idk what's this i'm on pills

I love you
Through every fight
Over the dumbest things.
I love you
Even after I moved
And we stopped talking.
I love you
Even as we both tried
To swallow those pills
I love you
Because you were the
One constant in my life.
I love you
I love you
I love you.
—  And you’re leaving.
No, but hear me out:

I’m so obsessed with the band – as dysfunctional as they are – being major support systems for each other because they’re all they have. 

Russel helping 2D manage his pills so that he doesn’t take too many because Russel knows pills and knows what it’s like to take too many, and remembers how fucking awful that is, and wouldn’t wish that on 2D for a minute. 

Noodle and Murdoc sitting in the living room and listening to Hendrix records late at night because Noodle has nightmares about her super soldier days and Murdoc has nightmares about his father, and it’s easier for them to calm down when they’re sitting next to each other. 

Murdoc fudging up 2D’s resume and pretending to be one of his references for his job at the driving school, and Murdoc’ll say that it’s because they need the money and he’s tired of seeing Stu around the house so often, but 2D’s like the closest thing to a friend Murdoc has and how can he not help the bloke out when his CV looks like complete shit? 

2D helping Noodle ice up the bruises on her face and everywhere else because 2D is all too familiar with cuts and bruises, and you have to put ice on it first Noods and sort of massage the edges of it everyday so that they go away faster and don’t mess up your pretty face. 

Murdoc sitting with Russel and looking through every Satanic book he knows to try and figure out a way to talk to Del’s ghost even if it’s just for a few seconds, because Russel never really got over that, and Murdoc warns him to let it go, but Russel can’t, and Murdoc isn’t about to sit around and listen to Russel go on and on about it anymore. 

Murdoc slipping pain meds into 2D’s bottles that aren’t so addictive and won’t make 2D so spaced out and distant because the idiot puts himself in more pain everyday without needing to, and Murdoc isn’t about to let his singer croak because of something silly like pills. 

Noodle watering down Murdoc’s liquor so that he doesn’t get quite so drunk and quite so mean during the day, and Murdoc knows she does it, but doesn’t say anything because he’s secretly touched that she’d care about him enough to make sure he’s not drinking too much even though it’s kind of annoying. 

Just…I want more of them all acting like a goddamn close knit group of friends because they are, they’ve known each other for close to 15 years, like damn, would they not do nice things for each other?