idk what's up with the quality

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me


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                         Shit Crowley has on his iPod probably


So what do you get when you start listening to undertale orchestrated music-

Ahhh I really like @classycloudcuckoolanderclasso‘s undertale x south park au and couldn’t resist! Also I’m lazy with coloring and Undertale art is comforting ;w; But like idk, what if Tweek’s arrows are like Undyne’s spears but they’re all the opposite directions- you know those yellow spears she has-

I had to redraw Craig and- I’m never gonna be happy with him- what is a Craig Tucker-

  • Winwin: Hey guys, you know what I lo-
  • Taeyong: Love? What a great thing to talk about! You're so great and smart, Sicheng. I'll go first. I love Winwin of popular Korean boy group NCT, real name Dong Sicheng.. I love you so much you precious angel. There I said it. Like I do every day. I would kill for you, my sweet, sweet son. I would take someone's life for you, you beautiful human being. You look hungry. Are you hungry? I'll make you something right now but don't worry I'll be back in about 20 minutes to remind you how much I love you



So me and my friend Hacked The World in custom game as Sombra. With no cooldowns. You can only do it with no cooldowns, not even just low cooldowns. But basically you just teleport up and up and up until you get out of the skybox. It’s fun!

We had a lot of fun exploring different maps and finding stuff. Figuring out what’s solid and what’s not, finding the map limits, dying 400 times. It’s great!

Unfortunately all my HD screenshots ended up like that first one of Hanamura. All of them. IDK why, it’s never done that before… BUT luckily my low quality shots came out all right!


Disclaimer: All of this was done for fun, just to mess around and explore the maps. Not for the purpose of cheating or using this in actual games.

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Hey first of all I fucking love your page & also I was scrolling through and I'm pretty sure that this is from That 70's show when they were being interviewed for the burger place! Idk if you wanna change it but thought you should know just in case! .... Ally: Tell me what you consider your best quality? Camila: I'm a real people person. Dinah: I don't answer stupid questions. Normani: I can spot a lie. Lauren: My eyes. Oh and also my butt.

I did! Thanks for the heads up! I really appreciate it when you guys give me the source of a quote when I don’t know it.

@ video games people: you should sell a version of your high quality game but without the game because i don’t care about it, just sell the part where i get to customize my character…. i will pay you not a lot of money but? if you sell it cheap to a lot of people it’s like you sold it expensive to not a lot of people (i did social-economic for a year trust m)

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So I was scrolling through my followers and I saw that u were actually following and had a mini freak out session bc I really love ur art and I look up to u so thnx! (Idk what I'm saying)

Screams softly you are so high quality thank you ahh!!! Glad I can inspire u man