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The Courts & High Lords of Prythian ~ The Spring Court // Tamlin

“And so the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom” 

i love danger days so much but i can never listen to it in whole because it’s just so sad to me, so nostalgic. maybe it’s because there’s so much ending in the album; the fab four is supposed to die, it’s the last album before my chem broke up. after vampire money i just feel so wistful for times i never even knew of when they existed. even just thinking about it leaves me a little sad and achy. 

now, don’t get me wrong, i totally jam to the songs. they’re bright and fun in the moment, but once it’s all over things turn melancholic. i wonder if that might be how it was meant to be listened to, or if it’s just me.

Okay but the one thing I love about Derek Klena is how kind and respectful he is towards his fans, who are primarily young girls that do thirst over him. Like he’s never made jokes at their expense or has made any shady comments about their ages and how that correlates with certain behaviour/young teen girls in general. Like despite several interviewers trying to provoke him to do so, he’s never treated them as a joke. And idk, as somebody who was a 12 year old girl when I discovered him and became a fan of his, it still means a lot to this day to not have been ridiculed by somebody I still admire and respect so much just because of my age and maturity at the time. 

IDK this is word vomit but I just love dklenz a lot okay and he and his work were such highlights during my teenage years. 

Coincidence? Or Oda participate?
  • Japanese Fans: "Let's celebrate SanNami Week from March 1-7!!
  • Oda: *gives them chapter 857 when Sanji talks to Nami through mirror, reveals how the two are actually worried each other, and Sanji takes Nami's words as proposal*
  • Japanese Fans: "Let's make an event in entire June with SanNami June Bride!"
  • Oda: *gives them chapter 869 when Sanji carries Nami in bridal style, parallel to Thriller Bark but now both of them are smiling, plus break for next week*
Let’s Get Personal

As a warning there might be triggering stuff in here.Read this if you want but I’m finally in a place where I can talk about it and it has a lot to do with the sexuality questions I’ve been getting.

 So I started this blog a few months ago because I loved all the content people created and wanted a place to save it all. My first conversation on here was with Bianca about Elain’s ACOSAP. That was the first time I talked to ANYONE in my life about girls. I’ve met so many amazing people on this site that I talk to a lot of you outside on Tumblr. I know everyone says you don’t owe anyone anything but I feel like I do. I feel like I owe you guys the most raw brutal part of myself because so many of you have been so kind.

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hello! i tried a couple times to start learning French, but I couldn't do it. I didn't have enough willpower, I still don't. Now I'm going to start 11th grade and it's A LOT of work and pressure. But i still really really want to learn french. idk what to do :(

story time.

i started to get an interest in the english language when i was about 21 (after ten years of “ugh me no likes”), in 2013. in september 16, a week before i turned 24, i was a speaker at a youtube event in san francisco and even made people laugh with my shaky jokes. an especially big deal given my history with anxiety.

you don’t need willpower. you need reasons to fight. 

i became a die hard fan of cinema during my first year at uni, i loved watching youtube videos but wasn’t satisfied with most french creators, i couldn’t bear shitty dubbing, i wanted to read pride and prejudice in its original form, i wanted to travel more, i liked to chat with people online when i couldn’t sleep (and only americans were awake at that time of the night). 

the answer was simple : english.

and i never touched a single textbook. only reverso. 

i taught both french (as an actual teacher) and english (as a private tutor) in the past and always started with the same sentence : don’t do it just because you have to. you might get it to work for a while but the minute you won’t need it anymore (aka when you passed your exam) you will stop practicing and forget everything. i haven’t had an english lesson in years and still i get better every day - i don’t even think about it anymore.

you might visit france (or belgium, french islands, maghreb, canada…) one day. maybe you’ll get a french friend (i’m here if you want to chat in dm). or you’re in love with la nouvelle vague, or just want to watch amélie with the actual voices, or want to read les misérables. or brag. i don’t know. anything. just find your reason to fight. and you won’t need motivation anymore. and one day you’ll look at your aunt and go “hon hon bien sûr que je parle français, enfin!”

(ps : i’m saying ‘reasons to fight’ because it sounds dramatic and stuff but also because it is actually hard to learn a language when you’re an adult, and it gets harder and harder as you get older. not going into details but before age 7-8 the brain stores your language-related data in the same area. after that, the second language(s) data goes somewhere else. no bs.)

you’ll be fine. believe in yourself.

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o shot boi I forgot that this blog just turned 4

I just turned 18. I started this blog when I was 13 going on 14, after being rejected from my first wiki application because well, I was 13. I became obsessed with getting accepted and started roleplaying on this blog every day. When I turned 15, I applied again and was accepted; now, I have an author page and several successful tales + a canon in the making + one scp of my very own. SCP continues to excite me and teach me every day. Thank you to all who followed this blog from the beginning and encouraged me along the way; I’m far from being done here.

so idk man just saying. @ all the scp fan kiddos who wanna join the site but are scared: that’s fine, but keep writing and improving until you can if you want to. I would never be producing work at the quality I do right now if I hadn’t been rejected the first time I applied. Practice. Write fanfic and stories. Roleplay. And most of all, READ!!! Not only the wiki, but authors you like aesthetically as well as content wise. I read a lot of Stephen king because I like how his sentences and wording flow, and I can apply that over by studying the structure of how he writes (see: I write way more tales than I do scps. To write a successful scp, READ MODERN SUCCESSFUL SCPS!!!).

So, I just watched the new Rick and Morty, and all I gathered from it is:

1. It’s more plot than humor

2. Summer’s still in it a lot, which I’m not a fan of…

3. Morty somehow became an angry kid midway through season 2, and if the previews of season 3 are anything to go by he’s gonna continue to be angry.

Ellen // Tom x Reader

Requested: hmmm no I just felt like doing this

Word Count: 1,083

Warnings: light smut, just kissing

Author’s Note: Hi! I wanted to try writing Tom instead of Peter… Thinking about doing Part 1b of just the shower scene (smut smut smut) or maybe continuing with the Q&A session? idk yet…

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me: au where life is better for hans and elsa
also me: totally unrealistic. blocked and reported

what if hans and elsa had met when they were small, became friends, then grew up into liking one another

that-that good shit f-fam it would b-be just so sweet, full of l o v e and soft pining, teen hormones-

artwork is messy but I swear I will get back into better art mode soon aaAAAAAA helsa is here 2 stay for a while yeyeyeye

Larries vs Football Fandom Master post:

For those who didn’t know what happened…

a bunch of Larry (Harry Styles and Louis whatever his last name is shippers) fans somehow got it into their heads that Cristiano Ronaldo is gay because he takes lot of pictures with his male friend, the way he dresses, and whatever other reason.

So a few Madridstas started calling these people out on their wrongful gay stereotyping and eventually it reached the Cules. This was an important part of the night since it was a rare time when Cules and Madristas agreed and came together (some Bayern fans too). The night started out heated but soon became a huge meme because of how stupid the Larry shippers were.

So because of that we got some GREAT memes such as:

  • i dont even know what this means :) [Larry Stan about the words “Madridsta and Cule)
  • don’t worry I googled it twice :-)))) [When referring to how many times she google Cristiano Ronaldo]
  • The Cristiano Ronaldo fandom [Larry referring to everyone calling her out as a “fandom”]
  • christian ronaldo [From Larries spelling his name wrong]
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the captian of madrid [Honestly Idk?]
  • *Christiano [From Larries spelling his name wrong]

Today is a pretty special day actually. Idk how many fans can say this in any fandom but today is the day I became a Weezer fan 2 years ago exactly. It all started in 2014 when my mom said a band she liked in high school would be playing at Musik Fest. I had no idea who they were but I was like “yoooo first concert waddup” I asked my Pop- Pop for tickets since he worked for the city and we got 5th row seats for free. I swear it was one of the best concerts of my life and it made me fall in love with these nerdy dads. So, happy Weezer day lmao

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idk about you mei but I LOVE the idea of shiro being famous in a domestic au like maybe he became famous bc of how hot he is. i can see him being really into running and shit and he always posts a selfie and he becomes really popular on social media and bc of all the attention, he actually becomes a model for a clothing line and his fans/followers just LOSE THEIR FUCKING MINDS.

AU where shiro gets famous for looking like a popular anime character and everyone reblogs his IG pics on tumblr and tags it with the character’s name, and one day shiro realizes a LOT Of peopel are commenting on his IG with this character he doesn’t know?? so he looks them up and wow, huh, he does look a lot like them! and thats how shiro gets into cosplay

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Nicknames: Don’t have any. My boyfriend calls me ‘M’ though, it’s his nickname for me.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5´6”

Time: 2:36 p.m.

Birthday: 02/06/2002

Favorite Bands: The Script, P!ATD, F.O.B, The Killers, All American Rejects, Killswitch Edge, Nickelback, etc.

Favorite Solo Artist: um, P!ATD is only Brendon Urie now. 😂 Idk.

Song stuck in my head: This Fire Burns by Killswitch Edge.

Last movie I watched: Not a big movie fan tbh. But I think it was Miss You Already? I watched it at a family friends house.

Last show I watched: Mom

When did I create my blog: This blog was restyled and renamed as to make it my main account. So it became a studyblr about Nov. 6th 2017 I think.

What do I post: everything studyblr related, e.g. stationary, notes, homework, books, etc.

Last thing I googled: “Baby Pandas after bath”

Do I have other blogs: not anymore.

Do I Get Asks: No, but I’d love to!

Why Did I Choose My URL: Because Studyblrs often give off an appearance of everything being perfect and I’m not. I have poor handwriting and I sometimes for get assignments and my room isn’t picture perfect. Everyone has flaws and quirks and is messy sometimes, I think it’s important people know that that’s me.

Following Blogs: 62

Followers: 25 (Thank you to everyone who follows me!)

Favorite Colors: black, mint, and cerulean

Average hours of sleep: 3-5 (Ik. You’re supposed to get 8-10 but 5 normally works for me.)

Lucky number: 13 ironically

What Am I Wearing: A grey tank top and mint comfy pants

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: a sheet, a blanket, and a comforter

Dream Job: Right now I’m aiming to be a Computer Programmer or work with AI

Dream Trip: I’d love to visit Ireland

Nationality: American

Favourite Song Now: Not sure. I like a lot of variety of songs. But I’m currently listening to Toxicity by System of a Down

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twitter sketch dump of tonight…I really love 1950s Jack and I already tried sketching some of him in civilian clothes some days ago! Did he ever wear civilian clothes anyway? Maybe when he was underage! Also, what if he was an Elvis fan and had a poster of him over his bed? Idk I love thinking about silly stuff like this lol 

Also…how a lil soft puppy became the prototype for big boss over the span of probably 3-4 months because puberty decided to hit him like a truck.