idk whats going on here dont ask me

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if matty n blue have kids PLS dont tell me tht arthur is gonna do like some weird science thing on them 2 make one of them pregnant ??? im worried abt this it is playing on my mind a lot

i  ummmMMM LMAO IDK WHAT IM GONNA DO!!!!!!……need to go over my options………sorry if this has been ruining ur life but like same here 

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gets on her tip toes to kiss him.

          and now she had meticulously stolen whatever breath he had, emerald colored irises clearly gleaming with a sort of surprise as eru inched closer to the entirety of him. he had already noted the manner in which her eyes carried nothing but an obvious interest, something already terribly common coming from her. another thing that was terribly and awfully common of her was the way she disrespected the entirety of personal space, but even now she had been coming a little closer than what was usual.

he was well aware of the fact of what her intention had become, by the way the distance between them had quickly shortened to what was just a few mere inches away. his eyes had fallen onto the appearance of her lips, and it was already his guess that they would carry an almost saccharine quality to them. if they did kiss right now, would her lips really have been the same as he guessed?

it seemed just another single movement from her would have solved quite the many mysteries dwelling in his mind. it was surprising how much thoughts had centered around a situation equating to this. especially since she was close enough to be considered a near intimate level.

the distance between the both of them was a nonexistent thing at this point, their lips now touching in what was the gentlest of fashions. and yet it had carried quite the obvious impact. it was the kind of kiss that just meant nothing more than her lips simply brushing against his, or it could’ve been a mere peck on the lips but it had still managed to turn his cheeks a deeper shade of roseate than they were currently. and then there was also the distinct feeling, his heart having clearly quickened in the pace of which it beat. it was something he already knew to be associated with one thing in particular. and that one specific thing had been the sentiment of love.

ughhghgh ghgghg ghgh

hel p me 

butler choro and master kara………..dont ask,,,///

really sorry for not being around on tumblr much these days ;A;

things are still really kind of just…. freaking sucking a lot. life sucks. this year just kinda sucks in general for me for multiple reasons. the fire being the very start of it all ofc. and now there are lots of other things that still aren’t going right and just..

but, hey i’m still okay, i’m pulling through. i don’t go down without a fight i guess lol.

but ye anyways,

i dont really actually wanna have to talk about whats been going on and stuff on here really…. i actually kinda.. idk i don’t even really have much of the energy to respond to my messages or asks on here that often anymore because of it tbh.

so please, don’t be offended for neglecting to respond to you, even if you might notice that i still post things sometimes and whatnot. its not that i’m ignoring anyone bc i like dont wanna talk or dont like you or smth lmao. i just.. things are tough.. ye.. thats kinda it so…

but hey!! if you like really wanna know whats up in my life, you can actually find me on this app called Vent a lot, bc its been a really awesome thing for helping me cope with stuff these days! i basically use it on a daily basis to document whats going on with me and my life, all my thoughts and feelings, and p much just everything on there. its kind of like having journal, but its public and interactive at the same time, so you don’t like feel all alone and lots of really kind caring people are always around to show support and things like that! but ye, since i kinda use it just to talk about these really like personal, emotional kinda things, i’d rather just not make my username on it publicly known here. ^ ^;

so long story short, if any of my followers and mutuals are on Vent and are maybe interested in getting in touch with me there, just feel free to ask and i’ll let you know my un and stuff. i prob wouldn’t turn anyone down either, so no need to worry haha.

okay well yeah… thats pretty much it. just really wanted everyone to know i guess. ^ ^

ily you all guys c: 💕💕

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I dont know if any other stores do this! but at the kmart I work at if you go in and ask if we have any food thats about to expire (within 2 weeks) we can sell it to you at 75% off. Just a tip for people if theyre short on cash and need some food? idk i thought this could help some people a little...

im not in america, but no stores here at all do that afaik. none close to me at least. certainly not the one i worked at too. what we DO have are turkish supermarkets, which are usually pretty cheap compared to normal supermarkets, tho still pretty expensive when it comes to some things. but you’ll definitely wont be able to live off that when you dont have an income, hah

but yeah, ive worked in both a store and a restaurant and the amount of food they throw away if they cant profit off it is insane. in the restaurant in the retirement home i worked at, they’d regularly let us eat whatever food was left over, since we worked during dinner time. when the higher ups found out, they forbade the cooks from giving us food unless they CHARGED US FOR IT. they charged us for the leftover food at our own fucking job. we were not allowed to eat any food during dinner time, instead we just had to throw all the fucking leftovers in the trash unless someone wanted to pay for it.

of course half of the cooks just ignored that shit and secretly snuck us food anyway but holy shit, the greed of corporations is very fucking cheeky and everyones just kind of given up on fighting it and it annoys me

lots of responses to my art prompt request THANKYOU i remain entirely in love with every single one of you and feel free to keep sending prompts but just to say they will take a while! because there’s quite a few in the line now.

not that any of you have ever been like EXCUSE ME WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ART/FIC but i dont like leaving people hanging! and because some of you put nice little comments about how much you like my stuff in your asks and i dont want it to go Unacknowledged for days that i appreciate every single one of those

(it makes my heart feel all full coming over here and having even one person like what i do. idk, i’m just having a sudden moment of happy about how much fun im having r/n. i’d only just started getting back into writing/art after like a good few years of feeling blocked before joining the fandom fairly recently, & nobody ever saw my non-fanart stuff/poetry anyway, so it’s nice to have people to make things for! especially cus im doing all my creative stuff to keep me level while i’m writing my thesis, which is a. stressful in general and b. the topic means i have to interact with so much media that actively does not want people like me in the world, or at best treats us as something to be tolerated for the sake of someone else’s narrative. but then getting good comments from autistic people reading paletteverse or even just having the same few people leave me asks/tag me in Ruben posts/send me their headcanons stops everything being Bleak As Fuck, yknow?)

anyway that’s really overrun my sappiness quota for the day so shut up go fuck yourselves never speak to me again

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💎 arcade with soonyoung please~

High Score | Location Prompt Game

Summary: Eyes on the prize.
Word Count: 2,839 IM DEAD
Genre: fluFF??/ is this fluf f????
Prompt: Kwon “Hoshi” Soonyoung + Arcade
TW: none i can think of! tell me if you need anything tagged

A/N: THIS IS TOO LONG IDK WHAT HAPPENED BUT IT DID AND I LIKE THIS TOO MUCH TO REWRITE IT IMS O SORR Y… this might be a unfair to the prompts that i have done already bc its so long, so if you’d like me to rewrite your request then dont hesitate to ask me to do so!!!! if youd like to participate in the game, click here!

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#01. one night stand

“did we just – no”

components: akashi. college. sleep. the morning after.
a/n: i didn’t want homework, thus pointless drabbles with happy akashi.

Your blurry eyes found the clock on your table. 2:04 AM. Dear God, where had the time gone? You stretched out your arms above your head, feeling all your stiff muscles loosening way too slowly, and cracking your neck from side to side. “Hey, Sei.” You turned to your bed to find the redheaded boy with his eyes closed, lips parted releasing soft puffs of air. Muffling your laughter, you pulled out your phone to snap a picture of this precious sight. 

Akashi was fast asleep sitting up. His book was open in front of him but small snores slipped past his lips. Poor thing. You felt a little sorry at how stressful he’s been these days. From club meetings to event organizing and not to mention the strenuous practice sessions along with the piles of assignments of exams. You were surprised he didn’t burnout sooner. He really did seem younger.

His crimson bangs brushed ever so lightly against his eyelids. His skin was clean and milky smooth. The curve of his lips became so terrifyingly tempting as they opened and closed gently. You sighed, shaking these thoughts out of your mind before moving to set aside his books as carefully as possible. Then you very, very slowly pushed him on his side and letting his head drop to the pillow on your bed. 

He didn’t even flinch.


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*streamers & confetti noises* 

But seriously guys Idk what id do if it wasnt for you guys. I dont know most of you personally but no matter what I always smile when I see you reblogging or liking my posts and the occasional ask. This is going to take me forever to type so bear with me. Ill get back to the sobbing at the end. 

(This is only organized alphabetically in groups not completely so dont hate me) 

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Seriously tho guys this took me hours to finish and I only complained a little bit. I hope maybe one day I can do another one of these ut by them im pretty sure itll take more than a day to type up.