idk where i got this vid

Q&A vid

so my good ol friend @patrickmstump believes i should start a vlog… idk where she got the idea that i’d make a good youtuber, but i do remember i was gonna do a Q&A video back in like january… So, i might actually film this thing…

So i do still have your Qs from way back then, but if you want to send me more Qs that would be really cool

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I tried to be happy for this comeback, but with the lines were given to jin makes me disappointed. I thought begin from fire era, jin will get better lines distribution, but bighit shook me like "wake up from your dream bij, hes aint going nowhere, he'll be in his back dance spot" . Idk what to feel about this comeback, I watched the vid where bts react to bst, i felt jin was sad? disaapointed?

I agree with you.

Seokjin got robbed of parts. People are trying to say he got a solo song, but EVERYONE got a solo song. Some people are saying ‘it happens in part distribution’ but Seokjin has almost always gotten the least lines, and if he wasn’t the least, he was second least. And I understand he isn’t the lead singer, or even the center. That’s why I dealt with it for the past title tracks, because at least that wasn’t THAT bad. 

But this comeback - I don’t even know what to say. In the songs performed today, he has basically nothing. In BS&T he has two lines which he shares with Jimin. In 21st Century girl he says ‘Hey, 20th century girls’ twice. In KOREAN THAT’S 8 WORDS TOTAL IN A SONG. In Am I Wrong he has two lines that he shares with Jungkook.

What? What???????? What??????????????? How is this even REMOTELY fair???? I get not getting a few lines, but basically in BS&T and Am I Wrong, he has no solo lines.

So in total, on stages, we get 20 seconds of Seokjin. If we’re lucky and the cameraman focuses on Seokjin for his precious little parts, which - guess what - we aren’t! And when they start doing just BS&T, we’re gonna get maybe 10 seconds of Seokjin. 

What is he, a back dancer?


ian gallagher + ginger hair porn

↳ for gallachester

Adele - hello

I was always self conscious about my voice and told myself I can’t sing because I have such a soft voice and I’ve always been told to sing louder and bashed for not being able to belt but I’ve finally learnt to accept it and sing what I like for me and not what I think other people will like. I might do a full cover of this on YouTube but idk. Hopefully people learn to accept my voice just like how I did. I started posting small singing vids on my Instagram (Headfullofdreams) and got a pretty decent reaction so let’s just see where this takes me

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Why is it so hard to get over someone? I'm so depressed over this one girl. I want to show her who I am as a person, the real me. But she's just "out of my league" & too popular. She lives across the country from me & I've only met her once. You'd probably call me crazy for falling in love with someone I've met once, but the way I feel right now it has to be true. It got to the point where she'd post a pic/vid/tweet & I'd feel sad & lonely. Especially if it's about a guy. Idk what to do, advice?

I honestly don’t think you’re actually in love with this girl…I think you’re blinded by your infatuation and this image of what you think she is and you’ve been idealizing her for so long, but if you only met her once how could you know who she really is?