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A/N : I honestly don’t know what happened. It was supposed to be fun and fluffy and turned out like this. I don’t know. Hope you like it anyway ! 

Synopsis : Emma immediately feels something for the goalie whom she shot a soccer ball at but fights it as bad memories come back. Captain Swan AU. 

Emma inhaled deeply, rejoicing in the feeling of freedom the gesture accompanied. Looking around her, she took in the sight that surrounded her - huge trees, crowds of students, the general sound of laughter. 

She was starting over in a new school, a new state. A new life. Smiling to herself, she smiled as she turned back to her newfound friends, enjoying the feeling of warmth that enveloped her. After years of not belonging, she felt like this would be it. Her home. 

Hearing shouts from the playing field, she turned her head and watched the soccer game that was taking place right next to her. 

Feeling carefree in a way she never had before, she ran out onto the field, managing to steal the soccer ball from a shirtless player. Running with all she had, she dodged players and kicked the ball right past the goalie’s head, who looked as shocked as she felt at her audacity. 

Standing still, Emma could practically feel the time slow, as if the entire universe were holding its breath in the seconds that she would always remember as the ones that altered the course of her existence. 

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fic: aberrant - dedicated to dorkscott for her birthday!

aberrant (AB-er-ent) [adj.] — deviating from the proper course.
Or, five times Isaac Lahey was really glad he stuck around in Beacon Hills, and one time he wanted to be anywhere else.

I just really love Worick okay, he’s my child before anyone else in this series, including Delico. Just try to understand the things he’s had to go through to get where he is, the things he’s had to sacrifice or the fact that his flaky, pervy attitude is a façade for what he’s actually feeling, that it’s all a coping mechanism.

Please remember that Worick is intelligent and kind and selfless so when he does something drastic like behead Miles Mayer, you better believe it isn’t him snapping and going insane; it isn’t him going crazy or turning evil. You better believe he has a damn good reason, and you better be scared, because Worick is a force to be reckoned with and if you don’t think that after all he’s had to endure and everyone he’s helped or rescued or saved their lives that Worick isn’t a pure-hearted, strong willed man with good intentions then don’t talk to me.


DeanCas Graphics Challenge | adorkablejensen  vs. malallory
↳ Prompt: Untitled by L.B.

I give you this knife with trembling hands.
the words I don’t say are I trust you with my life
I trust you to end it when the time is right.


ten women i have been warned against becoming: ob edition

“The Girl Who Takes Up Too Much Space, always, her shoulders too wide in stairwells, her hips too big in doorways, her voice too loud in classes. This woman does not understand the art of crumbling, of curling herself tight like the spiral of a fern, soft, delicate, unwilling to reach out the ivy of her fingers to grasp onto what should rightfully be hers. This is a beast, an elephant, a moving mountain and she is capable of flattening you, she is capable of ruining you, she is capable of making you feel as small and insignificant in her life as she is supposed to be. You are this woman’s footnote to history, you are her side note in song lyrics, you are constantly interrupted by her with a witty joke you wish you thought of. I asked what the problem was with being a steamroller instead of a sunflower and I was laughed down.” - (inkskinned)

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