idk what to with myself

There’s no way in hell I should still be awake, but the more I try to lay here in the dark and calm down, the more wired I seem to get. I feel too brain dead to write anything of value, but I feel like I should at least TRY?

If anybody else is awake, could you help a girl out and shoot me some 100-word warm-up prompts? Example: a simple word/phrase and one of my ships?

Fair warning, any drabbles will probably end up nsfw. Like, even if you say “Kallo Jath + cardboard box,” I’m gonna somehow make it porny, that’s just the mood I’m in atm, lmao.

buzzfeed unsolved drinking game
  • “let’s get into it”
  • “that being said…”
  • “strap in”
  • ryan: *reveals something incriminating* shane: “not good”
  • “here are some of the theories”
  • “i hate you shane”
  • every time ryan says that he’s not going to talk to the ghosts
  • every time ryan scolds shane for how he’s talking to the ghosts
  • shane bringing up fanfiction
  • flashlights run out of battery/mysteriously turn off or on
  • mocking each other about their heights
  • “compelling”

impossible mode: 

  • (wheeze)

*aggressive nodding*