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Peoples hatred of Tom King is starting to get disturbing especially when he enjoys Jason as a character just fine. He doesn't even write him poorly. Is everyone okay???

like, i’m not actually advocating violence towards Tom King okay…jesus. if you really think i’m going to fly around the world for that (even for two bomb sniffing dogs) idk what to tell you mate. 

take it with a grain of salt, guys please. he doesn’t need a defense squad, he’s stirring this drama himself for the lolz. i’m not going to his twitter to bitch about him, i’ve sent my legitimate complaints to DC via their proper form and I make fun of him on my blog. 

has he ever written jason outside of a few panels in Batman #16 though? 

also source on that ‘enjoys jason as a character just fine’ thing because all i have from his twitter is his shit-stirring. like, when he says jason is lower than a dog in intelligence, ranks mediocre on his list and when jason’s fans engage him go ‘and i still underestimate him lol’, i don’t really get ‘likes him just fine’ from it. I get that he’s an unprofessional internet troll and treat him as such. 

im struggling w my gender tbh. idk what i want. i know im nonbinary in some way or the other. and while that is all good and great realistically no one is going to be using they pronouns w me immediately, and i know id rather he over she given those 2 options. id rather be recognised as a boy immediately, even though that doesnt rly completely encompass how i feel its multitudes better. but i also worry that im only feeling like this because thats how most of the nb people ive met are, or because thats what i think nb people should look like, like masculine. i dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zach dempsey. i’m not going to say that what he did was okay, or fine, but i am saying that he is so precious. i know he stole hannah’s compliments and that was wrong, but zach still deserves so much more. he genuinely liked hannah, and after all that shit went down, he still kept the letter. this just proves that he never meant to hurt anyone. he is going to live the rest of his life thinking about how he killed someone. it wasn’t his fault, though. zach was surrounded by the wrong group of people, influencing him in so many of the wrong ways. zach was a star basketball player, a decent student and a great guy. what i’m saying is, HE NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED. i mean, how pure is he. his mom even said that even though he is a star athlete, he wants to be a marine biologist. a fucking marine biologist. idk this is so stupid but i just needed to express how amazing and how much i love him.

So my loves.. it looks like my Instagram traprapunzel is going to be down for a while, or for good.. :( The only emails I’m receiving from them is that my account has been disabled.. Even though I was hacked. At this point idk what to do anymore, and this is one of the only ways I’m able to communicate with my babes.


40 / 365 days of my sunshine

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100% agree on your analysis of Jimin as a Slytherin!!! I know a lot of people (including myself) are shocked Namjoon put himself in Griffindoor over Ravenclaw though. I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this!!

HELLO and thank you! I’m glad you agree! And if anyone is curious here is a link to my thoughts on why jimin is the perfect slytherin. EDIT: And here is why Jungkook is a Ravenclaw!

//cracks knuckles MY TIME HAS COME

So… Namjoon. I, like you and a ton of other people, was really confused about him being in Gryffindor. But, the more I thought about it, the more I really came to not only accept it, but believe that he is a Gryffindor through and through. And please be advised this is going to devolve in to me gawking over how great of a human being Namjoon is, so if you don’t want to read about that please close your browser and think about why you don’t agree that he’s better than everyone else. okay?


Namjoon is a Gryffindor to the core, not a Ravenclaw

First of all, Namjoon supposedly sorted everyone else, but I have a small sneaking suspicion that he may not have sorted himself. We know he’s a fan of the movies at least, and he’s fluent in English, so if he’s a fan and he has access to sorting quizzes on Pottermore and other sites, is it so hard to believe that he hasn’t at least tried a few? Seriously, even the most casual of fans have tried getting sorted. It’s not that crazy of a thought. So… What if they put him in Gryffindor over Ravenclaw?

(I mean, when asked to do a British accent the first thing that he quotes was “Shut up Malfoy!”. If that ain’t the most Gryffindor thing…)

Also, Namjoon is a really humble guy. If he DID sort himself, I feel like he’d be the type of person who would shy away from saying “I’m smart, so I should be in Ravenclaw”. He’s always been pretty modest about his intelligence. And just because he is, doesn’t mean we should be. Seriously, Namjoon can be a goof but if you’re ever in doubt about how crazy smart he is, please watch this.

He has no problems recognizing the intelligence of others though – he raves about Jungkook being good at everything he does, and even gave him the nickname “Golden Maknae”,  so is it such a wonder he put Jungkook in Ravenclaw? (It should be noted that Ravenclaws also have a reputation for being eccentric and quirky. Prime example, Luna. If that isn’t a perfect descriptor for Jungkook idk what is)

So let’s look at what the common traits of Gryffindor are, shall we?

Such character traits of students sorted into Gryffindor are courage, chivalry, and determination. They can also be short-tempered. [x]

Okay so, courage. I could go on and on about how brave Namjoon is but like… we’ll be here all day. So let me keep this short and point you in the direction of one thing in particular that he has done. THIS TWEET.

It’s Rap Monster. A song about homosexuality. I heard this song before but I didn’t know the lyrics, now I know them and I like the song twice as much. I recommend Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love.

I have a lot of feelings about this tweet. And a lot of theories about WHY he tweeted that too – but no one wants to hear about those so that’s for another life post.

First – speaking out in support of homosexuality in Korea is a pretty huge deal, because homosexuality isn’t a really accepted lifestyle there. (It isn’t really accepted anywhere, truly, but you all know that.)

Here’s a pretty recent list on idols who support LGBT communities.  It’s a pretty god damn short list. I use the term ‘support’ loosely bc this article seems to equate ‘having gay friends’ as being a supportive ally. But Namjoon stands out pretty hard in this list because he doesn’t just say ‘i love my gay friends!’, he outright spoke out in support of homosexuality.

But Kiki, you say… Namjoon is hugely popular. He’s one of the biggest stars in Kpop. He could say whatever he wants now, right?

Well yeah, he can. But here’s the kicker! Look at the timestamp on that tweet. He tweeted that before they debuted

Namjoon was months away from launching his dream career, something he’d worked his entire life for. He was from a pretty small unknown company whose only claim to fame before that was that group that had two members blackmail an actor over something or another. He couldn’t afford bad press, and yet here comes Kim fucking Namjoon with his balls of steel willing to throw that all down the drain because god dammit he was going to tell the entire world about how much he supported the LGBT community and anyone who wanted to stand in his way of doing so could eat a fuckin dick. He could have kept his heckin mouth shut but he didn’t??? 


moving on.


Chivalry is defined as:

1.the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, esp courage,honour, justice, and a readiness to help the weak

2.courteous behaviour, esp towards women

Courage, honor, justice, what I just talked about describes those things pretty perfectly.

I’d like to talk about honor for a sec though. Let’s look at a pretty famous Gryffindor – Ron. Ron was one of a shitload of children in his family. He outwardly always grumbled about not getting attention or whatever, but as a person, he was all about family. He put his family first, he didn’t gripe too hard about hand-me-downs to his parents because he knew they were trying their best, and he defends people he cares about.

There’s that famous scene (that I’m still salty they changed in the movies) where Hermione wants to answer a question and Snape gets mad at her for it. And he defends her – why ask the question if you’re not looking for an answer?

Ron always, always put his family first. So does Namjoon.

Take this gifset for example. The whole set is great and shows how much he really takes care of his members, his family, but this is what he does when he’s around them and also in front of people. Not all that surprsiing.

But please, please please please pay attention to the first gif. For people who don’t know the context, he was asked if he’d choose going solo or bangtan. He DID NOT KNOW HE WAS BEING FILMED. He could have shown his true colors and said that he preferred a solo career and all the glory, but even when given the chance to be completely open, his heart was still with Bangtan.

Another great example of Namjoon being completely selfless. Everyone here is praising themselves (and they have a right too, don’t get me wrong, you’re all great four for all of you) but when it gets to him, Namjoon says “We’ve always been pretty good.” We. Not I, not me, we. Everyone else is giving themselves some much deserved praise, but Namjoon is stuck on we are good, we’ve always been good.

Also don’t forget how important blood-related family is to him too.

And don’t you dare forget how important you, his extended family, is to him either.

Readiness to help the weak. I mean this goes without saying right?

And if you want to take courteous behaviour, esp towards women, literally, look at their glass-ceiling line in Not Today, that they said they used specifically knowing what it meant. and look who is credited for writing the lyrics! What’s that? It’s Namjoon? Wow, I did not see that one coming.

Speaking of lyrics – talk about having courage. Look at the lyrics he wrote for Reflection and Always.

They can also be short-tempered.

Okay so this doesn’t really apply to Namjoon. But I wanted to include it in there because it fittingly applies to another Gryffindor we know of… Namjoon wasn’t playing around when he sorted these guys. Bonus, here you can observe a hufflepuff and (fond) gryffindor in their natural habitat.

So let’s recap. Namjoon is pretty selfless, extremely caring of his friends and family, a feminist, an outspoken ally for those who are mistreated, and is so god damn intelligent everyone REALLY thought he belonged in Ravenclaw.

Wait a minute, I feel like I’ve heard about this person before… There was another Gryffindor like this, I’m sure of it… it’s on the tip of my tongue…

Ah right. 

I’m not saying Namjoon is our version Hermione Granger, but… that’s exactly what I’m saying.

death knight player: honestly its disgraceful and disrespectful the way demon hunter npcs think they can just carry on about darkness and sacrifice like they’re so cool and tragic. do they even know who i am. they chose to follow illidan, for some reason, and they get cool tattoos and wings. big whoop. what a hardship. death knights had to claw their way free of the lich king’s will and try to fit back in to the world of who they were in life even though they can never truly go back and everyone they used to love distrusts and fears them and they can never stop killing things or else idk some bad stuff happens. who do these “”illidari”” think they are. my character cant get hard anymore 

demon hunter player: i like the big jumpies

guys I am so serious but I have no idea what just happened and I am having real, physical difficulty typing rn because my whole body is shaking? like, okay, so this thing flew over head that woke me up, I guess it just sounded like a regular aircraft but kind of low, and then there was this burning heavy pressure and it made the back of my eyelids go white (even though I was in a dark room with my eyes shut hang on of course I had my eyes shut oh well) but I am not making this up and it felt like I was, idk, being microwaved or fucking something and I was like ‘well this is how I die’ but it went but I felt…. just awful, after, and I still do but the main thing is my hands? are shaking so badly I cannot describe how much I am kinda of not okay

also this is like, 7:17am in the uk it just happened in like the last half hour? anyone else?

EDIT: okay so my friend on skype is an angel and talked to me about normal shit and now I have stopped shaking and feel better, I really hope it was aliens because dude that would be sweet but I’ll talk to my two-doctors-who-are-also-my-parents about it and see if I need to see an actual GP, sorry for wigging you out but I literally kinda felt like I was? dying? for a bit there. oops

Edit edit: sooo I might have had a seizure, going to see the doctor later today, whelp. Really sorry for scaring you but bloody hell I never want that again.

beronica nsfw fanfic recs

alright, awhile back i said i found a bunch of beronica smut fanfics and was going to post the good ones when i was done, and so i didnt actually finish all of them, but here are some that i have. most of these are underage obviously because the show takes place while they are in high school, so 18+, keep scrolling.

  • seventeen minutes in heaven by aerialiste: really good!! closet scene from 1x01, but betty and veronica go in instead
  • exhibitionist by beranica: set at a party, the girls are dating and do it on a balcony
  • lead me by bluejbird: part one of what i guess is going to be a little smut series thing. veronica teaching betty how to do sexy things; super cute
    • touch me by bluejbird: second part to this series, there’s mirror sex which is cool?? idk what you like maybe not
  • best i can be by godots: set in the future and they have drunk sex. this one kind of made me sad at the end even though it wasn’t really a sad ending, you won’t try though i promise

that’s legit all i’ve read because i’m lazy and i don’t have any time to do anything, but i promise i’ll get some more.

ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 

I think a lot of people in my life don’t realize it, but there’s a big difference between being nice, being kind, and being good.

Anyone can be nice, even though it sucks sometimes. It’s that face we put on when we meet strangers, and make pleasant and unoffensive conversation. It’s the big smile, either fake or not, that’s meant to make us seem friendly. It’s not actively going out of your way to seem like a jerk. “Nice” is the bare minimum. It’s just…being not-mean and behaving in a socially acceptable way towards people that you come in contact with. Yay?

Being kind takes more effort, but it’s worth it. You’re more honest, you worry about people and how they’re doing, and you genuinely care about fixing the mistakes you make, and trying to be a better person. If your kid had a friend over and all of you went to the park, you’d be that parent that made sure they got an ice cream cone too, even if they didn’t bring money with them. Being kind is a big part of what makes someone a decent human being, someone you’d want to be friends with, because they make sure that you both share the emotional labor in the relationship.

“Good” is the hardest one, but the one I always kind of wish I could be. Being good means that you’re specifically going out of your way to help people, and try to make the world a better place. Good people volunteer their time, protest, donate, whatever actions they can take that will help the world and/or other people in the long run. But (and this is the important part!) they’re still kind people too! They’re not just here for the recognition, they really want to help as much as they can! Being good means something; it takes work and effort.

And so when someone says, “Your [parent] is so nice!” I think…yeah, sure, they’re nice. But that doesn’t mean they’re kind. It doesn’t mean they’re a good person. “Nice” doesn’t mean that they’re not abusive. It just means they can smile and hold a conversation when they need to.

i miss waking up every morning and checking my dash first thing to see if a new clip was posted. i miss going on break at work and finding my messages blown up bc a new group chat or insta update went up. i miss watching the clips right after they get posted even though idk any word in norwegian except nei and sitting there like fuckin sherlock holmes trying to deduce what’s happening plot-wise just based on everyone’s faces and what they’re wearing and whether isak is crying again or not. i miss freaking out when i finally get out of work and the google drive links have all already been overloaded for the day so i can’t watch the clip with translations until they refresh tomorrow. i miss essentially watching the clip with translation anyway just through all the captioned translated gifsets of every second of new footage that flood my dash for the first eight hours after a clip gets posted. i miss still crying and laughing and screaming in all caps to whoever i’m texting when i finally get to watch the clip the next day even though i already know what happened. i miss us collectively getting deceived by the time slot changes on the nrk channel guide and psyching ourselves up for 25 or 30 or god bless even 40 minute episodes that we know intellectually will never happen but still in our hearts we hope, and then we are crushed, and then the next week we do it all over again. i miss feeling #blessed when we get a new ep on friday and then a new clip on saturday bc julie loves us. i miss watching the weather change at nissen as the season unfolds. i miss new content. i miss skam.

YoI characters as shit my school gc says

Yuri: for once I don’t look homeless so you’re all blessed.
Victor: only speaks in memes
Otabek: *talking about crush* idk whether to cry or punch him in the face
Yurio:*in response to Otabek* punch him in the face while crying
Pichit: My kink is watching others be happy even though I myself am dying inside
Minami: Is it bad to inhale hand sanitizer?
Chris: I’m naked but purely for the aesthetic
JJ: honestly I’m never going to find someone to love more than I do myself

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So, I'm going to start working on my own AMV/PMV, and I wanted your opinion. What things do you believe are crucial for a good PMV/AMV? You seem pretty good at making these amazing SIMVs, and I would like to know what you look for when making your own videos.

man ok well obvi we’re not experts bc we have a long way to go still, but some things we try to keep in mind/usually follow are -

1. environment palettes - just like a map, we usually make several palettes to fit our pmvs. it helps give the video a strong united theme throughout and you can really play with color theory and how it affects the mood (best example is our leopardstar mv where the colors change from red + gold to purple + gold)

2. timing + storyboard - are you telling an interesting story?? i think a lot of problems ppl have w/ PMVs is that they choose slow songs because they don’t want to draw as many frames/drawings, and while it can be great, often times it comes off boring and slow (and people tend to click away). try and think of neat ways to break up your composition in your storyboard and always be sure to include environment shots - these are real characters in a real setting, not just cats on a black BG

3. originality - if someone has already used the song for something warriors related, we usually won’t do it. a lot of our storyboards/ideas have been left to collect dust bc someone put out a map with the same song (even if it’s different characters). try and broaden your music taste + character range (minor characters!!!) and do stuff that no one else has 

4. the hot stuff - does your storyboard/idea make you super excited??? are there parts where you’re like “oooOHHHHHHH!!!!!” ???? if you find it super hot, chances are that most other people will like it too. don’t be afraid to revise your storyboards/ideas a lot, our original ideas + compositions usually contrast wildly with what our final product is.

5. editing - i can’t say too much on this because I’m not the editor, but editing is crucial in making an interesting pmv. always try to have something moving, even if it’s just a slow tween of clouds going by or a slow zoom. your mv needs to be visually interesting as well as tell a good story. try not to get too caught up in adding camera effects + tweens though, it is easy to go overboard and do too much so make sure that it flows with the song + mood. 

Fearful Love Part 9

Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: nothing really….

Summary: I’m horrible at these so I’m not even going to give one for this part.

A/N: So what you’re about to read is actual shit. I almost deleted the whole thing idk how many fucking times….anyways…I kept my promise on getting something out tonight even though it’s absolute trash….beta’d by the @mamapeterson (honestly I wouldn’t have posted if she didn’t fix all of the horrible mistakes) and feedback(negative or positive) is greatly appreciated!!

Fearful Love Masterlist

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Monsta X Reaction #19 - Their s/o cusses when they normally don’t

anon asked: Monsta X reaction to their s/o accidentally cursing (he/she doesn’t curse normally)? Thank you! :)

Hyunwoo: You two would be walking down the street when some guy made some vulgar comment to you. He’d tense up but was going to ignore him and keep walking when you instantly whipped around and cussed him out for being disgusting.

As shocked as Shownu was, he’d see how mad that guy had made you and be disappointed in himself for not standing up for you instead of letting you do and say something you’d normally never do.

He wouldn’t know how to apologize so he’d act a bit weird towards you until you asked what’s up with him. He’d rant about how he felt bad for not protecting you and how sorry he was.

He’d make it up to you any way he could and would feel horrible about it for weeks.

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Hoseok: His extra ass would be standing there with his mouth and eyes both wide open, gasping loudly as he’d back away from you.

“JAGI?? Did that dirty word just come from MY JAGI’S mouth?!? What happened?? Are you feeling sick?!?”

He’d feel your forehead with his hand and when you’d bat his hand away saying you were just surprised and it slipped out. He’d still be so shocked that he’d bring it up periodically through out the rest of the day, shaking his head at you in disbelief.

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Minhyuk: Some people you worked with didn’t like you very much so they went out of their way to ruin your day even in the littlest of ways.

You’d finally make it home but you’d just keep replaying what happened over and over until you finally snapped and started ranting to Minhyuk about how horrible they were. He wouldn’t even have the time to be shocked at you calling your co-worker a ‘bitch’ as you continued on, pacing back and forth as he silently took in all the information.

When you were done and felt a little better he’d kiss you and give you a back rub, feeling absolutely horrible that you were so upset about this. He’d try and help you come up with whatever solution you liked best to get rid of that stress, even if it meant quitting your job and starting over fresh.

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Hyungwon: You’d be walking in the park when a seagull swooped down closer to you two then either of you expected.

Hyungwon screeched as he ducked low to avoid the bird, hearing you screm “Shit!” as you did the same thing.

“Y/n!!” He’d pop back up laughing once the bird had gone, “You cussed!! Oooh, I’m telling Shownu!!”

“Hyungwon! It made me drop my fries!! It was an automatic reaction, don’t tell him!”

“I’m telling!” He’d run away from you then, smiling at you playfully until you ran forward and knocked the ice cream out of his hand. He’d stop dead in his tracks, suddenly serious, and he’d stare at you as you laughed at his pained expression.

“Y-You know how it feels now Hyungwon! That’s what you get for being a tattle-tale~”

“That…was incredibly unnecessary Y/N. That was just mean.”

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You didn’t even realize that word slipped out of you. You were so lost in everything I.M was doing, the feel of his hair in your hand, his tongue slowly moving along your entrance, his deep, low humming vibrating your clit as he moved to softly suck it

You tugged his hair a little in encouragement and you came, hard, when he gave a low, guttural growl in response.

“F-fuckk Changkyun…”

His head popped up from in between your legs to smirk at you evilly, one of his eyebrows quirked up in question.

“Baby girl you’re going to have to watch that language around me or I might loose myself in you completely. You’re being an awful bad girl, cussing like that for me but… Damn I want to hear that again though. I want to be the one making you say things you’d never even dream of saying… You know where this is going, right?”

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*okaay I’ve never written anything the least bit smutty before so please forgive me if it was bad. Idk what came over me…Jesus save me lmao

On to Jooheon!!

Jooheon: You both got scared easily so it was no surprise that the other members would do everything in their power to scare you two as much as possible.

You two were absorbed into your own world as you walked into the room that Kihyun was in. When Kihyun jumped out and screamed ‘boo!’ Jooheon started screaming and the combined words “shit!fuck” came out of your mouth.

“YAH KIHYUN!” Jooheon would recover immediately and hit Kihyun’s arm angrily. “YOU SCARED Y/N SO BADLY THAT YOU MADE THEM CUSS!! What are you going to do to make it up to Y/n?? EH??”

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Kihyun: You had been on a live chat with Kihyun when one of his anti-fans started bad-mouthing him for dating you.

They didn’t shut up even after Kihyun respectfully asked them to stop and you finally got frustrated to the point where you felt like you would explode.

And then you finally did. “Listen up you little shit dick, we’re dating and we’re happy so instead of going out of your way to ruin someones day why don’t you go and try to find some happiness of your own okay? You’ll just be sad forever if you spend your time trolling people on the internet all the time. It’s just sad.”

Kihyun would end the chat as quickly as he could, apologizing if you had offended anyone and shutting off the camera. He turned to you and immediately collapsed into a fit of laughter.

“I’m strangely proud of you jagi! I didn’t know you were so passionate about our love.” He’d smile for hours afterwords and no doubt would tease you about this for the rest of your lives.

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A/N: Because I got a crap ton of monsta x requests right before I closed my ask box (and had none before) I decided to do some of the Monsta X reactions inbetween the other ones I’ve gotten. This way I have more variety instead of doing a bunch of BTS reactions, then a bunch of Monsta x, and then a few other groups. I’m just mixing it up!! Lol I hope nobody minds. I’ll get everything done asap I promise.

Tony “who says yay when he finds a secret door” Stark

Tony “elevators not worthy” Stark

Tony “hopeful that all the avengers will stay for the party” Stark

Tony “getting really attached to the team” Stark

Tony “do I get to rule Asgard?” Stark

Tony “pretend flirting but totally meaning it with Rhodey” Stark

Tony “I’m not the boss, I just pay for everything, make everyone look cooler, etc which he totally does because he cares” Stark

Tony “bragging about how boss Pepper is” Stark

Tony “is making medical advances” Stark

Tony “calling himself old man” Stark

Tony “don’t take from my pile” Stark

Tony “willingly going to fix Clint’s tractor” Stark

Tony “caring for friends so much he’d build something to keep them safe” Stark

Tony “making jokes in horrible times to ease the tension” Stark

Tony “giving up JARVIS because he thinks that’ll save the world” Stark

Tony “has anxiety, PTSD, and he’s still in the game” Stark

Tony “telling Bruce to take a stand not to be rude but because Bruce doesn’t have to bow down to anybody” Stark

Tony “I’m not the same man as before” Stark

Tony “going from war profit to saving the world because he thinks it’s what he was destined to do, even though he’s just a civilian, no super powers, just because he damn wants to, he’s gotten so far and become such a better person but no one really sees that over his mistakes” Stark

Tony “isn’t the same man as before, because he’s so much better” Stark

Tony fucking Stark

another au here kids, let’s go

  • after burying his mother, neil throws out the phones
  • BUT he gets himself another one
  • he doesn’t want to go to his uncle
  • but he’s also aware he’s still young and might need help
  • he keeps the phone for months barely charged and never uses it except to check the time
  • but in millport, on one of the few occasions he’s actually spending time with People
  • he discovers that smartphones have a lot of apps that let you get information on things (cough the butcher, exy, kevin)
  • and in particular
  • he discovers
  • twitter

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