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Gaider just announced on his twitter that he’s leaving the DA team; Patrick Weekes will take over as head writer.


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Harry is a fanboy and proud of it but suddenly the love of his life is closer than he ever expected him to be.

Or the one where Louis keeps everyone on edge by not defining ‘girlfriend’ and Harry feels the need to claim his idol as his own. Also Zayn is perfection and Liam and Niall want him.

Words: 1842, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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a serve is the sole play in which you can score points through one person’s power alone. in modern day volleyball, the serve has become an ultimate attack which isn’t hindered by the blockers’ wall.


"The episode [419] is connected to everything that’s going on." 4.19/4.24 parallel. Is Toby A?

[!!!] Tao liked a post today regarding Suho’s OSEN statement

The original post says:
"@Koreame2day: [OSEN] [EXO Suho to "Kris’ incident" early statement] On the 15th, after the end of M countdown, Suho told OSEN’s reporter "have discussed with the members about this situation. Still cannot understand Kris’ behaviour. Everyone’s very alarmed and mixed. "I feel that Kris’ behaviour was irresponsible and that he did not consider EXO at all. Our members have no problems with the company. The thing that Kris should do now is to cancel the lawsuit, apologise to both the members and the company."

The comment that the fan had left on the post:
"I believe in Kim Junmyeon, he must be hurting to death, watching the news and crying. SM I tell you, sooner or later you will receive retribution. First Tao, then Sehun and Chanyeol now him (Suho), isn’t this your usual plan ? First provoke then completely blocking Wu Yifan ? Do you think you can always be so high and mighty ? DBSK, SJ and now EXO hehe [cute] [vomit] [bye bye]"

A fan added another comment:
"We’re not dumb

T/N: Tao did not only like the original koreame2day post, he actually liked the post containing ALL of the comments I have translated.