idk whats been made


“You know what? I’m getting another fantastic idea. Skirmish. Let’s have a war.

Idk if this has been made yet but what if in Sun and Moon the optional end game bosses are the three team leaders from Pokemon Go and they are all at the top of their own mountain with their specific Legendary bird (which they give to you for beating them).It probably won’t happen but I would love that so much. Bonus points if they don’t specify Blanche’s gender.



this is actually an entire tree that was cut down

but i thought the sun was really pretty so i barely got the log/tree in the picture oops

but it’s really big and he’s actually up kinda high and you’d be proud

The fact that I don’t know what to do scares me more than anything.


Now I’m nothing
Feeling small
Trying to understand it
Wrapping my head around
Stretching it thin
All my words mumbled
All these sentences jumbled

Making myself small
Trying to understand why
Easier to digest?
To go smoothly down their throats?
But I swear I want them to choke

Can’t keep carrying this around
Feeling nothing but guilt and shame
In the place of anger
But is it not borrowed?
Something I picked up?
Feels like I can’t breathe trapped under it

Every aspect of identity
swallowed by bright red
No eye contact
Not sure why I wear this anymore
Never do I trust any gaze
Never do I trust any sense in me
Maybe to hide my tired face until it’s gone?

So tired
Tired of sitting
Tired of standing
With such unsteady feet
With these aching knees
With no breath in me
I wanna run until my lungs give out
I do what I can to feel free

So I run
I run from you
I run from me
From the pointed tips of love
From my last moment of despair
I’d run away with anyone
I’d run away for anything

With this borrowed mask of rage
I keep choking?
and I keep running
I keep giving?
and now I’m nothing
the accidental date phenomenon

Summary:  Phil’s recovering from a broken heart, Dan’s the guy at the end of the restaurant who’s apparently been stood up by his blind date, and Chris and PJ just want to see Phil happy.

(AO3 link here!) 

Genre: Fluff (?), also sort of an AU 

Word Count: 3, 299

“Phil, you’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” Phil asks innocently, standing up straight from his previous crouch. Behind him, a young girl in a school uniform beams at him and thanks him before running off.

“It wasn’t even your fault that that kid got her ice cream ruined! You didn’t have to buy her another cone.” PJ points out.

“Okay, yeah, but she was crying! I couldn’t just sit there and watch a little kid cry.” Phil reasons.

“You could’ve walked away and pretended not to hear her annoying screams.” Chris, another friend of theirs, points out.

Phil frowns. “That’s just mean.”

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all liam did is left sony and simon is mad that he cant make money out of his solo career

truuue, but then again Harry also left sony