
  • Ladybug: and it's five against one, but I'll take you all down
  • Ladybug: because I'm the f**kin Miraculous Ladybug
  • Ladybug: and I am JUST
  • Ladybug: THAT
  • Ladybug: BADASS
  • Ladybug: *pulls Lady Wifi's phone out of her pocket and freezes Puppeteer*
  • Ladybug: *whistles her own theme song*
  • Ladybug: *breaks wand*
  • Ladybug: bye bye, little butterfly
  • Chat Noir: you know, your suit doesn't have pockets to hide a phone in
  • Ladybug: I really don't care
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: you know what really upsets me about all this? It’s the fact that Yoongi is so incredible hard on himself and puts himself down so often even though he's one of the most humble, dedicated and hardworking people in this industry. he was sick, he was in the hospital for a couple of days and he cried because he couldn't perform and woke up in cold sweat because of the thought of letting fans down. he was SICK and his main priority was still pleasing us, reaching out to all of us. The fact that Yoongi wrote that and said that he wants to reach out to us as '24-years old Min Yoongi' and not as '24-years old Suga of Bangtan.' He wanted to tell his story as a person to another person, not as an idol telling a story to his fans. He wanted it to be more personal.
  • It makes me sad that he beats himself up over the fact that he couldn't perform on stage and called hiimself a 'very lacking person'. It makes me sad that he said 'I cried so hard even though I know I'd lose if I cried.' It makes me sad that Yoongi is so loving and caring that he went to Kobe during his vacation because he felt so bad. He said that he wouldn't be honourable in his eyes if he didn't go. He left without any plans and even though people tried to stop him.
  • He said that when he was 17 he did a performance where he could honourably look his only two audience members in the eyes. He said that after debut he wasn't able to do that. For the first time in HYYH, for the very first time in a long, long time he was able to look people in the eyes again. The fact that he couldn't perform the second day of Kobe hit him so hard that he lost that ability again.
  • It upsets me that Yoongi doesn't see that he has made the lives of so many people so much better just by being him and the fact that he keeps on apologizing for being sick breaks my heart in so many pieces.
  • He deadass apologized for not being a perfect humanbeing, he apologized for being a weak person that pretends to be strong.
  • He said that even though he doesn't have a religion, he prayed in Kobe.
  • He said that age, gender and religion doesn't matter to him. No matter what, we all occupy a large portion of him even though he enjoys being alone.
  • He said;'because I'm an imperfect being, I'll live out every moment with gratitude.'
  • If it doesn't hurt your heart just thinking about how Min Yoongi, the man who made 300 food and drink snack packs for a fan meet and HAND WROTE messages for EACH pack, thinks he's not enough and still imperfect than I don't know if you're human.
  • I just hope Yoongi knows he's an angel that needs to put himself first more often.
  • I love him so much

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Idk if you've addressed this yet, but in SBS, when did Fitz finally get around to proposing? I just read your answer about how they started thinking about marriage right before she gets taken by the monolith, so how much time passes before he pops the question? And how does he go about it? ;-) ❤❤❤

I haven’t addressed that yet, but - it happens during what’s 3x17 in canon. :-)

they’ve just survived yet another bomb - for Fitz and Sarama, this is far, far too similar to 8/8. so Fitz snaps unnecessarily at Lincoln, and moodily agrees with Coulson that they lie low for the time being. 

once the four of them are in their room, Jemma gets right to work, leaning back against Caedmon at the end of the queen-sized bed and grumbling about how they should be in the lab. Fitz, agitated, just stands in the center of the room for a bit, trying to calm down from the horror of having seen a second bomb go off far too close to Jemma and Caedmon. what if next time the bomb hits its target? absent-mindedly, she reaches up to the edge of the bed to rub the backs of her fingers against Sarama’s scales, and that familiar feeling of her touching his soul just crashes over him. what would his life be without her? without knowing that at least she was somewhere

and as Fitz is watching her do work, something he sees her do every day but now with cuts and bruises on her face, he just blurts it out:

“Will you marry me?”

Jemma blinks up at him, lips parting in shock. “What?”

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I just realized I wasn't following you so I fixed that grievous mistake (also first blog to follow bc my Tumblr game is weak). And idk if there's a limit to how many asks we can pick from that fic meme list but I really want to know your answers to G, H, K, L, M, P, S, T, U, X, and Y. :D

Daw well I’m glad to have been your first Tumblr follow babes 😘 You’re too sweet :’) 

No limit, I love talking about writing and I never get to so I’m all about it! SO LONG WINDED ANSWERS AHEAD SORRY IN ADVANCE. 

G: Care to share a favorite crack fic?

I don’t know exactly what constitutes a crack fic/ship tbh lol. People call Bellamione a crack ship and I’m like fuck you fight me so ??? As for an actual crack fic, I haven’t read one of those since Glee. So I got nothing for this question basically lmao I’m sorry

H: How would you describe your style?

Umm. Descriptive, probably to the point of being excessive at some points but I’m working on that. I want people to see exactly what I see in my mind. I want them to read it and be able to easily understand everything that’s going on, be able to grasp the character’s emotions, and be immersed when the action strikes. So yeah. 

K: What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

One that I’m still considering writing, in which Bellatrix preys on Hermione’s desire for her and uses her in an attempt to win the war. It’s still in the works but the potential for angst in it is endless. 

“Did you really think I would ever leave him, my noble pureblooded husband, for a worthless, filthy little mudblood like you? You had so many stars in yours eyes for me that they blinded you pet, it’s pathetic. Though I guess I can’t say I blame you. It’s only in your nature to worship your betters…There, on your knees. Where I’ve always liked you most, or don’t you remember? But of course you do…” Bellatrix sneered lasciviously as the entirety of the inside of Hermione’s chest imploded before the Death Eater’s evil, eager eyes. 

Or something like that ;P ANYWAY. 

L: What’s the weirdest AU you’ve ever come up with?

I don’t really do AU. And if I did I don’t think it would be weird or out there. The only one I really have on my mind is one I’m keeping a secret because I actually plan to write it at some point and it’s a long overdue gift for a friend who wrote me some stellar smut a long while back. SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER.

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Smut. Just…A lot of smut. Nothing with any real meaning. I haven’t had a real meaningful idea hit me since No Good Deed and we all know how that’s turned out so. Some “writer” I am. 

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an “architect” or a “gardener”? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

Somewhere in between probably. I don’t write outlines or anything like that. The most I do is jot down scene ideas or dialogue lines that stick with me that may or may not make the final cut. But I have a general idea in my head of where I want things to go most of the time. The actual action scenes usually just unfold as they go so it feels more natural, and that goes for dialogue heavy stuff as well. 

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

The dead but not really trope lmao I DO IT EVERY TIME. I’m a one trick pony apparently. It makes no sense for the main characters to never get hurt or be in real mortal danger, but like also…I don’t want them to really be dead because what an abysmal ending. If I ever actually kill the main characters, I had to have planned for the story to be tragic and end that way from the beginning. 

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

RANT TIME: I don’t know if this is necessarily a trope but I can’t fucking stand OOC. Literally it means you’re just writing an entirely different character and slapping the fandom names on them. Like ??? I came here to read about Bellatrix and Hermione or Carmilla and Laura or Clarke and Lexa. Not some entirely different character with their names slapped on and calling it “fanfiction”. Especially if it happens in an AU, then it’s not even close to anything resembling fanfiction because it has nothing to do with the original work at all, defeating the whole idea of fandom. 

U: A pairing you might like to write for, but haven’t tried yet.

Supercorp. Clexa. Hollstein. Jori. Bellatrix/Hermione/Fleur. Hermione/Ginny. 

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

I don’t enjoy making characters suffer per se. But probably Bella back when I wrote Bella/Alice Twilight fanfiction lmao. Angsty teenage days and all that probably played a part. And Bellamione thrives on suffering and angst, let’s be honest. 

Y: A character you want to protect.

Hermione Granger. Y’all can catch these hands. (Also Laura Hollis because the Carmilla fandom really irritates the shit out of me.)

Time for me to shut the fuck up, hope that answered all the questions you had well enough lmao. I talk too much some times. Woopsie. 

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I was in a relationship with a guy and I was crazy about him but it ended. After that, I started questioning my sexuality and thought that I wasn't really honest,deep down i've always known I was attracted to girls but it was easier to push these feelings away and pretend I was straight, I didn't have the guts to admit who I really was and tbh I still don't. Now I feel stucked with this label. Everyone assume I'm straight and Idk how I could explain that or come out, especially to my parents...

Hello :)
I’m sorry to hear that you’re so confused but let me tell you that it’s completely natural. Only few people have no trouble figuring out who they are so don’t feel discouraged if you seem “stuck”.

Important things:

- You don’t need to know right now (I understand the feeling that you desperately want to find out what your sexuality is as soon as possible - but trust me, you have time, nobody’s rushing you). Take a deep breath, you’ll get where you wanna be eventually.

- Find someone to talk to about it (if you feel safe doing so). Sharing your thoughts - maybe through text, maybe talking, whatever feels most comfortable - can help to release stress and anxiety. Writing about it can be useful to keep track of your progress, like writing down memories that are “not so straight” or thoughts. It’ll help when you wonder if you’re faking it (you’re probably aren’t but society will most definitely give you doubts, don’t let them confuse you, just do your thing, everything is gonna be fine).

- You don’t need to know anything for sure before identifying a certain way / labeling yourself.

- Feel free to change labels. It’s okay, some things are trickier to figure out than others. You’re not a traitor nor a bad person for not “getting it right” at the first try. For some people, sexuality is very constant, for others it changes over time.

- Just … feel. Embrace all the feelings, thoughts, and fantasies you may have. Everything’s fine, it’s not wrong to think about girls in a way society teaches us to think about guys (as a girl). Go ahead and explore. If you wanna date a girl, date a girl, if you wanna date a guy, do it, if you wanna date a non-binary person, go ahead. (Just be upfront with them if you’re still questioning or not sure, honest communication is key.)

- Surround yourself with positivity. Follow sapphic/bi/lesbian blogs. Read books or watch movies and tv shows that have characters/protagonists that aren’t straight to get comfortable with the thought of not being straight. Maybe read personal stories from other people on how they figured out their sexuality. Attend LGBTQ+ meetings or go to GSA if you have that at your place (if you feel comfortable doing so).

In case you’re thinking about being bi, here’s a great quote from the bisexual activist Robyn Ochs:
“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.” [Source]

Look at this post, too. Actually, the whole blog it’s from.

Other thoughts related to that:

- It’s okay if you feel like being attracted to girls or actively thinking about the possibility of being attracted to girls is new for you.

- For you to identify as bi you don’t have to be attracted to girls and guys 50:50. Furthermore, there are people who are both or neither and including them in your attraction doesn’t make you any less bi since bisexuality is defined as “attraction to two or more genders”.

- Your attraction to different genders doesn’t have to be consistent. It can be 10:90 one day and 40:60 the next and 99:1 the following day. All of that is right and natural. It doesn’t invalidate your identity.

- Furthermore, it’s perfectly fine to be attracted to different genders in different ways . Check out this post and this one.

What’s also worth reading about is compulsory heterosexuality. Just get familiar with the concept, it could definitely bring you further in your questioning process. (links are below, included in the asks)

Check out these asks I got in the past, maybe some advice from there will be helpful to you, too (here I mean the broad idea of them, of course I’m not telling you your sexuality - some asks are quite specific about the sexuality of the person who’s asking - but all of these asks have also general advice that might be interesting): coming out - questioning 1 - questioning 2/comp het - questioning 3/comp het/labels - coming out/being bi.

Concerning everyone assuming that you’re straight - ugh, I FEEL YOU. It’s truly awful. Unfortunately, I have no advice on how to deal with this, I usually stay quiet and roll my eyes into another dimension.

About coming out - the most important thing is that you’re safe and that you feel ready. Nobody is (or at least should be) pushing you to come out. Approach general LGBTQ+ topics with the people you plan on coming out to and see how they react. If you decided that it’s safe to come out to them, there’s a million different ways to do so (letter, cake, text message, talking in person, etc.). Usually the band-aid-method as in “okay, listen up, I’m [insert your sexuality here]” and seeing where it goes from there is something lots of people do. (I think?) - some more tips here

I hope that’s helpful. Feel free to send me another ask if you have other questions or I missed the point!
Please, if you ever want to talk to someone who’s equally confused and thinks about maybe being bi, message me!! Just say Hi and we go from there :) Or just begin to rant about how terribly heteronormative our society is. (Only if you’re comfortable, of course. No pressure.)

I wish you a wonderful day! :)

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Your writing is so so amazing!!! I just wish I wasn't so fucking ugly cause then I could imagine being with Warren or Alex the two ethereal babies. Also, what are like the dynamics in a poly relationship with them. How does it work? Sorry if this ask is a burden! You don't have to answer it! Have a nice day!

babe, i’m sure you’re gorgeous!

SO! on to the dynamics. major shoutout to my bae @phoenixejean for helping me put thoughts into words.

let me just first start off with something i’ve noticed in poly fics!

a lot of authors tend to forget the fact (especially when it’s mmf relationships) that it’s not all about the girl. the two boys, in order for this relationship and dynamic to work, have to love each other as much as they love the girl. bam. it’s that simple.


so obviously, it took some time to really figure out where the relationship was going between the three of you; given that this isn’t the normal type of relationship that’s prevalent in society. there were lots of conversations between you guys that established some ground rules (like housing arrangements, sleeping arrangements, families, holidays, etc). and it took the boys some getting used to, because there was always some romantic tension between the two of them before you came in the picture. but afterwards - it all just really fell together naturally and easily!

because alex is canonically the oldest, he is kind of the Responsible Adult with more life experience than the two of you, and he’s very protective because he grew up helping raise scott - so he’s always aware of what’s going on in your personal lives, and is good about giving you advice on how to de-stress and stuff. he’s also probably the one that handles the finances, along with your help (warren has loads of cash in the bank but lbr boy doesn’t know how to handle it)

warren tries to be laid back all the time, but internally, he’s an Emotional Human Mess with lots of attachment, anger, and emotional issues. he grew up in a very bad place with his parents and he’s still new to having this stability and normality in his life - so it takes a little longer for warren to be able to open up with you and alex in pretty much every way possible. warren is typically the one to plan out dates and times for you all to just be around each other when your schedules fit together, and he’s Very Protective of you and alex, because now that he’s got his own little family; he’s not letting go. (he learns a lot from both you and alex on how to manage a job, relationships, and his own mental health)

and jealousy is pretty much inevitable when it comes to poly relationships. that’s just the way it is, because humans are selfish. 

in the beginning it’s a bit rough, because the boys were friends way longer than they have known you - and it was a bit weird to be so openly affectionate with you at the same time. (the stupid bro code smh)

if you’re spending more time with warren than alex, alex gets reserved and doubts himself a lot because he can’t help but to think that this was a mistake, and that you wanted warren the whole time (you’re quick to disprove that)

and if you’re spending more time with alex than warren, warren (in the beginning) does not handle that well. he used to get very broody and would snap at the two of you for the littlest things. (this was settled by you; you had private conversations with the boys separately, and then you talked with both of them at the same time about communication etc)

but when you feel as if the boys are spending too much time together, you feel like you can’t really say anything because you would feel too hypocritical or pushy; because you wanted them to be comfortable romantically with each other.

you wanted them to be okay with holding hands and kissing and making love, and you would feel terrible if you outright said “okay but what about me?”

they’re super good at recognizing that though, and make a point to kiss you and hold you and tell you that they love you.

WOW! does this even make sense? idk about you, but i’m a total Hoe for this ship. <3

spider-man walks into a sushi restaurant with mary jane
  • restaurant owner: super heroes can't eat here what the fuck
  • spider-man: hey ok I get it but I'm not gonna fuck anything up I'm here to chill
  • restaurant owner: ok but if you're here because you're expecting a supervillain to walk in and this is where you agreed to meet up for a fight that's gonna be not fucking okay
  • spider-man: got it man but that's not what this is ok
  • restaurant owner: sure ok. I'm watching you but ok. how are you ma'am
  • mary jane: im fine
  • (now they've been seated, they already know what they want so they're just waiting to order. it's also almost closing time, idk if that was clear, so the restaurant owner is also the only guy working there right now. spidey and mj just want something really quick to eat so they don't really plan to stay after it closes, because that'd be really rude and besides they have an early day tomorrow so they gotta get to bed pretty early)
  • spider-man: hey is that discrimination?
  • mary jane: what? no dude you could just take your mask off walk in here and be fine. you're only wearing it right now because you came straight from looking for crime to fight. you didn't see any though and then you called me and said "today's been really boring mary jane do you want to get some sushi so this day isn't a complete waste" and I was like "sure" and we came right here
  • spider-man: I guess you're right. but wait they know captain america's identity, right? I mean that's common knowledge
  • mary jane: is it?
  • spider-man: I mean I'm talking about the movies. idk about the comics
  • mary jane: yeah me neither
  • spider-man: but in the movies everyone knows that he's...*lowers voice* steve rogers. see I didn't even know if that was a secret. we gotta look that up later
  • mary jane: you could look it up right now
  • spider-man: I don't have my phone on me
  • mary jane: oh duh
  • spider-man: what about you
  • mary jane: my wifi doesnt work, and we used up all the data remember. we have to wait until the 15th
  • spider-man: oh yeah. but how much money is it if we go over the data limit
  • mary jane: it's like ten bucks
  • spider-man: ten bucks?!
  • mary jane: I know it's fucked up right
  • spider-man: idk if it's fucked up but it's a lot, it's like more expensive than you'd think
  • mary jane: oh yeah. definitely. what were you saying
  • spider-man: oh I was saying, uh, oh yeah I was saying what if captain america came in here and his identity wasn't a secret, would they serve him then?
  • mary jane: I guess I don't know
  • spider-man: it seems like he's been through a lot, and he's kind of a huge hero too. everybody loves captain america, right?
  • mary jane: everyone I've spoken too
  • spider-man: yeah. so who wouldn't serve him
  • mary jane: well he's always getting shot at
  • spider-man: yeah
  • mary jane: and getting exploded and stuff
  • spider-man: yeah but I mean he's just like having an afternoon out. or on a date, or something. like if he was doing what we're doing
  • mary jane: it's not the same
  • spider-man: what do you mean
  • mary jane: is he by himself or is he with someone?
  • spider-man: what does it matter
  • mary jane: because he might just be hanging out, or he might be on a date, or he might be plotting to beat up iron man
  • spider-man: oh god are you talking about that civil war shit?
  • mary jane: yeah lol
  • spider-man: you know iron man texted me the other day
  • mary jane: really?
  • spider-man: yeah. I didnt text him back
  • mary jane: what the fuck p-- spider-man you should really text him back
  • spider-man: yeah I know but captain america texted me too
  • mary jane: oh shit. do you think they're trying to--
  • spider-man: I think they're both trying to recruit me yeah
  • mary jane: what are you gonna do
  • spider-man: keep my phone on fucking silent is what I'm gonna do. none of my goddamn business as far as I'm concerned
  • mary jane: that's fair that's probably what I'd do
  • restaurant owner: do we all know what we want today or do you need more time

Rating: G
Word count: 4247
Summary: Practicing for the Dirty 30 spooning scene opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms. It’s the same story, told from two perspectives
A/N: Wrote this thanks to @arel-rhink‘s earlier post. Posted on AO3 too, because why not. :)

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This is one of my favorite panels in the entire manga. (Feel free to full-view; I scanned it so it’s pretty huge.)

There’s just so much to look at in this one panel!

  • Hitch is the slob. Even though the VN tells us this, this panel does, too. Her jacket & shirt seem to be hanging off of her bunk. Meanwhile, Annie’s boots & slippers (which are partially hidden under the chapter title; we know they’re hers since she’s the one that’s running late) are lined up neatly by the bed.
  • Flowers!!!!! IN A VASE!!!! WITH!!! WATER!!!
  • Look at the bed-curtains that only slide halfway across to block out sun from the window.
  • Nice curtains on the window, too. They’re even tied back.
  • Look how TALL Hitch’s bunk is. Look at the headroom Annie has! These are 10ft ceilings. And that paneling is NICE! Look at the woodwork at the top of the window, too that covers up the curtain rod.
  • The window can be opened and also locked. And it’s a full-sized window. The top is a three-panel section and the bottom is a four-panel. This is a nice window.
  • The ladder to the top bunk isn’t vertical.
  • There’s space under the bed (but they’re not storing anything under there).
  • Lots of other neat stuff to look at: a cup, a pitcher, alcohol (both a full bottle and an empty one; the cylinder shaped thing on the shelf might be a bottle, too), possibly another cup specifically for alcohol; there are quite a few books, too: not just the ones on the shelf beneath the window, but a few are stacked behind the pitcher and there are two on the floor. They have a nice laundry basket with laundry in it, and that’s either a sheet or a towel in there. A shirt is hanging out of the middle drawer of the small chest… There’s also trash on the floor. 

I mean, whose stuff is whose? How much bigger is this room? (The VN shows a small vanity/wooden chair and there’s probably another chest of drawers on the other side of the shelf, so there’s probably not much more to their room than this, but still.)

This is extremely cool.

These are nice accommodations. The mattresses are a little thin, perhaps (as judged by Annie’s position) but the side of the bed comes up far enough that they’d have to be pretty wild sleepers to accidentally fall out of these beds. Also, look at the cut on the corner of Hitch’s bunk. That’s pretty nice, too, right?

Plus they only have one roommate. Even the Survey Corps doesn’t have that for fresh trainees if you accept No Regrets as canon! I mean, to us this probably doesn’t seem extravagant, but imagine growing up poor in the world these characters live in, and going from poverty to this: something literally better than anything else you’ve ever had in your life–certainly better than you could have done for yourself outside of the military. Training was pretty nice with three square meals a day and a bed every night, but this… This is probably on par with being middle-upper class for these kids. The only downside is a roommate? Please.

In my opinion, this is a big deal.

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Black Makes Colors Look Brighter [Ch.3!!!]

Summary: Pastel!Dan & Punk!Phil . Phil POV: they have been friends for a long time and live together. Phil finds himself drawn to more than just Dan’s adorable style choices, but he can’t act on that. Phil Thinks too much is at risk, but Dan may have other thoughts…

Genre: Fluff, a sprinkle of angst, & smut

Author’s note: This is the first time I’ve written Phanfiction!

Thats right, it’s finally time for THE BEDROOM SCENE dundundunnn…. [It’ll be morning after sex.] So I’ve never written smut before and idk how far into this I’ll go. The main reason I’m even attempting it is because I’ve read my share of phanfiction and I find nothing more irksome than pre-smut cliffhangers. So, in the name of satisfaction, I will try.

“Let’s a-go!” ~Mario

Awkward couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling of standing in the hallway, about to answer an invitation from my best friend for me to join him in bed. Because awkward just wasn't the word, I decide. Anticipatory maybe? Anxious? I knew I was over thinking it. But I didn’t know what Dan was expecting. It’s not like we had strict boundaries usually. We’d often lean on each other in the lounge, tickling and play-wrestling isn’t uncommon, hell! we even hold hands! But we’d never labeled what normally followed any of that as “cuddling”.

Well here I am, dark plaid pajama pants, navy blue t-shirt, damp hair turning fluffy. My overly active writer’s brain stopping me from casually strolling in. The sultry tune is still drifting from his room “(x)welcome ho~o~om, home, tonight”.  With that, I opened the door to find Dan curled on his side, facing the door. His eyes flitted open and a smile ghosted over his sleepy face. A new song had started, (x)I remember what you wore on the first day, You came into my life and  I thought hey, You know, this could be something” I know he didn’t plan it, but the accuracy of the song made me smirk fondly down at his half sleeping form. Nerves gone, I lift up his blanket, slipping in. He rolls onto his other side to make room, resulting in my arms closing around his waist to pull him back to my chest. He giggled sleepily, rolling over in my arms before melting into my chest.

Minutes have passed, the song has changed, blurring into another hushed acoustic melody. everything is warm, plush, and smells Like Dan. Especially Dan himself, whose head is resting where my chest turns into my shoulder. His arm draped over me, fingers softly curled over the peek of my other shoulder. “I’m glad you’re home.” The clearly spoken words surprise me “I thought you were asleep!” I disclose, not sure how that qualifies as a response. Thankfully, he ignores it. Instead, he begins to shift, moving up my chest till he’s kissing the underside of my jaw, only for a moment then taking in and releasing a full breath, settling in again as we both drift off.


Mmm, the air surrounding me is warm and sweet, there is a warm, wet suction on my jaw. I’m not quite coherent enough to question it yet, so my  body just stretches out, taking a, deep delicious breath. The sensation leaves, a weight I was previously unaware of shifts off me. I finally bother to open my eyes, to find myself in my best friend’s bedroom, Dan’s blurry figure coming into focus. He’s kneeling next to me, his eyes seem to shift around awkwardly’, breathing minutely accelerated, cheeks slightly rosier than usual “I thought were asleep”. Beginning to catch up, my mind puts two and two together. I reach for my jaw automatically “that was you?” “er… yeah. I’m really sorry Phil! You were right there and I was just wondering what it would be like to-” “touch me” I tune in “yeah…” he concludes, face turning fully golden pink. “No, I mean it”, his head whips up, wide eyed at my statement. Gaining confidence, I prop myself up on my elbows, now only a breaths distance from his face. “Touch me.”

I’ll admit to imagining this a few times. Ok, quite a few times. Even running my own hands up my sides to further it… but this was so much better. Dan’s soft fingers slipping under my shirt, tracing ever so lightly up my sides, bringing the fabric with them. I glance up to see his eyes hooded, lips clamped between his teeth in total concentration. The seriousness on his brow makes my mouth curve into a smirk. He’s nervous. Oddly, a pleasant confidence a boost for me, but I have no time to stall on that as my shirt is being pulled over my head, quickly followed by Dan’s. Taken care of by your’s truly. Before he even has time to lower his arms, I’ve flipped us over. Now kneeling between his legs, I have full access to the golden skinned, chocolate-curl haired boy beneath me.

I leaned down swiftly, connecting with his plush parted lips, sucking me in instantly. Our first proper kiss. His hands are on my hips, tugging them down to collide with his, causing a sweet sensation. Everything about him was sweet. His smell, his dimples, his laugh, his lips, as I was just confirming. we paused for a breather, I wasted no time in giving him a hot, open mouthed kiss on the neck, drawing a sweet, suppressed moan from his mouth.

I smirk and have to break the contact to laugh into his neck. “what?” he says, suddenly self conscious, “You’re not gonna tell me I sound like a girl or something, are you?” This forces another laugh out of me “No, no, nothing like that. I was just thinking… this is the first time my morning wood  won’t be for nothing…” at this we both laugh  “w- wow. Philip Lester, the real romantic everybody!” Dan drawls between laughs. After another round of laughter I grin down at him, brushing his hair out of his face “Have you ever done this with anyone?” Dan shakes his head. “Ok, so uhm… do you mind if I top?” I was almost about to ask if he knew what that meant, but I don’t want to patronize him. Dan turns pink again “Uh, no, not at all.”

Without asking I reach over to his bedside drawers, pulling one out and fumbling through it at random till I find a medium sized, cool bottle. I pull it out inspecting it “Cherry Blossom. I can honestly say I’m not surprised.” “Shut up!” he laughs, grabbing it from me. “Are you gonna get my pants off or not?”. I place my hands on the drawstring of his loose pyjama pants, taking my time, despite his already raised hips. “I thought you’d be a bossy bottom.” I say as I pull his pants and boxers off in one swift motion, earning a sharp intake of breath from him. raising his legs over his head, I pull his pants off completely. He’s already fully hard, making my strain against my zipper. I make quick work of my pants, brushing his hands off, knowing I’d get it done faster. Once both of us are completely bare, I return to kneeling between his spread legs and  take the bottle, squirting some out and coating my fingers. I trail them around the base of his shaft, around his balls to his entrance, circling it a few times before glancing up at him. he gives me a nod, face flushed and pulse racing. I push one finger in, I can tell he’s holding his breath as I twirl it around the tights space slowly. “Dan. You need to breathe, I can’t have you passing out on me.” He lets out a chuckle. “I’m gonna add another now, you have to breathe.” he nods, taking a shaky breath as I add the second finger, scissoring them then pushing a bit further, curving them. “Augh!” Dan suddenly lets out a moan. “What was THAT?” he exclaims “Haha, d’you like it?” I add a third finger, repeating the motion till he’s a panting, writhing mess. Even his mewling moans were sweet.  I remove my fingers all together before leaning over and kissing him again. I line myself up, sucking on his bottom lip. And then enter, simultaneously rolling his lip between my teeth, the studs on my lips brushing his chin. I pull away, watching this pastel angle beneath me being overstimulated till his breathing regulates and he locks eyes with me, chocolate irises melting into mine again. “Ok.” he breathes, hand trailing up my back as I begin to move, slow and steady like a tide, eventually speeding up, my own sensory overload off the charts. But I’m determined to make him come first. I hold myself up with one arm, my and finding his shaft, the tip has been rubbing against my stomach this whole time, working up a thin shiny trail over my abs. I begin stroking it in time with my thrusts till his face screws up, “Philll….” he climaxed, spilling over his chest, some even getting on mine. I finally release, “ugh fuck” once I’ve rode it out, none too gracefully, I pull out gently, grabbing some tissues to wipe us both off then flop next to him. He’s still panting slightly and his expanded eyes haven’t left me since he finished. I pull the comforter up over us, bringing my hand to brush his now damp curls from his face. The whole time he’s keeping his eyes on my face with a starstruck expression, much like his old shy self when we first met. “You were amazing” I say finally “…are amazing” his eyes flutter closed, he lean over kissing me lightly “I was gonna say the same thing”


[Author’s note part 2. I told you I CAN’T WRITE SMUT! I literally stressed over this for 8 HOURS! I’m not cut out for this, I’m just a virgin, demisexual, 16 year old girl!!!! *curls up in a ball*]

anonymous asked:

I don't know why but this epsiode didn't feel like Bobo's usual epsiodes to me. Did you also get the feeling that he wasn't as insightfull as usual? Not to mention the horrible "Cas is clueless" jokes

Oh, I really liked it. I came out of it with a renewed love (which I didn’t think was POSSIBLE as I already love them so much :P) for Cas and Dean and… well, everyone, even Crowley tbh :P I was cheering out loud at several parts. I nearly CRIED at Sam holding open that door while Lucifer shoved on him like… Season 7 metaphor or what? Sam holding himself up saving as many people as possible while Satan is trying to crush him? Aaaaaaaah.

I think the insight was either spent on the LA mockery (which was hilarious) or on a very subtle existential dread, which I have always felt is Berens’ trademark mood, as it were. His episodes deal a lot with very dark themes like suicide and the crushing emotional weight of living and struggling to get through the hard times, and this one was no different - only it was Lucifer who eventually blurted out all these words while literally melting down in front of our eyes. It was such a chilling commentary on being alive in 2016 I almost don’t know what to do with it, especially since fandom blogging through these dark times is essentially being a “distraction addict” as he accused everyone of being :P Like, ow, right where it hurts. Thanks, Berens. 

I didn’t think the “Cas is clueless” jokes were that bad anyway - I immensely enjoy Berens writing Cas and if he hadn’t written 9x06 I’d probably stick this as my favourite Cas episode of his… Just for that line about Dean looking like a lumberjack :P (I am also quite fond of the show bringing back “hey assbutt” because the specific context is always Cas vs assbutt-y archangels - they don’t make it into his default insult or try to “BAZINGA!” it or anything :P I like to think Cas is extremely proud of his contribution in Swan Song and remembers it equal parts “Holy crap I did that” waking up at night in a cold sweat level horror, and “holy crap I DID THAT” pride… :P It’s basically used after that to remind Lucifer that Cas is actually a force to be reckoned with, like, “REMEMBER ME?” which is an extremely Cas trait because Cas’s smug face is a good face :P Anyway I haven’t seen anyone complain about that but I remember some people doing so after 11x10 so I’m just… getting a foot in the door to defend it or something idk) 

Anyway. I thought the hotel room scene was inspired… One of the things I liked about the immediate reaction from Cas, was that so far in the episode Cas had been acting a lot like the “new” Cas of recent years - very emotive, shoving back at Dean as much as Dean gave him shit about how he dressed, visibly dying of frustration around Crowley… Despite everything, though, Cas is still Cas, and one of those things is that no matter what the show’s shoved on him in ways of exploring sexuality, he’s not just disinterested but it doesn’t really form a part of his world view. The rest of the characters walking in that room immediately think “wild sex party all around this room” and Cas sees the trashed room and assumes it had to be a fight. I am ALL FOR preserving his precious innocence :P This is a very consistent Cas trait, so the thought put into not having him go along with the “obvious” explanation for the room was entirely in line with a long history of writing Cas less intuitive about sexual things than the other characters. 

And relating to that but as the intro to the next point, Cas knows they’re searching for LUCIFER. Who hates humans, would much rather kill them than fuck them, and is expecting danger, bad things like, you know, a tooth in the bathroom, than for Lucifer to have been just apparently indulging in human things. He’d quite reasonably expect there to have been some altercation than what apparently had happened instead. So re: breakfast, the whole premise of the episode, including the misleading PR beforehand, was that Lucifer had some horrible dark PLAN he was enacting. The “THERE IS NO PLAN” meltdown was a shock twist that Lucifer has no idea wtf he’s doing and everything we saw him doing before that was just thrill-seeking living in the moment, acquiring followers and killing them just because he could but with no actual goal to USE them for anything. 

Now, they didn’t know this, and they were really worried Lucifer was planning something (and the fact he wasn’t of course doesn’t mean those people were in any less danger, but like how the venue was secret, and the guest list random, Lucifer’s “plan” was all wild and scattered and ad hoc so it was very hard to pin him down, because there was no process behind it). So again, if they were EXPECTING Lucifer to do something terrible, and maybe have some dastardly but understandable plan, then finding a hint of it in spells and books and so on around the place would be a perfectly reasonable thing to expect. 

Cas is probably the most proficient at random important spells the like Lucifer would know since we’ve seen him do angelic-level magic many times (while Crowley knows human witchcraft) so he was again thinking on that level - what is Lucifer doing, through my experience of being an angel and knowing Lucifer, and what you CAN do if you put your mind to it. If you’re expecting spells and the worst of Lucifer, a harmless hippie superfood breakfast with carefully instructed proportions is probably indistinguishable from a spell, especially as in the olden days widely sourced and rare ingredients from around the world would be exactly the sort of things that would only be combined for important magic - globalisation and the food industry pushing mystery exotic superfoods from around the world has accidentally created an environment where people are eating what looks to an ancient angel the sort of stuff you’d only combine or even OWN or know what they were, for some sort of ritualistic purpose. Again, it’s social commentary wrapped up in like 3 or 4 layers of Cas’s characterisation that goes back all the way to the start.

Maybe they shouldn’t have done 2 in a row like that, but I found both incredibly entertaining and extremely well-thought out Cas moments. 

(As for Lucifer calling Cas a dullard - it’s not the same thing when other characters make such accusations at each other as moments which show don’t tell him being “clueless”. Every time someone calls Cas stupid or useless, or calls Dean a blunt weapon, or either of them an attack dog, it’s the characters within the narrative insulting them, and the point is that we as the audience bristle defensively and go “no they’re not!” but for the character in the story, they may take it personally and be upset by it, but it’s purposeful for us and them to push back against, always fuelling a wider arc, usually one where the characters personally struggle against these feelings and manage to address them one way or the other. 

I would say in this case, Lucifer reminding Cas of how he felt while he was inside him, is bringing up Cas’s depression from season 11, reminding us it’s still there, by the fact that these feelings are still “worth” commenting on, narratively, and therefore to give us an insight into Cas’s internal landscape as a part of the ongoing story, if all the little moments like that “….. yay” didn’t manage to convey that Cas is still openly struggling with these issues. And, as part of that, the fact he’s openly struggling with them is not the story shitting on him by leaving him cold and unloved: it’s deliberately telling us he FEELS cold and unloved, which makes it a part of the story rather than writerly neglect forgetting to write the scenes that coddle him… We can argue about how much we feel this ever gets resolved or if they try to resolve it, they do it badly or insensitively (which was a fair criticism of 11x23 and the car scene when we didn’t know if that was the end of it for this arc or not) or of course if it drags out too long, but the point is that the writers aren’t being careless about Cas this way or Sam and Dean have some accidental agency in neglecting him - it’s not “their” fault… 

TBH until I got to tumblr I didn’t realise people would be upset that they’d “let” Cas go fight Lucifer because I thought Dean had showed exactly as much concern about Cas doing that as would be expected from him (i.e. over and above what anyone else was doing, though not sobbing and clinging to his lapels begging him not to go since they did understand he had to do it :P) and I had actually felt pretty elated about that moment as a good little Destiel moment showing Dean cared. Actually, since I watched 5x04 the other night, one thing I thought of was Dean accusing 2014 Dean he’d send his friends to die - “Cas too?” obviously setting him aside. 2014!Dean is LYING to the rest of them about the danger and using them as a distraction, and that it’s to their obvious death (though, unrelated, pretty sure 2014!Cas knew that anyway) while in this episode even if it’s superficially similar he sends Cas in to fight Lucifer when it’s SO dangerous they’d easily be killed save for Lucifer’s mocking mercy, obviously Cas knows exactly what’s going on, volunteers for it, feels the burden of responsibility that they try and argue him out of, and so on and so on completely changing any comparison to him being “sent” in to die… They understand they have to do very dangerous and potentially fatal things in order to protect the world, and that no one else will, and that Cas would have the best chance against Lucifer of anyone)

Anyway, I wasn’t sure about this episode from the premise and was mostly looking forward to Dean in a leather jacket, and I ended up enjoying it more than many episodes for a long time, so I’m sorry I can’t share any negative feelings about it… I actually thought it was fantastic, and I hope instead I can maybe try and help you feel better about it >.> 

anonymous asked:

you don't have to answer this but.. do you have, any.. writing.. tips??

1. first lines on empty pages are deadly, but there are few better ways of starting a thing than with a joke, and if you don’t have a joke or other suitable funny/engaging line, don’t start at the beginning (if you’ve ever had an english teacher tell you to start with a hook, this is the same principal)

2. start with a very specific thing you want to write (by which i mean a scene/interaction) rather than a vague idea of ‘i want to do ~something~’

for me, i have a whole system that basically consists of throwing ideas at my muse and asking ‘would this happen? would this happen? would this happen?’ until muse says yes to something i like, especially for au prompts

maybe that’ll work for someone else? /shrugs

3. words are words are words and words are bullshit. especially english. to take the wise words of @siderealsandman: ‘english is a fire garbage language’

do not expect it to not be a fire garbage language, because you will be severely disappointed. (not sure about other languages but english is like twenty languages piloting a grammar system so who the fuck knows)

ANYWAY be prepared to fight if you need to, and compromise, too. leave notes to yourself in places where you can’t come up with a perfect word or piece of phrasing, leave entire paragraphs for last if you must. if you get to the end and still can’t write them, consider what your fic will look like without them. it may still make sense, in which case it’s good enough

if you have seven years in which to write and rewrite the same thing in a madcap pursuit of perfection, then be my guest, but for most of us, this is the point at which you post/hand it over to your beta/get it out of your sight however you must

4. figure out what works for you. does hard rap help you write romantic scenes? can you only write at all when listening to canon in D on loop? does music make you want to rip your hair out when you’re trying to think? do you write better in certain word processors? when you can’t see the screen at all? do you like plain text or rich text editors? writing online or offline? in your room under 15 blankets in the dead of night or on sunny mornings in your favorite coffee shop?

the answers to these questions are gonna be different for everyone, so test a bunch of stuff and find what works for you

5. know your limits. how much can you write in how long? how long can you keep focused on one thing? take these things into account, and start small. start with character studies or conversations or worldbuilding or whatever, but start with something short. 100 or 300 or 500 words, 1k or 2k, just make sure you know how to write something to completion.

once you’ve proven you can do that, move up.

if you run in the opposite direction, where swathes of words are easy to create, then i envy you deeply and covet your prowess. this is more for those who are untried and enthusiastic ;;;

enthusiasm is good, but make sure you can make it to 30 chapters before you plan something that will take 50, and make sure you can write something that’s 10 chapters before you plan something that’s 30

i’ve noticed that a lot of the beginning stories that have spiraled out of control and into fame have been little, short, complete stories that the authors then decided to continue because they were inspired (two of the most famous longrunners in the ml fandom started out like that, i know, among a few others i’ve seen in other fandoms)

basically, figure out what you can and can’t do before jumping headfirst into a huge project you’re unprepared for ;;;

6. have fun with it. even if you think no one will like it, even if you know no one will like it. you came here to tell a story, and, sure, you’re probably here selling your soul for your reader(s), but if you don’t enjoy what you’re creating with all your heart, it’s bullshit.

don’t do that to yourself, seriously.

you’re telling a story for your reader, it’s true, but it’s a two-way street, and if you’re not satisfied, happy, enjoying what you’re creating, then it’s time to stop, time to switch tracks and try something new. you’ll just be killing your joy in your craft, otherwise

KEEP IN MIND that i’m talking about themes. i’m talking about plot direction and characterization and the ideas behind your words. what ships, what tropes, what kinks, what content you’re filling your story with, not the wording. remember that english is a fire garbage language that will only work with you sometimes, and don’t give up in despair if you can’t find the perfect word or conjunction

but MY POINT IS if you really love the ‘forced to share a bed’ trope or vampires or gay space aliens or the down and dirty of making parachute pants or, idk, cum inflation, then write it

and give the middle finger to anyone who tries to stop you*

(*from writing. i do not endorse committing actual crimes. whether or not your country has obscenity laws and how strict they are is probably something worth looking into if your loves run in that direction)

basically, if you aren’t convinced that your ideas are just the coolest shit out there, then it is possibly time to do some soul-searching

if you do think your shit is The Coolest Shit, then that’s going to come through. your knowledge and love of your content is going to come through. don’t worry so much about english’s fire-garbage tendencies, and just. love what you do. it’s the best reward to have even more cool shit you adore out there, anyway.

//coughs THAT WAS LONG BUT YES get out there, love what you do, AND HAVE FUN WITH OUR FIRE GARBAGE LANGUAGE ♥

Chapter 67
  • (My computer crashed TWICE while writing this chapter.... ugh.)
  • (INT: the half-destroyed crystal cave.)
  • Eren: Unnnngghhh
  • Mikasa: EREN! Can you hear me?
  • Eren: Huh? What happened?
  • Jean: You finally managed to get hard!
  • Eren: I- what?
  • Connie: You got SO HARD and it was EPIC!
  • Sasha: Yeah, and none of us thought you'd be able to get hard like that, but you did! There must've been something in that bottle...
  • Eren: *turns pink*
  • Levi: And it's not going away, either. It's still hard.
  • Mikasa: Aren't you supposed to call a doctor if it doesn't go away after 4 hours or something?
  • Eren: *crosses his legs* Guys... can you not...
  • Levi: Anyway, Eren, now that we know you can get hard, your next objective will be to use that hardness to fill up Maria's massive hole with all those stringy white tendrils that came out of it.
  • Connie: *snickering* Yeah, Eren... plug up that hole REAL NICE AND TIGHT...
  • Eren: *looks up to see his crystallized Titan form holding the cave together*
  • Eren: OH.
  • Eren: So *that's* what you guys meant...
  • Levi: Why? What *else* could we have *possibly* been talking about?
  • Eren: ...never mind.
  • Levi: Well, now we know that the Titan powers can be transferred through serums...
  • Historia: Hey guys! I found the Titan serum bag!
  • Everyone else: *descends on Historia like a flock of vultures*
  • Sasha: Dibs on the gummy bear Titan!
  • Mikasa: A Titan with superior battle skill...
  • Historia: And... it's empty.
  • Armin: Hey guys! You okay?
  • Mikasa: Armin! You're alive!
  • Armin: Yeah. Thanks for noticing. Hange's fine, too.
  • Mikasa: But... *how*? Hange was critically injured, the roof was caving in, Squad Kenny was heading towards you guys, and you wouldn't have been able to lift her by yourself! It doesn't make sense!
  • Armin: Oh, some guy named Hajime Isayama gave us a lift.
  • Eren and co.: *climb out of the cave*
  • Eren: Is that... a giant rotisserie chicken?
  • Armin: And it doesn't seem interested in humans either...
  • Jean: Do you think it's an abnormal?
  • Historia: Yep. DEFINITELY an abnormal.
  • Levi: Hey guys, remember? We're the Survey Corps! This is what we do! FOLLOW THAT TITAN!
  • Later:
  • Hange: So basically, if you get the mind control powers, you get mind controlled yourself?
  • Historia: Yeah.
  • Hange: Sucks.
  • Lev: But if we can figure out a way to undo the brainwashing...
  • Eren: So does this mean I still get to commit suicide!?
  • Hitch: *random creepy smile*
  • Mikasa: *screaming internally*
  • Historia: *facepalms*
  • Historia: It's not that simple. The Reiss family has been trying to undo the First King's will for decades- it's just not working. In fact, when your father killed my sister, Eren...
  • Eren: Huh?
  • Historia: All along, he was trying to save humanity from the First King.
  • Eren: I don't follow.
  • Historia: Let me put it this way. THAT'S *jerks her thumb toward Titan!Rod* the Gendo Ikari of this manga. YOUR dad is Itachi Uchica.
  • Eren: Oh...
  • Eren: Wait a minute. You still read Naruto?!
  • Historia: NO.
  • Mikasa: *coughs* Historia's taste in manga aside, THAT must be why Dad gave you that key, Eren. There must be something in that basement that you could use to break the will of the First King.
  • Eren: And all this time.... I thought it was just his porno collection.
  • Eren: But... if I can use the Coordinate to its full extent... *sniffle* then does this mean... *sob* I'm still necessary?
  • Everyone: *gives Eren a massive bear hug*
  • Hange: I hate to interrupt the feels, but we still need to do something about that Titan.
  • Hange: Historia, in other words... you'll have to kill your father.
  • Historia: *gulp*
  • Eren: *bigger gulp*
  • Connie: *biggest gulp of all*
  • Historia: Eren... about that time in the cave...
  • Eren: Yeah?
  • Historia: ...I really was going to kill you.
  • Historia: And not for the sake of humanity or anything noble like that... I just didn't want my father to hate me.
  • Historia: But then I realized... that even if the world hates me, I can still learn to love myself. That my life has *value*! That I want to be ME, Historia Reiss! And even if I wasn't supposed to be born, I want to continue existing in this world! My life is worth living!
  • Eren: Congratulations!
  • Mikasa: Congratulations!
  • Armin: Congratulations!
  • Hange: Congratulations!
  • Levi: Congratulations!
  • Jean: Congratulations!
  • Sasha: Congratulations!
  • Connie: Congratulations!
  • Frieda (in Eren's memories): Congratulations!
  • The ENTIRE DAMN FANBASE: Congratulations!
  • (INT: Erwin's squad.)
  • Erwin: IDK!
  • Squad Levi: *enters*
  • Erwin: LEVI!
  • Levi: ERWIN!
  • Eruri shippers: NOW KISS!
  • Levi: So, Erwin, how was your day?
  • Erwin: Oh, Darius Zackly has some... issues. How about you?
  • Levi: Got in a fight with my serial killer uncle, then Rod Reiss decided to serve Eren for dinner, Historia said fuck it, Rod got high, and long story short, we've got the largest Titan EVER recorded heading towards the inside of Wall Sina.
  • Erwin: So, same as usual?
  • Levi: Pretty much.
  • Erwin: Anyone get injured?
  • Levi: Only Hange.
  • Erwin: Oh. So no one important then.
  • Hange: HEY!
  • Levi: Anyway.... COORDINATE TESTING TAKE 1!
  • Levi: (aside) You know, if I'd known that you could LITERALLY ASK THE TITANS NICELY TO STOP, my life would've been a LOT simpler.
  • Titan!Rod: *continues doing nothing*
  • Historia: YEAH! LISTEN TO HIM!
  • Hange: ...It's not working.
  • Levi: Eren, think. Did you do anything else that one time?
  • Eren: I... uh... kinda waved my arms around?
  • Levi: Okay then.
  • Eren: *waves his arms around*
  • Jean: Eren... why are you doing the chicken dance?
  • (INT: Sina border town of Olbd.)
  • Erwin: Isn't that the POINT of the border towns in the first place, though? To concentrate the Titans' attention into one area?
  • Erwin: That's ... uh... classified information.
  • Erwin: Uh... *turns towards the town square* NEVER FEAR, PEOPLE OF... of... what's this place called again?
  • Garrison dude: Olbd.
  • Erwin: And it's pronounced... how?
  • Garrison dude: *sigh* Just kinda impersonate a fish and you've got it.
  • Random citizen #1: Wait, you mean THE Colossal Titan? The one that broke down Wall Maria five years ago?
  • Erwin: NO. ANOTHER ONE.
  • Garrison dude: AND THE GARRISON!
  • Random citizen #3: Didn't the Survey Corps lose 90% of their members in four years?
  • Unpronounceableville citizens: uhhhh...
  • Erwin: THAT WAS A FALSE ALARM... never mind. I can't speechify for shit. Levi, wanna take over?
  • Later:
  • Levi: Historia! You're not supposed to be here! I *thought* I told you to stay out of this.
  • Historia: *hair flip* I have a score to settle.
  • Levi: No, you don't. Get back inside.
  • Historia: >:) Yes, I DO. After all, weren't you the one who told me to fight rather than run away, *Captain Levi*?
  • Levi: *sweats* No, no, no! I take it back. Running away is GREAT! I LOVE running!
  • Historia: Oh. So you're okay with letting all these people die then?
  • Levi: Well... fuck.
  • Levi: GUYS! IT'S COMING!
  • Garrison dude: OH MY GOD IT'S GODZILLA!
  • Historia: *cracks knuckles* HEY ROD! WHAT'S 1000-7?
  • Eren: Oh SHIT.
  • Mikasa: what?
  • Eren: Mikasa, have you seen my key?
  • Survey Corps: *collective facepalm*
  • END

fee is cruel and unusual.


Stiles is going to kill him. It’s the last day of Derek’s first week at work and Stiles is going to get him fired so hard he might as well be propelled into the atmosphere.

  To rewind a bit, Stiles had turned up an hour before the end of Derek’s shift with the excuse of dropping in to see his dad, who’d not long arrived.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i mean i know paper towns was a technically good movie with good casting but honestly what the fuck. they changed so many goddamn things that it practically became a whole other story i mean first of all when little kid margo asked little kid q to break in to sea world with her i mean honestly what the fuck they were like 9 and you would think oh they're foreshadowing to the sea world seen but no, they completely cut that part out of the story which i'm so upset because honestly that was my favorite part and also they changed so many events that happened in their night together that i just, i can't understand why that was so necessary not to mention the fact that they didn't say they went to chucks's house because it was q's choice they said he was an accomplice which kind of makes no sense when you think of the story. let's not forget the fact that they completely simplified the reason she did some of the things she did especially to lacey i mean "she knew and didn't tell me" is yeah a pretty shitty thing to do but honestly if lacey says it was an honest mistake it makes margo seem like she had no right to do what she did because they completely deleted the fact that lacey seemed to be constantly undermining her and i just idk. they also took out just very inspirational parts and cool lines that really made that book for me and the entire search and chase for margo honestly pissed me off because i mean don't even get me started on how much they fucked up this timeline. she was supposed to leave like right before prom???? then lacey would ask and then she would go to prom and ben lacey angela and radar would all go to prom together but then q would go to the abandoned souvenir store and stay there until he picked up a drunk ben and radar at the party???? and then after more confusion it should've taken them a while to figure out margo and then leave right before graduation???? but nooo this was all wrong???? because they had to change it all so that it would end with a happy q at prom like no??? also they completely over simplified everything about the whitman and took out the entire part where q honest to god thought margo was dead and again THEY OVER SIMPLIFIED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE WHITMAN and i just idk they hardly talked about how margo was constantly planning and her notebook and just so many things about the search to figure out where margo was like honestly it wasn't as easy as the movie makes it out to be and they definitely did not develop margo's character as much as should've been done to make her not seem like a bitch who left people who love her and i think they just made it into a really one dimensional chick flick hollywood movie and i'm honestly so upset they just turned my favorite book into such a cliché

anonymous asked:

I like the idea of Malec and I'm sure Magnus does too, but idk sometimes it seems like Alec might just be experimenting with him, or like (I forgot what episode it was) but he told Magnus that "everything just happened so fast, I wasn't really thinking" so it kind of sounds like he didn't think it was the right thing to do or something and that kind of worries my Malec heart :(

I think you have to realize that this is all new to Alec, and his comment about “everything happening fast” is because he literally came out to everyone at his wedding by kissing Magnus, something he hadn’t planned to do. This situation is new, confusing and overwhelming for Alec, whose entire life plan has been derailed by Magnus (”It’s like, you have this plan for your life, and you know what you need to do and what your responsibilities are. And you think, you know, if you follow the rules, everything is going to be fine. And then someone comes along and pushes you off that path.

Alec isn’t experimenting with Magnus, he has genuine feelings for Magnus, he just isn’t clear on what they are and where they’re gonna go from there, which is normal, even without the added stress of Alec’s life as a shadowhunter and having just come out, as well as Magnus’ immortality. I feel like this is probably clear with their last scene in episode 13, because if Magnus were just an experiment, why is Alec worrying about Magnus being immortal? He’s thinking about the future and how Magnus’ immortality would affect a potential long-term relationship they might have. So, don’t worry, Alec is definitely invested in this potential relationship.

anonymous asked:

I'm 17 years old. I go to early college so it's hard to avoid interaction with people older than me. My friend T introduced me to her friend, a 30 year old (J). J and I became friends and he stated he was interested in me and was always pushy about getting me to break up with my boyfriend. He also wasn't shy about reminding/telling me I'm attractive and he always tried kissing me/doing things with me. I sort of brushed that off though because despite all of that, he was very nice to me and (1)

he was very kind to me and we became friends fast. He made me feel so nice and he really seemed to care about me, so it would be kind of silly for me to just not talk to because of advances he made, right? Well anyway, I always told him now & I wanted to be friends whenever he made advances and he still tried. So one day, my sister & T went to his apartment (they’re also minors) and I went with J to buy alcohol twice. I hadn’t eaten/drank much that day and we took a good amount of shots and I got really, really drunk. I don’t drink much to begin with so Idk if my tolerance was especially low. Anyway, the girls left once to give me and J alone time because prior to drinking we all figured J and I should get to know each other better. I stayed in his room because he lives in a small apartment and I was not feeling well so I stayed behind. He kept trying to take his clothes off and do things with me and I kept telling him no and reminded him of my boyfriend. However, the girls came back eventually so he went out to greet them. (Btw, I forgot to mention this but he was not drunk & I know this because he was the one distributing the shots & the girls were sober enough to know he wasn’t). They left a second time to get food and that’s when I managed to somehow break up with my boyfriend and J started having sex with me. I can’t remember much at all because I was blacking in and out so Idk if I consented or made it seem like it was okay. But I do remember at one point, I was getting uncomfortable because he kept saying he was going to finish in me and I kept telling him not to & was about to cry. (He ended up finishing in my mouth.) But I don’t remember a lot at all. It wasn’t violent or anything. I keep thinking it’s my fault because maybe he did hear me consent or I said things to make it seem consensual. I know he told me I talked too much during sex but I was blacking in and out. Also, I just feel disgusting because I feel like it’s my fault for drinking and getting drunk like that anyway. And the whole thing was just my fault. What if I even told him it was okay or that I was fine? I’m trying so hard to remember and I think that I did, I have to be honest. So I don’t even know if this was rape. Afterwards, I was just so scared and confused though. I’m sorry if I’m overreacting and this whole thing is not rape. But I just feel like I’m losing my mind because I just don’t feel right with this at all. And he is so pushy that I feel he could have even coerced/convinced me. I just need someone to talk to and I need to know if it’s okay to call this rape. Because is it? I might be forced to prosecute him and go to court but I’m not ready and my parents are toxic people. And I feel guilt because I probably did say it was okay but I know for sure I told him no before it all happened and I was hesitant and did show discomfort and just really drunk. (Finished) Thank you… i’m sorry for spam.

Please don’t apologize–you can talk to me anytime.

And yes: This is absolutely rape. Sure, there’s a remote possibility that you might have said yes, but if you don’t remember you weren’t able to give meaningful consent anyway. And I’ll be honest: This guy sounds like a predator, for several reasons:

-Your age. I also took college classes early, and decent guys backed off the minute I told them my age. It’s one thing to be friendly to a younger student, but a 30-year-old who befriends teenagers and gives them alcohol is a predator. (The age difference alone would make this stat rape in some places anyway.)

-The fact that he wasn’t drunk, which, to me, suggests that he planned to hurt you.

-The fact that he kept pushing boundaries, even after you made it clear you weren’t interested.

-The fact that he invited you and your friends to his apartment, instead of, say, a large party where other people could have seen you.

That said, not recognizing these signs doesn’t make you the guilty party. It doesn’t make you stupid. All it means is that you trusted someone who betrayed you. It happens to everyone; in your case, it happened with a rapist. Being raped isn’t a lesson, but a traumatic experience you never deserved to have.

So I want to stress three things here:

First, there is no way he misinterpreted your actions. You did not mislead him. If he honestly thought you wanted sex, he wouldn’t have bothered getting you drunk.

Second, the fact that you were drunk doesn’t make this any less rape, and the fact that you don’t remember a lot of what happened doesn’t mean you may have consented. All it means is that you couldn’t. And he knew this. If you don’t have the ability to say no, all yeses are void. And given that you did say no before anything happened, well, he should have stopped then.

Third, rape is not a reasonable consequence of drinking. Here are some things that are:



-Slurred speech

-Reduced motor control

-The inability to effectively maneuver a tractor in rush hour traffic

So it doesn’t matter whether you were drinking. If you did a bunch of shots and had a headache the next day, yeah, that’s probably your fault–but rape isn’t.

Whether you file a report or not is entirely your choice. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to go through the process, especially if your parents are unsupportive, so I won’t pressure you either way.

What I will say is this: Your pain is valid. You are not overreacting. You deserve justice. He is a grown-ass man who deserves everything you choose to throw at him. No one is entitled to your body, no matter what you do, and being assaulted does not diminish your value.

Know that I am always available if you need to talk, vent, whatever–and please, please be good to yourself.