idk whats the point for this



and then there was a baseball imagery that someone pointed out?? so I googled it and IT’S A TYPE OF PITCH!


i think that the big wall is a description of the change up pitch but in different languages, because you can see the words “the pitcher change up came across home plate 20 miles”

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? idk but i thought it was cool

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I'm not sure as to what type of doctor I should see to start my medical transition? Up to this point I only went to a psychotherapist for like 2 sessions and literally never discussed anything that hand to do about my gender (I was sent for "gender identity disorder") and for about 2 months recently to a LSW, I was openly out but idk what the difference from a therapist, psychotherapist, or other doctors is? i guess my question is what doctor can provide me with the letter of reccomendations?

Lee says:

Here is how to get hormones in the US.

How to get transmasc top surgery:

I see everyone is assuming that this cg could be from a potential saeran route. Tho i guess at this point i wont be denying the possibility of a saeran route, i dont think this is what its from. I think maybe this is part of a scrapped idea that cheritz probably had. Maybe they wanted to make a VN where we see how exactly seven/saeran met rika, but didnt have enough space/time to comtinue with it or just didnt think it was as important to include????


Okay here we go! My absolute fave vid of all Cole/KJ vids. This whole thing is just FULL of so many things that I have such a hard time even focusing on what thing. I’m gonna try and go through it slowly and point out my thoughts on it. 

1.) First of all the way they look at each other throughout this entire video can be summed up into one thing: HEART EYES. This is the EPITOME of what heart eyes looks like guys. 

I found it so interesting how this was a compliment battle instead of a mean tweet video. Idk about anyone else, and maybe it’s just me being out of the loop, but I’ve never seen another “compliment battle” vid like this before with anyone else. Why would they choose to have Cole and KJ do a compliment battle instead of roasting? It’s not a trend, so why would they?

0:20- “would you like to start, my dear?” This part gets me every time. He called him “my dear”. That is a pet name. Regardless of whether he’s playing around or not, that’s a pet name and it’s adorable and was the first time I was tripping over myself with this vid.

0:31- Cole calls KJ “daddy”. What strikes me as interesting here is that Cole pauses before saying Daddy. Like he was contemplating whether or not to say it.  And then when he says it, his tone has shifted. It’s deeper than the rest of the sentence he just said. And then he smiles cutely at KJ’s reaction which was SUPER interesting hohohohoho. He starts busting up laughing, but not in a way that indicates true amusement. If anything, the laugh looks fake, like one of those laughs people give when they’re actually uncomfortable or flustered with a situation happening. I don’t think KJ was expecting Cole to call him daddy in such a tone.

And then Cole Sprouse’s fucking face right after at 0:36

Look at the EXPRESSION on this man’s FACE! This is a look of interest, this is a look of ATTRACTION, he fucking wiggles his eyebrows at him for Christ’s sake. This moment made me freeze cause for a hot moment it legit ass looked like he was about to pounce on KJ. 

0:56 okay, this is the doozy. The tweet they’re reading is simply “good morning, I love you.” But KJ has SUCH a hard time saying it. Especially for someone who just moments later claims he “tells his mates he loves them” all the time. When he does finally manage to spit it out, they both dissolve into these adorable flustered giggles. 

Cole has to cover his face with his hands. And then KJ says “It’s so hard to say that looking into your eyes”. Why KJ? Why is that so hard if you apparently say it to your “mates” all the time? Is it because you don’t actually consider Cole on the same level as all your other “mates”? KJ is blushing by this point and Cole’s like “you wanna try that again?” KJ licks/bites his lips and Cole is struggling to keep from grinning. 

And then when he says it again, he still can’t keep from laughing. And then of course that glorious cut away where they sit there trying to “no homo” it all by saying “I say I love you to my mates”. Cole then goes on to say “I’ve told you that I loved you” and KJ says he’s told him that before too. If that’s the case, then why was it so hard for you to say it now? Was it because it was being filmed? What was the reason?

1:25- I’m sorry, but KJ goes in with this tweet hard. He didn’t have to say it like that. He says, “you’re so fucking hot” with such conviction, I was actually taken aback. And Cole’s reaction…he’s shocked. He didn’t expect that to come out of KJ. It’s the most “spirit” KJ has put into reading any of these tweets, whereas Cole was constantly changing his tone to fit the tweet. Cole was just floored by how KJ said that. He wasn’t expecting it. The look of shock in his face was visceral, and he clearly didn’t know how to react to it. So he just ducks his head, smiling and nodding. His little “ooh” under his breath. They didn’t show anything else of his reaction to it before cutting to the next tweet and I wish they had. I would’ve loved to see what he said/did right after. 

1:54- KJ does this weird thing with his jaw. At first I thought it was just like jutting out, and then I thought he might be trying to bite his lip or possibly doing something on the inside of his mouth with his tongue. I honestly can’t tell, but KJ does the same facial expression twice within 4 seconds of each other. Either teen vogue edited in the same thing twice, or KJ is the one doing it himself.

Every look Cole gives KJ in this video is just…fond. Fond and affectionate as hell. 

KJ just can’t seem to stop biting his lips throughout this entire video. 

2:26- Cole leans forward, lowers his voice and then says “hope your hand is okay”. I know the original tweet was in reaction to the fact that KJ broke his hand while filming the ice lake scene. But the way Cole said that was not indicative of “concern” the way ones would if that’s what they were trying to express. Everything about his body language during this part is suspicious. Idk about anyone else, but that sounded like an innuendo to me. 

2:49- And of course, the ending words KJ leaves us with. And the very phrase that inspired the name of this blog. KJ says to Cole, “Well, you are my life so…” He didn’t need to say that. He really didn’t. Even what they were talking about didn’t naturally lead up to that phrase. They’re talking about who won and Cole says “People don’t like me as much as they like you” and then KJ responds “Well, you are my life so…” Idk if he was picking up from an earlier tweet that read “Cole Sprouse is life” or what, but he still adapts it to himself and calls Cole HIS life, not just life in general. Either way, this statement was adorable

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Phoenix, lot of people doubt Harry isn't straight because the situation. Personally I think he isn't straight, but he doesn't want to say it, or, better say, he doesn't see the need to do it. I've always thought he'd say at some point he's with Louis. But I think he'll never tell if he's gay, pan, bi, or whatever. And talking about Larry, for it's so, so, SO obvious H&L were together in the first years of 1D. Pretty obvious until 2014. But now nothing makes sense for me (c)

© so, in my case this makes me think maybe they’re not together anymore, or that they are but they had troubles in the past and that’s why Louis is a father… Idk, but I know what I saw and, even if he’s with Louis or not, I can’t think Harry is straight. But I understand some people, with this situation, just forget everything, and think, “well, finally it seems he’s just a straight supportive guy”. Don’t get upset with people, Phoenix. Have a nice day, love :)

Hi, you’re sweet. I can tell you sweet, but there’s a lot of stuff I take issue with in this ask. I don’t think you mean harm, but some of the ways you’re phrasing things, whether or not your intention, are harmful. 

As you pointed out, it doesn’t matter whether or not he’s with Louis. This isn’t about Larry, or it shouldn’t be about Larry. But as you mentioned people just… conveniently forget all the loud and clear queer signaling Harry has partaken in since the band’s inception. 

And that isn’t ok. It’s a homophobic micro aggression. It’s erasure. Acting like he’s magically a straight ally because he’s not AS obviously in a relationship with someone of the same sex anymore, DESPITE his numerous efforts to signal and remind fans of his sexuality is reducing him to that relationship. It belies that fans who do this really only care about supporting Harry as long as he’s the other half of Larry. It’s a ship for them, nothing more, and that’s reductive, patronizing, and fetishistic. 

Also,  It hurts the LGBTQ community at large  because it suggests that the only way you’re truly gay is if you’re visibly gay or visibly in a queer relationship, which is a problem a lot of us face. 

“Don’t get upset with people, Phoenix.” Why? Why should I, a LGBTQ person who has struggled with systematic erasure, micro aggressions, and being reduced to a fetish, not get upset when I witness those things happening in a community I belong to? Yes, my blog is about softness an sweetness and creating a safe space for queer kids to come talk about stuff they’re dealing with. But that doesn’t mean I, or any other LGBTQ person, doesn’t have the right to get angry or express that anger! This isn’t just about Larry or even about Harry, it’s about bigger, structural problems. I am ALLOWED TO BE UPSET with stuff that happens within this fandom when it’s enacting or upholding big-picture homophobia. 

I hope you have a nice day too, and I’m sorry if this seemed harsh or upsetting. You need to let queer people be mad sometimes though. My softness is not passiveness. 

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I've read a few cartomancy resources that say you shouldn't read for yourself, especially if you're a beginner. Is this true? And if it is, how are closeted witches supposed to gain experience? And is it okay to read for yourself after a point? Thank you!!

Man I started reading by reading for myself, that stuff is just. Idk. Not correct? Not fora lot of peeps, anyway, I’m sure some might say otherwise, but as someone who legit started doing stuff by myself for myself, I feel like that statement cannot apply to every diviner out there. 

I read for myself legit as the start of my tarot experience. It’s fine. Really if it’s what you got, work with it. 

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Hey so feel free to ignore me but, im 17 and after i did alot of reading i kinda realised that theres like a 95% chance im autisic? when i spoke to my mum about it she told me she always thought that i was but never said anything bc she didnt think i should get diagnosed; she wanted to keep me off government lists and stop me having to deal with social workers and the like. idk what to make of it tbh, do u personally think theres any real reason to avoid a diagnosis?

well i mean. your mom has good points the government is ableist as fuck but ultimately it’s up to you

You know, at this point I’m ready to just say fuck it

Idk if life or god is just testing the shit out of me or what, but I’m tired.

Its either family dying or getting sick, my paycheck being cut or the car breaking down and ruining my life.

The car doesn’t work, so I have to figure out how to get $$ to fix it, because I need a car To go to work, take my dad to his doctor appointments and to get groceries.

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not to be That Person™ but i hate it when the media advertises niall’s song like “he’s singing about getting over a girl!” u know. there are no pronouns in that song, it’s a song about getting over *someone*. i’m not trying to say anything about niall’s sexuality; that’s not my point. my point is that there’s nothing in the song making it specific to getting over a girl. it could be equally as relatable to someone getting over a boy. idk. i hope that makes sense

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Gosho does do scientific research for many things in DC, including physics (remember the pascal-litters in the original tengu case). But yeah, the gadgets are probably on the more fantasy-heavy line of the spectrum,

to reiterate what was said before - gosho does intensive research on the subject that has to do with the mystery an trick itself

however, the same cannot be said for action-y parts, which hinge on a mix of realistic physics with cartoony aditionals, so it’s not exactly consistent.

in this instance, with the pillars, its clear he looked into brittle fractures, compressing force, and the properties of marble, but not to the point of how far he’d have gone if it was used in a murder trick. Idk if im explaining myself well

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omg daves hair is so LONG, it hasnt been this long since nirvana era?? like nevermind album idk, he cut it within the first foo fighter years and now its so long again i want to sniff it so bad oH MY GOD! look at this thumbnail www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=Q40qDdb2pNQ

There’s a point in every era where his hair hits this perfect length - the cocker spaniel - and it’s going to do wonderful things no matter what state it’s in.  Even in a sweaty mid-gig mass, those waves tighten into curls like a hundred little fists looking to get bumped.

I watched it transform in front of my eyes within minutes and I achieved total spiritual enlightenment.

idk I just love how we Young People Today use ~improper~ punctuation/grammar in actually really defined ways to express tone without having to explicitly state tone like that’s just really fucking cool, like

no    =    “No,” she said. 

no.    =    "No,” she said sharply.

No    =    “No,” she stated firmly.

No.    =    “No,” she snapped.

NO    =    “No!” she shouted.

noooooo    =    “No,” she moaned.

no~    =    “No,” she said with a drawn-out sing-song.

~no~    =    “No,” she drawled sarcastically.

NOOOOO    =    “No!” she screamed dramatically.

no?!    =    “No,” she said incredulously.

tom holland in england: adorable cozy boy who wears soft clothes, walks his dog, drinks tea and hangs out with his mom. practices lines in the morning, goes out to pubs and gets a lazy happy kind of drunk. is asleep by 10 pm everynight without fail. probably cries while watching titanic and likes the smell of grass

tom holland in new york: This Bitch™ who wears tight clothes that are all dark like his soul. titties are Hard and tattoo gun is Out. goes boxing every day and probably is always in the mood to make out with somebody. lowkey sleepy all the time. he’ll kick your ass he’ll kick my ass he’ll kick his own ass

tom holland in california: a fuckboy with a heart of gold. never wears a shirt, probably doesn’t even own shirts anymore bc he burned them all then lit a joint on the flames. eats raw fruit a lot and drinks only ice cold water. smells like sea salt and always has some sand in his hair. he loves life he loves himself and he loves his friends. good vibes man

girl chris is so fucking underrated she’s literally the only one that has consistently been a good friend to sana like if it wasn’t for her NONE of the girl squad would have ever approached her the girl squad wouldn’t event exist if chris hadn’t invited sana who then made noora join. When the other girls stay silent because sana is being “intimidating” she’s always been the one to break it with something like “wow, you’re so smart” “you’re very well spoken” because she’s the only one in their friend group that doesn’t see her as some sort of mom figure. In the s2 cabin trip, she was the one that played along with sana to teach eva, vilde and noora a lesson on their ignorance of islam. BRO when vilde got thrown off Pepsi max in s1 she literally LEFT WITH HER so she wouldn’t be alone!!!!!! WHAT KINDA FRIEND GOALS!!!!! today she was the one that asked sana and noora what they did over the weekend and if they would be at SYNG on Friday. That interest and genuine invitation did not come from anyone but her. Yes she’s a silly character but it baffles me how almost nobody acknowledges that that she’s the only one that’s never said or done anything insensitive related to Islam, she’s always been the most concerned and honestly the best friend in the girl squad and y'all continue to DISRESPECT HER and I quite frankly, am quite tired of it. #chrisanarise