idk what's with the quote tho

patroclus is a really exceptional character in the whole iliad. at the time the only recognized virtues of heroes were strenght and physical ability while;

1. patroclus’ dominant qualities are goodness kindness n sweetness

2. he was good friends with everyone (XVII, 669-672, XXIII, 252)

3. when he dies, during the fight his body is protected by like, everyone, included menelaus, ajax, meriones, antíloco n all those heartless warriors (XVII)

4. guys can you believe even some gods feel bad for him (XIX, 340-348) this is fucking zeus feeling pity for crying achilles who didnt even eat

5. briseis cries for patroclus too when she remembers how sweet he was: when achilles n his fellows destroyed her city and killed her husband and all her brothers, patroclus never left her alone and promised she was going to marry achilles soon (to not become a slave) (XIX, 287-300) we need to talk more about this

6. evEN his horses !!! cry !! for him because he was such a sweet charioteer (XVII, 426-440, XXIII, 283)

7. after patroclus dies achilles says he prefers the death of his father or his son than the one of his bf(f) (XIX, 321-327) + in the iliad achilles crying on patroclus’ body is compared with a lion crying for his pups (XXVIII, 314-322),,,, ,,well this is not about the goodness of patroclus but still important (actually we can add a lot here)

and did i mention he was homer’s fave??

guys patroclus was one of the very first Cinnamon Rolls™️

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.
BTS: meme kings

I was re-watching their dance practices on yt and whenever I paused a meme appeared on the screen lol. Here’s some of the things you didn’t see/notice “in boy in luv” dance practice, enjoy!!

Jimin’s face tho!! My bias-wrecker <3

Swag Suga and grandpa Tae!! <3

Suga aka min yoonji, the girl that stole the heart of all BTS members! <3

“A to the G to the U to the STD”

Turning up with the squad

This one is saved in my phone 

Suga having a sugar rush in this pic lol. Jiminie looks like a lost puppy, Tae looks mad, Idk what Namjoon is doing tbh they all look like they’re doing a different choreography. 

Grandpa Jimin and J-hope!! Kyut <3

Looks like Jin is playing peekaboo behind Suga

This is for Hobie stans, your welcome

Jungkookie stans!! Set this as a background picture in your phones!! your welcome

Tae the bae <3

Stan a group that can do both!! <3

(This post is not about making fun of them. Let’s appreciate the fact that even tho they’re idols, they still show us their silly side, also save&share our fan-made memes of them in their group-chat <3)

“They’ve kept me locked up for months… testing me… probing me… trying to turn me into a living weapon. Well, congratulations officers… it worked.”

Guess I’m making more of these? | Fav Young Avengers Silhouettes

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Tbf I think Clarke was actually doing fine? not perfect but at least she was starting to be Clarke again and 4x08 it was like "her peak" In fact we all were so happy. What they did in 4x09 was so pointless. Idk why they wrote that regression. I still have hope tho. Basically, bc she's the hero and can't be stagnated. What do you think she needs? Imo something has to happen or someone close to her (bellamy/abby) has to help her. They can't hold this Clarke much longer. She needs a catalyst

Again, 409 was not a regression because Clarke hadn’t actually moved forward in 408. We thought she had sure, because she decided not to try the Nightblood serum on Emori, but in quoting Dante ( “I bear it so they don’t have to.”), we clearly see that Clarke is still listening to bad advice from poor leaders. 

Clarke’s strength lies in working with her friends. She’s not meant to be a solitary leader and until she realizes that and starts to depend on them, all of her leadership ventures will be failures. 


”Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.”

Get to know me tag

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Tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know, I’m using this as an opportunity to learn about some of my new followers and mutuals: 20 blogs, ohmygod, no. I’m a bit shy cause I don’t have any close pal here or so and yeah >///<
But if you want, @poisonous-panda and, uhm, idk, maybe @ignoctgirl and *hyperventilates thisisnotevencloseto20* what about OHIKNOW @vinsmoke03 because you like these :3 and maybe @kwpn93 bc I’m curious.

You don’t have to if you don’t want, tho. Also, if you want but I didn’t tag, go ahead and tag me there; I’d read c:

Nicknames: None really, but a few friends sometimes call me Cuervito (little crow). Mom calls me the spanish equivalent of “fat" or a single word for “curly-haired”, because I was a curly haired fat baby; grew up to the opposite, but she still calls me that. Brother calls me monkey.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: …5'1 ;____;

Last thing you googled: The expected weather in my city, yesterday. Weather said “Ah, it’s gonna be lots of sun, and maybe a cloud or two :)”. There was rain and also hail. Good side is it stopped by the time classes were over :)

Favorite music artist: *Hypeventilates* GREEN DAY. 

Song stuck in your head: Well, I had none till this question, thank you. Thinking about Dark Pit’s Theme. It’s just so good ;___;

Last movie you watched: Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice). I don’t watch movies often so this is still the last I watched. 

What are you wearing right now: Office suit! A loose Beatles shirt and a pair of red shorts. No footwear. It’s hot. The office is my room.

Why did you choose your URL: There’s this joke from high school in which I’m really a raccoon; I’ve gone around life since then with such idea. The moon is my favorite thing and a major plot in one of my life goals (not gonna become an astronaut, tho), and I found Moon and Racoon made a pretty phonetic pair in english, so there it goes.
The -exe is because I couldn’t make it .exe; the joke’s in Megaman NT Warrior, originally called Rockman.exe. Navis all have names, but their original archives are listed as .exe: hence Megaman is Megaman for friends, but his real archive name is Megaman.exe, and so for all navies.
So I’m a raccoon who comes from the moon but is also a digital archive with a gun by hand.

What did your last relationship teach you: bOI. I learned what love is out of what it is NOT. I also learned the difference between who loves you and who loves the idea/concept of “you”. The difference between loving and wanting to be loved. And I learned to not say or do things just because “if you don’t you really don’t love me”. BOI was it bad. I’m perfectly fine, and the ex seems very ashamed, so there’s no hate, just no plans (from my side, at least) to talk again. There’s no point in offering love (even if just friendly) to someone who will say (sometimes in literal wording) “don’t love me like that; love me the way I tell you to do”.

Religious or Spiritual: Spiritual, I guess, but I don’t meditate or do any kind of ritual. I just love the cosmos?

Favorite color: Leaning towards dark shades of blue and red.

Average hours of sleep: hmm…8? 

Lucky number: 11 and 9. Sometimes 2 too (aahaha too too).

Favorite characters: *badly gasps* Okay.

Ignis and Gladio from Final Fantasy XV, Shaoran, Kurogane and Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles, Sakura, Touya and Yukito from Sakura Card Captor, Megaman.exe, Megaman Starforce, Emil Castagnier from Tales of Symphonia 2, Sheena, Lloyd and Zelos from ToS, Machiavelli from “The Secrets of Immortal Nicholas Flamel” (BOI go read the series, it’s SO GOOD), Newt from Maze Runner, Danny Phantom, Pit and Dark Pit, BOI I LOVE MY FANDOM WORLD.

How many blankets do you sleep with: well, it’s this thin-fabric bedsheet that I don’t think even exist for you USA/rest of the world guys (or at least I couldn’t find an appropiate word? And then I have two blankets as in the warm thick-fabric one. And then a thin-fabric sheet as cover?

So…four? except this month I’ve slept on top of/without them. It’s been too hot.

Dream job: *hyperventilates* BOI. Well, I do feel a bit shy about two of them, and even though I feel very shy about this one too, I’ll share it anyway: voice acting. Sad part is I won’t get to participate in videogame voice acting: most of voice acting over here is for series, movies and animes that need dubbing. There’s less but still lots of original content in spanish. But there’s only very little of videogame, bc they either leave it with english voices and spanish dub, or the games they DO dub aren’t usually in my range of interest (there was dub for Halo, for example, but no Final Fantasy [so far I know]). 

It’s a shame. I woulda have liked to one day be fantasy/adventure game character, protagonist or sidekick. 
I still could if they needed someone with accent. Except I’d be a poor, badly developed sidekick filled of stereotypes with 3 dialogues and that will most surely die bc apparently that’s what we do |D
And which…is of course not my point at all.

I’m rambling. Again. Apologies :’)

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It may have a history but there is nothing wrong…

OFC ppl aren’t always just sitting down and thinking “Hmm I’m going to make a racist design/piece of fan art on purpose today.”!!!

But thanks to its deeply rooted history it’s internalized so people aren’t even always aware but that’s no excuse.

so yeah like uh even if it is ‘however the creator chooses‘

you need to understand that A) Sometimes people make racist disgusting choices whether they mean it or not and B) this was about people using canon to excuse gross exaggeration in fanwork so idk what ur gettin at here

Tho I mean if you wanna talk about ‘however the creator chooses’ what about how Ame was straight up designed earlier on hella anti-black/anti-latinx like?? The botched aave…the slur…the designs themselves in consideration of that even like

is that okay just because it was "however the creator” chose??? Are you implying as long as you’re a content creator, you don’t need to ever be considerate of the impact and implications of your choices?

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Name: Samantha

Nickname/s: Sam, Sammy, Manthe, Manthy, Samuel (idk how), Snow White (pale skin, thanks), a few more.

Gender: Female

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5’ 9"

Age: – years

Sexual Orientation: Don’t know, don’t care.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (Not a soar loser tho).

Favorite Color: Red, Black, and Grey

Time Right Now: 4:23 PM

Average Hours of Sleep: 3 to 4 hours. And strangly, not tired.

Lucky Number: 4

Last Google Search: “Fortress Maximus IDW.” Trying to get heads up on @gunsinlegs!

Favorite Fictional Characters: Ratchet (Transformer; All continuity), Prowll (Transformer; All continuity), Starscream (Transformer; All continuity), Brainstorm (Transformer; All continuity), Stanley “Stanford” Pines (Gravity Falls), Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog).

Blankets I Sleep with: One normal spread blanket; purple, green, and pink stripes.

Favourite Bands/Artists: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Cash Cash, Ayreon, some more people I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Dream Trips: Spain or Japan, maybe South Korea.

When did your blog reach its peak: When I jumped @itsalwayssunnyon-cybertron’s “I have sexy thighs” post and showed Optimus Maximus’ chunky leg (which is Sunstreaker btw) and people loved it.

When did you make this Blog: I was a RP blog before this but I lost connection to it, so I made a new account for a new character. Prowl is great man!

Follower Count: 70

Why did you choose your URL: Two cops. Prick cop and Bitch cop. Yay!

People to tag: (If you’ve already been tagged, just ignore me)

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I'll take your advice, as soon as I get my computer back I'll watch skam. Yeah I understand what you're saying, it's kinda weird for me tho idk why. I also feel like they kinda lost interest in the music (not Johnson, we can see he truly loves it) +

Quote from another message from you:
“+ but the others, to me, they seem kinda uninterested and maybe that’s why they aren’t popular anymore”
I AGREE!!!!!!!! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID!!! I feel the same!! Like they have lost any interest in music and only try to kinda hype on fame they have
But Johnson, I agree, is still very passionate about his music 🎶

You basically just said what I had in mind for like 3-4 months 💕

dana watches lucifer (2x09)

make sure to check out @lucifersecretsanta for a cool fandom secret santa!

  • let’s do this folks
  • ooh linda is on the previously on that means more linda!!!
  • based on the previously on this episode looks lit
  • im the guy in the hot dog suit
  • nvm i’m the tour guide
  • lol lucifer just takes over
  • lucifer EXPOSE HIM
  • lol amenadiel just fuckin left
  • “a literal goddess of all creation” for a sec i thought she was just praising charlotte and i was like same
  • “running or looking” is it a coincidence we hear chloe’s voice immediately after i don’t think so
  • ELLA
  • “someone really popped his cork” SHE EXPLAINS THE JOKE I LOVE HER
  • “fascinating” he looks fascinated tho
  • “unless you wanna be blamed for a four-toed brittany”
  • of course cue the theme song
  • i love when he uses his magic powers
  • maze call him out drag him
  • “dangerous duplicitous” i love alliteration
  • charlotte i got mixed feelings on ya
  • “she thinks she’s smart” UM SHE IS SHE’S LITERALLY THE BEST
  • amenadiel has some mixed feelings it looks like
  • “i cannot have you terrorize them” “i would never” 
  • i honestly love this banter and i love hearing abt all their antics aw
  • “just to be clear that wasn’t me”
  • “potentially homeless and definitely nauseated”
  • like dumbledore did to ron remember that
  • did she just kill that guy for like no reason
  • jeez this woman is hardcore
  • i kind of love her why am i like this
  • “she’s good” she IS good i love her
  • damn he just like closes the door in her face
  • DAN ESPINOZA i was hoping we could go an episode without you
  • although… he’s kinda growing on me
  • don’t tell anybody tho
  • ew were dan and charlotte flirting that’s lucifer’s mom
  • night club is back in full swing
  • charlotte please stop lying it’ll kill me when he finds out
  • “i prefer not to be defined by him” 
  • “thank you for all this… existence” charlotte is a lil too threatening stop linda is being pure and sweet
  • “i’m not telling you anything abt our sessions” YOU GET EM GIRL
  • et tu chloe?
  • “turn the music back on” OMG I LOVE HER LAEJNFIAOHI SP MUCH FEWJIAO
  • what is this stranger things “should i stay or should i go” this song is a bop though
  • oh no oh no oh no oh no 
  • no[e noepofajo no 
  • charlotte NO
  • this lucifer monologue is giving me life
  • “eva gardner threw a champagne glass at frank sinatra’s head” NICE
  • “this may disturb and titillate you”
  • “i really need your help here” “really?”
  • um lucifer ur kinda third wheeling
  • lucifer is literally ready for murder 
  • chloe is the only one who can reel him back i love her
  • “he’s so dumb” -my dad about dan 
  • he ain’t wrong tho
  • “i don’t know if it’s reciprocated” um it definitely is have you seen the wAY SHE LOOKS AT HIM
  • “no let this play out” she’s rly enjoying this part
  • amenadiel is me 
  • maze literally takes pics of his face instead of them making out
  • “they’re gonna AH AH” “I KNOW WHAT THEY’RE GONNA DO MAZE”
  • “please don’t make me explain this anymore”
  • i am sorry you come here for quality reviews and this is just me spouting quotes at you lol
  • honestly tho i ship the hell outta linzikeen but this sexual tension i mean
  • lol eric is not a good liar lol
  • “i think he did it” lucifer is so petty
  • “idk if it’s reciprocated” my ass do you see what she just did for him
  • “friends help each other out” friends? okay if that’s what ur going with
  • of COURSE he goes to linda
  • “why is it i’m the only human who knows who you really are” bc she literally won’t believe him lol
  • ohhhhh i see what she means now
  • NO DON’T STAND HER UP :(((((((((((( 
  • um that almost kiss got me like ready for death
  • guys this rly stressed me out i don’t think u realize 

“I’m a loser and I’m always gonna be this idiot on stage. But I think as you get older you just stop worrying about what other people think. I feel like I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been on stage now.” (photo credit)

“ You look at him and can see the Sun,

While he looks at you and can see the Stars ”

Just another try to animate it’s fun ok? dancing letters