idk what's with the quote tho

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

a cheeesy motivational video full of tips on how to reach your goals. better videos up next week, the holidays had me tired. (x)

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1989rosesxx  asked:

Cotton candy, mango, black cherry, blueberry lemon, almond, key lime xx

Cotton candy- Three places you wanna visit.

Mango- when and why did you start your blog?

When idk I was a fetus tho. I didn’t have glasses and I was really annoying

Why- cause all my friends used it lmao

Black cherry- four words to describe you?
Candle lover

Blueberry lemon- favorite blogs?
Sit back because this is a long list
@permanentcross @trulymadlysydney
@canistay-haz @1989rosesxx @legend-waitforit-harry @punkcupcakestyles

Almond- favorite mean girls quote.
“Nice wig Janis what’s it made of?”
“Your moms chest hair!”

Key lime- where do you want to be right now?

With you!

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What is your name? kate
How old are you? 18
What houses are you in? ravenclaw & pukwudgie
What kind of blog do you run? (trash) (lol) (it’s got lots of hp as well as other stuff) (including trash)
Your patronus? a freaking DOLPHIN! (i was rly happy dolphins r my fav) 
Your Pottermore house results? ravenclaw & pukwudgie 
Which book is your favourite? eep all of them (idk) 
Which book is your least favourite? fite me (maybe tho we can forget the seventh cause like everyone dies and no thanks) 
Which movie is your favourite? STOP i can’t good bye 
What is your least favourite movie? probs the order of the phoenix tho (idk it was extra depressing)(but also LUNA <3)(so i am torn) 
What is your favourite quote? like from hp or in general? probs some harry sass moments like “there’s no need to call me sir professor” or just all quotes concerning ginny’s badass-ness 
Favourite Potter? get out 
Favourite Weasley? noOOooOO (all of them)(but also ginny molly george okay i am getting nowhere)
Favourite Malfoy? narcissa probs? altho draco is a lol
Favourite Black? sirius altho regulus is underrated (and does andromeda count here?)
Favourite Marauder? maybe james or remus (cause dorky and heavily sarcastic nerds r a big yes) 
Favourite Golden Trio? i feel like i have to say hermione cause girl power 
Favourite Silver Trio? luna (i’m trying to not look back)(there are only so many i can refuse to answer) 
Favourite female character? hahahhHHAh literally i live for the females of hp don’t make me answer this
Favourite male character? i’m just gonna go with lee jordan cause he hasn’t got a mention & he’s a babe
Favourite professor? mcgonagall is mega amaze
Favourite House? RAVENCLAW PRIDE (but i am a house nerd and love all the houses)(they r all amazing)(and like interhouse relationships is what i will live for)
Which character do you dislike the most? every1 h8s umbridge 
What ships are your favourite? sign me up for all the femslash plz 
Is there a movie you liked more than its book? nopeity nope 
If you could make up your own house what would be the traits? i am in love with ravenclaw’s trait of curiosity – so maybe a house for explorers those who love to explore their mind and adventure and explore life – a house for the romantics (those who feel the magic in the world) and oh! those who have this stubborn nature that means when someone says they can’t do something they immediately try their hardest to do that 
What would your Amortentia smell like? the ocean, cinnamon/vanilla, books, (there is more but i am at a loss rn) 
Which do you prefer, owls, cats or a frog? can i be greedy and have a cat and an owl (also a frog)(lol frogs r cool)(i feel like they r animal sass masters) 
Which is your favourite harry potter era? lightning <333 

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Try not to be frustrated. People are always going to be disappointed with the execution of Dean and Cas’ relationship no matter what the show does or doesn’t do because of their individual level of investment. The waitress thing seems silly to me tho. Dean was just teaching Cas more human socialism as he always has because Cas being more human-like is something Dean is forever invested in for whatever reason (lol).

As for the actual execution of Cas’ “I love you"s, I personally am satisfied but can understand others’ disappointment. Even with the camera cut, Cas wasn’t looking at Dean for the dialogue. Cas didn’t say “I’m IN LOVE with you” while looking at Dean so there’s still the platonic interpretation the audience could go with (even against 12x10 where we see unhealthy one sided angel/human love that clearly ISN’T Cas’ situation). For someone who’s firmly of the opinion that Dean and Cas’ relationship won’t get explicit undeniable text (on either side or both), there’s little the show can do to disappoint me personally. This was Cas being open and then emotionally embraced and supported (at minimum) and it did my bitter Cas girl heart GOOD to see it.

For me, there’s really nothing much more they can put on Cas’ side at this point. The narrative has given him issues with human/angel procreation, but a relationship with Dean kinda falls outside that problem (not sure how Cas entirely sees that issue, male/male or female/female angel/human relationships tbh). Regardless, angel/human relationships and interactions has been given major focus in this second half with the Nephilim storyline mostly Cas’ (out of all the things thrown at the wall this season this is the one thing I see that is currently stuck). Cas’ opinion on the abstract issue is also of focus. Mary’s acceptance of Cas is also an important point (with her given 3 important scenes that show Cas’ importance to her sons, the first being Dean).

It’s unclear how it will all tie together because there’s no predictive foreshadowing structure this season imo (compared to Carver era), but the important development parts are all there and visible, with Dean, Cas, and Mary at the heart of the angel/ human “family” story (which lacks Sam as a predominate influence for whatever reason). It’s nothing to make me change my expectations of Destiel in any case but it does look more promising than anything I thought we would get looking at the beginning of the season with Cas’ mindset.

The family theme (in all its ambiguity) and the show firmly rooting Cas as family with Mary calling him one of her boys is what I’m happy with personally so I’m fine to just look and see where the question of angel/human relationships as Cas views them (against the old decree of Heaven) takes us. :)

“They’ve kept me locked up for months… testing me… probing me… trying to turn me into a living weapon. Well, congratulations officers… it worked.”

Guess I’m making more of these? | Fav Young Avengers Silhouettes

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A - AGE: 20

B - BIGGEST FEAR: losing people

C - CURRENT TIME: 11:45pm


E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: a lot of math when I try to figure out how much longer I can stay in bed

F - FAVORITE SONG: idk omg I think maybe Good Life by OneRepublic? Or Better by OneRepublic? Basically anything from them tbh

G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL: I’d like to quote reysrogers here: “I don’t know?? I like to say that I’m very open to all ideas and possibilities concerning afterlife”

H - HOMETOWN: a secret place in Germany

I - IN LOVE WITH: the stars, Chicago, every dog I see

J - JEALOUS OF: ugh too many things…people younger than me with more success, people with easier life goals, fit people..idk whats jealous and whats envious tho

K - KILLED SOMEONE: yah mentally


M - MIDDLE NAME: also a secret hehe


O - ONE WISH: reysrogers said to get Trump out of office which is ofc too brilliant for me to say anything else (but it’s for all my friends and family to live a long and happy life)

P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: last called my dad, last texted my friend

Q- QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: oh boy…maybe if everything is ok because I always look so grumpy

R - REASON TO SMILE: Jimmy Fallon

S - SONG LAST SANG: City of Stars tbh…


U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: I wish I could think of a stupid way to answer this

V - VACATION DESTINATION: usually I’m up for Chicago anytime, but atm I really wanna see some polar lights and the milkyway, so like Norway or sth

W - WORST HABIT: drinking Coke all the time? Just eating/drinking too much sugar in general

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: my teeth/jaw and I’m not sure but I think my feet because I have extra bones in them



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spaceacepaladin  asked:

1. if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to? 17. would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the “real you”? 30. pick one of your favorite quotes. :3c

1. okay this first one is kinda hard bc I one, am always changing my identity? and 2, i don’t even get me but ill try
read: Series of Unfortunate Events - this captures my love for satire and opinion of most adults
watch: cartoons? maybe? idk, this is a hard question bc like am i my fandoms? have i found something that captivates me? maybe? do i know tho? probably not…
listen: i’m sorry but all the musicals. all of them combined is the real me

17. yes and no, my tumblr is the cumulative of my rash action and instant thought, so it is me in the moment. However it is not my long standing opinions, feelings and hopes. My blog is me now of when i posted the thing i reblogged, not me in the past, or future. however, you can overtime see patterns form which do represent me.

30. “ Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
Albert Einstein

imsorrythisissolong i just kinda like talking about my thoughts on my m i n d

“ You look at him and can see the Sun,

While he looks at you and can see the Stars ”

Just another try to animate it’s fun ok? dancing letters


“It’s taken me so long to try and push all my negative thoughts surrounding different activities that are linked with my panic attacks, but i’ve just reached a point in my life where I think "SOD IT.” So what if I have a panic attack? What’s going to happen to me? I would rather do more things, that I can look back on and think “I’m so glad I did that,” than think “I really wish I’d done that.” I don’t want to ever be left with that awful question floating around in my head of “what if?” There may be times when you do panic, or you do get in a flap about something, but if you know that ultimately you’re going to be okay, at least you can say you did it, or you tried it, and at least you won’t be left thinking “what if?” - Zoella