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Do you have any tips for drawing longer, masculine hair? My bitch ass wants to draw a long-haired Phichit, but I can't find any good references or how people would think he'd look with it. I hope this didn't bug you and that you have a nice day! Much love!

oh boy okay, I don’t really know how to help you because I struggle with this myself;; so my tips might not be that good but I’ll try!

The most important thing to do when drawing longer hair on men is to accentuate their shoulders. Boys tend to have broader and sharper shoulders and it helps to reaaaally make it noticeable while drawing boys with long hair!

(Note: I know, I know. There are boys who are smaller and skinnier, and you might think their shoulders shouldn’t be that broad. But, no matter how small the body size is, shoulders tend to be the widest part of the body for boys, so just try to keep that in mind!)

Also it’s important to remember that, just like irl, some boys just don’t look good with longer hair, ahaha. BUT, if you insist, try to find a hairstyle that reaaally suits him!

I don’t know what hairstyle would suit my boy Phichit, but here’s a doodle dump

I hope this… helped? ? ahah idk… sorry this was very lazily done ;o; And this didn’t bug me shhhh, I hope you have a swell day too!! <3

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Howdy!! I wanted to know your opinion on Miles Edgeworth Investigate 2,,, if you played it or seen it, who's your favorite character? Mines debeste around!! (if you don't mind,, could you draw him ;w; ))

Anon I hope you don’t think I have forgotten about you haha 
Uhmm tbh I haven’t played yet but I have seen a lil of the vid ! Sebastian is cute but in a way he’s so sad too ! Courtney is just gorgeous but Raymond is .. well he’s cool ! It seems like a really good game but the first game killed me inside it was difficult ahaha 

Here’s Sebastian for you ♪ 

Patiently hoping for supports so I can fulfill the wrong side of a love triangle.

Really though, I am curious to see exactly how they’re handling Alm’s relationship with Faye. I don’t have to wonder about Alm and the three guys so much, but who knows what direction they’re taking Alm-Faye in (besides some kind of romance on Faye’s side). I’m hoping subtle (and less romance-centric than what I drew haha), but… we’ll see.

I’m excited for Faye anyways. Now we can bump up the non-magical, non-peg knight reps up to two, I think? Was Matilda the only other one? Idk, but I’m making Faye a cav whenever I pick up the game, and she’s going to be adorable.

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Court, about you writing, I don't wanna be annoying BUT could you do something for lyrics and melodies (I guess that's the name, can't remember), 'cause I really loved that one :)

ANONYMOUS SAID: could you do a story based on AM? like this girl is just chillin with Harry and she’s about to leave and he’s like “wait, will you stay with me?” and then they hang out until like 4 in the morning and she ends up falling asleep at his place or something? idk do this if you want and do whatever you want with it it’s just kinda an idea ahaha


I decided to kinda cheat and combine these two requests. I know I’d had a few requests to continue THIS BLURB which I’d ended up titled Lyrics And Melodies. It was one of my favorites (and written from Harry’s POV) and I kept meaning to do a sequel. I thought the AM idea was good and would fit, so here’s what I came up with. Hope you like it. xo

Lyrics And Melodies - Part 2: AM

Help me, I think I’m falling in love again…

I was stood in the back of the bar, just like the first time I watched Julia on the stage, the night we met. After two dates (if you’d call that first night a date), I was still in awe of her. We’d only had one more date since then, but I barely count it. It was a very hurried lunch date because she’d had to get back to work. I hadn’t gotten to hear her sing that time, and sitting in the middle of a busy cafe during lunch hour was not the ideal date. Nonetheless, I’d enjoyed just being with her, but I’ll admit I kicked myself afterwards for not kissing her goodbye.

I was excited when she’d called to tell me she was going to open mic night again, and would love if I came. If. As though anything would have kept me away. This time Niall wasn’t with me. I was only there to meet Julia, and after she played her short set, we were headed back to my place to have drinks there. She was beautiful to watch, her perfect lips mouthing the lyrics into the microphone, her delicate fingers strumming the chords on her guitar.

And we love our loving…but not like we love our freedom…

The crowd cheered and clapped when Julia finished her last song and took a bow. Our eyes met for a split second and she smiled at me before stepping off the stage. The emcee took his place at the mic to announce the next performer, but I kept my eyes on Julia while she walked toward me, stopping a couple times to hug someone or say thanks.

“Hi,” she beamed.

“Hi,” I wiggled my brows. “You were great.”

“Thank you,” she said. “I’m ready when you are.”

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Errorlust,(Let's say Error s mostly comfortable with Lust touching him now) Scifresh,(Let's say Fresh has never experienced tickling before) Kustard, Afterdeath (Let's say Geno can touch Death) and Inkberry; which person in each pairing would win the most tickle fights and who would use tickle torture as a way to punish their precious lover or just for fun? =D

Error is ticklish but Lust rarely tickles him because like,,, idk if it’s the same for any of y’all but being tickled leaves ya feeling really vulnerable??? I think Error would have more of a fun time tickling Lust tbh because that man is ticklish as hell

When Sci finds out that Fresh has never been tickled before, he just goes over and starts madly tickling him and Fresh is laughing uncontrollably like ‘pfFffhaha brah what - hahaha, what are do-o-o-inG! aHAHA SCI WHAT ARE YOU DOING PFFFTHAHAH” and it’s the most pURE thing

Red and Sans aren’t really ticklish, but Sans has got this one spot that Red exploits almost every time.

Death’s wings are as ticklish as hell and Geno just uses that to his advantage. (Also there’s another ask I have about Afterdeath tickles, hold on let me-)

that is my new headcanon

For Inkberry, Ink is usually the one tickling Blue because Blue is just the most ticklish thing ever, but then one time Blue just sneaks up on Ink and begins to exploit every ticklish spot on Ink that he’s learned through careful watch and from then on out Ink is kinda scared to tickle Blue XD

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What subject does Yuuri K teach? Is Victor also a teacher? Loving your ballerina AU comic so much!

oohhh ahaha idk too but I am thinking that he should be a Math teacher??? XDDD and Victor will appear too in the future chapter, just wait and you will know :) Thankss for loving my au <3 <3

I like the idea that Shinigami are all people who used to be alive and used the death note tbh because it explains where they come from and the Shinigami realm fits as the “nothing” that Ryuk describes as where people who have used the Death Note go. Also I think it makes the whole ‘Shinigami can only be killed by falling in love with a human’ thing a lot sadder somehow idk.

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why do you have so much fan art

what do you mean, I’ve been drawing my oc all along *7*

ahaha but in all seriousness, because 1) have you ever loved something so much you want to express all your love for it but you can’t scream anymore so you can only express this love through art (because that’s fanart *O*) 2) my original art aren’t that great compared to my fanart honestly *7* I think it’s just because I feel more “alive” when I draw fanart?? idk it’s a hard feeling to explain;;;

3) I’ve learned that a lot of people enjoy copying my characters and claiming it as their own;;; so I try to scatter my original art everywhere so they can’t have access to EVERYTHING ;o;;; //like,,, I’m not really happy when people heavily reference/copy my drawings already;;; but actually taking a design that I spent hours, days and years developing just because they “like it” or “want it” is really heartbreaking for me ;v;;; it’s like having someone just;;; take your hard work away;;; man it’s happened so much I don’t really wanna talk about it TTvTT //i can tell if people copied my design or just happened to think of the same design as me *0* because they usually draw it in the similar pose and style LMAO

buttt you can find my original drawings scattered on all my social medias and art websites ( ‘ v ‘ )b probably not as much on tumblr though because i forget to post ahaha,,, and here’s my character website too <3

I decided to finally draw Silent Night (Akumized!Marinette) from my fic. This is what she’d look like if the transformation had gone right. In case you haven’t read ‘all is calm’ yet, here’s the summary:

“Adrien watched as Marinette let loose what could only be described as a roar, a shout of frustration, and stomped to the door. Marinette wrenched it open and slammed it shut with both hands, the door rattling violently in it’s frame. The class was blown away by the outburst and by the tiny girl’s strength, watching through the windows as she stormed down the halls.

“What a drama queen.” Chloe had stopped crying and tossed her head.”

In which Chloé Bourgeois is alarmingly talented at creating akumas and Marinette is pushed too far.

Here’s a link to it on AO3, and one for Fanfic.

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hey um idk how to put this but my mom is extremely religious and only believes in two genders and being straight and I want to cut my hair real short (kinda like katz's?) but my mom says she thinks i'd be doing it trying to be a dude like what the fRICK?? what should I do?? because SHE had really short back in 2005 so ahaha excuse me? how do I convince her to let me cut it short?? sorry lengthy again :')

I mean I’d try to just do it without her knowledge if I were you, she can’t do anything once it’s cut,, if there’s a hair salon by your house you can call and set up an appointment yourself and tell her your going to a friends house and walk/take public transportation there,, or drive if u have ur license

part one | part two 

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Izuku drops the mug in his hands. Thankfully, the tea is already cold and the mug is reinforced with ultra strong material because of his tendency to unpredictably accidentally use his quirk on innocent household items when he gets too lost in his thoughts. He doesn’t flinch at the wetness seeping into his socked feet, instead he gapes at Todoroki, who sits at the dining table appearing as unperturbed as if he hasn’t just completely upended Izuku’s whole world.


“I’m not sure.” Todoroki’s voice is as low and smooth as ever, and if Izuku was less familiar with observing his stoic friend’s habits, he’d think Todoroki was calm. But there are small tells, like the sliding of his gaze to the side of Izuku’s face, the slight curve of his lips downwards, the tapping of his fingers on his knees. “I don’t know when it happened, only that I realized it recently. But it’s not an unfamiliar feeling, so I’m assuming I must’ve… been in love with you for a while.”

For all the excessive and ridiculous training Izuku has gone through in the past few years in order to become a hero that can respond to any and every situation with utmost professionalism, there is nothing that could have prepared Izuku for something like this. Not even his wildest dreams. And it’s not that he dreams about this—about his friend whose apartment Izuku has practically moved into confessing to him of all people. Because he doesn’t. He’s much too busy saving people to daydream about such nonsense.

Before he can flounder even longer, or worse, send another mug crashing to the floor, Todoroki speaks again. “I’m not expecting an answer from you. I know that’s probably unfair of me, but I just felt like you should know.” He finally makes eye contact with Izuku.

“I just like being with you. You remind me that happiness is something I’m allowed to deserve. I’m sorry if this makes it awkward between us.” Todoroki looks away again. “I’ll give you space, but I’m hoping you’ll… still let me be your friend.”

Todoroki picks up the dropped mug before he walks past Izuku, closing the door with barely a sound. Left alone in his friend’s apartment, Izuku stares down at his soggy socks. 

Todoroki is in love with me, he thinks. 

And then he puts his head in his hands. 

But what if I’m not in love with him?

im always like “Oh ahaha im only ever on top, no bottoming for me ever!!!” and idk man, if someone slapped me and they showed proper authority id kinda just be like yh this is what we’re doing? yh ok,, and idk man, like id only be on the bottom if it stayed away from being super sexual but i just end up laughing whenevr i think abt it, 

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I can't do this anymore I've read your Voltron fics (ahsdhjdaTheKnotOneTooasdjd) and I just have to send you some love. You write so well! Your fics are full of emotion and the characters work so well??? I still can't get over the fact that you're just only 18 what a God u are. I would gladly sacrifice a goat or two for you. Ok but I hope you'll keep writing for a very long time, you really are great and I have so much respect for you!! `v´ Have a nice day?night? Idk I'm Finnish and it's Dark rn

it took me a second to understand what you meant by ‘the knot one’ i was thinking about rope and then i was like Ah. Not That Kind Of Knot. i’m slow like keith, woops. but thank you so much!! ahaha yes well technically 17 when i wrote the knot one /sweats…but if i was a god i’d accept living sacrifices only, you can give me live goats and i will gladly take them lmao i’ll be like Pan or smth. i will probably write until i cant hold a pen anymore sooo no worries

i wish i could give you some of my sunshine it’s 100+ degrees here in phoenix

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Once you get this publicly answer with five things you love about yourself, and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers

DANI! BIRD MOM! CUTIE PATOOTIE! ♡ thank you for this!

1. I love my soft skin.. I’ve worked hard to stop attacking it and leaving scars and now I feel smooth as a nice flat river rock! ♡
2. I love how my toes wiggle when I feel a certain kinda way. It’s like.. if ants could use their antennas to blush…. If that makes sense…… idk.. I wiggle my toes a lot when I see cute girls ahaha
3. I love how much I’ve forced myself to overcome and all the progress I’ve made so far
4. I love that I stand up for what I believe in
5. I love my puffy eyes. I have puffy lower eye lids and I think it’s cute. They’re probably just there because I cry too much but they’re cute to me! ♡ and that’s all that should matter anyways heh

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ok so im in a hella situation and idk how i got here. my bf is ok with polyamory and so i went looking for someone well i thought they knew abt my bf but apparently they didnt and so we got into a relationship finding out that hes not ok with polyamory and now my first bf thinks jm not dating the new guy bc i didnt ask first and my new bf thinks im only his even tho im with my first bf and basically everything is FUCKED up ahaha what do i do :,) do i just tell the truth to everyone or lie :,)

Truth!!!! Truth!!!!!! There’s no way lying is gonna get u out of this one buddy sorry to say it !! Ily

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Foxglove, rhododendron, and dandelion :)

FOXGLOVE: Name three facts about your family?
1) My grandfather was in the British Army in WW2 and was a Japanese Prisoner for years
2) On my Dad’s side all the siblings all have 3 children 
3) IDK anymore sorry ahaha

RHODODENDRON: What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?
I died in a plane crash lol fun times

DANDELION: Do you think you’re important?
Nope, we’re all insignificant 

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this is a really weird question but I want to change my username (for instagram) bc I absolutely hate my current one. but idk what to change it to?? like, I don't want to have my name in it, but it's my personal ig so idk ahaha do you have any ideas?

ah dude sorry i’m so awful at thinking up users and stuff like that ;;;;;

Okay so I know some people were once talking about Ryuunosuke and Phoenix interacting through some time travel AU or something like that but have you ever considered Ryuunosuke watching over his great grandson in the afterlife?

Like just imagine:

Ryuunosuke watching little Phoenix crying during his class trial, probably feeling bad for his great grandson, but very pleased when he sees Edgeworth and Larry standing up for him

Ryuunosuke watching Feenie and Dahlia, doesn’t entirely trust Dahlia but at least his great grandson seems to be happy(until Turnabout Memories happened and feels bad for Phoenix again, but he’s happy to see Mia helping him out)

Ryuunosuke watching Phoenix’s first trial and is incredibly excited/pleased, and also side-eyeing Payne bc how does this guy even exist his ancestor was a prick (and he side-eyes Payne everytime)

Ryuunosuke getting all excited watching Phoenix’s trials in the afterlife also idk if spirits can read minds or what but if they could just picture Ryuunosuke hearing Phoenix’s “Sherlock Holmes II” one-liner and thinking AHAHA FUNNY COINCIDENCE HE WOULD THINK THAT….I really hope those nights I spent sleeping with Sherlock were kept secrets

Ryuunosuke watching Phoenix get disbarred and is incredibly distressed and worried for him for the next 7 years, always glaring at Kristoph whenever Phoenix sees him, but he’ll be crying tears of joy when sees Phoenix become a lawyer again probably