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Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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a hc where dnp have very Slow Vanilla sex and dan is starting to ride phil ((slowly)) and he looses his balance and like goes down rly fast on accident and phils worried but dan rly likes it hurting? idk m8 thanks

Dan moaned as Phil started to kiss down his jaw, stopping every now and then to lick and suck at spots he knew would get Dan squirming on his lap. Phil wanted him covered in bruises the next day; he loved showing off his pretty marked up baby to the public. 

Dan slid his hands up Phil’s arms, squeezing his lean muscles and resting them on his shoulders. It was sleepy nights like these that Dan just liked to admire him, examine every little detail of his body until he knew them by heart. 

His heart thrummed in his chest and his breath hitched as Phil trailed his fingertips up his thighs, brushing the skin through the jeans and making Dan shiver like the fabric barrier was nonexistent between Phil’s skin and his.

“Phil,” he whispered, the sound coming out more desperate than he would have liked, pressing his forehead to the other’s.  

“Yes, Dan?” Phil breathed, searching his eyes and smiling, letting them flicker to the rest of Dan’s face. He knew what was coming, and he wanted it just as much as Dan did. 

Dan dipped his head to kiss the area below Phil’s chin; right on his throat; and Phil tilted his head back in response. 

“Want you so bad,” he muttered simply, sucking at the pale skin, and Phil went to work wrestling Dan’s shirt off over his head. 

It took them longer than it should have to get undressed; both of them were in an odd, hazy mood, and they kept pausing to admire each other, licking and marking and exploring their territory. Dan couldn’t stop smiling, for some reason, and Phil couldn’t take his eyes off the man straddling his lap. 

It was like they were back in 2009, need blurring their thoughts but love and admiration distracting them from the goal. Dan let out a soft, breathy giggle. 

“What?” Phil asked, grinning at him, his hands trailing over Dan’s bare chest. Dan shook his head. 

“Nothing, ‘s just…” he trailed off, his lips catching Phil’s briefly, humming into the kiss. “I love you a lot.”

Phil smiled, reaching up to run his thumb over Dan’s lower lip. 

“I love you too, baby. More than anything.”

Soon enough Dan was lowering himself on Phil; clutching his shoulders, his face buried in his neck. 

He let out a soft gasp and Phil gripped his hips, he would never want to hurt Dan, so on vanilla nights like these, he always made him go slow. 

Dan whimpered softly, digging his nails into Phil’s flesh and biting down on his throat, a bit harder than he had anticipated. 

In Phil’s surprise at the bite, heat shooting through his body, he lost his grip on Dan’s hips. Dan had been weak already, need fuzzing his senses, and he went down hard with Phil no longer supporting him like he had been. 

Dan gasped, a strangled cross between a moan and a whimper caught in his throat, the air knocked out of him. The pain at the sudden movement and the tight fit hurt, bad, but for some reason arousal heated Dan’s skin and added to how turned on he obviously already was.

Phil couldn’t help but moan, the unanticipated tight heat surrounding him causing pleasure to course through his body. 

“Shit,” he cursed softly, holding Dan steady. “Are you alright? Did I hurt you?”

It took Dan a moment to force himself to shake his head, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck and clinging to him like a child. 

“P-Please,” he choked out, shaking. This often happened, Phil knew, during sex; Dan would just lose his head, and find the slightest of conversation impossible. “’S good, fuck, it’s so good.” 

“Good?” Phil repeated, kneading Dan’s ass in his hands, controlling Dan’s movements. 

“Mhm,” Dan hummed. “So fucking good, Jesus.” 

Phil nodded, and groaned as Dan began to slowly grind down on him. 

“Want m-more,” Dan stuttered. Phil pulled him up slowly, almost completely leaving him, and Dan whined. 

In one rough movement he pulled him down again, and Dan moaned loudly. 

“Ah-!” he gasped, the noises getting caught halfway out. “Please, please more, want it- want the pain…”

And that was how their night of vanilla sex turned not so vanilla. 


A/N thank you so much to @you-broke-our-spirit for writing this with me lmao i wouldnt be proud of this hc without you!!! also what are titles? and plot? who needs plot??

Warnings/tags: bottom!whiny!dan masseuse!phil, massage porn, lots of hickeys and praise, idk, no homo howell at first, shitty plot/set up, possibly shitty porn

Dan had a lot going on lately with the BBC. He was their lead host now every week day and spent most of his days stressing out and having panic attacks in the office bathrooms during lunch break. When Dan’s girlfriend, Lucy, saw how stressed out he was she decided that he needed to go get a massage.

Every time Dan came home from work he looked beaten down and tired. And every night, without fail Lucy always said in her matter of fact voice, “Baby, you’re so tense, come on, you need it.” Lucy even got her friends to nag Dan, and his mom! Every week he was getting calls from his mom telling him to listen to his girlfriend and “just go get the damn massage.” Dan was through with listening to their complaining after three months and finally gave in.

“Fine, fine, stop whining. I’ll go get a stupid massage,”

“Come on Dan, it’s not stupid it’s for your benefit,” she jokingly punched his shoulder and made him schedule an appointment online for some “hippy dippy massage place somewhere downtown.”

As the week progressed Dan sort of found himself dreading the massage. I mean a stranger rubbing his back with oil for two hours? Personally he didn’t see that as “heaven”, he saw that as torture. Not to mention the fact that where most of his stress is centered (his neck) is the same place as his g-spot, that has not had attention from anyone since his high school days.


A week of complaining and moping later and Dan was walking into the massage place. He contemplated just going to get some pizza to eat instead, and just tell Lucy that he got the massage but he remembered what she said and just tried to think of this as something he was finally doing for himself.

He needed this. Yes. He definitely needed this after all this bullshit with work.

When he walked in he was immediately hit with the scent of burning lavender incense. It was calming but overwhelming all at once. Maybe he should’ve just ditched.

After another useless internal battle he checked in. While he was waiting he bounced his leg up and down in the waiting room, just wanting to get this over with.

That’s when his masseuse walked out. Dan felt as if the breath had been knocked out of him. He was quite possibly the most gorgeous man Dan had ever laid his eyes on. He had striking blue eyes and jet black hair swept to the side while sporting a form fitting black shirt on that Dan could clearly see the outline of his stomach through, and Dan would seriously kill for abs like that.

Of course Dan was thinking of this man as a goal for his own appearance. He couldn’t be attracted to him. Not at all. Dan was straight. Dan had a girlfriend. All of these thoughts were no homo thoughts. Yeah. Yeah, no homo.

“Hello? Dan? I’m Phil, your masseuse today,” the man grinned and Dan swears that the room lit up. No homo though.
“Uh- yea- uh- Dan- yeah- um -touch my body now- i mean- like a massage- yeah- haha."Now Dan has always been a formal, calm man. He has absolutely no idea what this ‘Phil’ was doing to him.

Phil giggled- fucking giggled- at Dan’s nervousness and led him to the back, where all the massage rooms were.
"Now before I 'touch your body’ I need to know certain things Mr. Howell. What kind of pressure would you like? What are certain problem areas,” Phil went on with the list of things he needed to know but all Dan could focus on was those damn, pink lips moving up and down a mile a minute –curling around each word. He was mesmerized, and when Phil finished talking he licked his lips and handed Dan the form to fill out, Dan fumbled and dropped the pen since he was so focused on Phil’s lips. When he got the pen back he filled out the stupid paperwork about what he wanted out of the massage.

“I’m going to leave you to get undressed now. Of course you can leave your boxers on if you’d like but they usually get in the way of massaging your thighs so if you’re comfortable with it, please take them off,” Phil then silently strode out of the room and shut the door behind him.

Dan started to strip quickly, trying to ignore both his existential crisis and his semi hard on. He folds and lays his clothes down on the chair in the corner of the room and slips off his shoes. Then he walks over to the massage table and awkwardly crawls inside, trying not to give his dick any friction so his hard on doesn’t get worse. It’s nearly impossible though, and when he lays flat on his stomach he slowly grinds against the table until Phil knocks on the door.

When Phil walks in he’s carrying different essential oils and he places them all on a table near Dan’s head. “Okay Mr. Howell-”

“Please, call me Dan. No need for formalities here,” Dan said, having regained his composure somehow.

“Okay well Dan, I’m gonna start off with your back and then I’ll move to your legs and then later I’ll have you flip over onto your back and do your arms and shoulders,”

“Sounds great, I’ve really needed this for a while. It’s a two hour session right?”

“Correct, and don’t feel bad if you fall asleep on the table,” Phil laughed, “You wouldn’t be the first person to do it and you definitely won’t be the last.”

Their banter carried on for a view minutes, Phil asking Dan where he works, Dan asking Phil how long he’s been a masseuse, random things like that; that was until Phil touched Dan’s neck.

“Dan, you need to relax, you have a lot of knots up here in your neck and I need to work them out,” Phil complained.

Dan tried his hardest to relax but it was hard when a hot guy that had already managed to make him question his sexuality was touching his number one g-spot. Phil pushed down on the major knots and worked them out one by one. When he switched over to the other side of Dan’s neck and started working on a knot at the base, Dan let out a loud embarrassing moan and immediately relaxed.

"There you go, good boy Dan, “He praised. Dan swears he heard Phil wrong. Yeah. He had to have said good job. Right? Oh well. Forget it.

Dan let himself relax after that point. Letting Phil have his way with all of the knots in his neck and moaning obscenely at each touch. Phil kept praising Dan for some reason, which was only turning Dan on more.

With each praise that slipped out of Phil’s mouth Dan moaned louder and subtly ground his hips into the table beneath him. He got all whiny and shallow breathed when Phil had finished working out all the knots in his neck.

"Since you seem to enjoy this so much, I’m going to focus more on your neck, even with all your knots being gone now,” Dan moans as a response and sinks into the table –shamelessly grinding into it now. Not even caring if Phil saw. Of course Phil noticed though, a fact unknown to Dan himself, but if anyone else were in the room they would’ve seen the way Phil froze and bit his lip.

Phil’s hands become hesitant for a second, and then Dan feels warm lips kissing the back of his neck.

“Oh my gosh, Dan I’m so sorry! That was so unprofessional of me!” Phil goes to apologize more but Dan just stares up at him with the most wrecked look in the world and lets out a small plea of “more.”
Within seconds Dan’s being flipped onto his back and Phil is diving for his neck, pressing kisses all around it. Phil pulls off Dan’s neck and kisses him roughly, slipping his tongue in without warning. Dan moans in response, kissing back feverishly and grabbing the back of his neck. Phil does wonders with his tongue, swirling and rolling it all around Dan’s mouth, knowing exactly what to do and how to make him squirm. Dan becomes pliant and tries to grind up into the dominant boy on top of him who just keeps pushing his hips down and making out with him. When they pull away Dan’s panting and his eyes are wide and dark.

“Phil, please, I need more. Bite me. Suck on my neck. Mark me. Please~” Now who would deny a request like that? Certainly not Phil. He goes back to Dan’s neck with a renewed energy and immediately begins to suck on a sweet spot at the base of Dan’s neck. He lets out a loud moan and Phil groans in response to the loud boy. Thank god these rooms are soundproof.

As Phil left a mark the size of a golf ball on Dan’s neck, Dan writhed against him, trying to push his hips up but Phil held them down. Holding him off from any type of release momentarily. He begins to suck another mark above the previous one. Dan should’ve been paying attention and told him to stop before he had to wear a turtle neck to work tomorrow, but he couldn’t think straight. Dan moaned and struggled for friction beneath Phil but he wasn’t given anything. Every time he groaned in annoyance Phil chuckled and just went back to sucking on his neck. He bit and nibbled and sucked as if his life depended on it.

“Phil- Fuck, you have to gi-ve me more, please I’ll d-do anything please jus-just let me grin-d-d against your th-thigh,” Dan whined as Phil smirked and just kept marking up his neck.

“Oh but princess, earlier you were begging for me to mark you up, so I’m going to take me time doing that.”

“But- Philll~”

“Daniel, if you want to be fucked I suggest you stop whining. I only fuck good boys”


Before Phil could carry on, he rid himself of all of his clothes and climbed back on the table.

Phil continued on gingerly with his marks. He watched Dan writhe for a while before deciding that 5 hickeys on his neck was enough for now and that he needs to move onto somewhere else. He slowly moved down to his chest. Reaching up to rub on Dan’s nipples with both hands he attached his mouth right on Dan’s collarbones. He left a few bright red love bites all over them before moving down to leave more dark hickeys. Circling Dan’s nipples with both hands and sucking hickeys in random places was a lot for Dan’s needy little body to handle and he begged Phil to get on with it.

Finally giving into the writhing boy below him, Phil ground down his giant cock onto Dan. Dan let out a shout and his eyes rolled into the back of his head from finally being satisfied. “What do you want baby? Hmm?”

“Want you t’ fuck me, please Phil! Please!”
Dan desperately rolled his hips up, just wanting more and more.

“I don’t know. You haven’t been to good Dan,”

“No! Please I have! Phil you have to fuck me! Please!”

Phil chuckled lowly and brought his mouth down to Dan’s chest again. He kissed down Dan’s slightly chubby stomach quickly and pulled the blanket off of his lower half. Dan’s aching cock was now on display, he was leaking and flushed. Phil had a rush of sympathy because he made the boy wait so long for any type of satisfaction. But no, now wasn’t the time for sympathy. He kissed the tip of Dan’s dick and licked at his slit until he heard Dan once again pleading for more.

“God princess you’re so needy, so loud,”

Phil mumbled against Dan, making Dan groan from the vibrations on his cock.
Phil started kissing down Dan’s cock, to the base and once he got there he slowly tugged at Dan as he whined and thrusted up into his hand. Phil licked and marked Dan’s balls while he thumbed through his slit and occasionally ran an agonizingly slow hand down his length.

"Phil I’m gonna cu-”

“No you aren’t. And if you do you’ll definitely regret it. I can promise that.” Dan shuttered at Phil’s words and grabbed a fistful of the blanket beneath him. Trying to edge himself had always been an issue with Dan. He always got excited too quickly and went too fast with himself to a point where he always came easily.

“Just get on with it- please Phil I’m begging you-”

“Shh baby, give me a second.” Phil stood and got the essential oil that still sat on the table near Dan’s head. That’d be efficient lube right? Oh well. Close enough. “Turn over baby, I’ve gotta prep you.”

Dan obeyed and flipped onto his stomach once again, except this time he stuck his ass in the air. His head rested on his forearms and his knees were bent and sitting on the table, giving him the perfect back arch. Phil’s first thought was that he’s never seen an arch like this outside of porn, and his second thought was “damn I’m lucky.”

As Phil gently rubbed circles on Dan’s hip, he thrusted one finger in. He felt how tight Dan was and needed to know something, “Oh princess are you a virgin?”

“I- I mean- No- I-”

“Daniel have you ever been with a boy before? What about stretching yourself?”

“Once in college I had a one night stand with some guy, but other than that no. I’ve always thought I was straight until-"Dan cut off feeling embarrassed,” Until I saw you,“

Phil chuckled deeply and just went back to thrusting his finger in and out of Dan’s hole. Dan groaned and tried to rub his hard on against the table, bit Phil was holding his hips up. Once again denying him any temporary pleasure.

As Phil stretched Dan he left kisses and nips everywhere. He kissed his inner thighs, his lower back, his hips, his ass. Almost every inch of Dan had been grazed by Phil’s lips by the time he was done. Dan had been whining the whole time, begging for the process to be hurried up, pushing his ass back against Phil’s fingers. But Phil was just taking his sweet time, praising Dan every now and then.

When Phil declared Dan prepped, he started to push in. Letting out little praises with each inch sinking into Dan. "Good job baby, taking me so well, so tight and perfect for me.” Dan bit down on his knuckles to conceal his moans.

Once Phil bottomed out Dan let out a whorish moan and begged him to move. His wish was granted and Phil began to slowly thrust in and out of Dan.

“Please Phil! More! Give me more!”

“God Dan, so needy,”

Dan looked over his shoulder in the sexiest way possible with the awkward position and pleaded, “Phil, I need you to fuck me. Make me feel this for weeks. Make it so I never forget your name. Fuck me until I can’t walk please~” He blinked up innocently and saw Phil throw his head back and thrust hard into him once. Thank god.

Phil started to fuck into him hard enough that Dan’s legs gave out beneath him. When he found Dan’s prostate Dan screamed beneath him and let out little pleas, although he was already getting everything he wanted. Phil gripped Dan’s hips hard enough to leave marks as he heard these pleas. Dan moaned and bit the table beneath him, completely blissed out.

“Beg me for your release Dan”

“God- Please- fuckfuckfuck Phil I need it, let me cum- please!” he panted out between thrust.

Phil released his grip on Dan’s right side, and reached forward to pump Dan’s cock.

“Hmm, I don’t believe you want it that bad. I think you could beg a lot better than that baby boy.”

Dan fucked himself back on Phil’s dick and shamelessly called out pleas, as his dignity was long gone at this point.

“There we go, that’s more like it, good boy, cum for me.”

Dan listened and came with a shout right after the comment had been made. He felt a shock of pleasure run through his body and shuttered, relaxing down onto the table again and letting Phil finish inside him.

When Phil saw the completely blissed out boy beneath him he moaned loudly and came inside Dan. After a moment of euphoria he pulled out and sat Dan up so he could clean up the cum off of him.

“Well baby, if you’d like to do that again, I could give you my number?” Phil winked and handed him a card. A business card.

Dan blushed - he left with his body completely relaxed and mind whirring. How was he going to tell Lucy?

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Beware the Ides of March

this isn’t the fic i intended to write today (or ever really) but it’s the fic that happened so

read on ao3

Bellamy doesn’t believe in any higher power, not really. He also doesn’t believe in fate, or coincidence, or any of those other things that people like to blame random happenings on.

But he will admit that if he did actually believe in any of those things, he would be fully convinced that they were laughing at his misfortune at this very minute which. Honestly, he would be too if not for the stab wound in his side. Stab wounds apparently make the whole laughing thing kind of difficult. Who’d’ve known.

“Would you just hold still?” Clarke huffs as she tries to clean the wound.


“You’re incorrigible.”

“And your bedside manner sucks, princess.”

She pinches the soft skin on the inside of his bicep and he yelps, glaring at her balefully.

It’s not like he wants to be here, sitting on the uncomfortable examination table in the ER, shirt off, and paper crinkling noisily beneath him each time he so much as breathes. No one ever wants to be in the ER, leaking blood all over the place because they were fucking stabbed in a mugging gone wrong, not even if the opportunity lends itself to a bout of truly morbid humour.

Just this morning he was telling his sophomores about the Ides of March and now here he is, living his own version of it. Again, he would be laughing except- stab wound.

Clarke is bent over his side, wisps of blonde hair escaping her braid and looking platinum in the harsh fluorescent hospital lighting. Her eyebrows are furrowed as she goes over the cut with antiseptic, and he hisses once more.

“That hurts,” he grunts, and then flinches again when she goes back in with another piece of gauze. Most of the bleeding has stopped, but there’s still a lazy trickle that she has to keep wiping up intermittently.

“Stab wounds tend to do that,” she deadpans.

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I Will Take Care of You

|||Anon asked: Can i request a xiumin exo wolf mate au?? Like a cute and fluffy one maybe?|||

Kim Minseok (Xiumin) x Reader

Genre: Wolf AU

Word count: 976

Originally posted by drawien

You just moved but already didn’t like this place. Your father was a novelist and so you had to move whenever he finished his book as there was no more inspiration after that. He wanted to work somewhere quiet and calm and because of that each new place was more secluded than the last one. This time it was a town of 4000 residents. It was a cloudy day as you made your way to yet another new school. Due to your constant moving you gave up on making new friends so didn’t expect much out of this day. The first thing you had to do today was find the library. The smaller the town the less people will be there and so you can be alone and spend some time with yourself without anybody bothering you. You loved reading and you could thank your father for that. You took an old looking book from one of the shelves. Surprisingly it was a book about this town. Might as well get to know where you’re going to be living for the next year or so. You weren’t even 30 minutes in when you heard footsteps.

“Hello gorgeous” a man said and before you could react took your hand pecked it.


“Haven’t seen you before, you’re new?”

“Actually yes I’m” you said quickly taking your hand out of his. “And who might you be? I’m not used to people just coming up out of nowhere and trying to start a conversation.”

“Why not? I saw you through the window and you looked incredibly cute, so I couldn’t resist talking to you.” he said smiling and you could feel how your cheeks started to burn.

“What’s up with him, he’s totally weird.” you thought but in reality you found him very handsome. He had dark purple and black hair and was wearing a white shirt with leather jacket on. You followed your gaze up to his face and unexpectedly made eye contact with him so you had to quickly avert your eyes to which he smiled. Great. You don’t even know him and he’s not even doing anything but he’s already making you blush.

“Name’s is Minseok by the way.”

“I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“Already but I just got here.” he pouted but you were already standing up and turning around to leave.

“Hey!” he shouted after you.

“What is it?” you asked.

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“I might, why?”

“Oh nothing.” he said and you noticed how the pout was turning into a smile again. “I just thought I should look after you.”

You didn’t expect him to say that so you quickly turned around and headed out of the building. You were all red from his words and couldn’t let him see you like this. But you also couldn’t stop thinking about him on your way home.

“I’m back.” you said.

“Oh, welcome home” your father replied. “Sweety, could you do something for me? I just got this wonderful idea for a story but really need some photos for reference.”

“Now? It’s getting dark.”

“Please, I know you love doing this, help out your old man” your father said handing you the camera.

“Fine.” you said putting your more comfortable boots on. “I won’t take long.”

Your father was right, even though you didn’t live moving from one place to the other, the only thing you enjoyed about it was the nature. The forest started just across the street. You wondered what kind of story your father came up with now. As you were thinking and taking photos you didn’t even notice how now you were somewhere in the middle of the forest.

“Okay.” you thought. “Don’t panic. You can find your way back.”

With that you hear a branch snap and quickly turned in the direction of the sound. No way. There was a grey wolf there. How come? You never knew there were wolves in this area. The animal didn’t look happy. Were you in his territory? You tried remembering what to do in situations like this. Do you keep eye contact? Do you pretend that you’re dead? The wolf started approaching you growling, you took a few steps back when you hit a tree.

“That’s it.” you thought. “This is how I die.”

When suddenly out of nowhere another wolf appeared. The newcomer started growling at the other and he stopped in his tracks. They stood still just looking at each other for what seemed like ages when the grey one decided to take off. By now your legs gave up on you and you just slumped by the tree. Were you saved just now? But it was not over. Now the newcomer was drawing near you. You couldn’t have a good look at him as it was dusk and his fur was black. The only thing you could see clearly was his golden eyes. The wolf stopped right in front of you and sat down. You were now both staring at each other.

“Is this one friendly?” you thought, not sure if you could pet him. The wolf tilted his head as if inviting and you put your hand on his back. The fur was soft and warm and now you just wanted to hug him. And so you did. You had nothing to lose anyways, so you threw or arms around his neck and snuggled in it. Then the realization of what just happened and that you almost died just now hit you hard and you started crying. Before you knew it you were in someone else’s embrace. You felt strong hand wrap around your waist as a chin was put on top of your head.

“There there.” he said stroking you hair. You looked up and saw Minseok.

“I said I will look after you.”

A/N: I hope this satisfies the lovely anon who requested, I tried making this as fluffy as possible but idk 😃 Anyhow, I would love to write more kpop reactions, scenarios and stuff like that. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so if you have any ideas feel free to request!!

Noticing You

Request: Idk if you’re taking requests but I be spent 3 days reading everything on your blog and it’s so great haha. Can you plssss do a shownu FLUFF/smutty where another member walks in on u

Member: Monsta X’s Shownu x Y/N x (ft. Wonho) 

Type: fluff/smutty situations

Your eyes played across Shownu’s deltoids as he kept his back turned to you. His large hands were gripped around a pair of dumbbells as he fully extended his elbows, lifting the weights into the air above his head. You looked up in the mirror just as a single bead of sweat slid down his temple and hit his cheekbone. 

“Oh man,” you hissed, shaking your head and looking back down to the progress screen of the treadmill you were shuffling on. You had been there for nearly four miles, going at a steady speed, not even realizing your distance. You had an amazing distraction after all, so you weren’t surprised that you had nearly made your goal in such a short amount of time. 

You looked up again just as Shownu did, catching his eyes for a brief moment in the reflective wall. He cracked a grin before looking away, letting out a slight chuckle. You felt your face immediately begin to heat up, looking anywhere but at the man you had been silently eying up for the better part of an hour. 

“Focus,” you muttered, looking at the small screen flashing brightly before you. Your cardio would be finished any moment and you could escape the situation. 

You had joined the gym roughly three months ago in an attempt at a new year’s resolution. After an oddly difficult approval process, you were given a membership and made an internal promise to go at least three times a week, if not more. You were hellbent on living a healthier lifestyle, even if it meant replacing fast food with the gym…

or at least having the gym quietly coincide with your fast food runs. 

After visiting the fitness center a handful of times, you quickly came to understand why it was so difficult to secure a membership. The place was teaming with idols. Members of Monsta X, Seventeen, and BtoB often frequented the equipment and it was an average occurrence to see more than one member at any time. Of course you initially caught yourself fangirling, but you quickly fell into the strange normalcy of working out around celebrities. Not to mention, it was a pretty good incentive to actually make use of your year contract, and bust your butt while you were there. 

It also helped that after you got over your initial stuttering, you had shared countless numbers of conversations with various Korean celebrities, just looking for some normalcy themselves. After all, you were all human, just with different skill sets and professions.  

You looked up again, biting your lip as you tried to use your peripherals to sight Shownu. He was no longer in your field of vision, having disappeared from the weight area while you were trying to deflate the balloon of embaressment growing in your chest.

“Hey,” a deep voice said simply, a bit too close to your ear. 

“Aish,” you groaned, spinning and nearly tripping over your feet. A pair of strong hands gripped your arm until you managed to regain your footing. You placed your sneakers on either side of the treadmill and halted the machine before even bothering to look up. “Show-shownu?”

He nodded, his eyes disappearing into slits as he smirked. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“It’s alright,” you hummed, regaining your composure before beginning to walk on the machine again. “I just didn’t see you.”

“You did earlier,” Shownu chuckled, pushing on the treadmill he was now using. It kicked into action and Shownu began casually walking, giving you a side eye at the same time. 

Your jaw dropped slightly, heat beginning to flood your face that had nothing to do with your workout. 

“Sorry,” he mumbled, looking away from your amazed expression. 

You shook your head, incapable of even forming a sentence. Looking down to your machine, you noted that you were now half a mile over your goal. You quickly halted, grabbed your water bottle, and gave a fleeting nod to Shownu. “Later.”

You scrubbed a hand over the back of your neck as you speed walked away from the machines and toward the locker room. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” you whispered, disappearing behind the door marked for women. You sighed as soon as you realized you were alone and shut your eyes, leaning against the cold lockers behind you. You remained still for a moment, keeping your eyes closed as the door to the locker room cracked open. 

“I’m sorry,” a deep voice groaned. You immediately looked up, your lashes fluttering at the sight of a red-faced Shownu. A hand was clamped tightly over his eyes and the other was stretched out before him. He touched the lockers gingerly, stopping and focusing his hearing. “Y/N? Are you there?”

“I’m here,” you hummed. “You are also here…in the women’s locker room.”

“I know,” he groaned. “But I felt really bad after what I said, so I wanted to apologize.”

“You said you were sorry directly after saying it,” you chuckled uneasily, hoisting yourself up to cross the room and stand in front of Shownu. You placed your hands on your hips and tilted your head. 

“But it wasn’t enough,” he sighed. “I know I made you uncomfortable.”

“You know…” you hummed, looking Shownu up and down. He was still clad in his workout clothes, a tank top and gym shorts. The short space between you was causing your heart to race, but you hand’t planned on backing down. “You could’ve waited until I left the locker area.”

Shownu remained silent as he opened a space between his pointer and middle finger. He looked through his hands and down to you, letting out a deep breath as he dropped his arm to his side. 

“So this is what it looks like in here,” he nodded, pursing his lips. “It’s like the men’s…but cleaner. Smells a lot better too.”

You sighed, shook your head, and crossed your arms. “Shownu…”

“Hm?” he hummed, snapping out of his thoughts and looking back toward you. 

“What are you doing? Really?” you whispered. 

“I guess…I guess I didn’t really want to apologize,” he grumbled. “Because I wasn’t really sorry.”

Your eyes grew wide and your mouth opened and closed, attempting to utter out any words. You were rendered speechless, which suited Shownu since he wasn’t finished talking yet. 

“I’m sorry for making you feel that way, but not for what I said,” he explained. “I’ve noticed you watching me before…”

“Oh god,” you whispered, spinning to hide your face. Shownu let out a soft chuckle and reached out for your arm, forcing you to face him. His fingers were like fire on your moist skin and you flinched away from his unfaltering touch. 

“But I liked it,” Shownu finished with a smile. 

For a moment you thought you had passed out and hit your head on a bench on the way down. Surely this was a strange psychotic episode that you had dreamt up all on your own. 

“You…you did?” you stuttered, looking at him with wide eyes. 

He nodded, his grin growing on his handsome face. “I’m not one to misspeak.”

You shook your head a bit, trying to come to the realization of what he was saying. 

“So…” you hummed, furrowing your brows. 

“So,” Shownu nodded, taking a few steps toward you. He kept his hand light on your arm as his face approached yours. “I’d like to get to know you better.”

His eyes searched your face as his hand moved from your arm to the back of your neck. His strong fingers held you in place as he tilted his head, licking his lips. 

You tried to contain yourself, letting a hiss out between your teeth as you subconsciously begged for him to come closer. You knew that you and Shownu didn’t know too much about each other, other than the pleasantries you exchanged every now and again. You knew you shouldn’t be trying to kiss him in the locker room at the gym, but there was something about his muscles pulsing beneath his sweaty, tanned skin…

Shownu’s nose grazed across your cheek as his breaths became hot on your lips. He was painstakingly slow in his motions and you could hardly handle the tension. His opposite hand moved forward, grasping your hip. The waistband of his workout shorts was now pressed against your torso. 

A quiet clunk echoed through the locker room as Shownu eased you against the cold metal of the lockers around you. You let out a small whimper, the temperature causing you to shiver in the shadow of Shownu’s warmth. 

That was when his lips suddenly hit yours. Hesitant and shy at first, they worked with the rhythm of your racing heartbeats. Shownu wanted to be gentle, but was incapable of showing restraint. Subtlety was not his strong suit. 

You gasped as Shownu gripped both of your thighs, pulling you up to straddle his waist. He only allowed your lips to break for a moment before he began to kiss you again, more urgent than before. You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, running your fingernails across the nape. This caused Shownu to groan, giving you the opportunity to place your tongue between his lips and entangle with his. You felt a growing bulge pulsing behind his workout shorts and rubbing against your core. He dropped your thighs, letting your sneakers find the floor again. You removed one of the hands that was snaked around his neck and began to rub his member, gently at first, but quickly grew in fervor. He closed his eyes, letting out a brief groan as he pushed his body even closer to yours, biting down on your shoulder as you continued your motions. 

“Can I?” you whispered, tugging at his shirt. Without having to give permission, he ripped off his tank top on his own, and tossed it over his shoulder. In the brief moment, you became even more aware that you were in a public space, doing a very private thing. 

Your hands roamed over the muscles you had admired for so long. You kissed Shownu’s neck gently, sucking on his skin and causing small patches of red and purple in your wake. Even though he was post work out, he smelled incredible. It was almost as if he was wearing cologne, but you knew it was near impossible with his workout regiment. 

“Yah!” a low voice groaned, emerging from the shower area. You immediately pushed away from Shownu, eyes wide as you looked around his frame. 


Wonho gripped at a towel clinging around his waist and looked at you both with furrowed brows. Water dripped from his blonde bangs onto his bare chest. “What are you two doing?”

“What are you doing?” you gasped. “This is the women’s locker room!”

Wonho looked down to the floor, his cheeks turning a bright red. “The body wash in here smells better.”

“It’s so clean in here, right?” Shownu nodded, looking at his member as if this was a normal occurrence. 

“It is!” Wonho nodded, his eyes wide as he looked back up at the two of you. 

“Aigoo, both of you, out! Now!” you groaned, picking up Shownu’s tank top and tossing it at his bare stomach. 

“But I don’t-” Wonho groaned, beginning to pull on his own clothing. 

“Out!” you repeated. 

Shownu smiled as he tugged on his tank top, placing a quick kiss on your lips. “I’ll wait outside then.”

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Washington - God of Paternity, Leadership and Time
Entire Back

Washington is the leader of the Gods.
↳ Having been one of the first two born from nothing
↳ Together, with Martha, he created all life and the major gods
↳ He wanted a happy family, but got a petty, squabbling messes that just makes him sad and tired

Martha Washington - Goddess of Maternity, Children and Space
Entire Front

Martha is a gentle, but firm, goddess.
↳ She was one of the first two born from nothing.
↳ With Washington, created all life and major gods.
↳ Also wanted a happy family, but is happy with her less-than-ideal clan. Looks for the bright side.

John Adams - God of Communication and Compromise
Right Hand

No one likes John Adams
↳ The eldest and most powerful of the Washington’s creations
↳ Uses his powers to assert his superiority
↳ Gets pissy when people talk about him behind his back
↳ When pressured, can bring even the most divisive of enemies to reach an agreement

Adams V Hamilton
Adams, when he was but a few moments old, invented spoken language and taught it to the Washingtons. When humans were created, Adams taught them the language too, so that way they might be able to communicate with each other. Adams prided himself on this achievement, lauding it above his godly peers. Eventually, Hamilton got fed up with it and claimed that anyone could do what Adams had done, if given the chance. Adams challenged Hamilton to prove his claim, certain the younger god couldn’t. Hamilton, trying to show Adams up, not only created a new language, but created a visual language, writing. Hamilton taught his new language to the humans, proving both languages equally useful. Which is how Hamilton stole Adams’ spotlight and got an extra domain to rule.

Alexander - God of Sun, Writing, and Life
Right Arm
Hamilton is a salty, jaded bean.
↳ Major Gossip
↳ Messes with Burr at every opportunity
↳ Calls Seabury the God of “Being An Absolute Fuckwad”
↳ Secretly just wants love
↳ Touch-starved and longs for affection
↳ Fights everyone.

Burr - God of Moon, Patience and Death
Left Arm

Burr is tired out soul who wants peace.
↳ His job as the god of death exhausts and saddens him.
↳ Doesn’t dislike Hamilton, is just often annoyed by him
↳ Good friends with Jefferson
↳ became one of two gods that Jefferson would speak to after the death of Martha J.

Theodosia and Burr
During the early days of humanity, Burr fell in love with a human woman named Theodosia.
↳ When she died, Burr turned her physical body into the stars and scattered them across the night sky, so he might see and be with her forever.

Jefferson - God of Agriculture and Nature

Jefferson is a pure little bean. Really sheltered and innocent.
↳ Doesn’t know slang (daddy)
↳ Plays with hair when nervous
↳ Hid from Hamilton at first
↳ Wears silky togas

Grows drugs without knowing what they are.
(High most of the time)

Death of Martha Jefferson ⇒ Seasons
When the world was young, Thomas fell in love with a human woman, who inevitably died. Heartbroken, Thomas shut himself away in his garden.
Winter is when the anniversary of her death rolls
around and he gets sad. The rest of the time, he
manages to distract himself well enough.

Jefferson’s Garden is a Holy Place
↳ No one can die while in the garden.
↳ Laurens cannot enter the garden.
↳ When Martha J was dying, Thomas attempted to save her by bringing her to the garden.
↳ However, she didn’t want to live forever, and was willing to die like humans should. When Thomas turned his back, she walked out and dropped dead before he could stop her.

Legends of Jefferson
After losing Martha, Jefferson locked himself away in his garden for millennia, refusing entrance to humans and gods alike. Only his two closest friends, Burr and Madison ever saw him, and soon many humans and some gods began to doubt he even existed. Some claimed the grief of losing Martha caused Jefferson to fade from reality, leaving behind the garden as the only sign he was ever there. Others simply thought Jefferson had abandoned them, and therefore turned their backs on him. It was only once Hamilton happened upon him that people began to realize the God of Nature was not gone or had abandoned them. He was simply very high and very sad the entire time.

Madison - God of Healers, Health and Disease

Madison is a quiet, cold god.
↳ Good friends with Jefferson
↳ Constantly sick
↳ Volunteered to bear the diseases of humanity so that some humans might survive
↳ Secretly loves humanity, though often keeps his distance
↳ Tries to get intoxicated but is unable to get drunk

Madison and Jefferson
After Madison took on the illnesses for humans, Jefferson offered to help him find treatments to either cure various diseases or at least alleviate symptoms and pain. The two work together, Jefferson creating plants with different properties and James giving him advice based on what worked and what didn’t. They accidentally created weed together. Even when Jefferson sealed himself away, he let Madison in to continue their work.

Franklin - God of Hearth, Creation

Franklin is everyone’s grandfather and crazy uncle rolled into one
↳ Born from literal fire
↳ Taught early humans how to harness fire and make tools
↳ Constantly goes down the human world to try out new inventions
↳ It doesn’t always go well
↳ Tries again anyway.

Angelica - Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge
Eyes (General Area)

Angelica is smarter than you
↳ Loves her sister goddesses, especially Eliza and Peggy
↳ Hella feminist
↳ Visits Human universities and schools often
Swore a vow of celibacy

Angelica v. Humans
↳Angelica is frustrated and annoyed by humans
↳They come to her for advice, and she’s just as likely to point you to another god or lie to you than actually help you out
↳ Eliza tries to get her to be more compassionate, but all Angelica wants to do is learn, read and not be bothered by dumb humans

Jay - God of Judgement and Justice

John Jay is done with everyone’s shit.
↳ Jay likes going to human courtrooms and watching the proceedings
↳ Very sick

Lee - God of Honor, Deception
Left Shoulder Blade

Lee tries his best but always comes up short.
↳ Based on the duality of honor and deception
↳ Lee is either the most virtuous god out there or one of the worst, depending on the day
↳ He oversees human affairs of honor, watching duels and deciding the victor
↳ Liars, manipulators and other conniving individuals also look to him for guidance
↳ Followers of Lee are often very self-centered individuals

Lee v Laurens

Eliza - Goddess of Emotion, Forgiveness and Passion

Eliza just wants everyone to get along, please.
↳ Finds herself cleaning up after the other gods’ mistakes
↳ Healing divides driven between people as a result of godly action
↳ She tries to foster positive relationships between others
↳ Though the friendliest of the gods, often walking among humans openly, when she is crossed bad things happen to those who hurt her.
↳ Her sorrow and anger are just as powerful as her joy and love.

Eliza and Hamilton
At one point devoted to each other, Hamilton cheated on Eliza with Mariah, because he’s a hoe and generally slept with everyone at one point. When Hamilton fesses up, Eliza turns from him, leaving him a lonely bitter bean. No one feels bad for him.

James Monroe - God of Information and Prophesy
Forehead to Ears

James Monroe is often overlooked, but content to chill.
↳ Hangs out with Angelica a lot
↳ Never answers questions plainly, everything’s in goddamn riddles with this guy
↳ Only tells people as much as he wants to
↳ Chill dude
↳ Either liked or disliked, no in between.

Monroe V. Hamilton
After Hamilton’s affair with Mariah, Monroe (having seen this as a prophecy) confronts Hamilton about his actions. Hamilton confesses, but swears Monroe to secrecy. Unfortunately for Hamilton, Monroe had already delivered his prophecy, and the other gods grew suspicious. Hamilton, forced to confess his affair, gets pissed at Monroe, and attempts to go to war. Burr managed to step between the two of them before too much damage was done, but the rift between the two gods has never been mended.

Monroe and Prophecy
Being the God of Prophecy, Monroe is gifted with visions of the future. He has always been accurate. When a vision needs to be communicated to humans, Monroe uses human Prophets to speak for him. Monroe has predicted most things, including the apocalypse.

Mariah - Goddess of Seduction, Love and Lust
Boob Area idk Chest too?

Mariah doesn’t want to hurt anyone but ends up doing it a lot anyway.
↳ Though often depicted as a seductress, Mariah also rules over all form of love, sexual or not
↳ Honestly has good intentions
↳ Her solutions to problems aren’t always the best
↳ Kind of a sucker for a love story
↳ Despite being the Goddess of Love, Mariah is often the loneliest, searching for her own love.

James v Mariah
Once, in her attempt to find herself a companion, she was tricked by a human named James Reynolds. Reynolds lured her into his home, trapped her through some means I haven’t thought up yet, and forced her to marry him. He treated her poorly, abusing her despite her godliness. The other gods searched for her, but is was Burr who found her one night during his travels over Reynolds’ house. Upon being rescued by Burr, Mariah turned Reynolds into a slug.

Friedrich Von Steuben - God of Fertility and Sexuality

Battle Axe

Von Steuben is kind of like that one uncle of yours that isn’t actually related to you but everyone likes him so it’s cool.
↳ Steuben throws the best god parties
↳ Likes to hang out with Lafayette (and his giant harem/party gang) and Franklin
↳ Drinks fire for fun
↳ Doesn’t like pants

Ben Walker
Ben Walker was a normal human, just minding his own business, when he happened to run into a disguised Steuben at a festival. The two were instantly taken with one another, but when Steuben brought Ben to one of Lafayette’s parties, Ben was disgusted with the decadence and left. Confused, Steuben pursued Ben, who wanted nothing to do with the gods and their lifestyle. Steuben, determined to win Ben over, promised to give up his partying ways for a year. Steuben courted Ben relentlessly, delivering roses each day to the human man. At the end of the allotted time, Ben had fallen so hopelessly for the god, agreed to join Steuben in the godly realm. Granted immortality, Ben stays by Steuben’s side, though he still disapproves of Laf and his harem.

Lafayette - God of Food, Wine, and Travels

Lafayette’s a good guy as long as you don’t touch his wine or threaten his friends.
↳ Has a giant group of humans, nymphs, other creatures and minor gods that follow him around in a constant party
↳ Likes to crash the houses of the richest humans and take their shit
↳ Has lots of good stories, but is a horrible storyteller
↳ Fell in love with lots of gods, never had his feelings returned
↳ Avoids tough situations (runs away from confrontation, usually consists of people asking for his hand in marriage.)

Lafayette’s Followers
Lafayette is always attended by a grab-bag of creatures, humans, and minor gods that follow him around. The group lives in an almost constant state of partying, often drunk or high as well, and sometimes it just becomes an orgy. While with the group, all of Lafayette’s followers are granted temporary immortality, which is only revoked when the person in question leaves. As a result, some of his followers have been around him for centuries.

James Armistead Lafayette
A human that travels with Lafayette, James Armistead was a slave to a wealthy but cruel landowner. When Lafayette’s band of merry drunks crashed the landowner’s house for the night, James Armistead was forced by his owner to entertain the group with stories. Lafayette, quite impressed by the man’s skill, mentioned this to the landowner. James Armistead was then offered as payment to get the God and his followers to leave. Offended that another human would be offered as payment, Lafayette turned the landowner and his wife into the first vultures. As an apology, Lafayette offered James Armistead a place in his party as his Official Storyteller. Grateful, James Armistead accepted and took Lafayette’s name as his own last name.

Lafayette and GWash
Lafayette adores and loves gwash, above any other god. At the beginning of time, Washington gave Lafayette the sword he chose to be his death weapon. During the apocalypse, Lafayette is sent to kill Washington, as everyone assumes Lafayette might be the best candidate to actually pull it off. It doesn’t work, however, and Lafayette (while happy Washington lives) is devastated. He hands Gwash his sword and is killed on the spot.

Mulligan - God of Spies, Tailors and Weavers


Mulligan is an extremely friendly guy for what half of his job is.
↳ Knows how to make just about anything out of yarn, thread and fabric
↳ Hangs out with Martha Washington and sews with her
↳ Doesn’t talk about the other half of his job unless he has to
↳ Has a habit of letting captured spies go free, slipping them away from their captors and back home

Laurens - God of War, Revolution and Righteous Revolt. Half Human // Half God

Laurens is reckless but loyal.
↳ Laurens is a cursed god, forced to ‘die’ everyday, but regenerates pretty quickly.
↳ Really flippant about it.
↳ Does dumb shit because it doesn’t matter if he dies.
↳ Secretly hates it.
↳ When presented with a conflict, Laurens is more likely to take the side of the underdog.
↳ Especially revolutions, it is a rare day when Laurens supports the reigning power.

Laruens’ Birth
Laurens was the last of the gods to be born. Washington and Martha, running out of energy to fully form a god, asked Burr to give them a recently deceased human. Using the empty body, the two parent gods used the rest of their power to give life to Laurens, stuffing his Godly soul inside the human body. As a result, Laurens’ very being and his physical body are constantly at war. Laurens is forced to ‘die’ once a day to keep himself whole, but is reborn with each sunrise over the Godly realm.

(I mean,,, unless you can think of a better reason why Laurens has such a shitty existence.)

Laurens and Hamilton
Really chill best friends. Laurens and Hamilton occasionally use Laurens’ death curse to do dumb shit, like drop him from as high in the sky as possible to earth. One of the only people that can touch Alex due to his lack of need to keep himself physically safe, Laurens has died a lot from hugging his friend. Though the constant cycle of death upsets them both, they joke around with each other to make it bearable.

Peggy - Goddess of Orphans, Homeless, and Other Forgotten People

Peggy will fight you, whenever, wherever, she’s ready to go.
↳ Like her charges, Peggy is often forgotten by humans, or considered a minor goddess ↳ ↳ Nothing makes her more angry than to be dismissed as ‘unimportant.’
↳ When people hurt those she’s tasked with protecting, she goes hardcore in her punishments
↳ Can be found in homeless shelters, orphanages and other such places among her people, trying her best to help
↳ There’s too many under her umbrella, though, and her power is often stretched very thin

Seabury - God of Religion, Faith and Priests

Seabury considers himself better than he is.
↳ Only god to have a shrine or statue in every temple, even those not devoted to him
↳ Protects those who devote their lives to service of the gods, no matter which god they choose
↳ Stickler for ceremony
↳ Hates it when the other gods act childish or otherwise ‘tarnish their reputations.’
↳ Big whiny baby. Actually pretty pacifist comparatively.

Seabury V. Hamilton
While King George III was around and doing his false prophet thing, Hamilton and Seabury had an argument about how much harm King George was doing, if any at all. Hamilton shouted at Seabury, threatened war, and Seabury backed down. Humiliated, Seabury decreed that all church proceedings had to take place either at night, in the shade, or indoors. Hamilton just laughed at him and occasionally pokes his head through church windows to mock him.

Philip - God of Poetry, a branch of Hamilton

Philip will roast his dad, but gods help you if you try to do it.

Hamilton’s son, Philip is one of the many Gods Hamilton spawned to take charge of different writing styles. Looks like Laurens because Hamilton wanted his first son to look like his best friend. When humans invented rap, Philip fell in love with the art form. What I’m saying is he rap battles humans. Constantly.

Philip and Hamilton
Philip adores his father, but the affair affected him deeply. He sided with Eliza, whom he considers his mom, during the fall out. Since then, their relationship has been healed somewhat, partially due to the Eaker Incident. He will drag Hamilton, but gets highly protective when others do it.

Phillip V Eaker
When the news of Hamilton’s affair reached the humans, one young man began to insult Hamilton. Philip took offense to the blasphemous talk, and challenged Eaker to a duel. Though Philip could not die, he agreed he would lose if he took damage that would kill a normal human. Eaker cheated during the duel, however, catching Philip off guard and hitting him in such a way that made Eaker win. Philip, highly upset, turned Eaker into a quill, which Philip uses to write poetry, sometimes about how stupid Eaker was.

Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and Sybil Ludington - The Four Messenger Gods






Sally Hemmings - The first nymph. Created by Maria in an attempt to make Thomas feel better after Martha J’s death. Upon gaining sentience, she decided to make her own life, and left Thomas behind.

Thomas Paine - Immortal traveler who wanders, telling stories about the Gods

Ben Walker - Immortal Companion to Von Steuben, was once human.

James Armistead Lafayette - Immortal follower of Lafayette, storyteller that travels with Laf’s eternal party.

Martha Jefferson - Pure Human that Thomas fell in love with.
Theodosia - Pure Human that Burr fell in love with. Her body became the stars after her death.
James Reynolds - Human Asshole that trapped Maria and got his shit kicked in.
Eaker - Dumbass Human shit that gets turned into a quill by Philip
King George - False Prophet
Sam Adams - Human who introduced Laf to brewery
Henry Knox - Human warrior that gained Laurens’ favor by leading a tiny army to victory against a larger force.



Eclipses are Basically Hamilton messing w/ burr and Burr being DONE. Solstices are the one day of each year when one of them sleeps in. Equinoxes are the two days they are pals.
Burr is prophesied to do the impossible by killing Hamilton, and thereby bringing about the apocalypse.


SUNFLOWERS. Thomas made Sunflowers for Alex because Alex was sad humans couldn’t look at him.


Hamilton didn’t believe Jefferson existed for a while, tho Burr knew and Hamilton thought Burr was just fucking with him. Burr and Jefferson hang out because shared dead human girls.


Philip and Eaker’s duel is because Eaker was being blasphemous and Philip got offended and ended when Eaker cheated so Philip turned him into a quill.


Each and every god as a weapon/item special to them that must be used to kill them. It is the only object that can hurt/kill a god and each god has a unique item.

The Return

You were worried sick.

Gladio had left without a word. He didn’t tell you where he was going, what he was doing, when he would be back––nothing. He’d just disappeared one day with a kiss to your forehead, promising he would be back within a week. You’d protested and cried, begging him not to leave. But the way his shoulders set in determination told you that he wasn’t going to change his mind.

And so you waited.

The others had decided to press on without him, but you decided to stay at Cape Caem with Iris and Talcott. You knew that when Gladio was to return, that would be the first place would go. 

Days passed, and the knot in your stomach grew larger and larger. You waited on the front porch of the old house for his hulking frame to come ambling up the hill, but every day, Iris had to tug you inside once the sun set below the horizon.

One morning, as dawn broke, you sat in your usual spot, unable to sleep yet again, holding a cup of Ebony in your hands as you stared blankly down the road.

And then you saw him.

You set down your coffee and rubbed your eyes furiously, wondering if your subconscious was playing an evil trick on you. But as his backlit silhouette drew closer, you realized he was there. It wasn’t a dream.

You rose to your feet and let out a small laugh of disbelief before running to meet him. He looked so tired, but the softness in his eyes when he gazed upon you didn’t escape your notice as you leapt into his arms. He buried his face in the crook of your neck and breathed in your scent as you held onto him for dear life.

“Hey,” Gladio’s voice rumbled in your ear. The sound was an instant relief that washed through your entire being. He peeled you back only momentarily, his hand coming to your cheek. His eyes took you in for the first time in what felt like an eternity, the tiniest sigh of relief escaping his lips. 

He wanted to say something. To apologize for making you worry, for the sleepless nights that made darkened circles bloom under your eyes, for how you shook as you held onto him, like he’d disappear if you let him go.

Instead, he dipped down and captured your lips in a kiss. You immediately reciprocated, tangling your fingers in his hair as he tugged you close to the hard planes of his body. His tongue dipped into your mouth and you couldn’t contain the tiniest of moans. You felt him smile into the kiss, and it only made you deepen it even more. Your senses were filled with him, drowning in bliss without a desire to come up for air. He was in your arms again. He was alive.

When you finally pulled away, you kept your eyes closed a moment longer, basking in the feeling of being close to him again, the sun beating down on the two of you in that one, perfect moment. And then you opened your eyes and smacked him on the arm.

“Ow! Hey!” Gladio pouted, his arms encircling your waist. “What was that for?”

“I was worried sick!” you grumbled, burying your face in his chest. “Don’t ever do that again, you doof. Or at least call me next time so at least I know you’re not dead.”

Gladio sighed and kissed your forehead. “I’m sorry, babe. It was…well, it’s a long story.”

Your fingers came up to touch the area around the fresh cut on his forehead, careful not to touch the actual wound. “Does your story involve what happened here?”

He smirked, leaning down to peck you on the lips. “Yeah, sure does. Now come on, we have a lot of catching up to do. But first––”

You let out a shriek as Gladio hauled you up over his shoulder, heading towards the front steps of the old house. “Gladio! Put me down!”

“Nuh-uh,” he teased. “I’m back and in desperate need of a shower. And you’re coming with me.”

Needless to say, whatever pent up anger and frustration you had from his absence, Gladio managed to apologize for it––over and over and over again.

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Smoke fills Rosaline’s lungs, her eyes stinging with unshed tears as she coughs it away with little to no result. She is barely aware of her surroundings, nothing but screams and cries and Benvolio’s solid arm around her waist as he leads her away from the riot. She cannot tell right from left in the maze of streets that become Verona, until her back is pressed against the cold bricks of a small alley between two shops, until she is able to catch her breath again in a broken sob. She fights against the panic attack rising within her, even more so when she remembers her sister’s hand slipping away from hers.

“Livia,” she breathes in a desperate attempt at going back where they came from.

Benvolio is having none of it, pressing her back against the wall when she tries to escape, his body shielding hers from the busy street. “She will be fine,” he tells her, the words falling on deaf ears. “Count Paris was with her. He will protect her.”

Rosaline wants to protest, but she knows Benvolio’s argument to be true. She has seen the devotion in the count’s eyes when longingly gazing at her sister, and knows what it means. Livia deserves such love and care, especially during such troubling times. If Count Paris was with her sister, then Rosaline knows her to be safe, for he would lay his life for her if it came to it.

“All right,” she whispers, more to herself than to Benvolio.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do like a hc for the RFA + others asking MC out in high school? Idk why but I think it would be pretty cute :) Thanks, and I love your account!!

Omg, a high school AU ^^
In Saeyoung and Saeran’s case, just imagine they were taken from their mom and adopted by somebody else when they were young so EVERYTHING IS HAPPY.
Also, in Zen’s case, he didn’t drop out, obviously.
These turned out WAY longer than I had planned lol

-You knew Yoosung got lots of secret admirers and date offers. It made you… jealous.
-You wanted to ask Yoosung out too, but you weren’t ready. You were too nervous. What if he just denied you like he denied everyone else? Would it ruin the friendship you’ve built over so many years?
-Because of that, you decided you wouldn’t ask him out. You didn’t want to put your friendship at risk.
-Yoosung, however, was going through the same kind of doubt.
-He has had a crush on you for years but he doubted you felt the same way. Sure, girls were on their hands and knees begging for him to date them, so he shouldn’t have such low confidence, right?
-Nope. Even though people would fuss over him, he knew in his heart you didn’t love him back.
-So, sadly, it’s a while before he actually asks you out.
-He’s tired of wondering “what if” and imagining a future with you he might not even have.
-He asks you out on a normal day. You were eating lunch together in the school’s picnic area outside. There weren’t many other people, so it was perfect.
-You sat on opposite sides of the table. As you chatted over lunch, Yoosung grew nervous.
-It’s now or never.
-“So, um, _____, I have something to tell you.”
-You swallowed some food. “Okay, what’s up?”
-You were obviously a bit nervous about what he was going to say, but he was ten times more scared. His heart was hammering away as he took a deep breath.
-“I hope this doesn’t change anything, but, _____… I really like you. As in… I was wondering if you’d like to be my boy/girlfriend…?”
-You swear you almost choke on your food.
-“What? Me?”
-Yoosung nods. He looked so terrified, like he was preparing for you to laugh at his feelings and call him names. He’s scared that you’ll never want to see him again or that he creeped you out, really, his mind is playing worse case scenarios.
-“…Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I’d love that. I didn’t think you’d ever ask… I’ve actually… had a crush on you for a while.”
-You nervously scratch the back of your neck and mumble that last part.
-Yoosung shoots up from where he sat. “Really?! You’ll be mine?!”
-You chuckled. “Yes, Yoosung. I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine.”
-He’s blushing like mad.
-He runs over to your side of the table and engulfs you in a really tight, loving hug.
-He is so relieved.
-This is the best day ever. His dreams are all coming true. He can’t stop smiling for weeks.
-At school, he doesn’t like too much PDA. Just hand holding and occasional kisses on the cheek, forehead, or temple are enough for him.
-You help him with his studies, and he helps you with yours. Both of your grades benefit.
-He loves taking you out to parks for dates. It’s his favorite. You go there very very often.
-Everybody that knew him, even just a little bit, notices that he is so much happier now that the two of you are dating.
-Cutest couple in the yearbooks will likely be the two of you, as long as the kids that had crushes on him before don’t hold a grudge.

-Zen was an obvious bad boy in high school. (ALSO A THEATER NERD). It wasn’t uncommon to hear girls whisper about him either.
-It’s surprising he wasn’t reprimanded for his gang activities. Somehow he was still here.
-You didn’t drool and lust over him like some girls did. You had more innocent intentions.
-You had dreams of going on dates and holding hands with him. Sometimes, you would imagine what it would be like to marry him.
-Your own daydreams would fluster you.
-For the longest time, you doubted he even knew you existed. But, one day, he saw you sitting alone outside the school on a bench, reading a book from the library.
-He sat next to you.
-Such a simple, two letter word, but it made you question if this was reality or a dream.
-“Hi,” you said back.
-“I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Hyun,” he held his hand out. A handshake would have normally seemed formal, but now, with him offering it, it felt gentlemanly.
-Your heart caught in your throat as you put your hand in his. Your hands fit so perfectly together like you had imagined they would.
-“I know. I’m _____.”
-“I know,” he smiled and gently shook your hand. “I’ve seen you around, but, why are you out here all alone? A lovely girl/boy such as yourself shouldn’t be left alone like that. You never know what kind of bad people might show up.”
-“…Like you?”
-His eyes widened
-“Uh, that’s not what I meant. I’m harmless, really! I just meant a creep might start talking to you.”
-You raised an eyebrow.
-“I’m not a creep though! Definitely not!” you suppressed a giggle at how flustered he was. “Ah… I’m not really helping my case, am I?”
-After his rambling of ensuring that he was not a bad person (which you never thought he was, you were just messing with him), you both talk for what feels like hours.
-After that, you guys talk more often during school. You become a bit flustered anytime he compliments you, which he does pretty often.
-You both quickly become best friends and your crush on him only grows. You had a good influence on him, too. He didn’t do nearly as much gang activities as you two became close.
-Time goes on and you’ve been best friends for three months.
-He finally gathers up courage to confess his feelings to you.
-He meets you on the same bench he introduced himself to you on after school one day.
-Nobody else was around, so it was perfect.
-You sat together and carried a normal conversation before Hyun spoke up and told you “I have a question for you, _____.”
-You grew nervous. “Okay, what is it?”
-He took a deep breath. He was surprisingly nervous because he really wants this to go well. The patient but slightly worried expression on your face made his cheeks turn warm. You looked adorable. His heart picked up speed.“Don’t think I’m weird, but… I’ve had a, uh… a crush on you since I first saw you. A-and it’s only gotten bigger since we became friends. So, _____… will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-You were frozen and staring at him with wide eyes. “Really?”
-Hyun nodded. “Yes, but you don’t have to say yes. I understand if you don’t-”
-“I do.”
-“I’d love to be your boy/girlfriend, Hyun.”
-His heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Seriously?”
-You laugh. “Yes, you dork.”
-He smiles the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and gives you a giant hug. “You’ve made me the happiest guy ever, _____. Thank you so much.”
-You were both hugging, smiling, blushing messes, but you were also the happiest people on earth.
-After that, at school, lots of PDA.
-Kisses, hand holding, hugging, cute nicknames, longing stares, all of it.
-You’ve caught the attention of many less than satisfied staff members that always yell at you.
-Hyun’s gotten written up so many times for kissing you during school.
-The girls are jealous of you, which makes him very protective over you. He would hate if you compared yourself to them.
-He quits his gang and lives a much quieter life. Like I said, you have a good impact on him. His grades improve with your help and you cheer him on at every theater performance. You bring him flowers every time and he keeps them until they are practically disintegrated.
-You bring him lunch everyday, or you pay to buy him lunch, because he never eats lunch.
-He takes you on so many dates. Any location you can think of around town, he’s taken you there.
-It’s likely you’d be voted for cutest couple when year books are released if it wasn’t for the jealous girls.

-She was such a quiet kid, but she wasn’t necessarily shy.
-She quietly completed all of her assignments on time and didn’t let conversing with her classmates distract her. She was a very hard working kid. Everyone knew she was, too. Sometimes they’d take advantage of that when they had to work in groups. They’d make Jaehee do all of the work. It, frankly, pissed you off.
-Out of class, however, you and her talked for hours.
-You had both been best friends since the beginning of your freshman year when you asked her for directions. It turned out you had some classes together, so you hung out often, including at lunch.
-You both had the same group of friends and they all knew that you both had crushes on each other.
-They would constantly tell the both of you to make the first move, but you both denied every time.
-“You should totally ask out Jaehee.”
-“But what if she doesn’t like me?”
-*everyone collectively face palms*
-With a lot of convincing, they finally get Jaehee to confess to you.
-She’s never been more nervous in her life. As your friends suggested, she was going to meet you before school in the back of the library and confess to you. It’s the most secluded place in the school, so you were guaranteed privacy.
-So, you met her there first thing in the morning.
-You could tell she was on edge when she stumbled over her words while trying to say “good morning”.
-“Jaehee, are you alright? Is something bothering you?”
-“No, everything is okay,” she smiled. “I’m alright. I just… wanted to talk to you about something.”
-Anxiety bubbled up in your chest. “Okay, sure, what’s on your mind?”
-She guided you to sit down on one of the chairs and then took the seat next to you.
-“Listen, _____… this is really hard to say. I, um… I’ve…”
-She has rehearsed over and over again in the mirror last night, why is she struggling to get the words out now?
-“_____… I…”
-You put your hand on hers and gently said “Jaehee, whatever it is, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want-”
-“I really like you, _____!” she blurted out.
-She immediately turned red and stared at your hand on hers. The sudden contact and the way that you spoke to her… it kind of forced the words out of her.
-“You do?”
-She nodded. It’s too late to turn back now. Her heart was going faster than ever as she waited for you to respond.
-“That’s a relief.”
-She looked up at you. “Huh?”
-“I’ve always wanted to be your boy/girlfriend.”
-She took a minute to process what you had confessed. Then a huge smile spread across her face. “So, you’ll be my boy/girlfriend?!”
-“Yes, of course,” you giggle at her.
-She hugs you tightly. “I’m so happy I could cry.”
-“Let’s meet up after school and go out, okay?”
-Her heart sped up even more. Not only did you just accept to being her lover, but you just asked her out on a date. You.
-Her poor heart can’t take it.
-She agrees. You both have an amazing first date that you will remember quite literally forever.
-At school, she is scared to hold your hand or show any PDA because she’s afraid of being judged.
-Eventually, she can’t stand not being able to hold hands in the hallways or sneak kisses when the teachers aren’t looking, so she gives in and does it anyway (with your consent).
-The other kids, thankfully, don’t pay any attention to you both as you happily walk hand in hand to class together.
-The only kids that do pay attention to you are your group of friends that aggressively ship you two.
-As you’re walking, you’ll sometimes hear “AW YOU GUYS ARE GOALS” or “(SHIPNAME) IS CANON" from across the hallway.
-Or whenever they see you and Jaehee even near each other, they awe and do heart hands to you two.
-You get peace when you’re away from them, though. That’s Jaehee’s favorite; getting to be alone with you.
-Also, study buddies!!!
-You guys do homework together everyday.

-Relationships were never something Jumin thought about in high school.
-Well… at least we wasn’t supposed to…
-He ever thought of relationships as anything necessary. They seemed pointless and he had no interest in them.
-But, when he looked at you, he understood the fuss about being in a romantic relationship.
-You seemed to have some affect on him that nobody else did.
-You gave him feelings he never knew were possible. He was very confused.
-You and Jumin had been friends for years and over that time, he developed feelings for you.
-Jihyun was actually the one who asked Jumin about you. He saw how Jumin acted around you and asked him about it. In response, Jumin asked him about what his strange emotions are. He had a feeling they were romantic, but he had no previous experiences to confirm or deny it.
-Jihyun, thankfully, cleared things up.
-In high school, he only ever hung out with Jihyun and you. You got along with the both of them perfectly.
-Jumin was often cold, even as a teen. But, when he was with you, he was warm. He showed a weakness and vulnerability to you he didn’t show anyone else. You were one of the only people he would share his worries and personal issues with without hesitation.
-There was something about you that drove him insane. He wanted to be able to call you his. He was a bit perplexed by those kinds of thoughts, but he had them so often, he got used to it.
-He eventually accepted that he can’t be satisfied with only being in a platonic relationship with you.
-With Jihyun’s encouragement, Jumin decided to confess to you.
-It was unlike him to give in to such personal emotions, but he couldn’t stand not being able to tell you he loved you, or kiss you, or hold your hand, or protect you, or hold you in his arms…
-Yeah, he was a hopelessly in love mess because of you.
-But he had a ginormous crush on you.
-He told you to meet him at a park near your school after school one day. You assumed he just wanted to hang out, which also meant you assumed Jihyun would be there too.
-When you got there, you were surprised that it was only Jumin.
-“Hey, Jumin,” you greeted him. “Is Jihyun coming?”
-“No, actually. I wanted to talk to you.”
-You became visibly worried and took a seat next to him on the bench he was resting on. “Okay, what about?”
-Honestly, you had also fallen desperately for the cold, unpopular Jumin Han. Everyone saw him as an unlovable robot, but you could see who he truly is. You can see his threads.
-That was another thing he loved about you; you could see the real him that nobody else saw.
-“I just have something I wanted to get off my chest.”
-You nodded cautiously for him to continue.
-“______, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it…”
-You nodded again. Your eyes were wide and the nervous expression on your face made Jumin even more flustered.
-“_____… I love you.”
-He watched as your eyes almost popped out of your head.
-“I want you to be my boy/girlfriend.”
-It was like him to be so straightforward, but he actually had a crush on you too?
-“Are you serious?”
-“Why would I lie to you?”
-You smiled and hugged him. “I would love to be your boy/girlfriend, Jumin. I… I love you too. I have for as long as I can remember.”
-Your words and actions made him stiffen. Though he was calm and collected on the outside since you arrived at the park, he’s been a nervous wreck on the inside, and the fact that you actually accepted his feelings and reciprocated them makes the world stop spinning.
-“Why would I lie to you?” you mimicked him.
-He chuckled. Jumin Han chuckled.
-He hugged you back. “Thank you…” he said in a whisper.
-From then on, at school, kids were surprised to hear that Jumin of all people got a boy/girlfriend.
-The most emotionless kid in school has a date? How?
-He holds your hand a lot, which is how kids figured out you two were dating in the first place.
-If anyone ever picks on him about it, you stand up for him, of course.
-He sends you good morning and good night texts every day, even if he sees you at school too.
-He’s also a fan of long phone calls with you if you’re up for it.
-He keeps your relationship secret from his father for a while, but he eventually finds out.
-He doesn’t approve of it because Jumin is supposed to have an arranged wedding when he’s older.
-However, Jumin will not let you go even if it costs him everything he has.
-His father can’t change that he is going to spend the rest of his life with you.
-Rebellious teen Jumin, yes?

-Being best friends with this kid never had a dull moment.
-He had a sense of adventure you’d never seen before. You’d often get random texts from him to come meet him at various places without any context other than “I have an idea.”
-It’s wild.
-He was also the most understanding when you would vent your problems to him, no matter what they were.
-He would always defend you if you ever got picked on and vise versa.
-So, obviously, you developed a crush on him quickly.
-Saeyoung, too, has an undying love for you, but has always been too doubtful of himself to confess to you.
-He truly wants to be able to take you on dates and do typical teenage couple things with you.
-He never thought it would be possible for someone as amazing as you to see him as anything more than a friend, so he took a romantic relationship out of the question.
-a little birdie told him that you have a crush on him too.
-(the little birdie was Saeran lol)
-So, with the spark of hope the only thing on his mind, he sucks it up and decided to finally make a move.
-He told you to meet him in the school’s courtyard during the lunch break because he wanted to talk to you.
-Anxiety ate you up the entire day. What could he want to talk about? Did you do something bad? Did something bad happen to him? Is something wrong in his family life? Does he want you to leave him alone?
-Luckily, when you meet him, he’s smiling at you.
-“Hey, glad you made it.”
-“Yeah,” you replied, obviously nervous. “What did you want to talk about?”
-“Oh, I just wanted to test a theory.”
-You assumed it was another ‘I have an idea’ type of thing again so you calmed down.
-“Oh? What’s your ‘theory’?”
-Saeyoung holds your hand and doesn’t say anything.
-You can feel your face growing warm. “What are you doing?”
-“Hm… judging by your embarrassment and red face, my theory is more than likely correct…”
-“What are you talking about?”
-“_____, do you have a crush on me~?”
-“What?!” you practically screamed. “I do not!”
-He put his hand over his heart and you could see tears in his eyes. “I’m… I’m hurt… how could you say that, _____?”
-You panicked. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry, I do! I really do like you, Saeyoung!”
-Now it’s his turn to turn red. He smirked. “So I was right!”
-“Yeah…” you avoided his eyes.
-He smiled gently at you and held your shoulders. When you met his eyes, he continued.
-“_____, will you be my boy/girlfriend?”
-“Will you?”
-“You mean, you like me too..?”
-“Well duh. Why else would I ask you out?”
-You were overjoyed. You gave him a huge smile and tackled him in a hug. “Of course I’ll be your boy/girlfriend!”
-At school, Saeyoung likes to give you kisses on the cheek. He also refuses to walk through the hallway without holding your hand, unless, of course, it makes you uncomfortable.
-He still invites you out places saying he has an idea, but they usually turn into dates, and are surprisingly romantic, at least to you.
-One time you made a date out of visiting a gas station at one in the morning to buy snacks, then sitting in the parking lot of a closed shop nearby, chatting, cuddling, and eating snacks.
-Honestly, the most fun you’ve ever had.
-He gives you corny, punny pick up lines often.
-“Did you get those jeans on sale?”
-“Uh, no.”
-“That’s too bad. They’re a hundred percent off at my place.”
-(my best friend used that on me once and it’s been an inside joke ever since, I’m sorry)
-Probably the goofiest couple on the whole school.

V: (this one is a bit cheesy whoops)
-Of course you had a crush on Jihyun. He was only the nicest, most generous boy in your entire school, or maybe even your entire town.
-Oblivious to you, he also has a hopeless crush on you.
-The only person that knows is Jumin. Jumin helped him rationalize his thoughts because he was so hopelessly in love with you he wanted to drop everything and ask you out.
-He sees no point in waiting to ask you out. If you don’t like him back, he’ll understand and back off. It’s better he get this out of the way. Nothing’s going to change if you’re both just waiting for the other to confess, so it’s better he just do it and get it over with.
-That being said… he’s really nervous.
-He wants to be with you forever so he’s scared you’ll reject him and he’ll never see you again.
-But, its better to take the chance than to never bring it up and let somebody else take you from him.
-He arranges for you to meet him first thing after school in the front of the school.
-When you go there, you assume he just wanted to hang out, but he’s holding flowers.
-You walk over to him. “Jihyun, why do you have flowers?”
-“Oh, they’re for you.”
-Your eyes widen slightly and he hands them to you. “Why..?”
-“Because… I wanted to ask if you’d be my date to the dance coming up…”
-You had completely forgotten about the school dance. I guess you forgot about it because you didn’t plan on anyone, especially Jihyun, asking you to it.
-“Oh…” you mutter while you stare at the flowers.
-“You don’t have to. Don’t feel pressured. I’ve had really special feelings for you for a while now and it would be an honor to take you to the dance.”
-“Jihyun…” you can’t think straight. You’re too busy trying to convince yourself you’re not dreaming. “This is so sudden…”
-“You don’t-”
-“I would love to go with you.”
-He gasps and smiles. “Woah, really?”
-“Yeah, I’ve… liked you for a really long time too. I just never imagined you would feel the same.”
-The night of the dance was something that will stay with you forever. You wore matching formal attire and spent the whole night with each other, laughing and chatting the night away.
-Afterward, he took you out to get ice cream.
-“So, Jihyun,” you said, “does this mean we’re officially boyfriend and boy/girlfriend?”
-He laughed and nodded. “Yes, dummy.”
-At school, Jihyun loves holding your hand. Once he was even caught holding your hand during class and got yelled at. The whole time you tried so hard not to laugh.
-He takes so many photos of you.
-You like to make dates out of driving around looking for places to take amazing photos together.
-Did I mention he gets you into photography too? (Unless you’re already into that like me lol)
-Your photos together might even end up in the school year book if you’re lucky.
-Photography dates always end with going out to eat, or sometimes just driving through a fast food joint and sipping on slurpies while watching the sun set.
-He makes it a necessity to tell you he loves you everyday. Also, he loves kissing your forehead or the tip of your nose.
-It’s common for him to kiss both of your cheeks before finally pecking your lips, then pulling back and giving you a loving smile.
-He feels so lucky to have you.
-His parents aren’t very in the picture of Jihyun’s life, so you don’t have to worry about that.
-His sister loves you though.

-He didn’t talk much at school. A lot of the kids didn’t even know what he sounded like.
-But, you were his best friend, so whenever he was with you, he talked endlessly.
-You both had a habit of rambling to each other. It happened so often that you were both positive you knew every single detail about each other.
-And Saeran was in love with every detail about you.
-You even helped him through when his anxiety or depression became too much for him to handle on his own.
-He’s never thought much about relationships but hormones do strange things.
-Whenever he’s with you, he gets such a warm feeling in his chest.
-He denies it and distances himself from you when he gets shy and flustered because he’s a tsundere.
-You notice he gets uncomfortable around you and you think he doesn’t like you, which hurts a lot because you’ve developed feelings for the sweet guy.
-You back off and don’t initiate hugs or give him lots of compliments like before.
-Saeran is actually really sad about it.
-Do you not like him anymore?
-His brother notices him looking glum one day and asks him about it.
-He sighs. “_____ hates me.”
-“What makes you say that?”
-“She doesn’t act as affectionate as she used to.”
-“Well, didn’t you use to get angry when she did before…?”
-“Yeah, but…” he stops. “Wait, is that why? Does she think I don’t like her?
-“I think she does. She asked me about you the other day. She wanted to know if everything was okay because she said you’ve been acting strange.”
-Saeran face palms so hard at himself.
-“God, I’m an IDIOT!”
-So he texts you and asks you to meet him outside near his house. (You live close).
-To his surprise, you actually show up.
-He stands from the sidewalk he had previous been resting on while he waited from you and stands in front of you.
-“_____, I wanted to apologize.”
-“Hm?” you tilted your head slightly. “What for?”
-“I hurt your feelings, didn’t I? I know I used to yell at you to get off of me when you hugged me or I would tell you to shut up when you said something nice to me, but I didn’t mean anything by it. I really like you a lot and when you were nice to me, it made me nervous and it confused me.”
-“…You like me?”
-Saeran froze. “Did I say that..?”
-“Yeah, you did.”
-“U-uh…” his face flushed with embarrassment. There was an awkward silence before Saeran spoke up again. Now is as good a time as any, isn’t it? He can’t really turn back now…
-“_____, will you date me?”
-Shocked, your eyes flew open. “What?”
-He didn’t repeat himself. He was surprised he managed to say it the first time.
-“You really mean that?”
-Saeran shot his eyes up from the ground and stared at you in disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You… you like me too..?”
-“Uh, yeah. I’ve liked you for a long time now. Thanks for noticing.”
-Saeran smiled and laughed before hugging you tightly.
-Your cheeks heated up because his smile and his laugh are the cutest things in the universe.
-He starts rambling about where you should go on your first date, when and where your next dates should be, etc. relationship things etc.
-You’ve never seen him this happy. Not even Saeyoung has seen him this happy.
-During school, even though he’s not a fan of PDA, he plays with your hair a lot.
-Teachers get onto him about keeping his hands to himself. He stops messing with your hair just long enough for the teacher to leave, then continues what he was doing.
-After school, he always walks you home and gives you a goodbye kiss on your forehead.
-Also, everyday he tells you he loves you.
-Even if it can only be over text message or phone call, not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind you you’re the most important thing in his life.

And I'll Still be a Fool

Requested: “can you write an imagine based on the song just a little bit of your heart by ariana? :) love your writing by the way!”

A/N: So I said a while ago that I enjoy writing imagines based on songs and/or poems and things of that sort. So my next upcoming imagines will probably all be requested songs that you guys sent me! I might do a part 2 for this one but idk. Let me know y'all

I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with

Roses were always your favorite no matter how cliche it was. The petals were soft yet depending on the rose, sometimes they had thorns on the stem. Thorns that could make you bleed the same way love did. You normally hated poetry, and romantic comparisons or things of that sort, but the fact that roses were so beautiful yet sometimes so painful to touch, the same way love was, it was just interesting to you. And somehow someone knew this. Someone knew you liked roses, someone knew you enjoyed the sunset colored ones with the petals you’d rub your thumb against. For the past few months or so someone had been sending you roses every couple weesk. One week it was a huge bouquet of orangey pink petals with a note hidden behind the thorns that you always thought would say something but it never did. Usually just a heart would be drawn on the tiny piece of paper, and occasionally there’d be numbers written on the note, but you never know what it meant. They were long numbers usually, with no spaces in between. You thought this secret admirer of yours was sweet at first and you had kept some of the flowers in vases, but you tended to get tired of it considering they wouldn’t tell you who they were. Your friends had told you it was probably an old friend from high school, and that just irritated you even more. Either way it wouldn’t matter anyway because your heart was already taken.

A close friend of yours had mutual friends with someone who somehow ended up introducing you to Shawn Mendes, and you immediately fell in love just like the rest of the world did whenever they heard his voice. You felt a little pathetic for succumbing to the worlds way of falling for the same guy every other girl had fallen for, but you couldn’t help it. You understood easily why everyone drooled over him. It didn’t matter anyway, he seemed to be preoccupied with his music or other girls which was understandable. You had surprisingly talked to him often, snapchatting and texting small talk. He was a friend, and you hated it. You wanted to be more than friends. You tried not to flirt a lot, you never asked him about his past girlfriends, and you tried not to talk too much about where he went on those lonely Friday nights at 3am after an award show or something. You secretly cared and you always wished he’d come to you whenever he was looking for a little extra attention on those nights, but he never did. You figured because of the fact that you didn’t talk to him about those things, maybe he would like you, maybe he’d seem excited about the fact that he was talking to a girl who didn’t only care about how good he was in bed, or how much money he was making. You assumed most girls only cared about those things, but you didn’t. And you tried your hardest to make it appear that way, and you tried hard to show that you cared for him. But apparently he wasn’t getting that message, and it continued to break your heart, so you-not even caring anymore at this point- threw away another bouquet of roses that you wished were from Shawn.

Just a little bit of your heart, is all I want

“Yeah, they’re all freaking out because I haven’t posted a picture or anything, it’s kinda funny.” Shawn laughed lightly as he told you about his new tattoo that his fans felt teased by since he hadn’t posted about it. He was right about his fans, and you remember seeing plenty of comments and tweets talking about how much of a tease Shawn was. It was all true, and you wished it wasn’t. There were so many times you wondered if Shawn was flirting with you, and he’d give you tiny bits of what it was like to be with him, only to rip it away from you by taking two days to respond to a simple text, or not talking to you with the same tone. He really was a tease and it drove you crazy. You were currently wrapped up in your thoughts as you looked out the window next to you, watching the busy lives of strangers on the street. You wondered who else was going through what you felt, who else had such strong feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same. The day had taken an unexpected turn and you ended up walking into this fancy restaurant for dinner after work because you felt like you deserved it. It was the weekend after all so why not? You had posted about it on Twitter or something and almost two minutes later Shawn favorited your tweet, and texted you saying he was in that area. So here he was now, sitting across from you with food in front of him. You wanted to call this a date, but of course you didn’t and you assumed it was just a friendly dinner with a good friend. That’s what adults do all the time right? He was chewing on his finger, and that button up dress shirt he was wearing complimented his hazel eyes, along with those curls of his that needed to be cut. You scratched the back of your neck and forced yourself to stop looking at him and to finish your food.

“You okay? Do you not like your food? You can have some of mine if you want or something.” He caught you off guard and his voice melted in you ears like honey being poured into a sweet cup of tea.

“Oh no, I’m fine. I like my food, I’m okay! Thank you though.” You smiled at his kindness to share with you and you shoved some more of your food into your mouth. You really did like what was on your plate, you just found yourself struggling to concentrate on anything when Shawn Mendes was sitting in front of you. You don’t remember being so flustered just by being with him. You’ve been friends with him for some time now and you had talked to him millions of times without getting this nervous. Your feelings were blooming like flowers in the spring, and you wished so badly you could reach across the table to grab him. Grab his face, and kiss him. Grab his chest, to feel his heartbeat. The insides of his heart were most likely just as beautiful as his face. You knew him, and you knew his personality was amazing but you didn’t know him enough, and all you wanted was just even a tiny piece of his heart to learn about. What does he think about when he can’t sleep? Who does he think about the most? His family? His friends? His fans? Himself? Another girl? You chewed on your now cold food and continued to wonder these things, and think these thoughts as he kept talking about who knows what now. You weren’t even listening anymore.

I heard a little love, is better than none

Wind blew around your hair as you walked up to your house, and right as you placed your foot on the step to your door, you almost completely crushed a single rose with your shoe. If you didn’t love flowers so much you wouldn’t have stopped yourself and you would’ve stomped all over the damn rose until it was in pieces. Although you were head over heels for someone else, it was still a little sweet to you that this other stranger was still sending you flowers. But today, you were going to end it. You picked up the rose and walked into your house, placing it on the kitchen table. You pulled out your phone and went to Twitter, you figured this secret admirer of yours was following you ( or so you hoped ) so why not post about this, and ask them to stop sending you roses? You started typing but from the corner of your eye, something caught your attention. You hadn’t even noticed before but there was a small note attached to the stem of the rose like usual, but this time it wasn’t just a heart or some numbers. There were actual words written on the small piece of paper. You almost dropped your phone, picking up the note and tearing it off the little string tied around the stem.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.” 6317

What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Next to the one sentence there were numbers written. No lines, no dashes. You re read the sentence and stared at the number trying to figure out what kind of game this person was playing. You looked at the numbers one more time before realizing what the date was today. It was June 4th, 2017, and yesterday was June 3rd. 6/3/17 was yesterday. Right? The numbers had to be a date, what else could it be? You were confused and frustrated either way, so you decided to finish your tweet.

“If you’re sending me roses, please either tell me who you are or just stop. Its very nice of you, but this game is getting tiring.”

You hit send and the tweet was officially posted to everyone. You hung the note on your fridge, hoping maybe you could eventually tell who’s hand writing it was. It was sloppy cursive, that you could barely read at first. You didn’t know anyone who wrote like that, did you? You tried to forget about it and see if anyone responded to your tweet. You figured you’d wait to see if you received anymore roses this week or the next. So you ended your day by placing that red rose into a vase near your window, admiring it as much as your secret admirer admired you.

And I’ll still be a fool for you

The sun woke you, as you turned over to get more comfortable, your bed was always your favorite place to be. But now the sun was keeping you awake and so you reached to your nightstand grabbing your phone, to do the daily social media check. You scrolled through Instagram, Snapchat, and finally Twitter. You scrolled through people tweeting about Shawn’s upcoming tour which saddened you a little to know that he was going to be leaving soon. You guessed it didn’t really matter anyway though right? Without even thinking about it you clicked on Shawn’s Twitter account, just to see what he was up to. He hasn’t texted you or talked to you since you two had lunch the other day. You scrolled down, to see his most recent tweet and you almost dropped your phone on your face.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.”

He literally tweeted the same thing that was written on your note. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, looking at the tweet again. People tweeted him back asking him if that was a new song lyric or something and you just sat there, eyes wide. The stranger sending you roses couldn’t have been Shawn, there was no way. Maybe he just found the same quote your secret admirer found. Your brain was tired but you slowly were trying to put the pieces together. And so you ran down stairs to the trash can in the kitchen looking for more notes with numbers on them. After digging through mini pizza boxes and used tissues, you pulled out two notes from several weeks back. One note had the numbers 52217. May 22nd 2017. May 22nd, was the day Shawn came over to play you an idea he had for a song. You remember this because you pretty much marked in your calendar whenever you spent time with him, but if you were so in love with him how could you be so blind? The other note you found read the numbers 43017. April 30th 2017.. What happened April 30th? You pulled out your phone and looked at your calendar to see if there were any events marked, and of course there was. April 30th was one of Shawn’s shows you attended, and you brought him roses, you were starting to remember now because he used the roses to give out to some fans after the show, and you thought it was so sweet, you weren’t even angry that he got rid of your roses. Roses.

Reality was hitting you hard, and it all made sense now. Shawn had remembered these days just like you did. It was Saturday morning, 8am and Shawn was probably already on his plane to who knows where, you couldn’t even remember where his tour was starting. You texted him a couple times and called, but there was no reply. You stared at the notes on the table in front of you wondering how you were going to handle this. This whole time you thought you knew but you really had no idea. You wondered if Shawn felt angry at you now for your tweet, or if he felt bad. You didn’t know but either way there was one thing you did know, and that was that no matter how far away Shawn was from you, you’d never forget him, and no matter how many roses you threw away, your heart would still belong to him, and it probably always would.

EXO: late night adventures


-  so he’d text you in the middle of the night bc he can’t sleep, and practically drags you out of your bed to go to the grocery store that’s opened 24/7
-  and he’s like babe…ilysm idk how you can stand me and my randomness but I really couldn’t sleep bc I kept thinking about you and tbh I was coming over anyway and I just needed an excuse
-  so now you’re drinking your third slushy and he’s talking about getting married and traveling the world with you
-  whenever you’d scoff at his wild suggestions, he’d move closer to you on the pavement and put his arm around you
-  "I’m serious. Then I wouldn’t have to take like 3 busses just to come over to your place, and we can finally have our own slushy machine to make them at 1 in the morning, jagi"

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-  he was working late in the studio one night and asked you not to wait up for him, but you thought you’d surprise him (low key you just wanted to watch him dance)
-  so after hugging you for an hour, he leads you to one of their studios since there’s no one there at this late hour, and shows you this new track they’ve been working on
-  and he’s so mesmerized by your expression and smile, and the way you’re nodding your head to the beat
-  and he’s thinking ‘why don’t I invite her to the studio more often??? …oh yeah bc I’ve got those flock of puppies to look after’
-  after spending some hours goofing off and making diss tracks about each other, he saves it onto a flash drive and sleepily heads home with you

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-  Yixing had just come back from a long schedule in China, and he’s so happy to finally be back in your arms and your shared apartment
-  neither of you could sleep, despite the late hour, so he suggests taking you to this place he discovered while out with the boys one day
-  it’s an abandoned building, where you both sat on the roof and stared at the night sky of the city
-  he’d smile in awe as you yawn and lean your head on his shoulder, but you two would keep talking until there’s nothing left to talk about
-  he’d protectively wrap his arms around you when the sun started to rise, and whispers to you that he wants to come here every night from now on (sike, it’s too cold yixing, you’re lucky I love you)

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-  you’d just finished watching a midnight viewing of this new movie, and both of you were now standing outside the theater, with baekhyun’s lips lazily tracing your jaw and neck 

-  "y/n, what do you say we go back inside and watch another movie?“ He asks mischievously. “Didn’t you say you spent your last dollar on those twizzlers???”
-  and he’s like “well, I said nothing about paying for our tickets. Let’s go.” Lmao he’d drag you back inside and tries to act nonchalant
-  you’d pretend to be looking at the schedules for the movies and avoid all the workers until you get close enough to the entrance near the ticket line
-  he’s like an actual puppy and he’s holding your hand while running over to the nearest movie playing. It just so happened to be the same movie you just watched…nice going

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-  he wouldn’t do anything too wild, probably suggest a karaoke match-off when you tell him that you can’t sleep, and this is great bc he can’t focus on his work either 

-  so this is a much needed break. Plus, it’s a chance to show off his vocal skills and have you rolling your eyes
-  pulls you in his arms during duets and stares into your eyes and he’s basically serenading you
-  might take it too seriously and go full *exo chen* mode, with the dance routines and everything
-  and although he’s mostly playing their songs now, you can’t help but to sing badly along with his angelic voice and you finally understand why opposites attract  

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-  he takes you out to an amusement park and you two would spend the whole day together, not realizing that it’s REALLY late now but neither of you wanna go home 

-  so since they’re gonna be open all day and all night, might as well make it a night to remember
-  you’d ride the ferris wheel so many times, to the point of the vendor just going “look, there’s literally no one here but you so idc, yall can go on it as much as you like, just press this button and wake me up when you’re done”
-  he’d be pointing at the random buildings in the city and claim that’s your apartment, that’s where you’re gonna live next, and that’s where you’re gonna have your kids playing in the backyard
-  ofc with his arms wrapped around you, he’d keep whispering cheesy stuff in your ear and kissing you every now and then

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-  not the type to do this often, but he sees you’re really stressing over your work and offers to take a walk with you around the area 

-  he’s loving the fact that no one’s awake at this hour, and it’s just you two walking peacefully, hand in hand
-  would get butterflies in his stomach when you shiver and move even closer next to him, then he’d offer his jacket and wrap it tightly around you, all while scolding you for not bringing one
-  he’d suggest stopping at a local ice cream shop and buys you your favorite flavor
-  when you try and mess with him by placing some on his nose, you better run bc you’re about to be attacked with tickles and kisses

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-  late night adventures are a constant thing in your relationship and you couldn’t live without them, esp when he’s always suggesting random places to visit in the middle of the night, like the park near your place
-  you’d be childishly playing on the swings as he loudly cheers you on from the top of the slide
-  having dance battles in the sandpit, and flicking sand on him to mess him up (nice try, he can’t mess up even if he tries)
-  once you’ve settled down and sat on the benches, you’d cuddle into him as he quietly talks about his childhood and how he always used to come to the park and mess around
-  then ruin the moment by randomly giggling at some random memory he had and now he can’t stop slapping your knee and wheezing

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-  he’d be hella sassy and tell you to bother someone else since you can’t sleep. Then he’d be like aw I took it too far, she just wants to hang out with me
-  so he’d be like alright, let’s go to the beach, jagi, bc what could go wrong this late at night? So you’d happily walk over to the beach near your shared place, and he’d immediately proceed to take off his shirt and dive into the freezing water
-  you’d take out your phone and take hella pictures of his dorky self, and threaten to post them if he doesn’t stop and come sit next to you
-  after trying aegyo and failing, he’d dry off and use your body head to warm him up bc he was too dumb to bring a change of clothes
-  it would be really peaceful, sitting closely to him and listening to the sound of the calming waves and the complaints of your freezing boyfriend

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Stay Away From My Son

It’s me again hi :)))

So for this one it’s basically an AU where Alexander is a single dad w Philip and he’s late picking up Philip and you’re one of Philip’s teachers so you wait with him but Alex doesn’t know that so he gets defensive. :) idk how I feel about the ending but if you like this pLEASE like or reblog or send me requests

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Warnings: None :)
Word Count: 1,493
Pairings: Alexander Hamilton X Reader

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in public;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff (idk maybe angstish?) 

words- 1,388

summary- (requested) all you want is to hold hands with your two boys, but some people can be so rude. polyamorous!au

a/n- dhlaj’hf;asdg okay so i dont take requests for scenarios but i needed some poly!au prompts so this was one sent in :) i hope you guys enjoy!! 

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Usually, you love the idea of skinship. Big warm hugs, soft kisses against your lips, tender strokes against your back as you fall asleep- it’s all heavenly. But things were different when you started your relationship with Taehyung and Jungkook.

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“Nice shirt by the way“

Request: “A Josh AU where you’re really good friends with Jordan, but you’re really chill about his brother being in twenty one pilots, but when Josh comes home he’s interested in you and you think he’s cool but you don’t want to make Jordan uncomfortable…? Idk specifics sorry, something along those lines? Thank you x.“

(A/N): Good news I‘m not dead, bad news I‘m not dead. I hope this is not all too atrocious x 

Words: 1,087

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“Aw look J, it‘s the size of your dick“ you snicker, gesturing towards the tootsie roll you‘ve just picked up.

Jordan looks up from the book, he‘s been concentrating on, to catch a glimpse at you; smiling wryly as he lays eyes on the tiny piece of candy in your hand. “Very funny“ he mumbles and quickly puts his focus on the page in front of him again. 

“I‘m bored. Let‘s do something fun!“ you suggest enthusiastically, swinging your legs back and forth while sitting steadily on the kitchen counter. The curly headed guy sitting at the kitchen island across from you doesn‘t avert his gaze from the book. “No“

Unwilling to give up, you try to get his attention by throwing several tootsie rolls at him. Just as the hard candy hits his head, he lets go of the pencil in his grip out of frustration and starts to massage his temples in order to restrain himself. No more than seconds later, he lets out a final sigh and shoots a defeated look at you. “Could you please stop distracting me? I would very much appreciate that“

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anonymous asked:

So idk if your comfortable with this because it can be a touchy subject but could you do one where Josh finds out the reader self harms? I'm feeling kinda down and thought it might help to read something like that.

OK FIRST OFF IF ANYONE IS EVER SAD PLS MESSAGE ME (on my other blog omg i never check this one) AND WE’LL TALK, I LOVE YOU ALL. 

but here. 

trigger warning (self harm etc.)


In a world full of so much pain and suffering, it was always the little things that set you off.   Tonight, it was a candle.  

You were at a party, one you never wanted to attend in the first place.  But Josh had begged, and you were never very good at saying no.  He was mingling, the outgoing one of the two of you, constantly smiling and interacting with anyone and everyone.  

It was one of those parties with music so loud you had to scream to hear anyone.  You watched a tall man with a sharp, gray suit on lean down so that his mouth was ear-level to another man.  He cupped his hand around the man’s ear, like he was about to tell a secret, but instead bellowed out directions to the nearest bathroom.  You shook your head, wondering why on earth anyone would want to listen to Kayne this loud ever.  

There was probably enough booze to intoxicate the entire city, but then again, LA parties were the real deal.  These were Josh’s new people.  His new life.  You knew you should try to be a part of it, but looking around at the company, you couldn’t help but feel extremely out of place.  Fancy dresses and glamorous hair seemed to be a consistent trend for the night.

You sat on the edge of the staircase, tapping your foot anxiously and waiting for Josh to come find you again.  You hoped he wouldn’t be too long.  While you waited, you allowed yourself to take in the full extent of people Josh was spending the majority of his time with now.  

Beauty.  Elegance.  Celebrities.  The closest thing Earth had to Gods.  You suddenly feel so, so small.  Acknowledging everyone around you was a bad idea.  So you choose to focus on something a little less personified.  

There is a burning candle across the room.  You find it odd that there’s an open flame around so much liquor.  But you quickly become entranced with the fire.  Watching as it whips and flickers with small gusts of wind you pretend to also feel.  

You suddenly imagine what it would feel like to run your skin across the flame.  You imagine the sharp burning feeling and your stomach settles slightly.  You imagine watching your skin go from pink to blistered, the transition always so captivating.   You imagine all the tension and anxiety boiling under your skin flooding to the area of injury instead, away from your mind.   You knew you had to let it out.

The idea had been planted, and well, there was no going back now.

You didn’t realize how clammy your hands had gotten until you were patting them down on your jeans, standing up from the stairs and looking around for Josh.

He wasn’t in eye sight.  


You pushed your way through crowds of people, not really bothering to apologize for stepped on toes.

“Y/N!” someone calls out.  You cringe, wanting nothing more than to disappear amongst the people and easily slip outside.  But you turn around.

Tyler was making his way towards you.

“Hey, Ty,” you murmur, rubbing the back of your neck.  “Listen, I gotta go-“ your mind was too focused on thoughts of razor blades and lighters.  You were unable to really focus on speaking.  “If you see Josh just tell him I left for me?”

Tyler gives you a puzzled look.  But you don’t stick around for an explanation.  You turn around and break through the clogged area of people.

You thought you’d breathe easier once you were outside.  You were wrong.  

Your chest still felt heavy.  Heavy with thoughts of being you.  You thought about the people back there.  The girls in fancy dresses and boys in brand new suits.  You cringed at the thought of Josh being exposed to that kind of allure on a daily basis, and then having to come home to you.  

You wished you could disappear.  Fade into the nothingness that you represented.  

Normally you would practice all those coping mechanisms your therapist told you about.  Deep breathing.  Challenging the negative thoughts.  Telling someone.  Something like that.  Yeah right.  There wasn’t a single part of you that wanted to talk yourself out of this.  Because what your therapist didn’t know was that this was your coping mechanisms.  Your demons ran a lot deeper than cuts.  

You carefully unlocked the front door to your apartment.  You threw your purse on the counter, stripping off your sweatshirt and leaving it in a heap on the floor.  You made your way to the bathroom, immediately flicking on both the fan and the light.  The humming noise soothed you.  

You’d be smart about it, you thought as you removed the razor blade from your eyeliner sharpener.  None of that horizontal lines up the arm shit.  That was too obvious.  Josh would see.  You’d space them out.  One or two on the arm.  A few on the thighs.  The rest on your hips or sides.  Areas Josh wouldn’t notice.  

You fell to the floor, cradling the piece of metal between your fingertips.  You let the thoughts consume you.  If you were gonna do this, you might as well go all out.  

Worthless.  Never going to be good enough.  A nobody.  You didn’t belong in that world.  You didn’t belong in the same room as those people.  Josh had become those people.  It took you this long to realize.  Josh wasn’t the same, Columbus born and raised, kid he used to be.  He had fancy suits and knew the names of producers.  

You thought of the flame.  Flickering and doing all it could.  It burned and shined and still went completely unnoticed in a room full of those people.

You brought the metal to your upper arm, pressing and dragging the blade across.  You thought you could hear a crack, then you felt the slight tug of your skin tearing.  You watched, entranced as blood appeared, small droplets forming in places you might have pressed a little harder.  It took a moment for your body to react to the trauma, but eventually your blood started to collect, dripping down your arm.  It was so bright, so beautifully contrasting against your pale skin.  

It wasn’t enough.  

You placed the blade on the same spot and dug in deeper, this time going back and forth once each.  More blood flowed, leaving traces on your skin.  It reminded you of being little and riding in the backseat of the car while it rained.  You remember being so entranced with the raindrops flowing across the glass, leaving streaks in their wake, racing to a place you only wish you knew about.

Your blood was like rain.  

You found a new spot and cut again.

It wasn’t enough.

And again.  

You stuck your tongue out in concentration, your mind had gone a little foggy, but you needed to focus.  Your first cut was still bleeding steadily, but it fascinated you, so you tried lining up the razor blade for one more swipe.  

You pushed a little harder than intended.  

You probably should be worried about the amount of blood rushing from your skin.

But it was too beautiful to be scared.

You finally felt lighter as you watched your pain stream down your arm.  

The rest of your senses had dulled.  You didn’t hear the front door slam shut.  You didn’t hear Josh calling your name, or him knocking.

Your first thought when Josh pushes open the door is that you probably should have thought to lock it.  Your second instinct is to cover the blood.

You collect the towel on the floor beside you in a hurry, curling up and trying to make yourself look as small and discrete as possible.  You cover the cuts, desperate and ashamed.  

You’ll probably never forget the look on Josh’s face.  

His eyes are wide, his mouth slightly open.  He freezes, taking in the horror flick in front of him before he responds.  

He quickly rushes to the closet, pulling out as many towels as he can.  He rushes to the sink, wetting a washcloth before kneeling down beside you.  

You hear his knees clank as they collide with the tiled floor.  

You look up at him, feeling slightly dazed and very confused.  

His mouth is moving.  But you can’t really understand what he’s saying.  The cool water on the washcloth feels nice, until he’s putting pressure on it with his fingers, making it sting.  

You blink sharply, sitting up and trying to break away from his grasp.

“Shh,” he’s saying, his voice suddenly coming into focus.

It hurts.

“It’s okay,” Josh is saying. His arm wrapping around your front, pulling you back and he holds you in place.

That’s when the crying starts.

Completely out of nowhere, a sob originating from the darkest, deepest part inside of you erupts.  The cry cuts through the air, and suddenly everything hurts.  Your stupid cuts, your stomach, your chest.  You want to go to that place the raindrops did.  You want to go.

“Josh-“ you’re pleading, unsure of what you’re really asking for.  You want it to stop.

“Shh, baby, it’s okay,” Josh is crying too.  He’s got you cradled in his lap now, like a small child.  A small, bloody child.  “I’m here,” he’s whispering, rocking with you back and forth.  

You’re grabbing at the arm he has barred against your chest, your fingers digging into his skin.  His face is next to yours, his chin resting on your shoulder, his cheek pressed against your own.  You wished you could feel it, but the pain inside you was all you could focus on.

“I’m here, I’m here, baby,” he’s saying, over and over.  The sound of his voice is making you ache more.  “I’m right here.”

It takes you a while before you can breathe again.  Even then, it’s not proper.  It’s all choking sounds and gasping.  But you’re not sobbing anymore, so Josh takes that as a sign to help get you to your feet.

You feel dead inside.  The pain is replaced with numbness, and honestly, you’re not sure which was worse.  

He gently is stepping over bloody towels and leading you to the sink.  He unwraps the bloody washcloth from your wrist gently, peeling back parts that had dried on.  

You stare at the remnants of your self hatred.  Three, deep cuts.  Ugly and horrifying.  Matching the rest of the decor.  

Josh helps you sit on the toilet lid.  You look blankly ahead, only vaguely aware of him getting another washcloth from the cabinet.  

He kneels in front of you, getting in the way of your vacant stare.  Your eyes latch on to him instead, following his movements as he gently starts dabbing at the bits of blood left on your skin.  He’s so articulate and gentle, concentrating so hard at the task.

You’re suddenly overcome with an immense amount of guilt.  

How could you do this to Josh?  How could you put him through all this?

Here he was, again, cleaning up your chaos and destruction.  

“I’m sorry,” you croak out.  Your voice is a mess of raspy breathes.  But it’s comprehendible.  

Josh closes his eyes, the washcloth freezing in place.

He’s shaking his head.

You look down, the embarrassment and shame of what you’d done starting to sink in.  You wished you could tell what Josh was thinking.  But he’s not saying anything.  The silence makes you want to disappear.

Finally, “Let’s just get this all cleaned up, yeah?”

His voice is soft.  You wish you could decipher it.  

Once Josh is done cleaning and bandaging you up, he discards the washcloth in the trash.  There was no going back from all those stains.  He leads you to the bedroom, gently helping you out of your clothes.  He leaves you briefly to get a sweatshirt from his closet.  

The moment you slip it on, you feel safe.  Maybe you’ll add Josh’s clothes to your list of coping mechanisms for next time.  

Josh is peeling back the sheets on your side of the bed.  You walk over and he holds the blankets up for you to climb under.  

It feels strange having Josh tuck you in.  You feel like a child again.  

Your eyes are heavy.  The events of the evening have completely wiped you out.  But you doubt you’ll be sleeping anytime soon.  

You lay on your side, the blankets grasped in your fist, tucked so tightly underneath your chin.  You’re surprised when the bed dips beside you.  You’re even more surprised when Josh scoots over, slinging his arm around your middle and cuddling behind you.

You immediately exhale when he comes in contact with you.  You feel so safe wrapped up in his arms.  

You hold his arm tightly, part of you wanting to make sure he stays put throughout the night.

Josh must sense your uneasiness because he leans over and presses his soft lips to your cheek.  “I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers before fitting his head comfortably behind yours.  

You fall into a deep, settled sleep like that.  Your breathing finally back to normal.

When you wake the next morning, Josh is no longer fit around you.

You rub your tired eyes, sitting up and giving the room a quick glance.  

The happenings of the previous night haunt your mind.  The full impact of what you had done hits you and you can’t help it when the tears start to fall again.  This time from embarrassment and shame.  You had finally let Josh see what a freak you were.  

You couldn’t get a handle on it for one second.  Couldn’t overcome your corrupt mind.  And now Josh knew.  You couldn’t think of anything worse.

You curled yourself into a ball, wrapping your arms around your own middle and crying into the pillow.  Josh knew.  

You felt pathetic.  Useless.  And stupid, stupid, stupid.  

“Hey, hey, hey-“ you hear.

You crack open an eye to see Josh, fully dressed, rushing towards you.  He must’ve heard you crying again.  You shake your head, burying it in the pillow.  You couldn’t look at him.  Not after last night.

He climbs in bed next to you, leaning against the headboard and pulling you into his lap again.  You were getting tired of this whole, ‘helpless child’ act.

“I thought sleeping would make things better,” he said softly.

You let your head rest back into Josh’s chest, the familiar rise and fall was soothing.  

“I’m so sorry, Josh,” was all you could think to say.

“Please,” he said, his voice desperate, “please don’t apologize.”

You shake your head, “I am though,” you sigh, “I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed and-“

“Stop,” he cuts you off. “I love you so much.  I wish I’d seen- wish I knew how much you were hurting.  I didn’t- I didn’t even see it.  I wish I could’ve done something, been there-“ he takes a deep breath, “I’m here now, I’m right here.  Not going anywhere.”

Josh was blaming himself.  Josh thought he could’ve done something.  You ache inside.  More guilt.

“No Josh, please, you were there.  I’m just- I’m- I’m fucked up.”

“Don’t say that,” he murmurs.

“It’s true-“

“It’s not true, you’re not.”

“I was at that stupid party last night,” you whisper, “so many people, so much to do, and all I could think about was how every single person in that room was better than me in a million different ways.  It just-“ you exhale sharply, “I just want to be good enough for you.”

You feel Josh stiffen behind you, clutching you tighter than ever.  

“Baby,” he whispers softly, “please- Why would you ever think that?”

You scoff.

“Josh, I’ve never been good enough for anyone in my entire life.  Not you.  Not my parents.  Not my friends.  I’m tired.  I’m tired of it all. I’m not LA.  I don’t fit into that world- I don’t fit into your world.”

“You,” Josh says, pulling back and looking you straight in the eyes.  His coffee eyes bore a hole in you.  “You’re my world.  Not LA, not those fancy parties.  It’s you.  It’s the Skype dates and the butterflies before my flights about to land.  It’s staying in bed all day and getting to hold you while you fall asleep.  The rest is just background.  It’s just there.  But you, you’re my world.”

You let out a desperate sob, burying your face in Josh’s t-shirt.  

You’d have to apologize later for the tear streaks.

“I love you, so much,” Josh breathes.  “I’m never going to let you forget it again.  We’re gonna get through this.  I’ll stay home.  We’ll get help.  It’ll all be okay.  I’ll be here.  You won’t have to be alone.”

Josh’s words sink in and you slowly nod.  

You don’t really believe it all.  But you desperately want to.  And that, along with Josh holding you so close, was enough for now.  

Pentagon Reaction | Getting Turned On By Being Touch On The Neck Pt2.

Request:  helloooo can you do a pentagon reaction to their s/o not letting anyone near their neck and then they find out it’s beacause they get turned on easily by some kind of touch in the area, idk if this makes sense haha have a good dayy💕

A/N: So I am gonna post this now instead of adding it to my queue since I already have another Pentagon reaction in my queue. And also if I didn’t it wouldn’t be posted till like the 23ed and such so yeah…hope you like it haha. I didn’t write much because I am working on Well Tailored so hopefully this is ok.

Part 1 | Part 2

Yeo One

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He may act sweet and innocent when he finds out but while you are asleep he decides to find out why you don’t want him to after his curiosity got the better of him. He would lightly trace his finger along your neck up to your ear and you would let out a moan causing him to pull away. You would open your eyes in shock to see a blush spread across his cheeks. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself” 

Yan An

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He would think long and hard about why you didn’t want him to. He thought it was so weird, he just couldn’t understand why. Especially after you told him you didn’t want to tell him why. One day he would just corner you about it tired of thinking it through. You would tell him and he would just nod.

“That’s what you were worried about? Don’t worry love I won’t touch your neck unless you ask me to.”


Originally posted by y-u-t-o

He wouldn’t even know you didn’t even know you had a problem with people touching your neck because normally he never did, but one night after one too many drinks between the two of you, his hand grazed your neck and you moan. he would step back and straighten up. Gulping and grabbing at the collar of his shirt. Things would go quiet and you would both just stare at each other. 

“Sorry” he would mumble before you both continued to walk in silence.  


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This mischievous boy, He liked to bite you, a lot. Usually, he would just bite your arm, but one day he decided to bite your neck eliciting a moan and he would smirk loudly as he continued to bite your neck, causing you to moan more. 

“Ah, you like that don’t you?”


Originally posted by woozeok

You would tell him if he touched your neck he dies, and you would also tell him what it did to you. He would be a little shy about it when you first told him, but he grew out of the shyness real quick and would tease you about it, eventually acting on it and would poke your neck. When you reacted he would laugh as you started to chase him

“YAH! YOU’RE SO CUTE!” he would say as he ran away from you. 


Auston Matthews #2 - Horses

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A/N - omg I miss horse back riding so muchh. I miss my horse and the barn and the feeling of jumping a course perfectly. Ugh anyways, here’s yet another long auston matthews one that is kinda really nostalgic for me. I just reread the request now and realized that I read it wrong the first time so this is a bit different from the prompt but still has the same kind of elements?? idk I’m really sorry anon if this isn’t what you wanted but I think it turned out really good. feel free to ask again if you don’t like it tho..

for the anon request (again sorry I really strayed from the prompt):   Hi! Can I have an imagine about the reader being an American and they are competing at the Olympics as an Equestrian and they are the youngest on their team. With either Auston Matthews or Matt Martin. Thank you 😊


You let out a huge smile as soon as you cleared the final rail and brought your horse to a loping, relaxed canter around the arena. He tossed his head and started fighting the bit because he wanted to be lazy now that he knew you weren’t going to do anymore jumping. You were used to your horse being a little shit after practice was over so you calmly sat deep in the saddle to prevent from him bucking in protest. You did two laps around the outside of the ring before bringing him back down to a working walk and letting him fully cool down. You smiled when you saw Auston leaning against the fencing of the ring with a look of awe on his face. You gave your horse, Jiggy, a big pat on the neck and he snorted at you because he was cheeky like that. You gave him more rein as you walked over to where your boyfriend was and dismounted.

“That was so cool.” he said, eyes wide and beaming at you.

“It wasn’t, really, but you have never seen me jumping in person so it probably looked cool.” you replied as you passed the reins over Jiggy’s head and loosened his girth a bit. After tucking the stirrups up and out of the way, you motioned for Matts to jump over the fence before passing him the reins. “Here you go. Bond with my favourite man, Jiggy, while I go pick up my water bottle.” You gave Jiggy a kiss on his neck and him a treat from your pocket. Auston took the leather reins from you nervously and looked at your horse like it was a three-headed monster as Jiggy was rubbing his big head against your body because, as mentioned earlier, he’s a little shit.

By the time you turned back, Jiggy was now nosing at Auston’s hair and your boyfriend looked absolutely terrified. You took the reins back from him and laughed, “Sorry, Jiggy is a nosy ass sometimes.”

“He’s… so… big.” Auston stuttered making you laugh hard as you lead the way out of the arena and back towards the stable.

“I mean he is one of the best show jumpers in the sport right now so yes, he is big. He has to be in order to clear those jumps and make quick times. What were you expecting?” you explained as you stroked the sleek black fur on the neck of your beloved horse.

“I don’t know! It’s just- well..” Matts blushed and looked down at the dirt path you were walking on

“Spit it out Aus.”

“Well, you are so small… and you are riding this huge animal that has a mind of its own…. Is that not, in the slightest bit, terrifying??” he admitted.

“Auston. Do you mean to tell your girlfriend, the youngest member of the US Equestrian team I should add, that you are scared of horses.” you stopped in your place and turned to Auston trying to hide the laughter behind your eyes.

“Maybe?” he admittedly sheepishly while the blush on his face went a deep shade of red.

“Wow, my big, tough, chill-about-everything, hockey player boyfriend is afraid of horses.” you couldn’t resist laughing at that.

“They’re huge okay? And they have hard feet that can trample you! And they can bite you!” he protested while eyeing Jiggy who was getting bored and starting to dig at the ground impatiently.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” you conceded and start walking towards the stable again so that Jiggy wouldn’t get fussy and start acting up, scaring Auston even more, “Well, today is the perfect day to get over your fear! This is the first time you’ve been at the barn with me so you can get comfortable with Jigs.” you smiled.

Auston looked at you apprehensively and you rolled your eyes, “Look, Jiggy is probably the most important boy in my life besides my dad and I would really appreciate it if my boyfriend, who is a very close tie with said boy, could be relaxed in the one area of my life I love the most.”

“Fine.” he muttered and gave Jigs another look. You beamed at him and Jiggy just returned his own uneasy glare. “Why’d you name him Jiggy anyways?”

“Well, when I first met him he was being a cheeky little shit and was stealing the treats out of his breeder’s pocket. Then when I saw him jump he got so excited after landing each one that he would do this little thing with his back legs that looked like he was dancing. So his show name is ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ and his barn name is Jiggy.”

You walked into the near empty barn and smiled when the one horse that wasn’t out in the pasture stuck her head out into the hall. You turned the corner to where Jiggy’s box stall was and walked him in. You took off your helmet and ran a hand through your sweaty helmet hair. You quickly took off Jiggy’s bridle and replaced it with his halter before passing the bridle to Auston to hold while you took off the saddle. You heaved the saddle off of Jiggy’s back who gave a big shake, happy to be free once again. You giggled at your horse’s personality before motioning over for Auston to follow you again. You made sure that the stall was closed correctly because Jiggy was known around the barn for being an escape artist before taking the bridle from Auston and hooking it over your shoulder. You lead the way towards the tack room, pointing out the stalls of your favourite horses, and some of the evil little ponies that you were definitely not the biggest fans of.

“Hold on,” Auston said as you put Jiggy’s tack back on their rack, “why do you not like ponies? Aren’t they supposed to be small and cute?”

“Sure,” you agreed, “Except I have only ridden one pony in my life that didn’t make me think that they were all filled with rage for being small. The very first horse I rode when I was seven years old was a paint pony that was the calmest, sweetest horse in the world. Then I graduated from him and got put on this tiny white pony that the first time I tried to put his saddle on bit me, and then while waiting for my instructor before the lesson, tried to kick me even though I was standing perfectly still right by his shoulder. I have never ridden ponies since.”

“Jeez” Auston sighed, “I always thought that the bigger horses were more dangerous.”

“I mean, it’s not like all ponies are evil and all big horses are angels. I just prefer big horses because: one, they jump higher, and two, I feel so powerful when sitting on top of a thousand pound animal of pure muscle that is so in tune with me and follows my commands. It is the coolest feeling in the world. And I got Jiggy when he was just 3 years old. He was trained, but very green and I immediately fell in love with his sassy personality. Yes, he gives me headaches on multiple occasions, but I’ve ridden other people’s horses that are just so well-trained that they have no personality whatsoever. And I can’t imagine how that would ever be fun.” by the time you finished your explanation you were already back at Jiggy’s stall. He was circling around his stall, obviously impatient that you were taking much longer than normal to brush him and give him his lunch. When Jiggy saw that Auston was still with you, he snorted and put his ears back ever-so-slightly.

“Alright boys, let’s get you two on the same page.” you chuckled and grabbed your bag of brushes before opening the gate. You passed Auston a curry comb and demonstrated how to brush Jiggy. You saw Auston take a shaky breath before doing what he was told and you smiled brightly. “Ok, so just keep doing that in all the sweaty areas, just make sure you avoid any sensitive areas like spine, face, and legs. I’m going to go grab his feed and water, I will be right back.” Auston looked at you with wide eyes but you just gave him a thumbs up and left.

You knew that Jiggy was a sweetie at heart and you would trust him with almost anyone. You also knew that Auston just needed to see how Jiggy was just like an overgrown puppy before he warmed up to him just like you wanted him to so desperately. You had this dream in your head of winning Gold at the Olympics in four years and being able to have Auston waiting for you when you finished. That picture would not be as dream-like if your boyfriend was terrified to be surrounded by all of those high-strung horses. You thought about this as you gathered up the flakes of hay and quickly made the bucket of grain before lugging all of it back to the stall.

As you approached you could hear Auston murmuring to Jiggy, “I know, dude. I love her so much too. I know you probably don’t like some other guy coming around here and stealing her away from you sometimes, but I promise that I love her just as much as you do, and I just love seeing her happy. So if that means that I have to suck it up and talk to a horse like an idiot, then I’m going to do it.”

When you peeked around the corner, trying to hold in the tears that were prickling your eyes and not disrupt this moment, you saw that Auston was standing in front of Jiggy, with Jiggy’s forehead pressed right up against his chest in a display of affection that you rarely see Jiggy give to anyone other than you. You immediately felt your heart swell up in your chest and fumbled for your phone to snap a picture. You captured the moment right when Auston pressed a tiny kiss right to the top of Jiggy’s head and you thought that right then, you could never love something more than you did in that moment.

You watched for a moment longer before hesitantly breaking the bubble, “So I see you guys have bonded…”

Auston jumped slightly but still kept his hands on the side of Jiggy’s neck, petting the soft fur there. “H-How much of that did you hear?”

“Just enough to know that I have never loved someone more in my life.” you beamed at him and set the food down. Auston pulled you to him and wrapped you into a loving kiss. Before it could go anywhere you felt a firm nudge and separated due to a big horse nose being wedged between you.

“Aww someone’s jealous.” you laughed and pressed a kiss to Jiggy’s nose before going back to Auston and letting him sweep you up off your feet.


again… sorry that this is different then the prompt but I was really happy with this. up next: Patrik Laine!

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Poe and reader (maybe they're married idk) having a competition around base where they try to make each other laugh and embarrass each other in front of officials and it's just really funny and fluffy

“Crap, I’ve forgotten my data pad,” Poe suddenly realised, patting his pockets in vain. He looked up at you with a sheepish grin. “Save me a seat?”

You chuckled, squeezing his hand before letting it go. “You’re lucky you’re cute,” you teased, heading towards the mission room door. Poe backed away down the hall, grinning.

“I knew you married me for a reason!”

You rolled your eyes, entering the mission room. It was currently empty except for General Organa, who was looking over plans on the enormous table in the middle of the room.

“Good morning, ma'am,” you greeted, placing your bag on one seat and your jacket on the one next to it. She chuckled.

“Poe forgotten something again?” she asked, her eyes twinkling in amusement.

“Of course, it wouldn’t be a mission briefing if Poe didn’t forget something,” you joked, sitting down and leaning on one elbow. “How are you this morning?” you asked in concern. The older woman sighed.

“I’m coping,” she told you eventually. “Sometimes it’s hard, but I need to accept that he is gone.”

You nodded, smiling sympathetically. “You’re being very brave, ma'am.”

She shook her head, grinning softly. “Well, you and I both know you have to be brave to fall for a flyboy.”

Chuckling, you nodded in agreement. “Or deaf,” you added. “That helps.”

As the two of you chatted and joked, you noticed Poe in the doorway. You tilted your head slightly, wondering why he wasn’t coming into the room. He grinned and winked at you, before skipping and twirling daintily into the room.

You hid your burst of laughter with a cough, as the General looked up just in time for Poe to start walking normally.

“What did you forget this morning, Dameron?” she asked, pretending to be stern but being given away by the fond tone of her voice. He smiled innocently.

“Only that (Y/N) picked up my data pad for me,” he replied, reaching into your bag and pulling out the tablet. You rolled your eyes, making eye contact with the General.

“You’re sure this one’s the best in the resistance, ma'am?” you asked in mock concern. “I’m not convinced.”

As she chuckled and more people filed into the room and began to take their seats for the mission briefing, you nudged Poe gently.

“What was with the ballet?” you asked in amusement. He grinned.

“Can a husband not try and embarrass his wife in front of their boss?”

You raised your eyebrows, an idea forming rapidly in your mind.

“Only if his wife can get payback,” you replied, turning to look at the pilot standing behind you. “Hey do you want my seat? My back’s sore and I’m better off standing.”

You switched places with the pilot, and moved to stand behind Poe with your hands on his broad shoulders.

“What are you planning, dearest?” he asked without looking up at you, pulling your hands gently so that you would wrap your arms around his shoulders and rest your chin on his shoulder. You smiled innocently, kissing his cheek.

“Can’t a wife embarrass her husband in front of everyone they know?”

Before Poe could reply, General Organa called the meeting to order. You moved back so that your hands were on your husband’s shoulders again. He was tense, obviously anticipating that you were going to do something, so you waited almost ten minutes for him to relax and forget about your words.

“If anyone can recall anything at all from previous missions in the area that could give us an idea of what we’re flying into here, we need to hear it,” the General said, after explaining the location and objectives of the upcoming mission. The room went silent as people wracked their brains.

Smirking, you moved one hand slowly so that it was behind Poe’s neck. Knowing that he was extremely ticklish there, you trailed your nails up and down lightly on the skin just below his hairline. His shoulders shot upwards as he tried to protect his neck, a high-pitched squeak escaping his lips. You stepped back and looked down at him in mock concern.

General Organa looked up from the page she was reading to frown at Poe, as everyone else looked around in confusion for the source of the noise.

“Are you hurt, Dameron?”

He shook his head hastily. “No ma'am, just a sneeze.”

You were reaching forward to tickle him again when his hands came back to grab yours and make you lean over his shoulder again.

“You know I hate you, right?” he asked, grinning at you as he turned his face so that his nose bumped against your cheek. You grinned back, tilting your head to press a tiny kiss to his forehead.

“Payback’s a bitch, darling.”