idk when i became a fan

ok yall this is just idk 

i genuinely do not understand taylor swift fans (or anyone for that matter) who have been sitting around for her entire career watching her be slut shamed for dating a couple people and shamed for writing songs about love/heartbreak. like yall know damn well that if she were a man she would be praised for doing those very things!! and YET, for SOME REASON, people think that she cannot use those experiences as a way to justify why we need feminism?????? like suddenly when she goes “i dated 3 people and became the national lightning rod for slut shaming but if it was a guy it wouldve been ok” sudDENLY HER FEMINISM IS ALL ABOUT HERSELF or when she says “i can write a love song and people will hate it, but bruno mars can write one and everyone will love it” and SUDDENLY, AGAIN, just because the woman is drawing from her own experiences means that her feminism is invalid because of that???? like i was not aware of this whole thing where you can only be a feminist so long as it is for every other woman but yourself???? that would be like me saying “my male colleague makes more money than me even though we are equally qualified, which is why feminism is important” and yall going “yeAH see, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A FEMINIST, but unfortunately you just used an example from your own life so now you cant be one :/” 

like what kind of bullshit logic is this??? all the girl has done is said that women should be treated equally to men, and has given examples from her own life and yall just come for her throat???? 

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Someone said on twitter you reblogged some cub porn/shota and I can't find it and are like saying you're a bad person? Like what is up with that? You seem pretty cool and have awesome art, I'm just wondering if you've heard any of this.

I had found some adult chipmunk fan art and the art was really nice, so I posted a censored version trying to find the artist. That said artist just so happened to be a huge cub artist. Idk I don’t really like cub art (it does make me pretty uncomfortable) and I really didn’t think… of the chipmunk art as cub. It became very awkward when the artist was located and their page had much more jarring things on it than I could have anticipated. I deleted the original tweet and apologized if people accidentally saw that content because of me.
Idk. It was a really weird fuck up. I just like tiny animals. :T

Edit: Yes (due to another ask), I realize it is an established character. I’ve literally seen so much furry porn and have become desensitized and didn’t think about it much. My red flags go off when people draw things with infant bodies. It was a chipmunk shaped body. I have literally never EVER drawn or supported cub before so I am a bit disheartened that people are calling me a shit person.

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ah no you werent rude ofc i know its a jik**k blog thats y i follow you :') anyway i totally get what you meant! & idk how long youve been a fan but im here since ~debut and i agree that y**nmin was 1 of the top in like 2013-14 but jik**k was really up there too tbh! especially in 2014 we had lot of "biggers"moments& number of fanfics compared to other ship but most people (especially younger fans) tend to ship namj*n/vk**k/y**nmin, & new fans tend to multiship with vm*n/jik**k/ and ofc y**nseok

I became a fan when I discovered kpop in 2015 (between INU and Dope). So it hasn’t been too long tbh. But when I became a fan, I didn’t ship Ji/kook until a few weeks later bc people literally convinced me they didn’t like each other (or more so, Jk didnt like Jm). But, I feel like Ji/kook didn’t get popular until late 2015/early 2016. I remember when there were only 300 fics on AO3 compared to Tae/kook’s 900. I also remember going days without any Ji/kook updates in the tag. Idk if it’s just tumblr, but Ji/kook didn’t seem super popular until that iconic backhug… I feel like after that, ppl started to see Ji/kook’s true beauty.

And yeah, lot’s of new fans are ji/kook and yoon/seok shippers, tbh. I think those ships have grown A LOT since 2015. Which Im happy with tbh.

twitter sketch dump of tonight…I really love 1950s Jack and I already tried sketching some of him in civilian clothes some days ago! Did he ever wear civilian clothes anyway? Maybe when he was underage! Also, what if he was an Elvis fan and had a poster of him over his bed? Idk I love thinking about silly stuff like this lol 

Also…how a lil soft puppy became the prototype for big boss over the span of probably 3-4 months because puberty decided to hit him like a truck.


*sorry still kinda hung up on the Arizona Coyotes thing*
I know a lot people think Arizona has almost no hockey fans because of our lack of attendance to games but this isn’t true.
The coyotes were originally playing in downtown Phoenix sharing an arena with the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix is pretty easily accessible from almost anywhere in the valley. When they moved from Phoenix to Glendale, for people like me a 30 minute drive became an hour drive. That hour drive both ways isn’t worth getting at home at midnight and still trying to get your rest for school or work the next day. However there are some fans that go the extra mile. There was one pair of coyotes fans that I met at a game one day and they drove all the way from Tucson. For those of you who don’t know Tucson is about a 2-3 hour drive south of Phoenix. And these fans drive i think it was once a week all the way to Glendale and if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is.
Anyway what I think I’m trying to say is we truly are dedicated fans and it’s pretty offensive when people say we don’t deserve a hockey team. The drive is a pain in the ass and not to mention the prices are way too expensive for a team like the coyotes (I’m speaking relative to where we finished in the standing these past 2 seasons). We truly love our team and it’s clear the Glendale City Council wants nothing to do with them. I just hope they move back to Phoenix where they truly belong not to some whole other state because the Coyotes have a motto: Hockey Belongs In The Desert. and I feel this is where I should stay

When Callie and Arizona finally have a conversation Calzona fans are going to scream so loud they won’t hear a single goddamn word.