idk what vegetable that is

Common Household Magical Foods and Herbs

Here you go, @mybookofbitchcraft !

Allspice - luck, wealth, healing, boosting other spells

Almond - wisdom, wealth, vitality, prosperity, combating addiction

Apple - friendship, healing, sex, immortality, especially love!!

Avocado - sex, love, beauty

Banana - fertility

Basil - Love, luck, exorcism, wealth, protection, dispelling fear and negativity

Bay - Protection, wishes, dreams, divination, purification, strength, healing 

Beans - wealth, sex, protection

Black Pepper - protection, purification, exorcism

Cabbage - lunar food, protection, wealth, prosperity, luck

Carrot - sex (with parsley for best results), fertility

Cayenne - curses, banishment, purification, boosting spells

Celery - sex, peace, psychic powers, mental strength

Chamomile - peace, love, healing, de-stressing, removing curses

Cinnamon - Friendship, healing, positivity, protection,  love, luck, strength, prosperity

Coffee - grounding, energy, growth, banishing negativity

Dill - wealth, love, consciousness, studying, luck

Garlic - protection, healing, strength, psychic powers, exorcism

Ginger - love, wealth, strength, success

Grape - fertility

Lavender - peace, protection, love, healing (especially with depression), purification, sleep

Lemon - love, friendship, cleansing, purification, banishing negativity, sex

Lettuce - divination, love, sex, sleep

Lime - purification, love, cleansing, peace

Mint - cleansing, peace, wealth, energy, communication, protection

Mushrooms - psychic powers, strength

Nutmeg - wealth, luck, protection, breaking hexes, intelligence 

Olive - peace, protection (powerful), fidelity, wealth 

Onions - protection, purification, healing, exorcism, wealth

Orange - happiness, love, divination, beauty (Orange peel: love, divination, luck, wealth, house blessings)

Paprika - boosts spell strength

Parsley - protection, sex, love, wealth

Peach - longevity, fertility, love, repelling evil, wisdom 

Pear - love, sex

Peppermint - healing, sleep, divination, love, banishing negativity

Potato - protection, compassion

Rosemary - protection, consciousness, memory, healing, love

Sage - purification, wisdom, healing (especially with grief), longevity, expelling negativity, dreams

Salt - purification, protection, healing

Spearmint - strength, energy, healing (especially respiratory and sleep), wishes, love, protection

Strawberry - luck, love, success

Tarragon - compassion, healing (especially for abuse)

Thyme - love, psychic powers, purification

Tomato - love

Vinegar - banishing evil, binding

Walnut - divinity, spirituality, wishes

Wheat - fertility, wealth

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The BOY get’s his strength from all the food he eats 😉