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idek this is so cliche I just I wanted to draw something fluffy for a certain baka because I’m a terrible friend and drawing is the only thing I can do I’m sorry

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dude, i love your nsfw novahd artworks (and it seems like you love drawing them too!) so if it's at all possible can i request nsfw novahd with them having sex in a dark closet in the office and james is trying to keep aleks quiet so the guys in the hall don't hear them? (and maybe it fails and they hear them idk, whatever you want heh) i hope you have time to do this!! <3

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I was curious, do you think Harry and Louis are kinky? I mean their songs are interesting for sure, but I was wondering what you thought :)

I think that’s a broad meaning for them, as I think they could get off just talking about breakfast:

The sun filtered through the gauzy white curtains Harry had just bought on his last trip into the city. They were a little too thin for his liking, but Louis didn’t think he minded when Harry was looking so peaceful next to him in their bed.

He watched the crinkle inbetween Harry’s eyes as he was in that halfway state when you’re trying to wake up but can’t, and when his lips started pouting out, Louis was at a point where he could no longer resist.

He leaned over and brushed his lips over Harry’s; trailing his fingers down his sides until he reached his plush hips.

“You always do this,”

Louis’ lips curved up as his dug his fingers into Harrys hips to bring him closer. “Do what, love?”

“Watch me sleep.” Harry stuttered out a breath when he felt just how awake Louis’ was, his cock brushing against his stomach.

Louis flicked his tongue against his neck, moving his hands down to squeeze Harry’s bum. “Well my darling, you’re so gorgeous in the morning light. I don’t always get to appreciate it,”

Harry hummed, squirming under Louis’ teasing fingers. “I think you’ll also appreciate that I refilled the cereal cupboard and bought all the fixings for that French toast you love,”

Louis let out a growl, pushing him onto his back, holding his wrists above his head, “Mmm, love it when you talk dirty to me H, I’m going to devour you every inch of you, and then that breakfast.”


that’s also probably something along the lines that inspired no control