idk what you call this game


i found cute the pirate thing so (btw the song is this one)



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→ NCT as Horror Movie Character Stereotypes 

→ NCT as Teen Movie Characters

→ NCT as Mythical Creatures

NCT Patronus…Kind Of

→ NCT Drabble Game Masterlist

→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

• [Taeil] [Hansol] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin

→ A-Z: Daddy | Series

• [Taeil] [Hansol] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin]

→  The Virgins | M | Series
• so im sick of fake af smut in fanfics so heres some realistic sex stuff
→ [Taeil] [Johnny] [Taeyong] [Yuta] [Doyoung] [Ten] [Jaehyun] [WinWin]

► Reactions

  1. You cover their cherry bomb choreography
  2. Your gg covers their song (+ you’re the rapper)
  3. They’re in love w/ you; their best friend + Dreamies ver.

► Taeyong

Downtown Girl | bf!taeyong
•  dating rumors really suck

Bubble Bubble | hp!au
•  cuddles with hufflepuff!taeyong

Welcome Home | bf!taeyong
•  tired cuddles with tae

Will You? | we got married!au | Series
•  youre participating in wgm with taeyong, enjoy
→ [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

A New Day | vampire!au | M | Series
•  this happened because i saw the queen of the damned for the first time in years at 2am while i was drinking
→ [1]

Butterfly Effect | Series
•  every choice you make matters so…what do you choose?
→ [Prologue]

Don’t Think Twice | 60′s AU
•   diner workers dont get much more fun that strangers with stories

► Ten

Just One Drop | vampire!au
•  ten really needs to eat even if you have to force him 

Fallen | angel!au | M | Series
•  when you have a mangled and bloodied man on your porch what more can you do that…let him in the house?
→ [1]

► Johnny

There’s Something in the Water | water nymph!au
•  summer break + babysitting + strange dude what could go wrong  

Thieves In The Night | goblin!au
•  stuff just keeps going missing ft. taeyong

Two Sides Of The Same Coin | psychiatrist!au | M |Series
•  i call this the ‘liz cant stop reading dr. crane fanfic’ fanfic
→ [1]

Not All Can See | imaginary friend!au
•  what kid doesn’t conjure up an imaginary friend?

Forgive Me Father |  M |  roleplay!au 
•  halloween got a lil kinky oops

► Yuta

Just A Myth | merman!au
•  discover creatures of the deep blue sea

Why You Little… | bf!yuta
• yuta sucks at video games lol

In The Daylight | hybrid!au | M | Series
•  i watched the film theory  on the blair witch project and this happened. srry
→ [1]

Eyes On You |  M |  gang!yuta ft. 127
•  yuta has an interesting kink…

Call You | brother’s best friend!au
•  it happens to everyone dont lie

Snakes of a Scale Slither Together | hp!au
•  idk man. yuta x doyoung kinda sorta not really

Pretty Kitty |  M |  roleplay!au
•   i should just deactivate

Wet |  M |  domestic!au
•  i wanna play a game. it’s called ‘try not to slip and die in the shower’

► WinWin

Fresh Air Helps | bf!sicheng
•  summer night drives

A Helping Hand | afterlife guide!au
• death isnt the end and youre certainly not alone in it

► Doyoung

Knock Knock | creepypasta!inspired        
•  i ever mentioned i hate mirrors

Final Moments | reaper!au        
•  the only constant was him

► Mark

Found You | hybrid!au
•  happy hunting guys  

Hushed Whispers | shadow people!au
• sometimes stories you tell your kids kinda are true ??

Sweet As Sugar |  hp!au
•  last minute birthday fluff thingie

► Jaehyun

Protection | demon!au
•  sometimes a savior isnt on the side of the angels    

► Taeil

Sweetest Scent | hybrid!au
•  some scents just…sooth the senses  

I’m The One | psychiatrsit!au
• doctors come and doctors go, maybe you can get him to speak

► Haechan

Hands to Myself | idol!au
•  dancing is always easier with a partner

Far Far Away | bf!haechan
•  long distance relationship + skyping  

Those Who Watch | angel!au
• your only job is to watch and protect

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

• [Xiumin] [Luhan] [Kris] [Suho] [Lay] [Chen] [Chanyeol] [Baekhyun] [D.O.] [Kai] [Sehun]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•    [S.Coups] [Jeonghan] [Joshua] [Jun] [Hoshi] [Wonwoo] [Woozi] [DK] [Mingyu] [The8] [Seungkwan] [Vernon] [Dino]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Hyorin] [Bora] [Soyou] [Dasom]

► Hyorin

Lick The Icing Off | M | gf!au
•  birthday smut for my friend <3

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Kyungil] [Dokyun] [Sihyoung] [Jaeho] [Yijeong]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Shownu] [Wonho] [Minhyuk] [Kihyun] [Hyungwon] [Jooheon] [I.M]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Yongguk] [Himchan] [Daehyun] [Youngjae] [Jongup] [Zelo]


→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [EXY] [Seola] [Xuan Yi] [Bona] [Soobin] [Luda] [Dawon] [Eunseo] [Cheng Xiao] [Mei Qi]

► Soobin

Sunday Mornings | M | domestic!au
•   wjsn make me gay. lesbians. strap on. enjoy. 

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Onew] [Jonghyun] [Key] [Minho] [Taemin]

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→ A-Z: NSFW | M | Series

•  [Eunkwang] [Minhyuk] [Changsub] [Hyunsik] [Peniel] [Ilhoon] [Sungjae]


okay so i wrote another original song? (and ANOTHER ONE which is being uploaded to my main youtube in a few minutes)

once again, super thanks to ethan @crankgameplays for giving me more inspiration to write a song! this one’s not ABOUT ethan but it’s thanks to his playthrough on it that i decided to write one about Oxenfree because the game makes me emotional and it’s beautiful in every way and like i said before I CANNOT DRAW OR SHOW APPRECIATION FOR THINGS IN ANY OTHER WAY 

i feel 💭💭💭 like you’re letting him ⛹ play⛹ you kinda👀. 😩😩 like he keeps you going🏃🏃🏃 but 🔞 nothing 🔞 ever happens 😩😧. and he’s still 💑 togther 💑 with ➡ that ➡ chick💁💁. You can’t 🕹 control 🕹 his emotions??? Yes 👉 you👈 can💯💯💯! If you’re completely straight ⬆up ⬆, and ➡ send ➡ him a 📱 text📱message ✉✉ telling him, “hey🖑 dude 🚫 stop 🚫 what you’re doing✍✍.” 👋actually say this➡➡ “🚫stop 🚫 texting📱me. call 📞📞 me when you’ve broken ⬆ up ⬆ with your girlfriend👫.” You 👅want👅 him to call📞📞 but you write📝📝 it as you don’t 👅 want 👅  that. you 💭 get💭 me??? straight⬆ up⬆. 🚫 no 🚫 feelings🗣🙅🙊. smiley?🤔🤔🤔 this hoe😩. 🚫 no 🚫 straight ⬆up ⬆. 🚫 no 🚫 games 🎱🎳⚽. he’ll call💯💯💯.

park jimin’s lies.

jimin: hey jungkook, why don’t you come to my room when I tell you to? you’re so disobedient, what happened?
jungkook: *comes to jimin and j-hope’s room every night*
jimin: stop coming to our room every night it’s so annnoying! ><

interviewer: who do you want to go on a trip with?
jimin: not jungkook, because he’d make me do everything >w<
paper interview: who do you want to travel with and why?
jimin: jungkookie! within the country though, it’s dangerous to go abroad with jungkookie~ ^^

jungkook, probably: so wtf do you want from me ._.


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A = Aftercare 

Kai’s definitely going to be a guy that’s going to take care of you well. He’s got dogs that are practically his kids, his niece, Taeoh, on Yummy Yummy he said he wanted to know how to cook so he can help his wife. He’s going to take care of you, and happily do it too. He’s one that’s got a warm rag on stand by, lotions and things are waiting in the bedside.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

We all know the golden part on Jongin is his hips, c’mon. He relishes in how him just dancing can get you all hot and bothered, watching the sharp thrusts and fluid rolls. I’m not even going to try and act like he’s not a basic lil horny boy. He likes your boobs. No use hiding it. He’s almost kid-ish with his touching fixation he has with you, he likes squeezing the soft bits of you, that includes ya titties. 

C = Cum 

Kai’s still pretty young, I don’t think he’s quite mastered the art of not making a fucking mess with his male tears. He’s pretty messy, and very vocal when he cums. He’s a pretty loud moaner with you in general, but when he finishes, he goes up a good 4-6 notches in volume. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

While he’s really touchy feely with you, he’s got somewhat of a voyeur kink, that he hasn’t revealed to you yet. Kai has such open play with you, that he likes toying with the idea of not being allowed to touch you, and just having to watch you play all by yourself while he’s squirming in his seat. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

Between him and Sehun borrowing Noonas’ phones and returning them with the history deleted, and he was the only one of him and Sehun who understood the dick joke the lady on Yummy Yummy said, I’m pretty damn sure his ass knows about dicks and sex and the whole shabang. He knows too much about moving those damn hips too. If he hasn’t had sex, then I wanna know who taught him that shit. He’s easily taught though, so if he doesn’t know what’s going down, he knows enough from watching things to know what to do, he’s just gotta apply his knowledge to you.

F = Favorite position

Knowing he needs proper room to work the magic that is Kai’s hips, doggy style is usually what he prefers. You laid out before him, exposed to his eyes, and unknowing of when he’ll strike. From behind, he’s able to get his grab on, let his hands wander around your back, easily reach around and touch your chest, grab a handful of your ass, and be able to unleash the beast that is his thrusts? it’s the best of all worlds in his eyes.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Kai’s a typically lighthearted and goofy guy in most situations, I don’t see any way that doesn’t spill over into his sex life. Although sometimes he likes to play that there’s a difference between Jongin(ur soft lil bby bf) and Kai(ready to fuck you into next week), in general, the atmosphere isn’t tense or serious, it’s all fun with him.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
He whips those abs out so much, my Nana makes so many jokes about his lil nip nops it kills me. Not much hair in sight, and he’s very clean and put together but he does have stubble a lot so I don’t think he shaves every day. I think he grooms down there, but it’s not very frequently, maybe a few times a month. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

[Back to Aftercare] He’s very loving, and caring, and he’d be the most romantic you can imagine. He’s the classic kind of romance, maybe a few candles but mostly he’s very vocal during sex, cooing about how perfect you are, how well you take him, how much he loves you. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
[Back to using the Noona’s phone….] Kai almost always has his hand on his dick, let’s be honest. I think it’s hilarious he’s playing a character that addicted to video games and porn, that’s practically him at this point. He’s all the time in the bathroom, or always in the shower. He’s not fooling anyone, but we’ll just let him think he’s being sneaky. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I lowkey think Kai has(i think this is what its called) exhibition kink? Or is it voyeur? Idk, whatever, he likes being watched with you. He doesn’t necessarily want a threesome, but it’s been toyed with in convo, that you might try out at some point with having a third person just watch.
He watched porn with sehun dont play me i know whats going on

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Kai will pretty much nail you anywhere, he’s not a stickler for location. Seeing as Chan’s the lockpick master, a locked door doesn’t even matter so with the amount of times Chan has gotten into the bathroom while Kai’s in there…Kai just doesn’t care anymore. He favors the bathroom though, he likes plopping some nice bathbombs in the tub and spending some relaxing time with you before he takes you for a ride. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Grindings kind of his thing, all you have to do is trick him into back hugging you and roll your hips back into his crotch, and he’s sweeping you off to find a closet or bathroom or practice room to bend you over. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

While he does have a thing for being watched, under no circumstances will he agree to a threesome, no matter who the third person is. Kai’s pretty protective and possessive, which is why he likes being watched, it sends a pretty clear message that you’re his and they can watch all they want but they can’t touch you like he can, can’t make you moan like he can, can’t make you cum like he can. It’s a show of dominance to him.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

I don’t trust his tongue tbh Kai’s more of a fan of being in you, rather than your mouth or his on you. But of course foreplay is very important, and he doesn’t dislike going down on you, he’s actually really good at it, he’s just so impatient he’d rather get to the main event. He doesn’t turn down a bj, but again, he’d rather be in between your legs, rather than in your mouth. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

If his damn thrusts are any indication to how he is in the sack, Kai’s got a pretty fast pace. His thrusts are pretty unforgiving, and teeters on the line of being rough, but he’s good at reading your body if he’s being a little too rough.`

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Quickies are actually really frequent in your relationship, Kai’s a fan of being able to pull you away from the group or something for a fast pounding, more so because he likes seeing your face all flushed and hair a mess when you two return to the group and have to pretend like nothing happened even though everyone knows…they know..

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Kai’s really playful in the bedroom, if you or him want to try something, there’s almost a 100% chance you’ll test it out, at least once. Positions, toys, locations, kinks, etc, he’s game to try anything with you.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Kai’s still young, and he’s got a lot of young boy energy still. Sex with him lasts a significant time, and dick entering stuff lasts a good 5-10 mins, but one round is all he can handle honestly.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He’s got a few basics, just to bring in just for a little extra fun every once in a while. Some silk ropes, a blindfold, some interesting vibrating panties. They’re not used very frequent, but when they come out, he does enjoy them a lot.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

Kai is a bit of a little shit, he’s really into teasing you a lot. He likes watching you twitch, and he gets off on you begging, so teasing is an all time favorite of his. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He’s insanely loud, to the point you’ve joked and toyed with the idea of getting him a freaking ball gag. He’s a moaner, but hell that might as well be bumped up and call him a screamer, he’s so loud. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

Lord knows you’ve been walked in on more times than you can count, being walked in by the EXO members that you’re close to is already bad, but the dressing room backstage during an SM event when Kai’s squeezing a quick one on and you’re caught with your pants around your ankles and a dick in you by Taemin is top 5 worse moments of your life. Kai found it hilarious though…idiot boy…

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

I have a fascination with Kai’s crotch. Is that weird? Same with Taemin and Hansol, I really like the guys that know how to tuck right and it’s practically completely flat in the front. 

but boi :)))))

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

How may horny puppy references can I make? Bcuz that’s what he is. His sex drive is just a smidgen above average, just high enough that it’s a ‘did you seriously pop another boner? didnt we just do this smh’ kind of thing. He’s pretty much ready to go at any moment, and he’s turn on at the drop of a hat, so I’ll pray for your souls.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I imagine Kai as a puppy tbh. After he’s had his little work out, he needs a nap straight away. So Kai falls asleep fairly quickly after you two do the do, even if he’s only got a few more minutes to spare, he’s done closed his eyes and he’s snoring. Night Night Nini. 

Tony: I watched the camera feed of you webbing up that bank robber

Tony: Nice work kid

Peter: Thanks, Dad

Peter: ……….

Peter: Why is everyone staring at me?

Natasha: You just called Tony dad; you said ‘thanks, dad’

Peter: What no I didn’t

Tony: Do you see me as a father figure Peter?

Peter: No, if anything, I see you as a bother figure, cause you’re always bothering me!

Thor: Hey! Show your father some respect spiderling!!


Tony: No no no Peter. I take it as a complement.

Tony: Do you want to go and talk about upgrading your suit over a game of catch?

Peter: ……….I’d like that

bf! mark lee minhyung!

you can find the others i’ve written at the tag #bf series!!

•when the guys found out you were dating they weren’t surprised bc you two are the most obvious kids out of all of them

•isn’t really a pda person and usually the most he does is give you a kiss on the forehead

•likes holding hands the most bc it’s a small and sweet action especially when your fingers are intertwined with his

•pet names like princess and baby and something creative and long like fluffy cuddly cupcake idk

•strictly no cooking for you bc he knows he’ll burn the food

•even if it doesn’t burn he won’t let you eat it for your safety bc he’s scared it’s inedible and it’ll accidentally poison you

•he’ll write silly raps just for and about you and you think it’s sweet but at the same time you feel like laughing idk why

•mark - “you’re as fluffy and warm as cotton shirts”

•you guys wouldn’t have fancy dates but mostly indoor dates like staying in his studio or dorm bc most of the time he takes part in making the next song and at the same time he wants you to stay with him

•he’d say his iconic lines in the nct songs like that one time you both were lining up for the rollercoaster he saw the track and he’s like “that’s a long ass ride”

•when the dreamies found out that you and mark were dating that was the mark of the start of his teasing days

•like they’d reenact what you both did like hugging or exchanging cheesy compliments especially chenle and haechan and mark would grow red and throw pillows at them

•talks / texts about random topics at any time of the day

•mark - “what if we’re all just in a game that glitched and we can’t log out”

•you - “conspiracy theory!!! but mark wtf it’s three in the morning”

•you’d be off stealing his clothes and he wouldn’t realise until he looks for that specific piece

•mark - “baby have you seen my- is that my hoodie”

•you -“yeah”

•he’d pull you close and hug you real tight bc he thinks you look cute in his clothes especially when you wear his hats like the fishermen looking ones (idk what is that called)

•when you visit the dorm and he’s really tired, he lies his head on your lap and a cartoon is played in the living room you stroke his hair

•you can see him struggle to keep his eyes open and you giggle and kiss his cheek and tell him to sleep and he says no in a soft voice but he falls asleep within a minute you secretly take a picture and keep it as a good luck charm

•he’d teach you how to play basketball ball

•imagine how cute it’d be when he teaches you how to shoot the ball as he stands behind you and takes your hand to position it oblivious to how red you are (omg) then eventually you’d be better than him and he’ll whine when you win and it’s even cuter

•when you won’t give in to him he’d act cute just to make you and after he accomplished his mission he’ll be very very embarrassed and shy away from you

•mark would definitely talk to johnny or haechan about you

•mark - “hyung!!!! (y/n) is too nice for me!!!! and–”

•johnny - “calm down bro”

•when he’s comfortable enough he’d definitely share his problems with you and he’ll be really really emotional and sensitive you’d be there to shower him with hugs, kisses and compliments to make him feel assured

•haechan would be the one to spill mark’s unheard secrets in the dorms and during training days

•haechan - “there’s that one time mark hyung ripped his pants nearly a clean half when he was dancing”

•and mark drags him away into his room and nobody knows what happens to poor hae

•sweet surprises from mark like flowers and all (advice from johnny)

•i think mark would be the very cute inexperienced boyfriend whose always in a blur unlike inexperienced boyfriend haechan who does his research lol(all dreamies are inexperienced i guess)

•mark is your inexperienced boyfriend whose all soft and fluffy!!!

thanks for reading!!

other fire emblem games: enemy reinforcements come later, from the edges of the map so they take some time to actually reach you, so its possible to finish the map objective before then

fire emblem echoes: summons endless reinforcements directly around the boss every few turns that you have no choice but to plow through unless you mad rush to the enemy summoner who is far away on the opposite side of the map, good luck

I absolutely love the new gaming vid. There are so many reasons.

1. Personal space. Idk were it is

2. Dalien is the cutest ever

3. Dalien has ginger hair ( and a fringe)

4. also did you hear phil saying (when they saw they can customise dalien9) “i`m also with gi- go with what the game go for”. Did he wanted to say ginger? 

5. Daliens clothes will be pastel

6. They are calling Dalien “our” child

7. They said they would be great parents

8. Dalien is basically dnp child

The Video Game Critics video

I’m laughing at the reaction to Dunkey’s fuckin’ Game Critics video because it’s so refreshingly spot on

Like, you know what? The humor aside, it’s legitimately the best deconstruction of why the video game review scene is such a clusterfuck right now that I’ve seen. It’s just so refreshing to get something like this; a well-grounded, thoroughly researched presentation with actual, presented evidence to support the claims it makes

And it’s making all these whiny IGN reviewers and Giant Bomb types so angry and I’m just like well he was telling the truth bruh idk what you expect

It’s like conceptually the same thing as Republicans saying awful things and then getting all upset when people call out their bullshit

All in all the reviewers can give all the “I don’t agree with this and it makes me mad, I feel so attacked” reactions they want, but Dunkey did give like actual, visual evidence of their contradictory fuckery

1-Minute Anime Reviews

This season is fantasy, fantasy…and more FANTASY~!

So what did I pick up this season? A whole lot of strange, mixed things.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (S1) & Virgin Soul (S2)

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary:  A bunch of angels and demons who try to wake up the destructive Dragon Bahamut, versus a bunch of angels and demons who try to stop said dragon from waking up…and in between them, a couple of eccentric bounty-hunters caught up in the middle of the mess. Gets even messier in S2 with a girl who turns into a dragon whenever she sees a hot guy. Fun times.
Story: B/B+
Characters: B+
Overall: B+
Commentary: By the same studio that animated Yuri on Ice, except with far better budget/management because the animation for this show is generally pretty easy on the eyes from beginning to end. First season is over, and second season is currently airing; and I gotta say, while the series doesn’t bring much new to the table in terms of plot or premise, it is insanely fun and well-balanced. This is not only a show that’s done great, it’s also the kind of show that can be recommended to just about anyone. Based on a mobile game, but is surprisingly a really good standalone adaptation. Pure entertainment.

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou

Genre: fantasy
Summary: A hermit loli-witch leaves her cave to find her stolen spell book and runs into a witch-hating tiger-man who wants to become human. They form a contract in which he protects her until she retrieves her grimoire, and in return she’ll transform him into a human once the goal is fulfilled. 
Story: C
Characters: C+
Overall: C+
Commentary: I’m not really sure why they made an anime of this, it’s not only predictable, but also really mediocre in terms of…well, everything? But I guess the furry is kinda cute. There’s often a lapse in logic but at the very least, it’s a moderate show, so you won’t pop a vein watching it. 

Rokudenashi Mahou Koushi to Akashic Records

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary: A subpar spell caster / lazy mooch is forced to teach at a Magic Academy on his master’s order. Not only does he lose to his student in a spell fight, he’s flippant, doesn’t take bets seriously, and begrudges having to work. However, he may secretly be more talented than he lets on…
Story: C+
Characters: C+ 
Overall: C+/B-
Commentary: There were one or two entertaining moments, I have to admit; after all, the protagonist is a sly, underhanded charlatan… but the best way to describe this series is that…it feels distinctly like it belongs in the late 90s, early 2000s; a very generic anime from that particular era. That’s the kind of feeling it gives off. It’s not amazing, just barely passable. This is definitely more of a particular crowd’s kind of show (what with the sexy garters on lolis—).

KADO: The Wrong Right Answer

Genre: sci-fi, drama
Summary: A formless being from another dimension coined the Anisotrophic descends upon earth, dons on the skin of man, and offers to mankind the keys for transcending their mortal limitations. The world is at a crossroad. To rapidly advance or not? May the discussions begin.
Story: 🔥  <-fire I ate.
Characters: 🔥 🔥  <-fire burning my stomach lining.
Overall: 🔥 🔥 🔥  <-still on fire and internally screaming.
Commentary: You might have already seen my earlier review on KADO, but I essentially love/hate this show because I was led to think it was going to be a show about clever negotiations but ultimately ended with a fist fight. And while I still might recommend it just for all its obscurities, because it IS different, and could be a source of inspiration to some—I suggest viewers watch it with, not a grain, but two fist-fulls of salt and be prepared to get frustrated at some point. 

Oshitsu Kyoushi Haine

Genre: slice of life
Summary: In a fictional, Victorian-esque setting, one tiny but supremely talented tutor is summoned to the royal palace in order to groom and raise four troublesome princes into proper candidates for the throne.
Story: C+
Characters: C+
Overall: C+/B-
Commentary: Not a very creative or inspiring series, but generally relaxing, mildly entertaining and appealing enough to be a decent time-passer. Admittedly, it’s more of a visual guilt pleasure geared towards a female audience than much else. I’m kind of amused though, that super newbie seiyuus (minus Aoi) are the main cast and the more famous ones play support XD…


Genre: card games, shounen
Summary: An aloof guy (with outrageous hair) who tries hard not to stand out in a crowd in real life (are you serious?), while in virtual reality he is secretly a powerful duelist known as Playmaker. Playmaker logs onto the duel server to fight against a renegade group of duelist called the Knights of Hanoi, who are also after him because he harbors the snarky A.I. Ignis in his duel disk. Chasing after them seem to be one of Yusaku’s 3 goals…much like his 3 reasoning for everything.
Story: IDK what I even say about this, it’s typical young-shounen?
Characters: ’_’) the usual archetypes thus far with not much variation.
Commentary: I actually had to drop the show quite recently because it was just going nowhere fast (yell at me if it magically somehow becomes amazing later on) — Anyway, I gave it a good shot. I really, really liked Ignis (the only deuteragonist I actually do like? Bonus points for being voiced by Sakurai), but pretty much disliked everything else. Although to be honest, I had already disliked this show from the early concepts. It was the first time I saw the previews/trailer for a new YGO series and knew I wouldn’t like it from the get-go. Yusaku is exactly the sort of typical protagonist I’d find in an Isekai novel (most of whom, get on my nerves); and even then by comparison, he’s one of the least interesting and more awkward of the bunch. Moreover, I have watched, very literally…every single Shounen anime within the last couple of decades and this show is among the most cringy of its kind (kimoi is the word that’s in my head). I’ve never dropped a TCG show nearly as fast as this one. If I were to keep watching, it might just barely be for the TCG. (I also can’t stop chortling at the name Knights of Hanoi, I keep picturing Vietnam…And what’s with all these chuunibyou, goosebump-inducing names…)

The only good thing to come out of this is now my friend who likes Vrains can’t poke fun at me for liking certain kids shows.

Uchouten Kazoku S2

Genre: slice of (tanuki) life, fantasy
Overall: A-
Commentary: This series is already moderately famous so I won’t get too deep into it, but Uchouten 2 is just as lovely as Uchouten 1. This show is hands down my absolute favourite of the season. It’s strange, wacky, exciting, and very close to home sometimes. The themes are solid, the narrative strong, and the characters absolutely charming. It’s an overall magical account about family and personal nature, and I highly recommend it.


Genre: action, fantasy, drama
Summary: What happens when your novel creations come to life and try to confront you, the creator, as well as all of humanity? Are we also a creation of someone else? Things get a little strange and analytical in RE:Creators.
Story: B+
Characters: B+ 
Overall: B+ (thus far)
Commentary: This is an on-going show. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out in the end but so far I’m enjoying it quite a bit. They sometimes run a little too long on expositions; which to me is totally fine, because it’s the good kind of exposition—like a second wave of Log Horizon.
I came into this show expecting it to be some sort of terrible adaptation of a light novel (because the title name, seriously) but pleasantly wound up with not only an anime-original (with concepts from the creator of Black Lagoon!), but also a very serious tone for such a whimsical premise. The characters have notable depth to them and engage in a fair amount of discussions with substance…they express the kind of opinions that are so well-aligned with their nature, it gives off the sensation that they’ve broken away from being mere puppets of the script. For me, it’s always deeply interesting when characters can express themselves and act/react accordingly with an agreeable sense of logic (—in other words…my god, another rare show where characters can actually think for themselves—and this was not meant to be ironic).


so you know how everyone is like ‘tsukki, the accidental model’ well how about he legitimately is a model (and a pretty famous one at that) but because the entire team are such nerds they have no clue and then kenma’s looking at, idk, a gaming catalogue and he calls up kuroo because he’s just spotted tsukki in an advertisement for one of his favourite games and kuroo is Losing His Shit because tsukki just got x100000000 hotter

idk what comes next but this is an au i can totally get behind

Omg queue Karasuno plus Kuroo begging to come to a photoshoot and fashion shows and Kenma low key wanting to come too. And just Kuroo absolutely drooling over Tsukki when he sees him but still thinking he’s the most beautiful on the court or when he’s being a smartass to everyone and just falling in love with him more and more AHHH I fully support this headcanon

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Thoughts and Theories of the Overwatch's Ship, Meihem

I’ve recently became a Meihem Shipper due to the amazing fan art and fiction. And I’m glad. 👍 However, it took me quite a few handful of artworks to get me to fall for it cuz when I played the game first and then joined the fandom, I didn’t get it. A environmentalist and a crazy demolitionist? But the points people made were great! I’ve also seen blogs of people saying “leave shippers alone” and “Don’t hate on this ship” and personally have not found a hater of the ship. Yet. Maybe I’m not deep enough in it to find the hate. But I don’t doubt it exist. So here’s my observation on why I think Meihem is legit and other theories:

1. In-game Interactions
From the game, its obvious that Mei calls Junkrat a bully and said as one of the interactions, “I hate bullies like you” with Jamison replying “that’s cold.” Yeah. I totally get why haters or trolls would say “that’s not a ship; that’s abuse!”

But there is no abuse. Junkrat may have said “I get cold just lookin at cha” first to Mei, but to me, that’s someone teasing. Not bullying. From experience in real life, someone teasing you like that is like awkward flirting in middle school. And for someone to say “Mei hates him,” just means to me that she doesn’t understand him. From the fact she calls him a bully, probably means she knows he blows stuff up. Which means there’s knowledge or HISTORY of why Mei knows this. Like why?

Plus Bullying would be like “Ya think you’re gonna save the world with a little ice?” and Mei saying “Leave me alone” or “It’s better than destroying it.” or something like that. But I don’t see abuse; I hear: a man awkwardly flirting with a shy girl (“Brr! I get cold just lookin at cha” … “Then look somewhere else then.”) and Mei disliking/misunderstanding Junkrat (“You’re a Bully! How do you look at yourself in the mirror?” … “That’s cooold.”). But what I’m really fascinated by these interactions is:


Outta all the characters that could say something, like Widowmaker to Tracer and Soldier: 76 to Reaper, (which makes sense cuz they have a canon comic of WHY they do), why these two? And it fascinates me. Like, I hope they explain why or how these two even say something to each other.

2. Lunar New Years Special
Why??? Why does Junkrat have “Gong Xi Fa Cai” as a voice line? Why does he have a similar theme to Mei? Did Blizzard do this for the fans or cuz Junkrat likes explosives and fireworks and that’s what Lunar New Years uses for celebration? Here’s what I think and would LIKE to think:

Considering Junkrat likes blowing stuff up makes sense, but according to Michael Chu, he taught himself Mandarin. Cool. But WHY?? Cuz he likes to teach himself different things or to get in the celebration? Or… To impress Mei??? In the comics and game, they never show him interact with people unless it for personal gain or for Roadhog’s sake (read the comic “Legit” and if you have, you know what I mean. If not, Junkrat gets offended that a cop calls Roadhog “a pig.”) So… Question is WHY??? Why would he want to learn this phrase unless he was doing it for a plotted crime in the future or… Did it cuz he has a crush on Mei??? Idk.

3. “Opposites Attract”
Here we have a woman trying to save the world with climate change in the palm of her hand and a man destroying everything in the palm of his hand let alone saw his home destroyed. One’s clean and neat (you can tell by her animation that she brushes her coat off) and one’s filthy (just look at the soot the man’s wearing; he has a skin that’s called “TOASTED” for Overwatch sake). But even though people say “opposites don’t always attract”, SOMETIMES they do. Mei may not see Junkrat as her ideal man, but he’s smart enough to make his own inventions, he’s goofy and makes his own pun jokes, and probably is really a loving man under his insanity. If I was Mei, I could see a broken man. And want Character Development. I think that’s why a lot of people like myself like Meihem cuz they can see potential. Potential doesn’t mean to change the man, but to better himself as a man.

If you’re a fellow Meihem shipper, 💖 this! 04/07/17: Adding more thoughts cuz I can and just thought of them.

4. This Australian likes Oriental Stuff? It’s confirmed by Jeff Kaplan that Junkrat has Milk Tea with Boba in his canteen. Boba Tea is … an ASIAN drink. Why??? I mean, I’m sure a lot of people like Boba Tea (I do too myself, with preference to Extra Boba), but it feels a little too coincidental that they chose this drink compared to, hell, it could have been just water or vodka. Idk.

Unlucky Jersey- Auston Matthews

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Ok isn’t it amazing what I can do when I know I’ve got work tomorrow and I feel guilty for not getting stuff out? Here we are! I’m gonna try and get back to 3 a day for tomorrow, but no promises. We’ll see how work goes. Anyway… enjoy!

Warning: one sexual innuendo and mentions of blow jobs (nothing described nor graphic. I’d call it PG-13 if that. Literally just has the word)

Anon Request: Hi, so I’m a stars fan but Auston just does things to me. I was wondering if you could write one where maybe Auston is really grumpy when they’re playing the stars and it’s really fluffy and idk you can end it from there. I love your writing so much! Like it’s seriously amazing. Thanks!


              You knew Auston wasn’t going to be happy with your jersey selection for this game.

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call me when someone makes a step by step explanation of what happened in WKM. I've been reading over so many theories and Idk how to even begin to piece it together. I need it explained to me throughly.

*gasp* Game Theory! :O


Actually, a complete and understandable timeline might be very helpful and interesting-

I h-have schoolwork. I can’t.

…. ;_; maybe?

daenerys targaryen: the same way

ANON REQUESTED: Daenerys x fem!dothraki! Reader The reader is one of the dothraki girls form Khal Drogo’s khalesar and she stays with Dany after Drogo dies and is Dany’s right hand and they slowly fall for each other or something along those lines it’s up to you. Thank you so much!! I love your blog💕💕

Daenerys barely showed grief in public when Khal Drogo died, but when you two were alone, she weeped all day and night along with the death of his son. You rode with Daenerys still, when hundreds of others went out and followed the stronges one. Sick and children stayed, and Dany is left to rule them. The dragons were the only thing that can make her happy during the day.

“Khaleesi,” you called out on her as she stared at you. “Is something wrong?”

You were in Dany’s chambers in Meereen, and she would often times called you to sleep beside her as company. Sometimes, the two of you would stay up late talking about what you missed the most whilst traveling with the khalasar, and often times you two would talk of Meereen, and her mission in the city. You were sitting by the balcony, overlooking the whole city when you felt her eyes on you.

“Your Grace?”

Daenerys walked and sat beside you, as she smiled. “You’ve got quite a taste for Meereen, don’t you?”

“It is a beautiful city,” you answered as the lights in the city got brighter and some music started playing somewhere else, voices in tongues you couldn’t understand.

Dany looked over at the city, and she smiled softly, then she looked at you. “If I take back the Seven Kingdoms would you be with me?”

“Forever,” you nodded, as you followed her inside. She started to take off her sandals, and she patted the space on her big bed.

But you refused, “I’m sorry, Your Grace.”

She looked visibly upset for a few seonds, but she nodded. “Alright,” she said as she laid down. You closed the door to her chambers, and you bid the guards posted on her chambers a goodnight, as you walked to yours. Once you stepped inside, you immediately flopped on your bed and sleep.

Dany laid awake that night. Why? What am I feeling?, she thought as she laid there awake through the night. Is has been months, am I feeling right?

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