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Why do you think so many in the cast - especially Eliza - are so anti-Blarke? Like... it's hardly ridiculous to ship the main two characters who have a very strong platonic relationship, esp when they're MARRIED in the source material. Idk, it's just off-putting to me esp bc Bell is a MOC and C is white that a potential relationship between them receives so much animosity

Most of the cast don’t hate Bellarke to be honest. This seems to be a common misconception, but here, let me show you proof otherwise:

I know a lot of this are from 2015, but keep in mind that this was right before Cl/xa became canon and it seemed all talk of any other relationship on this show evaporated. Chelsey is very clearly still a Bellarke fan, Jessica Harmon has been pro-Bellarke this year, Bob isn’t anti-Bellarke at all, although some people would have you believe otherwise. 

But…don’t let Eliza (or more accurately, this fandom) fool you into believing that the cast (or the writers) hate Bellarke. They don’t. 

Coincidence? Or Oda participate?
  • Japanese Fans: "Let's celebrate SanNami Week from March 1-7!!
  • Oda: *gives them chapter 857 when Sanji talks to Nami through mirror, reveals how the two are actually worried each other, and Sanji takes Nami's words as proposal*
  • Japanese Fans: "Let's make an event in entire June with SanNami June Bride!"
  • Oda: *gives them chapter 869 when Sanji carries Nami in bridal style, parallel to Thriller Bark but now both of them are smiling, plus break for next week*

me: au where life is better for hans and elsa
also me: totally unrealistic. blocked and reported

what if hans and elsa had met when they were small, became friends, then grew up into liking one another

that-that good shit f-fam it would b-be just so sweet, full of l o v e and soft pining, teen hormones-

artwork is messy but I swear I will get back into better art mode soon aaAAAAAA helsa is here 2 stay for a while yeyeyeye

Larries vs Football Fandom Master post:

For those who didn’t know what happened…

a bunch of Larry (Harry Styles and Louis whatever his last name is shippers) fans somehow got it into their heads that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay because he takes lot of pictures with his male friend, the way he dresses, and whatever other reason.

So a few Madridstas started calling these people out on their wrongful gay stereotyping and eventually it reached the Cules. This was an important part of the night since it was a rare time when Cules and Madristas agreed and came together (some Bayern fans too). The night started out heated but soon became a huge meme because of how stupid the Larry shippers were.

So because of that we got some GREAT memes such as:

  • i dont even know what this means :) [Larry Stan about the words “Madridsta and Cule)
  • don’t worry I googled it twice :-)))) [When referring to how many times she google Cristiano Ronaldo]
  • The Cristiano Ronaldo fandom [Larry referring to everyone calling her out as a “fandom”]
  • christian ronaldo [From Larries spelling his name wrong]
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the captian of madrid [Honestly Idk?]
  • *Christiano [From Larries spelling his name wrong]

sappy post time!!! 

so i got into 1d late….like i became a fan in 2014. and i’ve always felt like i was ‘behind’ because i’d not started out with so many people who’d be there from the beginning. fast forward a few years and i’ve since seen 1d twice in concert. and when i first started liam wasn’t even my fave. the important thing is that when i became a liam stan (and never looked back) i was WELCOMED with open arms. before liam, i just blended in, i was just another fan of the boys and my fave. but as soon as liam happened, i felt like i belonged, even though i’d not started from the beginning like so many have. 

liam’s new song comes out tomorrow! and my point is i’m so happy that i get to be here for this now. i get to join all my fellow liam stans in this new beginning. and it’s a really really exciting feeling. i already felt so welcomed by the liam stans but i’m just so excited to really start from this new beginning with everyone.

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My god, especially on stan twitter,I literally see shit like how Taylor was a factor in Justin and Selena breaking up and how Taylor wanted him for herself and I'm just like?I'm pretty sure Justin cheating was a factor in them breaking up and two Taylor's shown now interest or acknowledgement towards Justin since his relationship with Selena became what it was,even when he was fishing for it. And idk wtf Ariana's fans are pissy about, they need to make sure their fav hasn't contaminated anything

So I had a weird ass dream last night, right? I ran into a takeaway place that didn’t exist once I left it. There were birds that kinda had the structure of fans - one of which became a fan when it died - and our locker rooms were completely empty at school (like the lockers were actually gone) and we were told to just leave our bags there and head up to outside the library. I’d passed my crush too but didn’t see him for the rest of the dream. Then JESUS HIMSELF (or a version of him idk) and a girl appeared - she couldn’t have been more than my age, yet she started trying to condemn Jesus and left scratches on His face (at this point, I was semi-awake and somewhat crying a little), then Jesus sang about a flood of love covering everywhere (which looked a bit like the Mediterranean now that I think about it) and then an actual flood came and the girl started DROWNING so Jesus broke the weapon she had into a single stick and got her to hopeful safety, because my alarm went off. How weird is that?


babe babe babe babe. did i mention this mun is a babe? aelin, i know we’re still new friends, if you will, but i’ve admired your blog from afar for so long ( even after we became mutuals ). though i can’t say i’m a longtime fan of lara croft and the tomb raider series, i can say they’re among my favorite games to play ( idk if that means a whole bunch bc i know you’re pro - classic lara, and i played tomb raider legend to underworld ), and your lara is amazing. like i adore her, and just seeing you on my dash brings a smile to my face. a few days ago when we first ACTUALLY spoke to each other, it was a lot of fun getting to know you, and you’re so down to earth and nice and just ??? easy to talk to. i look forward to getting to know classic lara bc i know i’ll love her as much as you do, and i look forward to getting to know YOU better. ily. ♥

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Tbh I've seen too much to have a crush on any of the boys lol my mom and friends use to ask me that question all the time when I first became a fan of 1d and I would just be like ew no way I've seen and know too much lol they give that annoying older brother vibe rather boyfriend djejdjekdj

akshkajhsjkasha that’s how I feel about all the others, like best friends, big brothers vibes but idk Niall got me somehow (which is weird because he’s not even the type of guy I’m into 🤷)

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idk why im tellin u this but im 100% up the pens asses (like the whole league apparently) and i Cannot stop scrolling thru pens hate,, every time i read an opinon of someone whom has became the preds and carrie underwood #1 fan two weeks ago abt the disallowed goal and how sid should die and all pens fans shld delete i... get stronger. i now truly understand what scrawny white rappers on soundcloud mean when they say that haters make them stronger so thank u scf 2017

very huge mood because me too I thrive on hate and spite !!!

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Is it just me or does it seem like BB jumped shark when it became almost exclusively about Tina? It's like they forgot to develop the other characters/relationships and now the episodes just feel awkward and forced when it's Not about Tina and/or JJ. Idk. I just can't help but feel like Tina kinda ruined the show, which I understand is harsh :/

thank you for this. i completely agree and this is one of the biggest reasons i haven’t watched much of season seven. i think the show has spent so much time trying to cater to its fans that it’s lost a lot of what made it great in the first place. i hate that the other characters and relationships are pushed aside in favor of more plotless tina episodes or “romantic” tina/j ju moments just because she’s a fan favorite

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Hi your kakuhida comic is SO AWESOME that I wait like crazy for Friday to come so here is the question why you update it every Friday, it isn't bad, but why?

Thank you! :)
Truth is I started uploading the comic when I was still attending school, so 
I had some more time on Fridays. Now I stayed with that day due to routine and the fact that fans now associate updates with Fridays, it became a tradition, idk :) 
And I do it only once in a week, ‘cause it takes time to make one set of an update!

next Friday is the last one so far. Why?

After next Friday the updates might happen only from time to time. Meaning not every Friday is an update-Friday.
I gotta take a little break and have some time to draw more pages without stressing out. 

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To the person asking about langst- idk if you wanted a serious answer or not, but from my understanding it happened after Kangst became popular when season 2 was released. I also semi-remember Klangst being a thing, so after Klangst become popular, Langst started popping up more bc a lot of Kl@nce fans are L stans. I mean L angst was a thing before, but it wasn't as prominent (or have that nickname) until after season 2 and all the angsty K stuff.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ☝🏼

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how did you get into Star Wars? was it just something you heard about or did someone get you into it? like for me it was my dad. right before the prequels came out my dad had my brother and i watch the originals. he said he remembered standing in the line to watch them (because it was a smaller theater then). that's when my brother and I became Star Wars fans.

I’ve been wanting to watch it since forever but never got the chance to (idk why) but my sister was like hey the new star wars is coming out soon wanan binge watch? and I was like yeah sure…..and here we are now!

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1. Happy Tree Friends

2. Yandere Simulator


First Character that you love:

1. Flippy. I think I don’t need to tell why.

2. Asu Rito. I liked (and still do) her personality.

3. Veronica. I just like her personality.

The character you never expected to love:
 1.Handy and Cuddles.I wasn’t their huge fan when I first saw HTF. I started to like em slowly until he became my favorite characters.

2:Kizana Sunobu. I didn’t liked her at first because I preferred sweet Kokona as a third rival instead of arrogant Kizana,but thanks to Pirran-p I started to love her a lot.

3: Heather McNamara: I started to like her only when I watched the musical.

The character you’d slap:
1. Pop?

2. I don’t know

3. Heather Duke,after H.Chandler’s death.

Three favorite characters:

1. Handy, Toothin’ and Cuddles 
2. Kizana,Asu and Kokona.

3.McNamara,J.D. and Martha.

Character you liked first but not so much anymore:

1. Flippy and Splendid.

2. I don’t know.

3. Heather Duke

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