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mmm but honestly a lot of my anger towards Crowley getting a redemption arc over Meg isn't just that it’s yet another white guy getting the story arc

because something similar happened with Castiel and Anna, and yet I love Cas. And I think it’s because I somewhat understand that decision in his character was probably the most interesting to see that arc unfold, because he was in the process of falling, while she was already here (does this mean they couldn’t have given  her another storyline in which  her character could have been explored in a different yet effectual way instead of ripping it to pieces? haha no I’ll hate them forever and ever for what they did to her).

but Crowley and Meg-

Meg was already IN THE PROCESS of achieving her own definition of redemption (I use this term very loosely). Not only that, but she was doing so by her own choices, while maintaining her identity as a demon. I cannot stress how important that is. What’s more, her character was one that, for all her 8 years of existence, was relatively unexplored and brimming with potential storylines. What was her background? How did her relationships with Azazel and Lucifer shape her, break her? What did she see in Cas that she saw in herself? How did it feel, to once be so powerful and respected, and all of the sudden be betrayed by your father, then your God, and then be kicked out of a home that you never ever loved?

There was an entire episode that devoted much of itself to reintroducing Meg’s character (7.22). We were allowed to have small glimpses of her side of the story, we were allowed small doses of understanding of how her character worked (find a cause and serve it). We were even given a scene which completely subverted one of Meg 1.0’s most iconic scene (compare her killing the demon truckers to her killing of the driver at the end of ‘Scarecrow’).

Was Meg wanting to become a good person? Nope. She was adapting herself to a constantly changing environment, because adaption means survival. But what we were given was a basic foundation that could have been used to build so much more on.

Meanwhile, Crowley did not have any choice in the matter, had no basis in gaining redemption, was being forced to change his identity as a demon to become “good”. He didn’t want to change. He never seeked it (or stumbled upon it, like Meg). There was no free will involved in his “being cured”. And that alone is probably the one thing that turned me off to the entire idea of that storyline. Redemption is supposed to be a journey, a process of choices that an individual makes. This? This was the exact opposite. Free will is all about choosing your own destiny. That’s one of the biggest themes of the show too. Strapping a demon to a chair and forcing a cure that he doesn’t want just kind of…slaps in the face of all that. This isn’t to mention that up until this episode, this season has been portraying Crowley as the 'evul villain’. There was absolutely NO transition, save for maybe a couple of obscure lines here and there that you blink and miss.

Maybe if Crowley’s character was more “”“qualified”“” for this kind of storyline, then I could have understood. But Meg definitely had more qualifications for this kind of storyline and that’s what makes me angry.