idk what's this tbh

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i just read a cnn article called "the first time i realized i was white" and i legit feel like throwing up??(one of the quotes from it was "Basically, white has become the new black") idk whether to laugh or cry tbh

Is that what it’s about? Ugh


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How are u always working omg? Like it seems your always working on either making heartstopper, editing, or writing? And your also on this blog so much how do you have time

i…. am literally always working haha like… i sort of don’t really take days off, i don’t really treat weekends different to weekdays… i don’t really watch tv or movies very often, i don’t play video games, i don’t have much of a social life (lol), i don’t have a day job (very grateful about that haha)

like tbh i wouldn’t recommend it, i miss out on a lot of stuff, tv, films, music, etc, because i just work on my projects most of every single day

obviously i’m sort of vaguely on tumblr at all times tho like if i respond to you on here immediately chances are i’m in the middle of doing something else on my laptop

idk man i’m just doing what i want tbh :) i just wanna create content all the time, it’s pretty much the only thing that makes me feel alive and worthwhile. if i go more than a few days without working on something creative i legitimately want to die


Hanakumamii Character Challenge ✖

Day 01 ☆ A character from your current favorite fandom
           Victor Nikiforov「 ヴィクトル・ニキフォロフ 」Yuri!!! on ICE


yoo! here’s the djwifi piece i did for @a-little-light-zine ~ if you would like to see all the pieces in this zine, feel free to donate and pick one up while it’s still available~ 

also wanna say a huge thanks @littleblackchat for your ridiculous amount of hard work in making this zine come together ;0; it was crazy watching you work and i have a lot of respect for you //grovels profusely// ur a beast gurl

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.

Orders  –  Participants  –  Previews  –  Info

kageyama bros fight!